Prepaid Data SIM Card Wiki


The Czech Republic has 3 GSM-based network operators:

  • T-Mobile (owned by Deutsche Telekom)
  • O2 (owned by PPF)
  • Vodafone (UK-owned)

A fourth operator Nordic telecom (formerly known as U:fon) is on GSM-incompatible CDMA 450-MHz reaching 90% of the Czech population with up to 3.1 Mbps speed. This band is not compatible with usual CDMA-phones either and only works with devices specifically designed for CDMA 450. They aim to start 4G/LTE on 450 MHz which is also incompatible with all usual GSM or CDMA devices. That's why they aren't mentioned any further.

Since a few years already more than 50 MVNOs have started up: COOP mobile, TESCO mobile,, OpenCall, Kaktus, and SAZKA mobile are given as examples for good data rates, but there are still some more on the market.

2G/GSM covers all of the country on 900 and 1800 MHz like in the rest of Europe. 4G/LTE is on 800 MHz, 1800 MHz, 2100 MHz and 2600 MHz (Bands 1, 3, 7, 20) available to all users. 5G is widely available on n38 (3500 MHz). T-Mobile and O2 have similar coverage, with Vodafone slightly behind.

All three operators have shut down 3G. Make sure you bring an LTE-compatible device with you.

All three operators have 4G/LTE coverage 99% of population in 2018. O2 and T-Mobile also have network sharing agreements for 2G practically everywhere outside of Prague and Brno. That's why their footprint is almost the same outside these two towns.

SIM cards are available in the stores of the network operators and in many kiosks and supermarkets. Prepaid SIMs in the Czech Republic don't require any personal registration. Recharge vouchers can be bought at many kiosks, post offices and petrol stations.

Unlike in many other European countries, you will lose all credit on a Czech SIM card, if you don't top-up your balance periodically; periodic usage is not enough. This can be hard to do from abroad as some Czech operators may decline non-Czech credit/debit cards for online payment.

EU flag
The Czech Republic is part of the EU, where from June 2017 new international roaming rules are enforced. In most European countries you can now 'roam like at home' at domestic rates rather than excessive roaming rates. Two major Czech operators apply rules without restrictions, but Vodafone and some smaller providers have opted out. For specifics about the new regulation check European Union chapter and every provider below.



Czech T-Mobile has good 2G/4G/5G coverage throughout the Czech Republic rivalling with O2: coverage map. It's the market leader in the country with 40% share.

4G/LTE is also open for prepaid on 800, 1800, 2100 and 2600 MHz (Bands 1, 3, 7, 20) with almost the same coverage as O2 at 98% in 2020. 5G is open for prepaid.


Their prepaid line is called Twist and sold in T-Mobile stores (store locator) and the markets of Mall, Alza, Comfor, CZC, Globus, Tesco, Space Electro, ElectroWorld and Czech post offices as well as online to be sent to a Czech adresss.

As of 2019 they sell old and new SIM card lines:

  • the old lines with the strange purple creature:
    • as regular SIM card for 200 Kč with the same credit loaded and unlimited on-net calls and 100 MB for 30 days
    • as data SIM card for 449 Kč with 5 GB and 100 Kč for 30 days
  • the new lines with the strange creature in orange:
    • as regular SIM card for 200 Kč with the same credit loaded and unlimited on-net calls for 30 days
    • as promotional double SIM with two cards for free with 10 Kč each
    • with 200, 400 or 600 Kč preloaded with the 1, 4 or 10 GB plan preactivated (will auto-renew unless canceled as shown below)

Take care that all new SIM cards have their free on-net calls enabled that auto-renews after 30 days for 149 Kč that doesn't make sense as you can get the same for free by topping up. So better disable this option by texting 'VOLANI4TYDNY D' to 4603 or online or using the app.

The card has a PIN that is printed on the card holder along with the other codes. SIM card has a cut-out lines suggesting that it can be converted to micro- and nano- format. To activate you simply have to place a call and choose English by entering 2.

Recharges []

You can recharge in the stores of T-Mobile, Czech Post, Globus, Billa, Rossmann, ElectroWorld and at Fortuna and Sazka betting terminals. You will get a bonus of Kč for your first top-up.

Credit stays valid for 12 months. You need to top-up at least 200 Kč once a year. Check credit by calling *101#. Note that you can't top-up up by non-Czech credit cards online making it hard to keep this plan alive from abroad as nobody without an Czech bank account or credit card can top it up outside the country.

T-Mobile gives 100 MB data and unlimited on-net calls valid for 30 days free when you top up at least 300 Kč. To activate this bonus text 'NASIM VSITI' to 4603.

You can top up online or in the T-Mobile app using Mastercard, VISA, Masterpass or Google Pay, but the app offers fewer gradations. 25% bonus will be added on top of the first top-up of the month.

Data feature packages[]

The new SIM cards have their daily rate by default. You'll get 1 MB for 1 Kč with a cap of 10 Kč and 100 MB per day. So any use of 10-100 MB is free. To change old SIM cards to it 'IDEN100 A' to 4603.

For more data these data packages are offered with roaming in the EU included:

Data Data EU Time Price Activation auto renew
unlimited 3 GB 24 hours 69 Kč NIDEN A no
6 GB 3 days (Fri-Sun) 149 Kč NIVIKEND A
500 MB 500 MB 7 days 79 Kč ITYDEN500 A yes
800 MB 800 MB 30 days 109 Kč IMESIC800 A
3 GB 3 GB 269 Kč IMESIC3 A
5 GB 5 GB (+5 GB%) 369 Kč IMESIC5OBNOVA A
10 GB 10 GB (+5 GB%) 469 Kč IMESIC10OBNOVA A
24 GB (*) 24 GB (*) 12 months 1398 Kč IROK A
24 GB 24 GB (#) 6 months I180DNI A

(*) = as 2 GB per month for a year

(#) = as 4 GB per month for 6 months

(%) = extra data which can be obtained in T-Mobile app.

For activation text code to 4603. To deactivate text activation code with D instead of A.

EU roaming[]

You can use all allowances while roaming in the EU at the same prices as in the Czech Republic without restrictions. Only exceptions are unlimited packages - you can use up to 3 GB (for 1 day package) or 6 GB (for 3 days package).

More info[]



O2 has a good coverage in the country giving you good speed. 4G/LTE is on 800, 1800 and 2600 MHz (Bands 3, 7, 20) and available for prepaid: coverage map. Its 4G/LTE network provides coverage to 99% of the Czech population of the population and is on par with T-Mobile. Speed is up to 1 Gbit/s on 5G with prepaid.


O2 sells their starter packs in their stores (Locator) or online, sent to a Czech postal address.

Prepaid SIM cards are now called Go and come in four starters and comes with the same credit for start:

  • GO Neomezeně: 150 Kč with unlimited domestic calls and 300 MB per day for 25 Kč (when you don't use, you don't pay)
  • GO 1 GB: 179 Kč with 50 domestic mins
  • GO 3 GB: 299 Kč with 100 domestic mins, 25 domestic SMS
  • GO 7 GB: 299 Kč

Top-up vouchers can be found at O2 stores, kiosks, petrol stations and supermarkets in quantities of 200, 300 and 500 Kč or do it online by credit card. You will get a 100 Kč bonus for the first top-up.

The credit on your SIM card is valid for up to one year, depending on the amount of recharge. Up to 99 Kčis valid for 45 days, 100 Kč to 499 Kč for 6 months, and over 500 Kč for one year. To check credit type *124*#.

Data options[]

Packages contained with the starters are free for first 30 days. After that will renew in starter packs price. For the GO! packages, you can add additional data for 30 days:

  • GO Extra: 2 GB for 199 Kč
  • GO Extra Data: 7 GB for 299 Kč

You can add their DEN VOLÁNÍ option with calling to all Czech networks and basic internet (unlimited @ 32 kbps) for messenging for 20 Kč per day or 25 Kč with SMS included and 200 MB.

You can add these data packages in up 4G/LTE up to 300 Mbps:

Data Time Price Activation Refill
75 MB 7 days 49 Kč PR DATA 1 29 Kč
400 MB 89 Kč PR DATA 2 39 Kč
500 MB 30 days 150 Kč PR DATA 3 150 Kč
1.5 GB 299 Kč PR DATA 4 149 Kč
5 GB 549 Kč PR DATA 5 249 Kč
20 GB 1,499 Kč PR DATA 6

For activation text code to 999111. Package will renew every week/month, if there is enough credit. To disenable text PR DATA # D (# = package size) to 999111.

You can activate unlimited data (DATY NAPLNO) for 24 hours for 49 Kč. Activation can be done by Moje O2 app.

The default rate outside of a package is 19 Kč for 24 hours and 300 MB with the first hour charged a maximum of 60 Kč. After reaching this or the package limit, data will be cut.

Tourist SIM cards[]

As of 2023 O2 offers these special tourist SIM cards:

  • 10 GB data in 5G network for 30 days: 499 Kč
  • 20 GB data for 30 days: 1,499 Kč

These SIM cards are valid without registration and work in EU/EEA without surcharges.

EU roaming []

All allowances like data packages can be used without surcharges all over the EU/EEA for roaming.

More info[]

  • APN: internet
  • O2 doesn't allow tethering and disables it on iOS devices. On Android phones it's possible.
  • Website (partly in English - mostly in Czech):



Vodafone is the smallest of the 3 nationwide network providers by customers numbers in the Czech Republic, but still has good nationwide coverage.

4G/LTE runs on 4 different frequencies on 800, 1800, 2100 and 2600 MHz (Bands 1, 3, 7, 20), for coverage map check here.

Vodafone's 4G/LTE is called "Turbo Internet" and they claim a 99% coverage in 2017.


A prepaid Czech Vodafone start-up SIM card is now called Vodafone 30 and comes in two varieties:

  • for free, only ordered online and sent to a Czech postal address in two working days. It doesn't contain any credit.
  • for 200 Kč and with a credit of 200 Kč available in Vodafone stores (store locator) and kiosks.

It comes as flexi SIM in all three sizes. The default PIN is 1234 and the SIM is automatically activated when placed in your phone.

The SIM card is valid for 10 months after start of the last top-up, then in passive mode for 3 months to top up and after those 13 months it will be deactivated.

Top-ups are not possible online with a non-Czech credit card, but you may pay with credit card at some shops or ATMs. Vouchers are sold by post offices, kiosks, supermarkets, betting halls etc. for 250, 500 and 1200 Kč. Check balance by entering *22#. 10% bonus is given for top-up of 250 Kč or more through their app.

Default rate[]

Their new Vodafone 30 base plan is 3 Kč per minute of call, SMS to all networks and 10 MB of data. As soon as you have spent 30 Kč from the beginning of the day, you will get unlimited calls and SMS to all networks and 900 MB / 1 GB of data until midnight (

Data feature packages[]

You can activate a data option for more data. These offers are valid for a month and include unlimited SMS:

  • 1.5 GB: 119 Kč, activation: DATA 119 FIX
  • 3.5 GB: 239 Kč, activation: DATA 239 FIX
  • 10 GB: 399 Kč, activation: DATA 399 FIX

For activation text code to 7700. All packages are recurring, you may reset your data volume anytime by activating a new bundle..

Offers for visitors (no international roaming, valid only in Czech Republic)[]

Vodafone, as the only provider in Czech Rep., has special prepaid solutions specifically for the needs of visitors sold only in the Vodafone store in Vaclav Havel Airport Prague at Terminal 2, which is a 3-minute walk from Terminal 1. It's open 7am-9pm every day (except holidays) and English is spoken or other special stores for the Visitors SIM.

Data SIM for Visitors:

  • 15 GB + EU roaming within 30 days for 499 CZK. Unlimited SMS in the Vodafone CZ network are included, no roaming abroad
  • 20 GB within 30 days for 649 CZK. Unlimited calls and SMS in Vodafone CZ network included, but no roaming abroad.

These offers for visitors may only be available at the Prague airport and some downtown Vodafone stores. Full info available online:

EU roaming[]

Vodafone has two options for EU/EEA roaming available:

  • Vodafone World Roaming: the included allowances of domestic packages can be used without surcharges abroad. Overage fees are at the domestic rate
  • Roaming by the day (na den): 199 Kč for 500 MB per day. If you want more, you can buy more packages of 500 MB for 149 Kč.

Vodafone advertises heavily the daily pack, but unless you use very little data, the World Roaming rate will surely be better. You'll need to activate roaming before online on your account or by app. World Roaming is the default plan. However, unlike Vodafone in some other countries, Switzerland and Turkey are not part of the surcharge-free area, but they are covered by the daily rate. If you do not book the daily rate in these countries, you will pay 7.70 Kč per MB. Note, that there is not international roaming on the visitor plans above.

More info[]

COOP Mobil[]


COOP Mobil is a MVNO operating on the Czech Vodafone network on 2G and since 2019 on 4G/LTE. It's sold exclusively at the COOP supermarkets throughout the Czech Republic (store locator).


The prepaid SIM card is sold for 200 Kč with the same balance on it. SIM stays active outgoing for 3 months and incoming for 6 months after the last top-up. Start-up credit is valid for 3 months.

Top-ups can be made at COOP too and in some kiosks. Vouchers are available for Kč 150, 250 and 400.

Data feature packages[]

The default tariff is 20 Kč for 25 MB per day (= 24 hours). After data is used up the speed will be reduced to 32 kbps. Further 25 MB packs can be bought online for 20 Kč. In addition, there are the following data packs:

Volume Validity Price Activation
25 MB 1 day 20 Kč DATA M25
300 MB 1 month 129 Kč DATA M300
1 GB 1 month 299 Kč DATA M1000

Send activation code to 8844 to activate. Replace letter M with letter J for a "one time" package valid for 3 months at the same price. For extra data you can add 25 MB at 20 Kč or 100 MB at 45 Kč to the monthly packs.


Data can be used in the EU/EEA and Monaco without additional charges. Be careful in outer territories, however, as not all of them are covered (for example, of the Channel Islands, Jersey is covered but Guernsey is not). Use the list here to check.

More info[]

Tesco Mobile[]


Tesco Mobile is a 50/50 joint venture of O2 Czech Republic and Tesco – a major UK-owned supermarket chain in the country. It's operating on the O2 network in 2G and 4G/LTE throttled at 42 Mbit/s.

Availability []

SIM cards are sold exclusively at the supermarkets throughout the Czech Republic: Tesco store locator (Prague indicated as Praha, ignore small stores starting with the word EXPRES as there might be limited availability of the SIM cards). For visitors of downtown Prague the most convenient option is to visit their department store near the National Theatre My Národní (in grocery section at floor –1) close to Národní třída metro station.

The prepaid SIM card is sold for 150 Kč with the same balance on it. The card can also be ordered online to any Czech postal address (however, the only payment option available at this time is to pay the mailman in cash at delivery; if you are not available at the address at the time of delivery, you are only left with a note instructing you to visit a particular post office and make the payment there). The initial balance is valid for 3 months and SIM stays valid for 1 year after the last top-up.

Top ups can be made at the Tesco Mobile website (any amount of 199 Kč or more), in Tesco stores, and in kiosks, petrol stations or the drugstore chain Rossmann.

Data feature packages[]

Base rate is the first 100 MB for 29 Kč within 24 hours and every other 50 MB at 10 Kč.

These combo packages for data and voice can be activated:

Package Data Time Price Refill
Na dosah 16 kbps 30 days 29 Kč -
Na den 100 MB 24 hours 29 Kč
Mini 500 MB 30 days 189 Kč 199 Kč
Midi 1 GB 30 days 249 Kč
Maxi 2.5 GB 30 days 279 Kč
Extra 7.5 GB 30 days 449 Kč

To activate text name of package followed by a blank and letter A to 99346 e.g. 'Mini A' to 99346, see All packages auto-renew. To stop text name followed by D to 99346. For extra data by 'INTERNET R' you can reset all packages ahead of time for 79 Kč.

More info[]

  • EU roaming without surcharges "Roam like at home" is valid for all plans
  • APN: internet
  • Website in Czech:



SAZKAmobil of the betting agency SAZKA started in 2014 as MVNO. It operates on the Vodafone network in 2G and 4G/LTE.


The prepaid SIM card is available for 150 Kč in their stores shown here or online be sent to a Czech postal address. It comes with the same credit of 150 Kč pre-loaded, you need to place a call to activate the SIM card after having put it in your device.

Check balance by *11#. Credit is valid for 6 months, SIM‌ card stays active as long as the credit is valid.

To top up from 100 Kč go to any betting office or kiosk. If you top-up for 300 Kč or more, you can select one of the following a bonuses by texting a SMS-code to 8866:

'D1': Cheap calls and SMS; 'D2': 1GB‌ of free internet;‌ 'D3': Unlimited calls and SMS;‌ 'D4': 100 Kč ‌extra credit.

Data feature packages[]

For data, they offer these monthly packages:

Plan Data Voice Price
Happy 99 200 MB 99 Kč
Happy 299 1 GB 500 mins 299 Kč
Happy 399 5 GB 399 Kč
Happy 499 5 GB 1000 mins 499 Kč

For more data you can buy these discounted add-on packages within the billing cycle of the packages above:

  • 1 GB: 100 Kč
  • 5 GB: 350 Kč

All overuse is throttled to 32 kb/s.

More info[][]

Mobil is a MVNO owned by the Czech media group MAFRA. It operates on the T-Mobile network in 2G and 4G/LTE with speeds up to 20 Mbit/s (for coverage see T-Mobile).


The prepaid SIM card is available for 200 Kč at many newsagents like Relay or Valmont in the country (locator) or online to be sent to a Czech postal address. You'll get a triple hybrid card with all three sizes perforated. It comes with a credit of Kč 200 and 1.6 GB data pre-loaded valid for one month.

You need to make a paid call to activate the SIM card after having put it in your device. It may take some minutes to hours until the internet connection is established thereafter.

You can top up online by credit card, at SAZKA terminals, at ATMs (holding a Czech bank account) or by vouchers sold at newsagents. Minimum recharge amount is 200 Kč. Credit stays valid for 6 months and SIM card needs to be loaded at least every year to stay alive. For every top-up you will receive 200 MB for 30 days as bonus. To check credit, type *146# on your device.

Data feature packages[] advertises with 'free internet'. This means that you get up to 200 MB in high speed valid for 30 days for free in the CZ and the rest of the EU, every time you top-up. Exceeding this quota, you can again recharge, buy a data package or will be throttled to 32 kbit/s. From 2017 a top-up of min. 200 Kč is required every 30 days or internet service stops completely.

Alternatively, you can purchase one of their data packages for CZ and EU:

Data App bonus Time Price Activation
80 MB + 80 MB 24 hours 14 Kč DATA 24A
300 MB + 300 MB 10 days 60 Kč EXTRADATA A
700 MB + 700 MB 30 days 130 Kč MEGADATA A
2 GB + 2 GB 30 days 200 Kč RYCHLYGIGA A

Activation by texting code to 3333 or through their app for extra bonus. To check data consumption and activate packages type *145# or online on your account.

More info[]

  • All allowances can be used in the EU/EEA as well without surcharges.
  • APN:
  • Username and password: GPRS
  • Website in Czech:



Kaktus is a MVNO on T-Mobile's network in 2G and 4G/LTE (see coverage at T-Mobile above) with speeds up to 20 Mbps. They started in 2012 and are directed mainly to the urban youth.


The prepaid SIM card is available online to be sent to Czech postal address at many newsagents and branded T-Mobile and Žabka stores (Google Maps Viewer) for 100 Kč with 10 or 100 Kč credit, 500 MB data and 250 MB social media data for a start. If you top-up 200 Kč more, you will get 100% bonus credit for first charging. But first charging bonus is available on SIM cards with 10 Kč starting credit only and bonus credit stay valid for month. SIM card has a cut-out lines suggesting that it can be converted to micro- and nano- format.

SIM card activation by placing the card in a mobile phone and placing a first call (works within czech republic only).

Kaktus cards can be topped up in T-Mobile stores, at ATMs and Sazka betting terminals from 50 Kč. Credit and SIM card both stay valid for one year. (Different information: Here it is written "Kaktus SIM cards get deactivated if there has been no activity for 12 months (no top-up for 12 months or no activity for 12 months).".) Check credit by *103#.

Data feature packages[]

Default data rate is 1 Kč per MB. You can add these packages valid for 30 days by sending the activation text to 7350:

Data Social Media Price Renewal
80 MB 50 Kč once-off
200 MB 100 Kč
500 MB 250 MB 100 Kč auto-renew
1 GB 500 MB 150 Kč
1.5 GB 750 MB 200 Kč
2.5 GB 1.25 GB 300 Kč

For check state of package text to 7350: 'BALICEK STAV'. Once the data allowance is consumed, the speed will be reduced to 64 kbs.

Activation is online on your account (in Czech only), by app. Social media sites are Facebook incl. Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter. When data is used up, you'll get a message and can choose to add 100 MB for 50 Kč or 500 MB for 100 Kč.

More info[]

OpenCall Mobile[]


OpenCall is a favourite among expatriates in the Czech Republic since it started in 2013. It's known for having the lowest interntl. call rates. This MVNO by DH Telecom used to run on the network of Vodafone. In 2016 they've changed partners. From mid 2016 only new SIM cards on O2 are sold.


Their prepaid SIM card 'powered by O2' is available for free online to be sent to a Czech postal address or from retailers all around the country (list) in two sizes:

  • with 1 GB data and 200 Kč credit: 200 Kč
  • with 6 GB data and 201 Kč credit: 600 Kč

Included data and credit is valid for 30 days.

The new SIM card is widespread rechargeable: every O2 voucher or top-up location works for it. Minimum recharge amount is Kč 200, and the validity of the card will be extended to 365 days.

Data packs[]

Default rate is a daily pack of 25 MB per 24 hours at 25 Kč.

As of 2023 they offer these monthly (30 days) bundles with 4G/LTE included valid for CZ and EU at max. 40 Mbit/s:

Pack Data Price & Refill Activation
M 2 GB 119 Kč DATAM A
L 5 GB 219 Kč DATAL A
XL 10 GB 319 Kč DATAXL A

Monthly data packages are activated with automatic data renew. Packages need to be activated by texting the code to 999348. As they auto-renew, to deactivate text code and replace 'A' by 'D'. When data quota is used up, you can refill for the same value within the billing cycle.

More info[]

  • Roam like at home is implemented for EU roaming at the same rates as in the Czech Republic
  • APN for O2-based SIMs: internet
  • Website in English:[]

Odorik-logo-210x76 is a prepaid VoIP provider and since 2013 MVNO too on the T-Mobile network in 2G and optional 4G/LTE. Their novelty is that more than one SIM card or mobile number can share the same prepaid account and balance. But this leads to rather complicated procedures.


A new SIM card is sold at 80 Kč without credit plus a refundable deposit for a phone number of 50 Kč. This deposit is given back, when you terminate your number. They send it out all over the world: postage is 15 Kč within Czech Rep., 30 Kč to Europe and 40 Kč to other continents. You need to register and top up your balance online.

You can activate the SIM card anytime online, when you need it. If you are in Prague, visit their office located in centre, 80 m from the metro station Národní třída near OC Quadrio, open weekdays 9am - 7pm. Another office is located in Brno.

You can check your balance by dialing 4489. You can top-up online by credit card, internatl. wire transfer to a bank account, at Europay and SAZKA terminals (at 6,800 places in Czech. Rep.) or post offices in the Czech Rep. showing a special bar code given to you.

Data feature packages[]

Data is active by default: 0.69 Kč for 1 MB, billing by 1 kB, max. speed throttled to 128/128 kbit/s after first downloaded MB within the day. It's possible to activate one of the following data packages online or by calling 4488 valid in the Czech Republic and all over the EU:

Data Price max. Speed
150 MB 60 Kč 5 Mbit/s
300 MB 95 Kč
600 MB 160 Kč 10 Mbit/s
1 GB 220 Kč 20 Mbit/s
1.5 GB 295 Kč
2 GB 320 Kč
3 GB 440 Kč
10 GB 690 Kč

Each data package is valid only till the end of the current calendar month. So avoid purchasing a large package at the end of the month if you don't use it up in few days. Data on up to 3G speeds only.

  • 4G/LTE speed is available for an extra fee 10 Kč/month

Further fees[]

If you spent less then 100 Kč during the last 30 days on your SIM card line (not your account), you will be charged 0.70 Kč fee per day for your active SIM card. However, you may suspend/resume the SIM card online to avoid this fee. The balance, phone number or SIM card doesn't expire, so it can be good option if you visit Czech Rep. from time to time.

Two years after last recharge to your account, another fee will be imposed: 2 Kč per month are charged for inactive accounts.

EU roaming []

International roaming is blocked by default. You will need to sign this amendment to contract, where you undertake to pay in 30 days any debit that could occur on your account due to roaming services or premium SMS services. You can sign in their office (Prague or Brno) or verify your signature at any post office (fee: 30 Kč) and send it to them by post. Only then, roaming is opened and "roam like at home" rules apply.

More info[]