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Cashblue Cashblue 24 December 2019

Please Connection to Simcard cracked

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Inthaiguy Inthaiguy 23 November 2019

A note about Thai prepaid validity

Prior to NBTC making a rule that any top up provide minimum 30 days of added validty, Thai Carriers were free to issue any amount of validty they wished based on the users package.  i.e. 500 Baht top up may give 180 days on one carrier on a certain plan and 60 days with another carrier on another plan.   This was quite confusing and in fact still exists.   Topping up 500 Baht today could give 30, 90 or 120 days of validty depending your prepaid plan.    There were even top ups that granted no validity.   So, in an effort to standarize things, the 'any top up of any value grants a minimum of 30 days' rule went in effect but it does not, however, requrie only 30 days.  Thus many prepaid users need only to top up 500 Baht a few times a year. …

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Debbieduffy Debbieduffy 11 July 2015

which cell phone with cover my needs

I live part of the year in honolulu and part in canada (ontario).  I'm needing to buy a new cell phone and i'm considering the samsung galaxy alph or the S6.  I will be buying the phone in the u.s. and using it in both countries.  I use the T-mobile Ultra service in honolulu and wind when in canada for both calls and data.  Can you tell me if both or which one of these phone will work on both services in both countries please.

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Tim Awmack Tim Awmack 28 June 2015

Reply ref Menorca data sim

Hi Wolfbin

Many thsanks for your reply! At least I now understand that TM Espana is Moviestar which is good to know!!

Last night I used my THREE MOBILE 'hot spot' mifi device, and it worked ok in Central Menorca in Es Castel

For some reason it does not seem to be as stable as the Moviestar dongle (which is fitted to a TP-Link wireless router), here in S'Albufera (just outside Mahon)

Anyway, from your great site, it looks as though my best value, when I return next year is to buy my Three Mobile 10gb  sim for £15 in the UK (around 20€) and I will invest in a TP-Link wireless router to use in Menorca.

The only reason that 'unlimited access' is appealing is that my main use (while on holiday) is streaming UK BBC radio programmes, and also obtainin…

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Wolfbln Wolfbln 9 June 2015

Admin rights

Hi. I'm Wolfbln. I'm a frequent traveller and data user. That's how I got interested in that WIKI. Last year, I started to re-edit most of the countries which I have travelled.

The title page was not appealing, many regional chapters were in a mess. I edited about 80% so far and threw out old or irrelevant information. I added new info and try to update at least my favourite countries regularily.

We have come pretty far with this WIKI in the last year. CzechInn from the WIKIA team changed the layout a bit (thankfully not completely as he had anticipated - see my TalkPage) and the title page is much more accessible now, even if there is a dispute how to order the countries list.

I personally started the EU section with 4 SIM cards for EU roami…

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Ilyasjamal Ilyasjamal 21 May 2015


Hello friends

any bodey tell me what is going rates of zimbabwe noncli routs?

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BradleyWitham2 BradleyWitham2 22 October 2014

Bradley Witham

Hello World!

Please give some time for Bradley Witham to update this Blog.

Any suggestions for topics are more than welcome.


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