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Albania has now only two network operators left:

  • Vodafone Albania (part of the UK-based Vodafone Group)
  • One (previously Telekom Albania, formerly AMC, now owned by 4iG - merged with ALBtelecom

The third provider ALBtelecom (formerly Eagle Mobile, formerly owned by TürkTelecom was purchased by 4iG in 2022 and is being merged into One in 2023. The services of Plus (owned by Plus Communications) were terminated in 2018 and the operator closed down.

Albania ended 2021 with 3.40 million SIM cards in use, compared with 3.19 million in the previous quarter and 3.43 million in 2020. According to data published by the Electronic and Postal Communication Authority, Vodafone Albania led with 1.49 million SIMs (-13.4% y/y), followed by One with 1.36 million (+15.1%) and Albtelecom with 550,191 (+4.3%). In 2023 after the merger of One and ALBTelecom the new One network seems to be slightly ahead.

2G/GSM is on 900 and 1800 MHz, 3G/UMTS on 2100 MHz on all networks. 4G/LTE has launched in 2015 on all networks, but Plus. Licenses on 1800 and 2600 MHz (bands 3, 7) were awarded to all three providers. In 2019 800 MHz (band 20) was given to Vodafone and One. 5G hasn't started yet and is in trial state.

In a benchmark test by Umlaut in 2021 One won with 895 points to be followed by Vodafone with 876 and ALBtelecom with 777 points. While Vodafone had a slightly larger coverage, download speeds of One were higher on average. OpenSignal confirmed these tests later and made Vodafone and One joint winners.

You can buy prepaid SIM cards in the shop of the providers showing a passport or photo ID for registration. You need to give your local address where you stay in Albania. eSIMs are not yet offered for prepaid.

Be aware that during summer time the mobile network operators may be very congested resulting in slow mobile internet speeds and limited coverage try to stick as more as possible on Wi-Fi networks.

Be aware that Albania is neither part of the EU, nor of the wider EEA, where since 2017 new international roaming rules have been enforced. So roaming rates using EU/EEA-issued SIM cards are not regulated and can therefore be much higher. Better use a local or regional SIM card.

Instead, from July 2021 Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia have become a single roaming area similar to EU rules. From now on you can roam without surcharges in the Western Balkans using a SIM card from these countries, but not in the EU.

Vodafone (Albania)[]


Vodafone is still the market leader in Albania with a good converage in 2G and 3G in the country. 4G/LTE has started in 2015 and is available in most places. 5G hasn't started yet.

Vodafone offers one prepaid plan to be added by different daily, weekly or monthly packages.


Their SIM card is sold in all Vodafone stores (store locator) as mini or micro SIM, other sizes can be cut.

Recharges can be made by sending the 12-digit code of the scratch card via SMS to 141 or through calling 142 from a Vodafone mobile number or through Vodafone e-top up. Check credit by sending a SMS for free with the text “Balance” to 141. Credit validity depends on the top-up amount.

If you top up online from 1000 Lekë and more you will gain 3 GB of free internet for 28 days.

A new SIM card is sold for 500-800 Lekë (depending on promotion) and contains 300 Lekë initial communication time as well as 500 free SMS (valid towards Vodafone Club numbers for one month).

Data feature packages[]

Default rate for data is 0.976 Lekë per 10 KB.

For voice, SMS and data these monthly plans valid for 30 days are offered:

Plan Domestic


Fixed Line




Data Roaming


Basic 50 mins 50 MB 50 MB 600 Lekë
Start 400 mins 1000 mins 400 1 GB 1 GB 1000 Lekë
Standard 2500 mins 2500 mins 2000 8 GB 2.9 GB 1300 Lekë
Smart 3500 mins 3500 mins 400 22 GB 3.57 GB 1600 Lekë
Premium* 3500 mins 3500 mins 500 34 GB 4.56 GB 2100 Lekë

(*) = plus 100 international mins and 500 international SMS

To check remaining allowances dial #123#. You can add up to 3 packs per month.

For shorter periodas, they offer these plans:

Plan Voice Data Time Price
3 Ditore 300 mins 300 MB 3 days 300 Lekë
10 Ditore 300 mins 1.5 GB 10 days 700 Lekë
Gigamax 500 mins 15 GB 21 days 1500 Lekë

For additional data they offer for 30 days:

  • 5 GB: 700 Lekë
  • 6 GB: 800 Lekë

Activate by typing #123#.

Tourist SIM[]

For tourists Vodafone has an offer in 2023 for 2000 Lekë called Paketa Tourist with 35 GB data, unlimited dom. voice and SMS, 10 IDD mins all valid for 21 days. You can add another package for the same price. To check balance send empty SMS to 131 or go online. You can buy another package to extend or add local options.


According to the new roaming rules all domestic volumes are valid in the Western Balkans states: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia up to the Roaming Cap specified.

Vodafone offers two data roaming bundles for Europe and beyond in Vodafone networks in Cyprus, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom, BH Telecom Bosnia & Herzegovina, Mtel or Vivacom Bulgaria, A1 or Tele2 Croatia, SFR or Bouygues France, Vala Kosovo, A1 Macedonia, Telenor Montenegro, A1 Serbia, Si.mobil Slovenia, A1 Austria, Swisscom Switzerland, Proximus Belgium, Monaco Monaco, Rogers Canada and AT&T USA:

  • 200 MB, 10 mins, 10 SMS for 1 day (without USA and Canada): 400 Lekë
  • 1.5 GB for 5 days: 1300 Lekë
  • 500 MB, 30 mins and 30 SMS for 4 days: 800 Lekë
  • 7 GB, 60 mins and 60 SMS for 10 days: 1300 Lekë

For the EU/EEA some further packages are offered, that are not worth the surcharge. To activate the bundle dial #123# -> 5 -> Roaming -> 1 (roaming bundles).

More information[]

  • APN: vodafoneweb

One (previously Telekom Albania, formerly AMC)[]

Right One logo in Albania

right logo of One in Albania

One was rebranded from Telekom Albania after it was sold by Deutsche Telekom in 2020 and is Vodafone's strongest competitor in Albania. In 2019 Telekom Albania was sold to an Albanian-Bulgarian group by the owners of Vivacom Bulgaria. In 2022 it was resold to Hungarian 4IG Group. The new branded One network is merged with AlbTelekom previously acquired by 4IG.

Its 3G network reaches already 91% of the country. They started 4G/LTE in 2015 on 1800 (B3) and 2600 MHz (B7) in Tiranë, Durrës, Elbasan, Shkodër, Fier, Vlorë, Korçë, Kamëz, Vorë, Lezhë, Peshkopi, Kukës and have reached most populated areas. It now has closed the gap and battles with Vodafone for the market leadership. The start of 5G is planned for late 2023.


One's SIM card is available in all One Stores at least in all sizes: One shop locator.

Top-ups can be made in all One Shops through a recharge card, by credit card online on your One profile or app or through another mobile phone (mobile number) calling at +355681000141.

Data feature packages[]

The default rate for data is on all plans 9.994 Lekë per MB. One Albania offers different prepaid plans. These monthly combo packs are offered:

Package Data Roaming Cap Time dom. Voice Texts Price Extras
Ditore 400 MB no roaming 1 day 50 mins 100 SMS 200 Lekë
Javore 1 GB no roaming 7 days 300 mins 300 SMS 500 Lekë
AIl inclusive 15 GB no roaming 21 days 500 mins 50 SMS 1500 Lekë 10 IDD mins,

5 GB for social & chat

Unlimited S 500 MB 500 MB 30 days 150 mins 150 SMS 600 Lekë
Unlimited M 1 GB 1 GB 400 mins 400 SMS 1000 Lekë
Unlimited L 8 GB 2.06 GB Unlimited 1000 SMS 1300 Lekë 10 GB for music
Unlim. Beats 23 GB 2.57 GB Unlimited Unlimited 1600 Lekë 10 GB for music
Unlimited XL 33 GB 3.43 GB Unlimited Unlimited 2100 Lekë 10 GB for music

All packages can also be bought through #100#.

For data-only they offer these plans without free roaming in the Western Balkans:

Plan Data Time Price
Ditore 1 GB 1 day 200 Lekë
Javore 2 GB 7 days 400 Lekë
Mujore 2 GB 30 days 600 Lekë
8 GB 1200 Lekë

For additional data they offer to monthly plans:

  • 3 GB: 500 Lekë
  • 5 GB: 600 Lekë

Tourist SIM[]

Like Vodafone One offers a similar tourist plan. For 1500 Lekë you'll get with One 15 GB data, 5 GB extra for WhatsApp, Viber and social media, 500 domestic minutes, 10 international minutes and 100 domestic/international SMS, all valid for 21 days. You can add another tourist pack for the same price for more.


According to the new roaming rules all domestic volumes are valid in the Western Balkans states: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia. Note the One imposes limits here called roaming cap in the table and bans certain plans from roaming.

One offers these data roaming bundles for Europe and beyond valid in Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Rep., Estonia, France, North Macedonia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Kosovo, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Montenegro, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, USA, Ukraine and the UK:

  • 150 MB for 24 hours: 250 Lekë
  • 700 MB for 7 days: 800 Lekë
  • 1.5 GB for 14 days: 1500 Lekë

More information[]

  • APN: internet.t
  • Website in Albanian and English:

[ALBtelecom (formerly Eagle Mobile)] - merged into One[]



State telco ALBtelecom has been merging the 3rd mobile provider that was previously called Eagle Mobile. In 2022 it was acquired by Hungarian 4IG that merged the ALBtelecom network into the One network (see above).

In springtime of 2023 service provider ONE Albania has completed the migration of ALBtelecom’s customers to the ONE network, following the legal merger of ALBtelecom and ONE Telecommunications in January of this year. The operator claims that the migration provides customers with better quality services including faster download speeds, clearer voice calls and improved coverage.

All ALBtelecom branded products have been discountinued.