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The country code for Estonia is +372. Mobile phone numbers have 8 digits usually starting from 5.

The country of Estonia has 3 network providers:

  • Telia (formerly EMT, owned by the Swedish Telia Group)
  • Elisa (owned by Finnish Elisa Oyj)
  • Tele2 (owned by Swedish Tele2 Group)

2G is on 900 and 1800 MHz, 3G is on 900 and 2100 MHz with good coverage, 4G/LTE has started with all providers on 800, 1800 and 2600 MHz (Bands 3, 7, 20) plus 2100 and 2300 MHz (Bands 1 and 30) on Tele2 all over the country and is generally available for prepaid. 5G has started to be available on some high-data postpaid plans from Telia since November 2020 and on Elisa since June 2022, but is not currently open for prepaid.

Prepaid SIM cards locally called Kõnekaart are available at newsstands, kiosks, Circle K and R-Kiosk convenience stores (including two at Tallinn Ferry Terminals A and D and one at Tallinn Airport), supermarkets, other outlets and the shops of the providers. No ID or registration is necessary. Like other Baltic states, Estonia offers relatively low prices for data compared to the rest of Europe. The average data usage of Estonian SIM cards was 34.2 GB per capita and month in 2021.

3G shutdown[]

In May 2021, Telia announced its intentions to switch off its 3G network by the end of 2023 in order to refarm more spectrum for 4G and 5G. In August 2022, Elisa and Tele2 also announced impending shutdowns of their 3G networks, though only Tele2 has given a definitive deadline of late-2025 in which it expects to complete its 3G switch off.


While being within the country, you can buy voucher codes at many outlets. But it's a different story from outside the country.

It's still a problem to recharge Estonian mobile numbers from abroad without having an Estonian bank account, even if SEPA top-ups from European bank accounts should theoretically work (see Telia below). There are no credit card payment options for Estonian SIM cards with most providers. The exception is with Super now accepting debit cards via it's app. Furthermore, there are no 3rd party dealers or agencies who recharge Estonian SIM cards online. So if you want to top-up an Estonian mobile number from other countries, take vouchers with you or find an Estonian friend, who will buy it for you while staying in the country.

EU roaming: no Roam like at home?[]

EU flag
Estonia is part of the EU, where from June 2017 new international roaming rules are enforced based on the 'roam like at home' principle. However, some Estonian providers are mostly excluded because of very low domestic prices and will still apply some surcharges or only allow a portion of the domestic package to be used in EU roaming. EU roaming is mostly only accessible on a default per-MB rate or special add-on packages, with only one provider now offering it inclusive with FUP. For specifics about the new regulation check the European Union chapter and every provider below.

In light of very low domestic prices for data, EU roaming is charged relatively high. Some providers all charge 0.5c/MB equal to €5.20 per GB, which can be reasonable for low usage. If you will go to other EU countries after Estonia, look carefully to make sure that the SIM you select fits your usage patterns.

Roaming in the UK, due to Brexit, has ended since February 2021. Telia, Elisa and Tele2 now charge separate rates for data roaming in the UK, while calls and SMS roaming are surcharged on higher per-minute and per-SMS rates than under EU roaming regulations.

Telia (formerly called EMT) (Super, Simpel, Diil)[]


Telia new logo

Telia has been rebranded from EMT in 2016. It's owned by the Swedish Telia Company and market leader in Estonia with a 42% share of the mobile market in 2016. Their 4G/LTE network covers most of the country already and is open for prepaid.


Their prepaid kit is available at Telia (formerly EMT and Elion) stores and in many of their outlets. Their three brands for prepaid kõnekaarts with voice and data are called Super, Simpel, and Diil. These three latter brands can also be purchased at R-Kiosk and Circle K convenience stores.

Note that for data usage, Diil SIMs function mostly the same as Simpel SIMs aside from not having the combo packages, so if you have purchased a Diil SIM, refer to the SImpel section for data package pricing. The differences between the two are mainly in voice call pricing, which are outside the scope of this wiki.


There is no way to recharge on the Telia website using PayPal or credit card, and no 3rd party resellers. With a Super SIM, the Super app (see below) and website accept some international credit/debit cards for top-ups (you can try to add your card to the app and see if it accepts it; this was tested and worked with both credit and debit cards issued from the US).

Top-ups can be made at these places nationwide. Top-up voucher validity is limited.

The only method that Telia provides to top up your account from outside Estonia if the Super app does not accept your foreign card or if you have a Simpel/Diil SIM is SEPA bank transfer, which will usually be free of charge from bank accounts in the Eurozone.


"Super" prepaid pack logo


Telia sells its Super starter kit for €1, which includes €1 credit and 50MB data, which can be ordered online with payment by SEPA bank transfer and free delivery by normal post, for example to a hotel.

When you have installed the Super App, it is now possible to buy an eSim and install it on the phone immediately. It will only be active after a call is made while in Estonia.

The SIM card needs to be activated before use by making a phone call. The best way to achieve this, while leaving your €1 initial balance intact for a bundle purchase, is to install the Super iPhone or Android app, which will prompt you to make a free call to 7010 1104; this activates both the SIM card and the app. If you have an iPhone, be sure to turn off iMessage and FaceTime before inserting the SIM card. Given that these iOS services fail to activate without any credit, it can be assumed that Telia charges for the outgoing activation SMS, which would reduce your initial balance. Once you have activated the app, go to the Profile tab and add your e-mail address to receive 1GB of free data. Then you can buy one of the 30-day data bundles below. Without topping up, the SIM card for €1 can give you a total of 50 MB + 1 GB + 250 MB = 1.3 GB for 30 days.

You cannot top up until you activate the SIM card. The only way to top up remotely if the Super app does not support your bank card is by SEPA bank transfer, which can take more than a day, so it's impractical if you want to top up immediately after activation in order to buy a data bundle. You can top up by as little as €1 at small shops.

The daily cap is €1 for 200 MB; then the speed is reduced to 32 kbps. You can add the same packages shown below at data feature packs.

  • Bonus/data packages

The following packages can be activated on Super plans. All of them are valid for 30 days.

Domestic Calls Texts Data EU cap Price Activation
50 calls 200 1 GB 1 GB €5 Top up at least 5€
130 calls 500 5 GB 5 GB €10 Top up at least 10€
none none 1 GB 1 GB €2 Super app or *147*1#
4 GB 4 GB €5 Super app or *147*4#
12 GB 10 GB €10 Super app or *147*12#
40 GB 17 GB €18 Super app or *147*40#
200 GB 23 GB €24 Super app or *147*200#

Simpel and Diil[]


"Simpel" logo


"Diil" logo

Starter kits of Simpel and Diil cost €2.95, includes €2.95 credit and 50 MB pre-loaded. Default data rate is €1 up to 200 MB per day. Beyond this, data is throttled to 64 Kbps down and 32 Kbps until midnight. The following packs can be added:

  • Combo packages (Kõnepakett)

These combo packages can be activated on Simpel plans. All of them are valid for 30 days.

Calls Texts Data EU cap Price Activation
3000 min. (to Telia) 3000

(to Telia)

1 GB 1 GB €4 *599*4#
unlimited (to Telia)

600 min. (other networks)


(all networks)

4 GB 4 GB €9 *599*9#

Data feature packages[]

These monthly packets for 30 days can be activated on Simpel and Diil plans.

Data EU cap


Price Activation
250 MB 250 MB €1 *147*250#
1 GB 1 GB €2 *147*1#
3 GB 3 GB €3.99 *147*3#
5 GB 4.6 GB €5 *147*5#
10 GB 7.5 GB €8 *147*10#

To check data consumption, dial *123#; check general account balance by dialling *143# (for a €0.06 fee).

Note that unlike Super, Simpel and Diil have a "minimum charge" of €1 per month. If you do not use at least that amount in paid services per month, you will still have that amount deducted regardless. This can be seen as a sort of inactivity fee.

EU roaming (charges apply)[]

Since 2019 Simpel and Diil charge the same amount for domestic and EU/EEA roaming usage (€0.0025/KB), and allow part of the data allowance from the data and combo packages to be used there without surcharges (see table above). Super has phased out the Super X plan, and now includes a roaming allowance on all of its data packages.

More information[]

Elisa (Zen)[]


Elisa logo

Elisa, originally based in Finland, has a very good coverage similar to Telia. They have opened 4G/LTE on some prepaid plans for a surcharge. In 2016 they are the leaders by amount of prepaid users in the country.


The prepaid card is called "Elisa Kõnekaart". Start-up kit costs 1€ and includes the same amount of credits. Default PIN is 1234. The SIM card is available at many outlets, Selver, Prisma, Rimi and Maxima supermarkets, R-Kiosks, Circle K and Elisa stores.

Account management, recharging and validity[]

Elisa prepaid SIM card is valid for 6+1 months. After the 6 months the grace period begins (plus 1 month), when you can only receive the calls and text messages, but no outgoing calls or mobile data available. To extend its validity, recharge for at least 3€ and your account lifetime extends for next 6 months.

Top-ups can be made at Prisma, Rimi and Maxima supermarkets, R-Kiosks, Circle K, Omniva post offices and some others. You should buy a recharge voucher which looks like the cash machine receipt and contains the 12-digits code. Redeem the voucher by dialling *135*<voucher CODE>#.

Minimal recharge amount by voucher is €3. To check your balance, dial *135*1#. To check the expiration date, dial *135*3#.

Remember that recharging online is impossible without Estonian banking account. So, remember to buy some vouchers if you need to recharge later. Vouchers never expire, so you can take it with you and redeem later.

You can use "My Elisa" self-service website (available in Estonian and Russian) to check your balance and validity term for free, get usage statistics and even locate your lost or stolen phone using cellular positioning service. To use the service, you should obtain a password. Send SMS with 'PAROOL' to 13323 and you will receive SMS text message with your password (you can change it later by yourself).

To change the system messages language to English, dial the following sequence: *135*923# or *135*723#.

Combo plans[]

Elisa offers three combo plans with included allowances all valid for 30 days:

  • Basic: unlimited calls to Elisa, 3 hours to Telia and Tele2, no data: €3 - activation: 95003
  • Standard: unlimited calls to Elisa, 6 hours to Telia and Tele2, 100 SMS, 1 GB domestic data: €6 - activation: 95006
  • Premium: unlimited calls to Elisa, 9 hours to Telia and Tele2, 1 hour to the EU and Russia, 100 SMS, 5 GB domestic data: €9 - activation: 95009
  • Perfect: unlimited calls to Elisa, 10 hours to Telia and Tele2, 1 hour to the EU and Russia, 600 SMS, 15 GB domestic data: €15 - activation: 95015

Note that allowances can't be used in the EU at roam like at home conditions, they are valid only in Estonia.

Data feature packages[]

Default rate is 0.05 EUR for 20 KB up to 1 EUR for 400 KB. Then it's free for the rest of the day with a cap of 100 MB. The following domestic data packages are for data in Estonia only, at max. 4G/LTE speed, not for roaming:

Data Time Speed Price Activation
500 MB 1 day maximum



€1 NET4G1
2 GB 7 days €5 NET4G7
8 GB 30 days €7 NET4G30
12 GB €10 NET4G30L
15 GB 2 Mbit/s €7 NET30
25 GB max. speed €20 NET4G30XL

To order internet packs, send an SMS with code to number 95000. Speed will be throttled, when you exceed the included data quota. Packages are valid in Estonia only, not for roaming.



Zen is the new youth line of Elisa. The prepaid Zen Kõnekaart is available for 2.95 EUR with 3 EUR credit in these shops. Mostly it has the same data rates, packages and other specifics as the Elisa Kõnekaart above, but offers these monthly combo packages instead:

  • Zen 4: unlimited on-net, 400 mins off-net, 250 MB - €4 , activation: 95004
  • Zen 5: unlimited on-net, 500 mins off-net, 1 GB, 300 SMS - €5 , activation: 95005
  • Zen 8: unlimited on-net, 600 mins off-net, 5 GB, 600 SMS - €8 , activation: 95008
  • Zen 15: unlimited on-net, 600 mins off-net, 15 GB, 600 SMS - €15 , activation: 95015

Activation is by calling this number. The same packages as in data feature packages mentioned above can be added.

EU roaming (exempted)[]

Elisa is exempt from EU roaming regulations. That's why 'roam at home' principles don't apply to their domestic rates. EU standard roaming rate is 0.216c per MB (or €2.16 per GB) regardless of an domestic allowance. For roaming in some countries special roaming packages have been introduced as add-ons:

  • Reisi nutipaket: valid in Estonia, Finland (Elisa), Latvia and Lithuania (Bite), Croatia (Tele2), Sweden (Tele2 and Telenor), and Telenor in Norway and Denmark for 30 days.
    • 200 mins, 50 SMS, 11 GB: €12 - for activation text 'ReisM' to 95000
    • 500 mins, 100 SMS, 17 GB: €19 - for activation text 'ReisL' to 95000
    • 2 GB for 1 day: €2 - Reis1
    • 6 GB for 7 days: €7 - Reis7
    • 14 GB for 30 days: €15 - Reis30

For other destinations in the EU/EEA, UK, and Faroe Islands, the following packages are available:

  • 3 GB for 1 day: €2.99 - EL1
  • 8 GB for 7 days: €8.99 - EL7
  • 14 GB for 30 days: €14.99 - EL30

Now that the roaming packages are significantly cheaper than the per-use rate, it's generally a better idea to buy a package for most use cases, and it can even be worth it to buy it just for the Faroese roaming allowance, as this is significantly cheaper than a local SIM there.

More information[]

Tele2 (Smart)[]


TELE2 logo

Tele2 markets prepaid SIM cards in Estonia under its own brand and under the Smart label. Since November 2018, Smart is simply a label for their €0.95 starter pack, and otherwise functions identically to the €3.95 Tele2 SIM starter pack.

Tele2 has started LTE on 800 and 2600 MHz (Bands 7 and 20), but will move some of its 4G range to the less usual 2100 and 2300 MHz bands (1 and 30). They cover 96% of population by 4G/LTE in 2017.


Smart - Prepaid brand of TELE2


The prepaid SIM cards of Tele2 and Smart can be found at Tele2 stores, Post offices, R-Kiosk, Statoil, Maxima and other outlets, where top-up vouchers are offered too.

Check balance by *245# for 5ct. To activate English messages, type *109*2#.

  • Smart Kõnekaart: The Smart SIM card is sold for 0.95 EUR with the same credit on and 250 MB for 30 days. You will get €2.95 bonus if you top-up €4 or more in the first week. Default rate for data is €0.04 per MB.
  • Tele2 Kõnekaart: Tele2's own brand starter is for €3.95 and includes 3 GB data, 300 minutes, and 30 SMS. Default rate for data is also €0.04 per MB.

Data feature packages[]

Default rate is €0.04 per MB. Packages are not valid outside Estonia. There are three monthly combo packages that can be added:

Data Voice SMS Price Activation
3 GB 300 mins 300 €3.95 K395
6 GB 1000 mins 1000 €6.95 K695
12 GB 1000 mins 1000 €9.95 K995

For activation text code to 95002 (€0.03 fee applies).

For data you can add these add-ons for 30 days:

  • 1 GB: €1.95, activation: D195
  • 5 GB: €4.95, activation: D495
  • unlimited data: €19.95, activation: DALL

Activation is to 95002 too. Add another letter K in front of the activation codes, if you want the plan to auto-renew. Remember, all allowances are valid in Estonia only. As of 2019, EU roaming on Tele2 is now at a more reasonable 0.005€ per MB (€5 per GB).

Prepaid Internet (by Tele2)[]

Their prepaid internet called kuumaksuvaba Internet is distributed through the Tele2 brand too. This SIM card is for €3.49 start-up price with 5 GB valid for a week pre-loaded. It's sold in Tele2 stores and has voice and text too.

Default rate is the daily rate: €0.99 per calendar day (0-24h) up to 1 GB. It can be topped up with these bundles:

Data Time Price Activation
5 GB 7 days €3.49 DATA5
15 GB 30 days €9.49 DATA15
30 GB 30 days €14.99 DATAXL

As with the others, text the code to 95002 to activate. Data valid only in Estonia.

Roaming []

Now that Smart is just a label for their €0.95 starter, all SIMs have the same roaming surcharge of €0.005 per MB. Domestic package allowances are not valid outside Estonia. Tele2 is exempt from "roam like home" principles and now offers one package, if you do not want to pay the surcharged rate:

  • 100 minutes, 100 SMS, 500 MB for 3 days: €2.95 Activation: EUCOMBO

They also offer roaming packages for other countries:

  • for Russia and the USA:
    • 150 MB for 24 hours: €4.99 , activation for Russia: RUS150, for USA: USA150
    • 500 MB for 15 days: €12.99 , activation for Russia: RUS500, for USA: USA500
    • 1 GB for 30 days: €18.99 , activation for Russia: RUS1, for USA: USA1
  • for Switzerland, Ukraine, Thailand, Belarus, Egypt, Israel and Turkey:
    • 300 MB valid for 15 days: €18.99 , activation: MB300

For activation, send SMS to 9575 with activation code (for the EU package, send to 95002).

More information[]