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In the Republic of Georgia, there are three GSM networks:

  • MagtiCom
  • Silknet (formerly Geocell)
  • Cellfie (formerly Beeline)

2G is on 900 and 1800 MHz, 3G up to DC-HSPA+ on 900 MHz and 2100 MHz, 4G/LTE on 800, 900, 1800, 2100 and 2300 MHz (Bands 1, 3, 8, 20 and 40) in Georgia. Licenses to the 5G spectrum were auctioned off in August 2023. 5G will be on 700, 2600 and 3400-3700MHz, as well as 800, 1800 and 2100Mhz. Only Cellfie has participated in the auction and it has bought licenses to 700MHz, 1800MHz, 2600MHz, 3400-3600MHz. By buying specific lots from the auction, Cellfie has agreed to allow MVNOs onto its network. Operators that acquire a 5G license will be required to cover parts of Georgia within 3-7 years after getting the license.

Currently, Cellfie's 5G network operates in Bakuriani and Gudauri on 700MHz and 3400-3600MHz. Silknet has launched a 5G network without acquiring licenses for necessary frequencies for 5G. Its 5G network is on 2100MHz in the central part of Tbilisi, from Freedom square to Bagebi.

You are required to show an ID document like a passport for registration, at least in official stores.

Regardless of your plan or packages, the government charges ₾0.40 per month for access to the 112 emergency services number, similar to the Canadian model, but this does not appear to be charged on MagtiCom SIM cards that have not connected to MagtiCom's domestic network in Georgia.

The breakaway republics of Abkhazia and of South Ossetia are linked to the Russian phone system and different operators are shown at the end of the article.



MagtiCom is the market leader in the country. 4G/LTE started in 2015 in major cities on 1800 MHz (B3) and is now extended to 2100 (B1) and 800 MHz (B20). They have the best coverage in the country. LTE covers more than 90% of population with speeds up to 430 Mbit/s. For coverage tick 2G-4.5G on this map. They have the best (LTE) coverage underground in Tbilisi Metro. No 5G network has been launched as of yet, as MagtiCom refused to participate in the 5G frequency auction alongside Silknet.

Their prepaid SIM cards are called Magti, Bali or Bani and sold in their (store locator) and other shops. The price of the SIM/eSIM card itself in official stores is ₾10.

Online top-ups work with foreign bank cards or alternatively you can buy vouchers sold locally as Mono Cards. Although Magti's iPhone app supports Apple Pay, it does not work in practice for foreign cards, even though it accepts the same foreign cards by manual entry of the card number.

Check balance by *111*1#, by logging into MyMagti, or in their app.

Data feature packs[]

Default rate outside packages is ₾0.10 per MB. Their daily packs are called "unlimited internet" and "slow down" when quota is reached. Two packs are sold:

  • 10 MB: ₾0.20
  • 70 MB: ₾0.50

To activate or deactivate type *117#. These monthly packs are offered:

  • ₾5: 1 GB
  • ₾9: 3 GB
  • ₾12: 5 GB
  • ₾30: 20 GB

You can also book unlimited data packages:

  • ₾2: 24 hours
  • ₾9: 7 days
  • ₾32: 30 days

To purchase the internet package, dial:*111# or *100#. After data limit is used up, you will data will be cut off unless you either buy a new package or agree to be charged the standard MB price (1 MB at ₾0.10 ). Unused data are stored for 7 days following expiry of the package term. After 7 days, the units are annulled. If you purchase a new internet package before the expiry of those 7 days, the old units will be added to the new ones.

Every Sunday Magti gives out different bonuses (discounted offers) to their clients, sometimes one may get 10 GB for ₾8 or 3 GB for ₾4, which 3 times cheaper then regular prices.


MagtiCom offers roaming packages for these countries and these networks:

Price Data Validity
₾5 25 MB 1 day
₾10 50 MB 14 days
₾25 150 MB 30 days
₾50 500 MB
₾75 1 GB

For activation, dial *133#. Data outside the package on these networks cost ₾0.25 /MB.

Deactivation []

In order to keep your SIM card and number active, you need to do either of the following:

  • Incur chargeable usage or top up every 60 days. The minimum top-up is ₾1.
  • Opt in to "number save" service by to have ₾1 deducted from your balance every 180 days. To activate it dial *180# and then choose the first option (Georgian: gaaq’t’iureba, გააქტიურება, activation). Automatic opt-in was discontinued in August 2019.

More information[]

  • APN:
  • Tethering: allowed
  • Website in English:
  • MyMagti app (Android) is not geo-locked and can be installed by anyone. At the bottom of the main screen is a language menu in Georgian, English or Russian. It shows the same information as the MyMagti website.



Silknet Logo

Geocell was sold by Swedish Telia and Turkish Turkcell in 2018 to local fixed operator Silknet and now rebranded to Silknet. It's the 2nd network in the country and started with 4G/LTE available through the country on 1800 MHz (B3), 800 MHz (B20), 900 MHz (B8) and 2300 MHz (B40). It has launched a 5G network in the central part of Tbilisi (From Freedom square to Bagebi) on 2100MHz (N1).


old logo


SIM card is available in their stores (Store locator). ₾5 for SIM card with ₾5 credit. eSim is available from the stores and online as well.

Check balance by *100#, online or in their app. To check which plan and services you have active *222#. With *106*4# you can activate or de-activate data. You can top-up through top-up machines. There is also an option to top-up on their website, but it requires a bank card issued by a Georgian bank.

Data feature packs[]

Default data is charged at ₾0.70 per MB. They offer a Smartphone pack of 150 MB daily for ₾0.50 . Activation is by *008*1*1#. Using more, data within the validity is charged ₾0.01 per MB

These data bundles are offered:

Price Data Validity Activation
₾1.5 2 GB 24 hours *135*1*1#
₾5 800 MB 30 days *135*3*1#
₾8 2 GB *135*3*2#
₾11 4 GB *135*3*3#
₾15 6 GB *135*3*4#
₾18 12 GB *135*3*5#
₾35 35 GB *135*3*6#

If overuse, you'll be charged at ₾0.10 per MB.

Silknet offers also unlimited internet packages available from *019#. These packages automatically renew, unless switched off again or in case of insuffcient balance.

Price Days Activation
₾2 1 *019*2*1#
₾7 5 *019*2*2#
₾9 7 *019*2*3#
₾18 15 *019*2*4#
₾32 30 *019*2*5#

You can also add 30-day unlimited night data (0:00 - 8:00) for ₾4.9 by dialing *019*2*6#.

To check spent traffic amount and expiration date, send SMS to the number 7072 with the text: ? or dial *135# and follow instructions.

Tourist Packages[]

Silknet offers three special tariffs for tourists, that include domestic calls, international calls, unlimited SMS to all Georgian networks, discounts for calls abroad beyond the included minutes, and domestic data. These packages will automatically renew when enough credit is available and it is possible to cancel renewal and switch to another mobile plan. The three packages are:

  • Tourist Start: 30 minutes for domestic calls, 15 minutes for international calls, 4000 MB data, unlimited SMS, for 15 days, for ₾15. Activate with *017*1*1#.
  • Tourist Unlimited: Unlimited domestic calls, 30 minutes international calls, unlimited SMS, unlimited data, for 15 days, for ₾30. Activate with *017*2*1#.
  • Tourist: 30 minutes for domestic calls, discount on international calls only, unlimited SMS, unlimited data, for 7 days, for ₾15. This is also the default plan in the tourist starter pack. Activate with *017*3*1#.

Top-ups are possible using scratch cards on the prepaid LaiLai network of the operator, as well as over terminals in Geocell's shops. The initial bundle is valid for 15 days. To activate SIM card, call 7010 and follow the instructions or dial *100#.


Geocell offers roaming packages for these countries:

Price Data Valid
₾2.5 10 MB 1 day
₾10 50 MB 30 days
₾45 500 MB
₾99 2 GB

You can also book dedicated packages for roaming in EU (without EEA) countries + Turkey (works only on selected roaming partners):

  • 1 GB for 7 days, ₾25 - activation: *133*4*1#
  • 3 GB for 14 days, ₾50 - activation: *133*4*2#
  • 5 GB for 14 days, ₾65 - activation: *133*4*3#

To activate dial *130# and follow the instructions. Packages are auto-renew. To deactivate, dial *130#. Data rate outside the packages is ₾2 /MB. You need to have at least ₾2 on your account to use roaming package.

More information[]

  • APN: internet
  • Tethering: allowed
  • To select a different language: *180#


Cellfie Georgia


Russian-owned Beeline operated by Mobitel was sold to the local businessman Khvicha Makatsaria and now operates under the Cellfie name. Cellfie is the smallest operator in the country, but it still has good coverage in 2G and 4G and its new 3G has started in March 2017: Coverage map. Internet speeds are the slowest on Cellfie, with 3G sometimes being faster than its 4G while also being more stable and with less latency.

4G/LTE is available through the country on 800 MHz (B20), and 1800 MHz (B3) in cities. 3G is on 2100 MHz (B1). Cellfie's 5G network has launched in two skiing resorts–Bakuriani and Gudauri on 700MHz (B28) and 3400-3600MHz (B78). Limited 5G coverage is available in Tbilisi, Batumi and near seaside resorts in trial.



Old Beeline logo in Georgian

SIM card is available for ₾3 for SIM card with ₾3 credit in their stores (Store locator). eSIM is also available starting ₾5 online.

Registration or ID documents required for purchase. When buying the eSIM, a sellfie and a picture of the passport will be made, therefore it is recommended to do the online purchase with a smartphone.

Data feature packs

Default data is at ₾0.10 per MB. They offer these packages:

Price Volume Validity Activation Deactivation
₾2 20 GB 24 hours *315*20# once-off
₾4 2 GB 14 days *120*22# *120*922#
₾6 15 GB 7 days *120*25# *120*925#
₾5 1.5 GB 30 days *316*21# *316*921#
₾7 5 GB *316*22# *316*922#
₾12 12 GB *316*23# *316*923#
₾15 16 GB *316*24# *316*924#
₾20 40 GB *316*25# *316*925#
₾28 150 GB *316*26# *316*926#
₾50 300 GB* 90 days *315*300# *315*9300#

(*) - in packages 100 GB per month. It also includes unlimited night data in 0:15 - 8:00 hours.

Check internet balance with *107#. All packages auto-renew, if not stopped.

You can also book these short-term unlimited data packages:

  • for 3 hours: ₾1.5 - activation: *120*180#
  • for 14 nights (0:15 - 8:00): ₾2 - activation: *220*2#

You can check expiration date by calling *109#.

As a promotion they provide "WOW days" with a large discounts available. To get this offers install MyCellfie App.

During the initial activation of the package, the amount will be deducted from the indicated credit/debit card, but the consequent activations can be paid through the mobile number account as well as the credit/debt card.


Cellfie offers these roaming packages (all valid for 30 days) in these countries:

Price Data Activation Deactivation Area
₾10 1 GB *225*25# *225*925# most Europe countries
₾25 3 GB *225*26# *225*926#
₾35 5 GB *225*27# *225*927#
₾65 10 GB *225*28# *225*928#
₾15 1 GB *225*29# *225*929# most Europe countries +

selected countries from Africa and Asia

₾35 3 GB *225*30# *225*930#
₾55 5 GB *225*31# *225*931#
₾100 10 GB *225*32# *225*932#

Check balance by calling *106#. All packages includes free data for Google Maps app.

More information[]

  • APN: internet
  • Website: Cellfie in English


Flag of Abkhazia

Flag of the unrecognised state of Abkhazia

The breakaway Republic of Abkhazia uses the Russian (+7) instead of the Georgian phone system and Russian Rubles (RUB) instead of Georgian Lari (GEL) as its main currency.

Flag of Abkhazia (GE)

Unofficial flag of the Abkhazian Autonomous Republic of Georgia

There are 2 local mobile operators:

  • Aquafon (Аквафон)
  • A-mobile (А-Мобайл)

Foreign SIM cards usually don't roam in the country with the exception of major Russian operators MTS, Beeline and MegaFon. To purchase a local SIM card no ID is required and almost all available plans are prepaid.

Aquafon (Аквафон)[]


Aquafon (Аквафон) is the oldest and largest mobile phone company of Abkhazia. 2G/GSM is on 900 and 1800 MHz, 3G/UMTS on 2100 and 900 MHz and 4G/LTE started 2014 on 800 MHz (band 20) and 1800 MHz (band 3): Coverage Map


Their prepaid plans called "Universal", "Aquamarine" and "Orange" sold in their stores (list). SIM cards are sold for 50 ₽ with a mandatory 100 - 200 ₽ top-up.

More top-ups are sold in many stores in the country and all over Russia.

Data feature packages[]

They offer a special data plan called "My Choice" (Мой выбор 4G). It's sold for 350 ₽ for the card and 630 ₽ of mandatory top-up. It has low default data rate at 0.10 ₽ per MB. You can switch to this plan by *111*12# They offer these monthly data packs only for the "My Choice" plan:

Data Price How to activate
1 GB 600 ₽ *124*1000#
3 GB 1100 ₽ *124*3000#
6 GB 1450 ₽ *124*6000#
9 GB 1750 ₽ *124*9000#
12 GB 2000 ₽ *124*12000#
15 GB 2250 ₽ *124*15000#
25 GB 3000 ₽ *124*25000#
35 GB 3500 ₽ *124*35000#

More information[]

A-mobile (А-Мобайл)[]


A-Mobile (А-Мобайл) is the second mobile phone operator of Abkhazia behind Aquafon, both in number of subscriptions and in age. 2G/GSM is on 900 and 1800 MHz, 3G/UMTS on 2100 MHz and since 2014 4G/LTE on 800 and 1800 MHz: coverage map


Like Aquafon, they have SIM cards for voice called A+ Ultra, Resort, Easyplus or Avantgarde a special data SIM card for tables and modems and a visitor SIM at even lower rates than Aquafon. They are sold in their shops:(locator) for 50 ₽ plus 200 ₽ connection fee. As a promotion up to 500 MB data are added.

Data feature packages[]

Default data on most plans is 5 ₽ per MB. For more data, they offer these "unlimited" daily rates:

  • 100 MB: 30 ₽
  • 200 MB: 55 ₽
  • 300 MB: 75 ₽

Activation is by USSD code *3344#. These monthly packages are offered:

  • 100 MB: 150 ₽
  • 300 MB: 360 ₽
  • 500 MB: 500 ₽
  • 1 GB: 800 ₽
  • 2 GB. 1400 ₽
  • 3 GB. 1650 ₽
  • 4 GB: 1800 ₽
  • 5 GB: 2000 ₽
  • 10 GB: 3500 ₽
  • 15 GB: 4500 ₽
  • 20 GB: 5000 ₽
  • 30 GB: 6000 ₽
  • 50 GB: 7500 ₽

Activation is by *0433#.

Tourist SIM[]

For tourists, they offer their "Guest" (Курортный) tariff with calls to Russia and internet. SIM card is 250 ₽ with 200 ₽ credit preloaded. Activation is through *0440#. You can add following packages:

  • 1 GB, 10 mins to Russia, 50 network mins for 7 days: 333 ₽
  • 3 GB, 30 mins to Russia, 100 network mins for 14 days: 555 ₽
  • 4 GB, 50 mins to Russia, 200 network mins for 30 days: 777 ₽

More information[]

South Ossetia (Tskhinvali Region)[]

600px-Flag of South Ossetia

The Republic of South Ossetia is also closely linked to Russia. Mobile phone service there is under the monopoly held by a branch of Russian-owned operator MegaFon, formerly known locally as Ostelecom. Ostelecom was founded in 2004 and in 2009 Russian telecoms giant MegaFon took a majority stake in the operator. The company was subsequently rebranded as MegaFon, with 3G and 4G/LTE network launches taking place in 2011 and 2013, respectively. However the rates are very different from their Russian counterpart and are generally much more expensive than in Russia.

Plans to introduce a second operator to South Ossetia, have been abandoned in 2018. Back in February 2016 it was rumoured that a new player known as Irtel backed by local authorities, businessman Mirian Dzhioev and Tele2-owned Russian CDMA operator SkyLink planned to bring an end to the monopoly held by Russian-owned cellco MegaFon (known locally as Ostelecom). However, the project failed to get off the ground and the operator’s CDMA network equipment is being sold off.