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Blackberrys (or BlackBerrys) are smartphone products of the Canadian Blackberry Ltd. (formerly known as Research in Motion) which used to have a very own protocol called BlackBerry Internet Access (BIA) to connect to the internet, which in turn often required subscription to a dedicated tariff. This meant that not all apps (e.g. email client) were fully functional with a WiFi or generic mobile data connection alone.

Not all countries and operators supported BIA. So Blackberrys used to be listed separately often to be charged higher and many tariffs were not available for Blackberrys at all. Finally in 2016 BlackBerry announced to discontinue any new development into smartphones and the brand would eventually disappear from the markets.

New OS 10[]

From the end of 2012 and starting with OS 10 BIA is no longer required to access the internet. So all new Blackberrys running on OS 10 or higher can connect to the internet like any other smartphone on Android, iOS or Windows Phone. You can use any tariff offered for data, regardless if it is "suitable" for Blackberrys or not


Old Blackberrys[]

If you are running an old Blackberry, double check if the tariff offered by the operator is really available for Blackberrys still requiring BIA. Some operators have special rates for it. But these are slowly phased out, as the number of old Blackberrys is becoming negligible. Therefore and because of transparency the old Blackberry tariffs are not listed anymore in this WIKI. So check directly with the operators, if you still have one which you want to use.

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