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Croatia has three network operators:

  • T-Hrvatski Telekom (owned by Deutsche Telekom)
  • A1 Croatia (owned by Telekom Austria) rebranded from Vip
  • Tele2 (sold by the Swedish Tele2 to the United Group)

T-Hrvatski Telecom (fomerly T-Mobile) is market leader with the best network and almost 50% of the nation's subscribers. They are followed by A1 and finally Tele2 which has a much smaller network but free roaming on T-Hrvatski Telekom. The most important MVNOs or rather subsidiaries Bonbon and Simpa on T-Hrvatski and Tomato on A1 are listed too.

2G is mostly on 900 and some 1800 MHz, 3G on 900 and 2100 MHz in the cities. 4G/LTE has been started in 2012 with T-Hrvatski on 800 and 1800 MHz, in 2014 on A1 on 1800 and 2600 MHz and in 2016 on Tele2 on 1800 MHz - Bands 3, 7 and 20.

All three network operators offer Tourist SIMs for visitors. These offers are often available for the summer season only, but turn up very similar every summer.

The prices for top-ups are without a 10% 'network access fee'. This fee has been charged on all top-ups until 2019. Tele2 has scrapped this fee in February 2019 and Hvratski Telekom will do the same from 1st of March 2019.

Availability and rechargesEdit

SIM cards are widely available, at news stands, service stations, supermarkets and the operator's stores without registration. On same places you can purchase top-ups, which are printed on a POS slip and provide you with typically 14 digit code and top up instructions. In order to purchase top-up you need to state the operator and amount. Typically, you can pay buy cash or credit cards.

If you'd like to electronically top up your prepaid card, you can do that on your operator's website, but only using Croatia issued credit cards. There is, however, a workaround: via, where you can purchase top-ups for all major operators, and pay by any credit card. In these two cases, you can chose an option to automatically top up your sim card, instead of purchasing the code.

EU flag
Croatia is part of the EU, where from June 2017 new international roaming rules are enforced. In most European countries you can now 'roam like at home' at domestic rates rather than excessive roaming rates. Croatian providers implement the principle without restrictions. Only unlimited packages are capped. For specifics about the new regulation check European Union chapter and every provider below.

T-Hrvatski Telekom (Simpa)Edit

T-Hrvatski (formerly T-Mobile) is the market leader in the country with the most customers and the best network. Coverage map (switch between 2G/3G/4G by clicking on "Pokrivenost"). 4G/LTE is available for all prepaid plans with speeds up to 75 Mbit/s.

Availability Edit


T-Mobile now channels all prepaid voice and data SIM cards through their new brand Simpa. SIM cards are available at post offices (Hrvatska Posta), service stations (Lukoil, INA, Tifon), kiosks (Tisak, iNovine) and T-Centers (locator). Standard and micro SIMs are available all over for 20 kn including the same credit valid for 90 days, but nano SIMs only at the T-Centers.

If you register here to any address, even foreign, you will receive another 20 kn on your account. Top ups of 30, 40, 60, 100 and 200 kn are available in many shops or online.

Data feature packages Edit

Data default rate is 0.99 per MB. They have the following plans for data:

Plan Price Validity Data EU cap
DAN 10 kn 24 h 1 GB * 0.6 GB
S 20 kn 30 days 1 GB 1 GB
M 40 kn 30 days 3 GB 1.9 GB
L 60 kn 30 days 6 GB 2.9 GB
XL 90 kn 30 days 9 GB 4.3 GB

* Unlimited data: 1 GB at speeds up to 4G, afterwards throttled to 64 kbps until expiry.

To activate text 'INTERNET #' while # stands for the plan size DAN, S, M, L or XL to 13636. To deactivate 30-day plans text 'D' to 13636.

Furthermore, they have the following new combo base plans:

Plan Price Validity Data Voice SMS Activation code
Tjedni 19 kn 7 days 2 GB * 200 mins 100 TJEDNI
XS 34 kn 30 days 400 MB 300 mins 200 NAJMANJI
S 44 kn 30 days 800 MB 500 mins 400 MALI
M 64 kn 30 days 3 GB 1000 mins 1000 SREDNJI
L 84 kn 30 days 6 GB * 1000 mins 1000 VELIKI

* EEA (EU + ISL, NOR, LIE) data cap to 1 GB for TJEDNI and 4 GB for L plan. Other plans do not lower the cap in EEA roaming.

To activate text code to 13636. All packages reactivate after expiry if you have enough balance, with rollover of remaining resources.

For additional data they offer 1 GB at 14 kn, available after activating any package.

Data-only SIMEdit

T-Mobile's "Mobile Net Starter Pack" is a data-only SIM sold under its own brand and costs 20 kn with 20 kn credit valid for 30 days. Internet is a default 1 kn per MB. To activate text A to 13636 and choose the Mobile Net option.

A starter pack with a 3G USB dongle (Huawei E3131) for 199 kn or a 4G dongle (Huawei E3372) for 448 kn is available, each with 20 kn credit.

You can load the following top-ups, that give a rate calculated by MB, valid for next 30 days:

  • top-up 27.50 kn or more: 0.50 kn per MB
  • top-up 55 kn or more: 0.10 kn per MB
  • top-up 110 kn or more: 0.08 kn per MB
  • top-up 220 kn or more: 0.05 kn per MB

Internet Dan, S, M, L or XL (see above) options can be added to Mobile Net too.

Tourist SIMEdit

Their offer for visitors is called "Visiting Croatia ": For 85 kn it includes unlimited data in Croatia in up to 4G/LTE for 7 days and 5 kn credit. Internet seems to be really unlimited in up to 75 Mbit/s, an EU roaming cap of 2.883 GB applies. These add-ons are available:

  • another 7 days of unlimited internet: 80 kn. To activate text 'FLAT' to 13636
  • or the Internet Dan, Dan 4G, S, M, L or XL given at the prices above.

EU roaming Edit

EU roaming principles of roam like home at domestic prices apply to all prepaid offers, but EU FUP rules cap large packages without surcharges.

More infoEdit

A1 Croatia (formerly: Vip)Edit


new logo

A1 Croatia used to be called Vip and is the 2nd largest provider in Croatia. The mother company Telekom Austria decided to rebrand it to A1 from October 2018. It's the local partner network of Vodafone.

It has good coverage in 2G and 3G in the north, coast and the cities and low coverage in the south and in the countryside. 4G/LTE is now available in 21 major cities and towns across the country (coverage map).

Availability Edit

Vip hr

old logo

Their prepaid lines used to be called 'vipme'. A new SIM is sold for 10 kn in mini, micro and nano size without credit. For their A1 relaunch they rebranded this SIM.

Top-up vouchers can be bought for 15, 30, 60, 90, 120 and 240 kn. Outlets are their shops (locator), super markets, gas stations (OMV) and many more.

A1 gives out heavy data bonuses for top-ups: 150 MB for 15 kn, 300 MB for 30 kn, 600 MB for 60 kn, 900 MB for 90 kn, 1.2 GB for 120 kn and 2.4 GB for 240 kn top-ups.

Data feature packagesEdit

Data outside of packages is 1 MB for 0.69 kn. A1 now offers these base plans for 30 days:

  • A1 Cool: 2 GB + 500 mins/SMS: 55 kn
  • A1 Chill: 4 GB + 1000 mins/SMS: 75 kn
  • A1 Zen: 6 GB + 1000 mins/SMS: 90 kn

To select one of these plans, type 'A' to 13170 and choose Snap, Chill or Zen.

For more data you can add these packages to the plans:

Data Price Activation
200 MB 3 kn 200MB
500 MB 10 kn 500MB
1 GB 20 kn 1GB
2 GB 30 kn 2GB

For activation text code to 13170. Every Option lasts for 30 days. A free 4G option can be added by texting '4G'.

Furthermore they offer:

  • 5 GB for Facebook Messenger, Snapchat and WhatsApp for 30 days at 20 kn. Activation: text 'CHAT' to 13270.
  • 20 GB high speed volume for 7 days at 60 kn. Activation: text 'TJEDNA' to 13270

Data-only SIMEdit

A1 also offers a data- and text-only plan without voice, they now call A1 internet na bonove. Base rate is 1 kn per MB.

You can change any regular SIM to A1 intenet na bonove by going to your Moj A1 personal account, using the Moj A1 app and choose Promjena tarife or by sending SMS with the letter B to 13213.

Default rate on is 1 kn per MB and you can add by the same ways these options:

Plan Data Time Price
Dnevna opcija 5 GB 24 hours 10 kn
Tjedna opcija 5 GB 7 days 55 kn
Mjesečna S opcija 250 MB 30 days 15 kn
Mjesečna M opcija 1 GB 30 days 50 kn
Mjesečna L opcija 3 GB 30 days 70 kn

To activate text letter A to 13213 and choose option. Note, there is no international roaming on these Broadband plans available.

A1 Dnevni Internet na bonove is a separate plan that is only available through a special starter pack and sold for 85 kn with 100 kn of credit preloaded. You can't change to or from other tariff plans. It has one single daily-based rate: You'll get 1024 MB (1 GB) for 10 kn within 24 hours in high speed, before speed will be throttled to 64 kbps. Speed will be reset after 24 hours.

Tourist SIMEdit

Vip/A1 has introduced a Tourist SIM in triple-size mini/micro/nano. For 10 € (74 kn), you will get a starter pack with 7 days of "unlimited" 4G data and 100 dom. mins/SMS included. It automatically activates when you first log on the internet. For more volume you have two different choices:

  • "unlimited" data day pack for 24 hours: 15 kn, activation: text 'DAILY' to 13220.
  • "unlimited" data + 100 dom mins/SMS week pack for 7 days: 75 kn, activation: text 'WEEKLY' to 13220.

Note that "unlimited" means 20 GB for a week or 5 GB for a day in high speed up to 4G/LTE, before speed is throttled to 64 kbps. To check data balance, text '?' to 13220. The starter packs, as well as the daily and weekly packs auto-renew. To stop auto-renew, text 'D' to 13200. Top-up is like regular Vip SIM cards, but plans can't be changed.

EU roaming Edit

Vip applies Roam like home rules to all its prepaid plans, but caps all allowances according to EU FUP rules. Broadband plans seem to be excluded from roaming.

More infoEdit

  • Tethering is allowed
  • APN:
  • for iPhone: APN: username and password: 38591
  • Website in Croatian:


Tele2 is the 3rd largest provider in Croatia. They started 4G/LTE in 2016 already covering 90% and open to all prepaid plans. Their network is very stable and well covered.

In 2019 they only cared for 18% of the overall market with less than 1 million subscribers. Sweden-based Tele2 announced the sale of its business in Croatia as the group continues to narrow its focus on its operations in Scandinavia and the Baltics. Tele2 Croatia has been acquired by Amsterdam-based United Group pending approval of the regulator.


Their starter pack called Start Pack is available at Tele2 stores (locator), post offices, paper shops, gas stations, super markets etc for 20 kn. They have discontinued all previous prepaid plans and only offer their new Slagalica (Puzzle) combo plan with domestic minutes, SMS and a data alowance:

Data feature packagesEdit

These monthly combo packs can be booked on Slagalica plans:

Data Calls & SMS Price Activation
2 GB incl. 200 mins or SMS,

1000 mins/SMS = +10 kn

55 kn 1GB200 or 1GB1000
6 GB 75 kn 5GB200 or 5GB1000
unlimited 1000 mins/SMS 199 kn BEZBROJ

For activation type code to 13880. It will be renewed automatically every month. To stop text 'STOP' to 13880, to check consumption or validity 'STANJE' to 13880. Data overuse is 0.50 kn per MB.

Data-only SIMEdit

Ther starter pack for data- and SMS-only SIM is called Mobilni Internet na Bonove and sold for 10 kn in Tele2 stores, post offices, paper shops, gas stations, super markets etc. It contains 50 MB for a start.

Internet outside of package or overuse is charged at 1 kn per MB. These promoted packages can be booked:

  • 4 GB for a month: 49 kn - activation: Opcija3GB
  • 10 GB for a month: 99 kn - activation: Opcija10GB
  • unlimited for a month: 199 kn - activation: BezbrojGB

Every option lasts for 30 days and is up to 4G/LTE. To activate text code to 13888. These data-only tariffs are for Croatia only and don't work in roaming.

Tourist SIM: "Cheapest Surf & Call"Edit

The best starting package for tourists coming to Croatia and wanting to use the benefits of Tele2. The 2019 version of their tourist SIM is called "Cheapest Surf & Call" and sold for 59 kn.

It contains: 10 GB of data, 200 minutes of voice calls for 30 days (calls to landline networks in 16 European countries for only 0.05 EUR/min), free calls to all networks in Croatia and 10 kn credit. The same regular data packages mentioned above (at 'data feature packages') can be added. Overuse rate is 0.25 kn per 100 kB.

The offered triple SIM card can be purchased at Tele2 shops, post offices (Hrvatska Posta), all gas stations (INA, Crodux, Petrol, Tifon...), kiosks, grocery stores, camps and hotels throughout Croatia. More info here (available in multiple languages). Initial validity of SIM is 90 days, that can be prolonged by vouchers. Note, that you can't use included allowances for EU roaming.

EU roaming Edit

Roam like at home in the EU is implemented on all call and data plans. Only the "unlimited" plans are capped in roaming at 7 GB with an excess fee of 0.07 kn per MB and the data-only and Tourist SIMs are excluded.

More infoEdit


Bonbon is a MVNO on the T-Hrvatski Telekom network (see above). 4G/LTE is open for all plans, with the maximum speed up to 75 Mbit/s download and 25 Mbit/s upload on all plans now. Because of its flexibility, it can be a good option for Croatia. Some users used it for EU roaming, but this was discouraged after they have introduced FUP caps to their rates in summer 2018.

Availability Edit

Their starter pack is available in their shops (locator) and many kiosks throughout the country. Users reported that their SIM card isn't available from T-Mobile shops or Konzum outlets. Better try it at iNovine or Tisak newsstands.

Vouchers are available at many places for 15, 30, 60, 90 and 180 kn. The 10% network fee was abolished in March 2019 and now all top-ups are worth the face value without reductions. For credit check, use USSD code *100#.

Loaded credit stays valid for 90 days after the last top-up. A 180 kn recharge will give 365 days of validity.

Starter pack BonBon na bonove is sold for 20 kn with the same credit for voice, text and data. Default data rate is 0.88 kn per MB. Activation is immediate without registration or waiting period.

Data feature packagesEdit

They have the following weekly and monthly data packages which can be optionally extended by text and voice packs:

Package Time Price Data EU cap Voice SMS
Tjedni 7 days 20 kn 2 GB 1 GB 200 mins: +10 kn
Mali 30


20 kn 750 MB 750 MB 100 mins: +20 kn

350 mins: +35 kn

1250 mins:+45 kn

500 SMS: +20 kn
Srednji 35 kn 2 GB 1.7 GB
Veliki 45 kn 4 GB 2.2 GB
Jako veliki 60 kn 7 GB 2.9 GB
Velika Kombinacija 90 kn 4 GB 4 GB 1250 mins incl. 500 SMS incl.
Jako velika Komb. 105 kn 7 GB 5 GB 1250 mins incl. 500 SMS incl.
  • unlimited Deezer streaming + 1 GB per month: +30 kn (not in roaming)
  • HBOGo + 2 GB per month: +45 kn (not in roaming)

Activate by texting "hocu" to 13977 and deactivate by texting "necu" to 13977, by USSD code *121# or by app. All packages auto-renew, if not stopped. In the case of renewal all unused allowances will roll over to the next week or month. You can start any new package before the previous has been expired when it's already been used up. But be careful, as any unused allowance will be lost at the restart.

For data balance check, use *121# then option 3 or send 'stanje' to 13977

Data-only SIM Edit

BonBon Internet Sim kartica is sold for 10 kn with SMS and data only, aimed at tablets and modems. You can then either add:

  • 300 MB until midnight/3am: 3 kn
  • 5 GB until midnight/3am: 10 kn
  • 6 GB monthly package with roll-over to the next month, if package is renewed: 55 kn

To activate packages text 'hocu' to 13977. The selected package will auto-renew after expiry between midnight and 4am, if you have enough balance. To stop, text 'necu' to the same number. Activation and deactivation can also be done by USSD code *121# or through mobile app. Default data rate on this SIM card is 0.88 kn per MB, if you haven't booked a package.

EU roaming Edit

Roam like at home in the EU/EEA is implemented on all call and data plans. From 2018 a FUP policy has been enforced for data. They only give a certain share of the domestic package without surcharges for roaming in the EU This max. volume is indicated as 'EU cap' in the table. Any use abroad beyond this FUP quota will be surcharged at low 0.04 kn per MB instead as long as you still have unused domestic data and at high 1.85 kn/MB when all domestic data allowance has been depleted.

More info Edit


Tomato is a MVNO on the Vip network. For coverage see Vip (above). Tomato is now on 2G, 3G and 4G/LTE too.

Availabilty Edit

Their SIM card can be found at their shops (locator), gas stations, post offices, kiosks and supermarkets.

Recharge cards are sold for 25, 60, 120 and 240 kn. 25 kn gives 250 MB bonus, 60 kn 600 MB, 120 kn 1.2 GB and 240 kn 2.4 GB if you topup online.

Data feature plans Edit

Their default tariff is 0.49 kn per MB. You can add one of their monthly packages where a unit can be used as one minute of domestic voice, one domestic SMS or 1 MB of data up to 4G/LTE:

Value Basic Plan Plus Plan
mins/SMS/MB Price Activation Price Activation
1000 units 40 kn M 60 kn M+
5000 units 60 kn S 80 kn S+
8000 units 80 kn V 100 kn V+

Activation is by text to 13435. The packages will be activated again after 30 days, if the account has enough credit. To stop text 'NE' to 13435. Check balances by *113*01#. Each plan has two variants: Basic Plan on which you are deducted a connection fee of 0.29 kn for each connected call, and Plus (20 kn more expensive to activate) which does not additionally charge a call connection fee. As 20 kn is roughly equivalent to 69 call connection fees, unless you plan to call a lot, it's better option to activate a higher Basic Plan for the same price. But keep in mind, this way you would need some extra balance in order to be able to call.

You can add a 500 units add-on to any plan for 15 kn by texting '500' to 13535. You can also reactivate any plan even before 30 days pass from previous activation, but in this case you lose any existing units from previous one.

More infoEdit

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