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Flag of American Samoa

American Samoa is an unincorporated territory of the United States and uses the North American country and area code +1 684. Its currency is USD (US Dollar).

Only one GSM provider operates in American Samoa. BlueSky is mostly owned by BlueSky Communications and other investors from Samoa and American Samoa. As often in small island nations, the prices for data are pretty high, certainly higher than in the US.

As a US territory, American Samoa uses North American frequencies. 2G/GSM is on 850 MHz and 1900 MHz and 3G on 850 MHz. 4G/LTE was launched in March 2017 on 700 MHz (B12) and 1900 MHz (B2).

The other provider in American Samoa ASTCA (American Samoa Telecommunications Authority) uses CDMA instead, which is not compatible with GSM.

BlueSky []


Note that it uses different frequencies from Samoa: 2G is on 850 MHz and 1900 MHz, 3G is on 850 MHz. Like in the west, their 3G/HSPA+ network is called "4G". Real 4G/LTE started in March 2017 and is branded as "4G+" on 700 MHz (B12) and 1900 MHz (B2).

Coverage is available in these townships: Onenoa, Tula, Alao, Utumea, Auasi, Aoa, Amouli, Aunuu, Alofau, Pagai, Fagaitua, Sailele, Masefau, Utusia, Amoa, Auto, Alega, Aumi, Laulii, Onesopo, Aua, Afono, Vaitia, Lepua, Loaloa, Atuu, Satala, Pago Pago, Fagasa, Fagatogo, Utulei, Fagaalu, Fatumafuti, Matuu, Faganenea, Avau, Nuuuli, Malaeimi, Faleniu, Pavaiai, Ili’ili, Tafuna, Vaitogi, Tafeta, Aloau, Asu, Futiga, PuaPua, Taputimu, Vailoa, Leone, Amaluia, Asili, Afao, Nua Seetaga and Amanave: coverage map


Prepaid SIM cards are available from their store in Laufou Center in Nu'uuli for free. When you recharge at least $5, you will get 3 GB, 500 local mins and 1000 local SMS.

Top-ups can be made at many top-up points from $1 by e-charge can be found on the islands. You can also topup online on their website using PayPal. Simple registration with name and email is required. Name doesn't need to be real, but email is verified.

Data feature packages[]

Out-of-bundle use and use in Samoa is charged at $0.16 per MB.

These data packages are available:

Package Price Data Time
$2 Plan $2 800 MB 24 hours
$4 Plan $4 1.54 GB 24 hours
$6 Plan $6 3 GB 5 days
$10 Plan $10 5 GB 5 days
$25 Plan $25 10 GB 15 days
$35 Plan $35 12 GB 15 days

$6 plan comes with free 3 GB of Instagram usage for 24 hours from activation.

To buy a prepaid data bundle, dial *888# option 3 “Buy Data Bundles”. To check your data balance, dial *888# option 1 “View Balance” and you will receive two SMS: one with your prepaid balance remaining and another with your MB remaining on your bundle.


BlueSky American Samoa now offers roaming data bundles for use in Samoa, priced the same as local data bundles (see above), also purchased through *888#. Once purchased, wait for a confirmation SMS before starting to use data in Samoa, or else you will be charged $0.16 per MB. No offers are available for voice or SMS; those are all charged per use.

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