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This page features eSIM plans with data to be used worldwide, in certain regions or limited to individual countries, but they are not issued directly by local providers. Some of these providers started out by issuing physical/traditional SIM cards and simply copied their portfolio to eSIM, while others started with issuing eSIM plans. eSIM is supposed to give the niche market of international roaming SIM plans a new boost. The swift penetration by eSIM hasn't happened so far as relatively few smartphones, tablets, or computers are compatible; counting for less than 20% market share in 2022 in OECD countries. If you don't have an eSIM-compatible device, you can go for the esim adapter offered by either or 5ber as described below or otherwise check this article with traditional (physical) SIM cards instead. If you are not familiar with eSIM yet, check out our new eSIM manual with basic information about eSIM first and how travellers can benefit from eSIM.


Though still limited to a few devices, the eSIM market for roaming abroad seems to be taking off. New providers are entering the market and special online eSIM stores cater with own designed plans. That's why a new page was added to reflect the growing market of international data roaming on eSIM.

eSIMs are easy to purchase and install. By visiting website or using provider app, select an appropriate plan in a country or region, buy with credit card or other payment methods, download the profile or QR code and install the eSIM profile to your device before or during your trip. This can be very easy and is much quicker than ordering a physical SIM card to be delivered by mail. Most eSIM providers host their offer in registration-free countries. That's why you only need to register with the provider and nowhere else.

Aside from international offers there is a small but growing number of national (local) providers that give out eSIM profiles as another option to their regular SIM type. Using these offers has some risks involved as they are ruled by local laws concerning registration and validity. That's why they are featured in each national chapter, where the local situation can be addressed in much more detail. At the end of this article a few local options are shown that are known to be distributed worldwide with their pros and cons.

Note that most eSIM offers on this list here may be data-only, meaning no voice or SMS service might not be offered. They may even come without their own number. You simply get access to the mobile data network ("the internet"), that's all. Users should be aware of the lack of traditional voice or text services. Nowadays, you can channel all calls through VoIP apps or messengers, but business travellers may need an own number to be called. For them, some providers offer local numbers to be added for a surcharge. Text service by SMS has become redundant for many users as they prefer to use instant messaging apps anyway (e.g. WhatsApp, Facebook Messengr, Line). But remember that you may still need SMS service to verify access to many secured accounts. As receiving SMS messages remains mostly free all over the world, it's highly recommended to use eSIM roaming data in addition to your home SIM card. A data-only eSIM still can't replace all essential functions that a "regular" SIM card offers. For more information about eSIM in general, check our dedicated eSIM manual page.

We can't show all players on the market, there are currently over 2000 different offers. That's why we focus on the most important players and link to comparison sites for more details. Prices are changing very rapidly and quotes given can only serve as an indication of how much you will need to pay. Always check the homepage (or app) of the provider for updates, promotions and details about the plans. There are good comparison sites on the internet listing most offers that can be selected by country or region and are highly recommended to compare plans before you decide which provider or plan to choose:

Note that these links above lead to so-called metacrawlers or aggregators. Their business model is based on the clicks and purchases that you are doing through them. Each of them does not necessarily list all the offers available as the providers have to pay to get listed. Still, you can get a reasonably comprehensive overview of possible offers in a particular area.

Adapter to convert normal sim into esim to load profiles on:[][]

They offer a SIM card where you can load eSIMs on. Its supported by multiple android phones and once you loaded your eSIM profile you can use the SIM card in any other phone.

Their pricing is particular as they offer three main pricing models (+ shipping costs):

  • Single (allows managing the SIM card on 1 specific device and costs €30 and allows storage of 2 eSIM profiles)
  • Multi (allows managing the SIM card on 1 specific brand (so for example if you have Samsung, you can manage it on any Samsung) and allows storage from 5 up to 10 eSIM profiles. This option cost €50 - €60)
  • Omni (allows manage the SIM card on any device of any brand and allows storage up to 15 eSIM profiles. This option costs €85)

All prices includes VAT. More info at their website.


They also offer a SIM card where you can load eSIMs on. Its supported by multiple android phones and once you loaded your eSIM profile you can use the SIIM card in any other phone.

They have the cheapest options on prices and there are 2 models:

  • Standard (allows 2 esim downloads and you must pay for addtional esim downloads. This option costs $12)
  • Premium (allows unlimited downloads and costs $25)

5ber´s prices are all included (no tax, no shipping costs). More info at their website.



GoMoWorld is a brand of Irish operator eir, focused on offering international eSIM plans. GoMoWorld offers 1 single eSIM for 170 countries: no need to install a new eSIM every time you arrive in a new country, but packages need to be bought for selected destinations.

The eSIM installation is really seamless: no need to scan a QR code or to wait for an email, everything takes place on the app directly.

GoMoWorld is, most of the time, the most affordable option on the eSIM market. Here are some examples of their prices (for more options check their app):

Country €3.99 for 7 days €10.99 for 15 days €19.99 for 30 days
USA (4G) 3 GB 12 GB 30 GB
Europe (5G) 2 GB 12 GB 25 GB
Canada (5G) 1.5 GB 7 GB 15 GB
Thailand (5G) 2.5 GB 9 GB 25 GB
Turkey (4G) 3.5 GB 10 GB 25 GB
Indonesia (4G) 1.5 GB 7 GB 15 GB
UK (5G) 4 GB 15 GB 40 GB
Switzerland (5G) 4 GB 15 GB 50 GB
Japan (4G) 1 GB 4 GB 10 GB
China (4G) 1.5 GB 7 GB 15 GB

More info[]



KnowRoaming is a Canadian provider owned by Telna Inc. with connectivity for calls, data and texts in 200+ countries. They also offer an US-based number for free.

The eSIM profile is delivered to the device over the air (OTA) by scanning a QR Code sent by email. Data is available in more than 200 countries mostly in 4G/LTE.

eSIM plans[]

Data on eSIM is generally much cheaper than on physical SIM or sticker. There is no base or pay-as-you-go rate and you need to activate a plan. Here some examples (for more options check their website):


or region

# 1 GB

7 days

1 GB

30 days

5 GB

30 days


180 days


90 days

USA only N/A $4.50 $22 $50 $80
Hong Kong only N/A N/A N/A $26 N/A
Canada only N/A N/A N/A $50 N/A
South Africa only N/A N/A N/A $41 N/A
Europe 40 N/A $5 $22 N/A $85
Asia 25 $8 $30 $20 N/A $90

Global plans have a different price/plan structure:


or region

Countries 500MB

1 Day


3 Days


15 Days


30 Days

Global 100 $4 $10 $12 $50

For exact country list check their website.

More info[]

Ubigi (by Transatel and NTT)[]


Ubigi pronounced "you-bee-gee" (or UBG) is a global mobile connectivity service provider offering eSIM. It's a cooperation of Transatel in France with the NTT Group in Japan. Ubigi provides eSIM profiles as local, regional, and international eSIM prepaid data plans in 170+ destinations. An Ubigi eSIM is compatible with all smartphones, tablets and laptops equipped with an eSIM. The Ubigi eSIM is already embedded in several laptop models from manufacturers such as Acer, Asus, Dell, Microsoft Surface, VAIO.

The Ubigi eSIM is available to download on eSIM compatible devices. You need to buy your eSIM profile, download it and create an online account or use their app. Ubigi's eSIM doesn't have a number and don't include voice and SMS service.

eSIM plans[]

Ubigi has a similar portfolio to Transatel. They sell global, regional and national plans for the same prices as the Transatel physical SIM card. The regional and national palns are all valid for 30 days:

  • worldwide eSIM (for 180+ countries): 500 MB for 1 day - $12, 500 MB for 30 days - $29, 5 GB per month - $88, 1 GB per month for 12 months - $480
  • in Europe (60 countries): 1 GB - $8
    • United Kingdom or France each: 3 GB - $8, 10 GB - $19, 50 GB - $58
    • Spain: 3 GB - $9, 10 GB - $22, 50 GB - $69
    • Italy: 3 GB - $7, 10 GB - $18, 50 GB - $58
    • Switzerland: 3 GB - $9, 10 GB - $19, 50 GB - $69
    • EU + CH + UK: 500 MB $3, 3 GB - $12, 10 GB - $29, 50 GB - $99
    • Scandinavia & Baltic: 3 GB - $8, 10 GB - $15
  • in Asia (25 countries): 1 GB - $12
    • China: 3 GB - $32, 10 GB - $99
    • Japan: 1 GB - $4, 3 GB - $9, 10 GB - $16
  • in the Caribbean (24 countries): 1 GB - $19
  • in Oceania (8 countries): 1 GB - $49
    • Australia and NZ: 3 GB - $39
  • in Africa (28 countries mostly on 3G): 1 GB - $29
  • in the Middle East (12 countries): 1 GB - $29
    • UAE: 1 GB - $25
  • in the Americas (22 countries): 1 GB - $39
    • USA (T-Mobile): 3 GB - $14, 10 GB - $33, 50 GB - $99
    • USA+CABADA: 500 MB - $4

For more plans and country lists check their website



GigSky is an US-American company based in Pala Alto, California and founded in 2010. They offer a free eSIM with app for data-only services in about 180 countries so far, but no voice or text available, except by VoIP call through an app. GigSky has teamed up with Apple, but also delivers eSIMs for Android devices. You need to download their app first to pick a data plan. The QR code is sent by email and you need an eSIM-compatible device.

Data Rates[]

They offer these rates for up to 30 days:

  • World Plan valid in about 119 countries: 5 GB for 30 days: $59.99
  • in Europe (EU, UK, CH, Russia): 1 GB for 15 days - $8.99, 5 GB for 30 days - $39.99
    • United Kingdom: 1 GB for 1 day - $7.99, 3 GB for 15 days - $21.99, 5 GB for 30 days - $34.99
  • in Asia Pacific area (18 countries): 1 GB for 15 days - $11.99, 5 GB for 30 days - $49.99
    • Australia: 1 GB for 1 day - $9.99, 3 GB for 15 days - $29.99, 5 GB for 30 days - $39.99
    • China: 1 GB for 1 day - $9.99, 3 GB for 15 days - $28.99, 5 GB for 30 days - $47.99
  • in the Caribbean (24 countries): 1 GB - €19
  • in Africa and the Middle East: 200 MB for 15 days - $9.99, 1 GB for 30 days - $49.99
    • South Africa: 1 GB for 1 day - $14.99, 2 GB for 15 days - $24.99, 3 GB for 30 days - $34.99
  • in North America (US, CAN, MX): 1 GB for 15 days - $11.99, 5 GB for 30 days: $49.99
    • USA: 1 GB for 1 day - $9.99, 3 GB for 15 days - $24.99, 5 GB for 30 days - $39.99
    • Canada, Mexico each: 1 GB for 1 day - $8.99, 3 GB for 15 days - $24.99, 5 GB for 30 days - $39.99
  • in Latin America (16 countries): 1 GB for 15 days - $10.99, 5 GB for 30 days - $39.99
    • Brazil: 1 GB for 1 day - $5.99, 3 GB for 15 days - $16.99, 5 GB for 30 days - $27.99
  • in the Carribean (28 countries without Cuba): 1 GB for 15 days - $29.99, 2 GB for 30 days - $49.99

For more plans and exact country lists, check their website or app.

More info[]

  • APN: gigsky
  • Website:
  • users have reported that hotspot use (= tethering) is blocked through Apple devices



Flexiroam is run by a Malaysian company founded in 2011. They started with the SIM sticker technology known from KnowRoaming (see above). In 2018 they turned to eSIM for compatible phones instead and phased out the sticker. Data roaming is offered in more than 200 countries, mostly on 4G networks. It's data-only, voice only through apps, no SMS service.

The SIM is managed through the Flexiroam X app available in Play or App Store. Through this app you can top-up and buy plans. Flexiroam has proven to be very reliable within the last years and can be recommended for their service at low prices. For regions they offer the most flexible plans right now but only up to 24 days.

Data rates[]

Flexiroam sells a lot of different packages on eSIMs. Here are some examples:

  • Global Data Plans: 100 MB for 10 days - $5.99, 500 MB for 30 days - $20, 1 GB for 90 days - $29.99, 2 GB for 100 days - $59.99, 3 Gb for 150 days - $79.99, 5 GB for 180 days - $129.99, 7 GB for 360 days - $199.99
  • Regional Data Plans:
    • Europe (= EU, EEA and UK): 500 MB for 3 days - $10, 1 GB for 18 days - $18, 3 GB for 24 days - $47, 5 GB for 24 days - $64, 7 GB for 24 days - $79
    • Greater Europe (= Europe, CH, TR, UA): 500 MB for 3 days - $12, 1 GB for 8 days - $20, 3 Gb for 15 days - $48, 5 GB for 24 days - $69, 10 GB for 24 days - $108
    • Africa (21 countries): 500 MB for 3 days - $9, 1 GB for 8 days - $16.50, 3 GB for 24 days - $54, 7 GB for 24 days - $126
    • South East Asia (10 countries): 500 MB for 3 days - $9, 1 GB for 8 days - $16.50, 3 GB for 15 days - $44, 5 GB for 24 days - $68
    • Greater China (China, HK, Macau): 500 MB for 3 days - $6, 1 GB for 8 days - $11, 3 GB for 15 days - $27, 5 GB for 24 days - $39, 7 GB for 24 days - $46
    • Latin America (12 countries): 500 MB for 3 days - $6, 1 GB for 8 days - $6.50, 3 GB for 15 days - $17.50, 5 GB for 24 days - $29, 10 GB for 24 days - $56
    • The Americas (Latin America, MX, US, CA): 500 MB for 3 days - $8.50, 1 GB for 8 days - $18.50, 3 GB for 15 days - $54.50, 5 GB for 24 days - $84
    • Middle East (13 countries): 7 GB for 15 days - $105. 15 GB for 30 days - $230
    • Oceania: (4 countries): 1 GB for 7 days - $20, 2 GB for 7 days - $30, 2 GB for 14 days - $40, 4 GB for 14 days - $50

You can find specifics about countries covered and more plans on their website or app. You need to activate your plan within 6 months from date of purchase.Plan activation code will be sent to your email upon successful purchase. By default, Flexiroam eSIM will automatically connect to the strongest signal in your destination country from the available operators. However, you may switch manually to your preferred supported operator accordingly. The Flexiroam app is required for their data plans and eSIM activation.

More info[]

MTX Connect[]


MTX Connect is a provider based in Luxembourg and offers a data-only SIM card or eSIM profile. It doesn't come with a phone number. Calls are possible through VoIP, but not SMS service. MTX has coverage in about 80 countries: all of Europe (except Kosovo), many CIS countries, much of Asia, a handful of other countries, North America mostly on 4G networks.

Take care that in the US they connect to Sprint (you need LTE band 25) and AT&T, in China to China Telecom (you need LTE bands 3 and 41) and in Japan to AU network. As most of their bands are rather unusual and there is no fallback to 2G/3G on these networks, they are so far more suitable for an extended European roaming zone.


Their SIM card or eSIM is distributed online only. An eSIM costs €1 with a €2 bonus after the first top-up. For EU countries add applicable sales taxes. Activation needs to be done online by giving your personal information. Top-ups can be done online by credit card and SIM management through your online account.

All credit expires after 18 months of inactivity (measured from the date of last use). Adding additional credit will reset the expiration date on any unused credit in the Customer’s Account. Any activity resets the 18-month period, for example adding an eSIM for €1 or even activating and deactivating a PAYG package at no cost. The 18-month period applies to the whole account, not separately to each individual SIM card. You can have up to 5 active SIM cards in one account. It's possible to order up to 10 cards for the same €5 delivery price.

Data rates[]

MTX Connect has a single flat-rate in all available countries. Prices are quoted without taxes. Top-ups must be made in certain EUR denominations, with a minimum of €10. If the customer selects an EU country of residence in the "Edit personal data" section, then VAT will be added at the rate of the selected country, even if the service is used outside the EU VAT area. Volume-based tariffs and rounded up in 10 KB increments at the end of each session. Per-day tariff Service availability time starts at the time of activation of the Service and ends in 24 hours. All times are local for place of Service usage.

  • PAYG rate for all covered countries: €0.012 per MB
  • Optimal daily: 350 MB anywhere for 24 hours; €3.49 - overuse is throttled to 64 kbps
  • Unlimited daily: "unlimited" for 24 hours: €9.95 - with an unspecified FUP for "unlimited"!
  • 2 GB for 7 days: €14.95
  • 4 GB everywhere for 14 days: €24.95
  • 10 GB everywhere for 30 days: €60

Free text messaging[]

For 7 days after activation and for 15 days after each top-up, the service provides free text messaging via Telegram, WhatsApp, WeChat, Viber and Line apps (excluding video, audio or pics) on all SIM cards in the topped-up account. This doesn't require tariff plan activation and works with zero balance. During the pandemic the grace period was extended to 90 days. There is also a separate €60 per year subscription, which gives free chat activation for the whole subscription period and 20% discount for selected (?) data plans.

Number with SMS and calls[]

As this SIM doesn't automatically come with any number associated, it can't be used to receive SMS from third party services, for example to set up apps like WhatsApp etc. All such third party services should be set up using your usual everyday SIM card. For €60 per year, you can have an associated UK or Luxembourg phone number for receiving SMS, but this is very expensive compared to using a free local SIM card elsewhere for SMS.

More info[]



Surfroam is a SIM card provided by an Estonian joint venture both as a physical SIM or eSIM. It roams in more than 200 countries and stays committed to a fair per-MB price model. It's data-only, no voice calls or SMS. This section is about the eSIM product. See the international SIM card page for information about the traditional SIM product.


eSIM costs €25 as well and the price also comes pre-loaded as credit and can be downloaded.

Top-ups can be made by credit card, PayPal or Bitcoins on their site as well, and extend validity of the card for one year from the purchase date. Unfortunately, minimal top-up amount is €25 (choices are: €25/€50/€100). If you top-up before the year expires, your unused data is transferred to the next year period.

Data rates[]

All data are on fair per-MB charge, no packages offered. Here are some quotes:

  • €0.01 per MB: Australia, EEA, EU, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Israel, Korea, Malaysia, South Africa, Thailand, Turkey, UK
  • €0.02 per MB: Canada, China, India,Pakistan, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Switzerland, Ukraine, US, Vietnam
  • €0.03 per MB: Argentina, Brazil, Egypt, Japan, Mexico

More examples are given in the on the traditional SIM page. For the complete and current list of rates see operator's list.

More info[]


  • Vegolink offers an eSIM product with very similar data pricing and features, but priced in USD and with $15 initial cost.



BNESIM by this Hong Kong-based company started in 2017 and was the first international roaming SIM coming from Asia with a worldwide distribution. It works in 170 countries and in most of them in 4G/LTE. They offer flat plans and packages valid in Top 88 countries without expiration (as long as you top up your credit every 6 months) and specific rates for the other countries.

Their SIM is data-only and all calls have to be made by VoIP through their app offered in the usual app stores or on their website. You can add a local number of many countries for free, numbers of some more countries are for an additional fee.


The BNESIM can be ordered through their app on Play or App store for a €9.90 delivery fee to reach every country in 5-7 working days. Activation is by code through the website or app and all SIM management and top-ups can be made online or through their app by major credit cards. They offer the following starter packs:

  • physical SIM with 100 MB data in 148 countries: €9
  • eSIM with 100 MB in 48 countries: €5

You can add Direct Inward Dialing/dial-in (DID) numbers of about 40 countries for a surcharge. This number can be used to send SMS, but you can't receive SMS on this number. All allowances don't expire as long as you top-up online every six months to keep it active.


Their plans are managed through their app available in Play and App stores. They offer one time packages where the data doesn't expire as long as you top-up within 6 months, daily and monthly packs in three categories:

  • top 88 countries:
    • one time: 1 GB - $19, 3 GB - $55, 5 GB - $90, 10 GB - $169
    • daily: 500 MB -$9, 1 GB - $14, 3 GB - $38
    • monthly: 1 GB - $17, 3 GB -$49, 5 GB - $79
  • Asia:
    • one time: 1 GB - $17, 3 GB - $49, 5 GB - $81, 10 GB - $155
    • daily: 1 GB - $11.90, 3 GB - $34.30, 5 GB - $56.70, 10 GB - $108.50
    • monthly: 1 GB - $11.05, 3 GB - $31.85, 5 GB - $52.65, 10 GB - $100.75
  • Europe:
    • one time: 1 GB - $12, 3 GB - $35, 5 GB - $57, 10 GB - $110
    • daily: 1 GB - $8.40, 3 GB - $24.50, 5 GB - $39.90, 10 GB - $77
    • monthly: 1 GB - $7.80, 3 GB - $22.75, 5 GB - $37.05, 10 GB - $71.50
  • Middle East:
    • one time: 1 GB - $19, 3 GB - $52, 5 GB - $85, 10 GB - $155
    • daily: 1 GB - $13.30, 3 GB - $36.40, 5 GB - $59.50, 10 GB - $108.50
    • monthly: 1 GB - $12.35, 3 GB - $33.80, 5 GB - $55.25, 10 GB - $100.75
  • America:
    • one time: 1 GB - $19, 3 GB - $54, 5 GB - $89, 10 GB - $174
    • daily: 1 GB - $13.30, 3 GB - $37.80, 5 GB - $62.30, 10 GB - $121.80
    • monthly: 1 GB - $17.10, 3 GB - $48.60, 5 GB - $80.10, 10 GB - $156.60

Furthermore they offer many country-specific plans that you can check out here:

More info[]



Truphone is an UK-based provider founded in 2006 offering international eSIM with data. They used to offer SIM cards in the past as well, but there were hardly accessible from outside the UK and have been discontinued. Truphone offers roaming in 123 countries so far.

The eSIM must be bought and managed through their app available in the App or Play stores of 123 countries. Truphone's eSIMs are data-only, no voice or SMS service. They are working on an voice and SMS option, but haven't come up with it. eSIM delivery is free over the app and 100 MB data are added for new customers.

Note that many countries in Asia, Africa and America are still on 3G only and 4G is only available in Australia, EU, EEA, Hong Kong, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, Peru, Russia, South Africa, Switzerland, Turkey, UK and US.

eSIM plans[]

They offer different kinds of plans:

  • Global data (in 114 countries): 100 MB for 1 day - free, 1 GB for 1 day - $10, 2 GB for 30 days - $30, 5 GB for 30 days - $45
  • EU + UK (28 countries): 100 MB for 1 day - free, 1 GB for 1 day - $6, 2 GB for 30 days - $10, 5 GB for 30 days - $15, 10 GB for 30 days - $22
  • USA + ( = EU, UK, USA): 100 MB for 1 day - free, 1 GB for 1 day - $6, 2 GB for 30 days - $11, 5 GB for 30 days - $17, 10 GB for 30 days - $24
  • and national plans for about 18 countries that you can check here:

You can buy up to 5 plans on your eSIM.

More info[]



Holafly is another provider of international SIM cards based in Murcia, Spain. In some markets they still offer a physical SIM card, but this is limited to certain countries and not shown here. They have shifted focus now to eSIM which they feature on a special site. Their eSIM doesn't include voice or text, it's data-only without a number. Most of their eSIMs seem to be in the €20-€50 range and are unlimited.

After your purchase, they will send a QR code to your email. Either print the QR code or open it on your computer. On your mobile phone, go to Settings > Mobile Data > Add Data Plan and scan the QR code. Your phone will allow you to assign a specific name to this data plan. You will now be able to switch between your Holafly data plan and the original plan from your provider. The Holafly data plan will only be operational once you arrive at your destination. Once you land, turn on data roaming on your cell phone settings and activate the Holafly data plan.

eSIM data plans[]

Holafly offers unlimited plans to many individual countries and regions. Here is a selection of rates (in €):

Prices for selected unlimited plans (in €)
Region 5
















Europe (EU, UK, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein) 19 27 34 47 57 69 87 99
Asia (South Korea, Japan, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, and Laos) 27 34 37 47 57 79 n/a n/a
North America (US, Canada, Mexico) 29 37 47 57 69 n/a n/a n/a
South America (Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Peru, Puerto Rico, Uruguay) 29 37 47 57 69 87 147 217

They offer many more destinations that you can check out on Their eSIM is not extendable in volume or time, but can be renewed anytime.

More info[]



DENT is a Hong Kong based provider for international SIM plans with a slightly different scheme. They started in 2014 with a traditional SIM card, but have switched to eSIM in 2018. Their eSIM is available on through their app offered in App and Play store. Their eSIM is valid "worldwide" which means in 73 countries on 4G networks in most of Europe, North America, South Africa, parts of SE Asia and Australia/NZ. Again, it's data-only without voice or SMS service.

eSIM plans[]

All their plans are valid "worldwide" = 60 countries for 365 days. You can choose between these options:

Data 1 GB 3 GB 8 GB 10 GB
Price $9.99 $27.50 $44.99 $89.99

More info[]

Travel SIM[]


Travel SIM is one of the oldest products on the market. It's issued in Estonia with an Estonian number (+372) for calls, texts and data in more than 135 countries. An UK or US number can be added for surcharge. It has proven to be very reliable abroad and found many users despite of rather high prices. These have gone down and in addition to a physical SIM eSIM profiles are now offered at the same rates. Their eSIM is sent by email as QR code. Data is on up to 4G/LTE in most countries and calls are by direct call inm most countries and SMS are supported as well.

Start-up price and availability[]

The TravelSim card is only available online on their website with worldwide shipping in these different starter packs:

  • physical international TravelSIM card: $10/€10
  • eSIM TravelSIM: $6/€5

It can be reloaded by international credit cards or PayPal on your TravelSim online account or by TravelSIM app. Credit lasts for one year from the last top-up and the SIM card will stay alive as long as it's recharged once a year.

Unlike voice and text, data is available in about 100 countries on 2G and 3G only. The rates range from crazy €0.19 to €10 per MB depending on the country. The price model is split into two different schemes: a pay-as-you-go rate taken from your pre-loaded credit and package rates bought extra.

Data rates[]

PAYG is the default rate when no other package is activated. Rates are charged in 1 KB or 10 KB increments and the most important countries are €0.04/MB on the eSIM. But some single countries or operators can be much more exprensive For details see price guide.

Furthermore, they offer data roaming packs for 30 days each which are the same for eSIM and physical SIM. For details check:// Better compare their rates as €18 for 1 GB in Europe is overpriced, but 3 GB in China at €35 can be an option avoiding Chinese censorship.

Only one package can be activated at once. A data package is activated as soon as the order is made online or on the app. The package cost is taken immediately. The package is completed either when the ordered amount of data is used, or when duration time is reached. It's possible to order a new data package, when the data amount has been finished, despite the duration time of this package. If the amount of data hasn’t been used, the client can't order a new package.

More info[]

As calling an Estonian mobile number can be expensive TravelSIM made a deal with the VoIP providers Skype and Viber that can be activated by *146*711# for free. When the feature is activated, Skype and Viber users can call the TravelSIM number for free using special dialing format +372800XXXXXXXX, where XXXXXXXX is a TravelSIM number without the prefix 372. The call is free for a Skype and Viber caller, but the TravelSIM user still has to pay for an incoming call.


  • ReiseSIM /TravelFon: This is an German-based copy with similar prices and additional German phonenumber



Keepgo is an Israeli-based start-up founded in 2009 with offices around the world. For travelers, they offer a physical SIM card, Wifi hotspot bundle or eSIM pre-loaded with a data bundle for roaming at selected destinations in 4G/LTE too at quite high rates. It's data-only without voice or SMS.

Countries and rates[]

They offer a unified rate in a total of 70+ countries where mostly 4G/LTE roaming is available. Their SIM card is data-only, no voice or texts. The eSIM is free with purchase a package and 2 GB of roaming data is given free.

Package allowance is valid for 1 year (e.g. if you buy 1 GB package, you can spend it whole year) and data traffic is charged in 1 KB increments. The SIM card is supposed to last a "lifetime" and data doesn't expire, if topped up at least once a year. Compare their model to the similar scheme of Dent shown above.

Data plans[]

Their "Lifetime Prepaid" data plans need to be bought online through your profile or their app. They only have one global rate valid for all about 150 networks in the 72 countries they roam:

Data 100 MB 1 GB 3 GB 8 GB 10 GB 25 GB
Price $3 $24 $58 $79 $155 $250

Each refill extends the data validity for one year including the unused data on the card at the moment of the refill.

More info[]

RedteaMobile (RedteaGo)[]


Redteamobile is an eSIM operator based in Shenzhen, China, where most of the smartphones worldwide are manufactured. They were founded in 2015 and since 2018 have offered eSIM profiles for more than 100 countries and regions on 4G/LTE. Their eSIM brand is called RedteaGo and is for data only, no voice or SMS service.

eSIM offer[]

They offer regional or national data-only plans for many countries, but not for mainland China. Purchase is through their app on App or Play store. All plans are valid for 30 days only and can't be extended in time or volume. Here are some price quotes:

  • regional offers:
    • USA & Canada: 1 GB: $12.99, 3 GB $35.99, 5 GB $59.99
    • Latin American (12 countries): 1 GB: $22.99
    • Europe (EU, EEA, TR, UK): 1 GB: $7.99, 3 GB: $16.99
    • Africa (5 countries): 1 GB: $7.99
    • Middle East (11 countries): 1 GB: $22.99, 3 GB: $67.99
    • Asia (11 countries without China): 1 GB: $7.99
    • Australia & NZ: 1 GB: $5.99
  • They also offer many national plans for one country only. Typical pricing starts as low as $1 for 1 GB and 15 days. For more prices check their website.

More info[]



Airalo is a Singapore-based online store founded in 2019 that specializes in eSIMs. They claim to be the world’s first eSIM store for travellers to access over 190 eSIMs at local rates from around the world, all via eSIM compatible smartphones, tablets or laptops.

Airalo has grown within the last years to one of the largest eSIM distributors worldwide. They buy big data volumes from providers, chop and repackage it and resell it under different labels. So Airalo is not a roaming network provider, but rather an eSIM store selling roaming data on eSIM profiles under fantasy brand names. For some countries, they offer the cheapest rate on the market.

Most of their eSIM are data only without SMS or voice service. They don't even have a phone number to call. Some options can be extended in time, most of them are one-off and need to activated again. Note that not all eSIM devices may be compatible with all eSIMs. Generally Airalo gives good support and has proven to be reliable, but some compatibility issues may occur.

eSIM offer[]

Airalo offers eSIMs on three different levels:

  • global eSIM (87 countries): 1 GB for 7 days - $9, 3 GB for 15 days - $24, 5 GB for 30 days - $35, 10 GB for 60 days - $59
  • regional eSIM:
    • for Africa (27 countries, some of them still in 2G/3G): 1 GB for 30 days - $27, 3 GB for 30 days - $59
    • for Asia (10 countries without China): 4 GB for 12 days - $18
    • for the Caribbean (20 countries without Cuba): 1 GB for 7 days - $15
    • for Europe (30 countries: EU, EEA, UK, CH, UA, TR): 1 GB for 7 days - $5, 3 GB for 30 days - $13, 5 GB for 30 days - $20, 10 GB for 30 days- $37, 50 GB for 90 days - $100, 100 GB for 180 days - $185.
  • local eSIM (some quotes):
Country 1 GB

7 days

3 GB

30 days

5 GB

30 days

10 GB

30 days

Canada $7.50 $17.50 $25 $36
China $7 $14 $21 -
France or


$5 $10 $15 $22.50
Greece $5 $9 $13 $25
Hong Kong $5 $9 $13 -
Italy $4.50 $7 $10.50 $16
Japan $6 $14 - -
Malaysia $4.50 $9 $13 $25
Mexico $9 - - -
Singapore $7.50 $15 $22.50 $33.75
Spain $4.50 $7.50 $11 $18
Turkey $4.50 $8 $12 $18
UK $5 $10 $15 $22.50
USA $4.50 $11 $16 $26

For more local offers check their website.

More info[] Group Ltd.[]

ESIMnet Square Logo is another online eSIM store similar to Airalo shown above offering prepaid eSIM data, voice and SMS plans, as well as eSIM data bundles for use worldwide. They were founded in London, UK in 2019 and offer only a small selection of different options.

Customers can visit and choose their destination, whether home or abroad. A simple search will show the available packages within that destination. A package can then be purchased easily online, with a QR code sent to the specified email. Users then follow their handset manufacturer's instructions for installing the eSIM plan and are ready to go.

eSIM offer[] offers three main products:

  • a global plan: they claim to offer the first eSIM capable of 5G roaming. It comes with a UK (+44) number on which you can be called and texted too and sold at $10. 5G is now available in Austria, Bahrain, China, Finland, Germany, Hong Kong, Kuwait, Monaco, Poland, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey and UAE. More to follow very shortly. There are no packages offered and data is strictly on a per MB base. Note that you are often able to connect to different networks in one country that may have different rates:
    • the USA, UK and all EU countries are at $0.009 per MB (which sells 1 GB for $9)
    • other countries here:
  • a regional plan for Europe (EU, UK, CH, Balkans, Russia):
    • 5 GB for 10 days: $10
    • 6 GB for 15 days: $11
  • a national rolling o2 plan for the UK with included EU/EEA roaming valid for 30 days with unlimited voice and text:
    • 5 GB: £12
    • 20 GB: £15
    • unlimited UK data (EU data cap: 20 GB): £20

More info[]


Nomad 2

Nomad is another eSIM shop based in California, USA. They are pretty new on the market and mostly resell the eSIMs of Truphone (see above) so far. Their eSIMs are based on a 30-day period and are offered through their website or app. Their plans are data-only, no voice or SMS service. You need to activate them with 30 days after purchase and more data can be added to most plans.

eSIM offer[]

While most offers are resold Truphone plans at the same price (see above), they also offer different sizes to Truphone based on global, regional or national scale. For more details compare with Truphone. Additionally, they offer other and own profiles for a few countries.

  • USA - Global1SIM on T-Mobile and AT&T networks in 4G/LTE: 1 GB for 7 days: $7, 1 GB for 30 days: $9, 3 GB for 30 days: $15, 5 GB for 30 days: $20, 10 GB for 30 days: $30 or 10 GB for 60 days: $45
  • Canada - Global1SIM on Bell and Rogers networks in 4G/LTE: 1 GB for 7 days: $7, 1 GB for 30 days: $9, 3 GB for 30 days: $16, 5 GB for 30 days: $24, 10 GB for 30 days: $36 or 10 GB for 60 days: $48 - these are US$, not CA$.
  • United Kingdom: 1 GB for 30 days: $5, 3 GB for 30 days: $9, 5 GB for 30 days: $14

More info[]


NorthSIM provides the best and most affordable prepaid travel eSIMs

NorthSIM is an Australian based provider of prepaid travel eSIMs. Founded in 2017 NorthSIM has previously provided physical Travel SIM Cards and now specialises in only prepaid Travel eSIMs. NorthSIM eSIMs are data only and usually connect to multiple networks in a region or country, offering strong connectivity to its customers.

Customers can browse the countries that NorthSIM covers by visiting the Destinations page. eSIMs are delivered to a customers nominated email address within minutes of checkout and require no ID verification or eKYC checks. Customers then scan the eSIM QR code code in their email and follow the

eSIM offer[]

NorthSIM offers affordable prepaid options for the Asia region:

More info[]



Gohub is an eSIM provider with competitive packages in Asia. They were founded in 2018 and offer eSIM for more than 100 countries and regions on 4G/LTE. Gohub offers both data&call (voice or SMS) and data-only plans.

Customers can visit the site and choose their destination and duration trip. A search will show suitable packages for a given destination and length of stay. The eSIM QR code will be sent by email. You need an eSIM-compatible device.

eSIM offer[]

Gohub provides eSIMs for a variety of countries and data packages for different travel durations from 5 to 30 days. Gohub is an affordable provider of eSIM packages in Asia with prices starting from $2.49

Example pricing for some popular destinations is given below. For exact country list, check their website.

  • eSIM Global (valid in up to 100+ countries): 6GB/10Days - $24.89 , 6GB/15Days - $55.09 ,  10GB/30Days - $259.79
  • eSIM Asia: 2.5GB/5Days - $6.39 , 7.5GB/7Days - $12.29 , 15GB/30Days - $21.79
  • Asia-Pacific:
1GB/5 days 3GB/7 days 5GB/10 days 8GB/15 days
eSIM Australia $7.79 $14.59 $19.99 $19.79
5GB/5 Days 7GB/8 Days 6GB/10 Days 9GB/15 Days
eSIM China $9.09 $12.79 $24.89 $14.09
eSIM Taiwan $6.79 $12.79 $23.39 $14.09
2.5GB/5 Days 3.5GB/7 Days 5GB/10 Days 7.5GB/15 Days
eSIM Japan $5.69 $6.89 $9.99 $12.29
eSIM Korea $5.49 $6.89 $9.09 $13.19
  • South East Asia:
2.5GB/5 Days 5GB/7 Days 6GB/10 Days 7.5GB/15 Days
eSIM Singapore $6.39 $7.99 $24.89 $12.29
2.5GB/5 Days 5GB/7 Days 50GB/10 Days 7.5GB/15 Days
eSIM Thailand $6.39 $9.59 $12.79 $12.29
3GB/5 Days 5GB/7 Days 10GB/10 Days 60GB/15 Days
eSIM Vietnam $6.89 $9.59 $14.99 $12.49
  • Europe: 1GB/5Days - $7.79 , 5GB/15Days - $20.49 , 10GB/30Days - $35.39
3GB/5 Days 5GB/10 Days 10GB/15 Days 20GB/30 Days
eSIM England $14.09 $19.99 $32.69 $65.79
  • Americas:
5GB/5 Days 6GB/10 Days 7.5GB/15 Days 15GB/30 Days
eSIM USA $17.69 $23.39 $29.09 $64.89
2.5GB/5 Days 5GB/10 Days 7.5GB/15 Days 10GB/30 Days
eSIM Canada $10.89 $22.29 $29.09 $43.19

More info[]

Gohub Website

National eSIM offers for roaming[]

Aside from international offers there is a growing number of national (local) providers that give out eSIM profiles as another option to their regular SIM type. We feature them on each local article. The local prepaid eSIM choice is a still very limited and only a few of them are distributed worldwide for roaming purposes. Local providers that copy their national portfolio to eSIM with the same rates as physical SIM cards are ruled by local registration laws. So buying from a national (local) provider online from another country can be tricky. This section features some providers who currently offer worldwide purchase and registration through authorized resellers for their eSIM and include a good roaming option, however with some strings attached. More domestic eSIM options for roaming abroad can be found in each national chapter of this wiki.

Orange Holiday by Orange France or Orange Spain[]


This eSIM is one of the few options from Europe with EU roaming and worldwide distribution. It's a French eSIM released by local MNO Orange and sent by email already pre-activated. It includes all EU and EEA countries, UK, Gibraltar, Isle of Man, Channel Islands, Switzerland and Andorra. No usage limitation (data tethering allowed, usage in a hotspot, apps or videos allowed). It's valid for 6 months after activation or last top-up and includes voice and SMS on a French number. It comes in four sizes:

  • 1 GB for 7 days: €4.99
  • 12 GB, 30 minutes of voice and 200 SMS to anywhere in the world for 14 days: €19.99
  • 30 GB, 120 minutes of voice and 1000 SMS to anywhere in the world for 14 days: €39.99
  • 50 GB (5G), 120 minutes of voice and 1000 SMS to anywhere in the world for 28 days: €49.99

All packages from €19.99 includes unlimited calls and SMS in Europe.

Top-ups to extend in time or volume are available online. Note that you need to register the eSIM online according to French law, if you want to use it for more than 30 days from the start. If you don't comply, your eSIM will be temporarily deactivated. For registration you will need to fill out an online form and send them a copy of your ID or passport. Once your information is received, it takes about 10 days to register your eSIM. So allow some time for this process. More details on Orange's dedicated travel website in English: 50 GB option includes access to 5G networks.

A very similar eSIM is released by Orange in Spain under the same Orange Holiday label:

  • 30 GB (60 GB in Spain) at €25 all over the EU and EEA for only 15 days.

The United Kingdom, Switzerland and Andorra are not included. Speed is in up to 5G. In case you want to renew your plan after 15 days, you would need to recharge the number with sufficient funds (min. €25) and the Holidays Spain plan will be renewed automatically. In case you spend your data allowance within the 15 days an early renewal can be made by sending an SMS to 1470 with the following text: GB PASS15. If overuse in Spain, a speed cap of 2 Mbit/s will be applied.

The Spanish law requires an identify check using a passport or an EU ID card. So be prepared to scan and send them a copy. More info in English:

T-Mobile Simply Prepaid by T-Mobile USA[]


The Simply Prepaid Plans by US provider T-Mobile are available as eSIM too. For Apple users they offer a dedicated "T-Mobile eSIM app", for Android users an QR-code is sent by mail. They offer to all Simply Prepaid Plans a $5 add-on with unlimited voice and text and 5 GB data to be used in Mexico and Canada. Beyond 5 GB, roaming speed will be throttled to 128 kbit/s. Their Simply Prepaid plan comes in 3 sizes:

  • $40: with unlimited voice and text and 10 GB data in the US
  • $50: with unlimited voice, text and 5G data in the US, hotspot data is throttled to 3G speeds
  • $60: with unlimited voice, text and data in the US, hotspot data is 10 GB in 4G before throttled to 3G speeds

T-Mobile points out that Canada and Mexico roaming is in up to 4G speeds and not for "extended use". Some users have reported that T-Mobile often declines credit or debit cards without an US mailing address when paying online. More information here:

Three Hong Kong[]


Three Hong Kong has released many different roaming SIM cards for Asia and the world. They are offered on a daily, monthly or yearly basis for major destinations and used to be quite popular. All their travel SIM cards are given out as eSIM too and sent by QR code.

  • 24 hrs passes with 500 MB high speed data, then throttled to 128 kbit/s: Greater China HK$10, APAC HK$12, Europe HK$23, Africa HK$30, North America HK$18, Latin America HK$40
  • 30-days-packages: for China, HK, Macau 15 GB for HK$138 and 30 GB for HK$198, for UK, AU, NZ, US, CA for 10 GB HK$138 and 20 GB HK$198, for APAC countries 4 GB for HK$138 and 8 GB for HK$198 and a world plan for about 100 countries with 3 GB for HK$138 and 5 GB for HK$198.
  • 365-days-packs: see

However, the authorities in Hong Kong are requiring a real name registration for all new SIM cards in Hong Kong from 1/MAR/2022 and existing SIMs effective 23/FEB/2023: and in our Hong Kong article. It seems to be possible to register online through the internet by sending a scan of your passport without visiting Hong Kong, but we need confirmation of users for this.

CM Link by China Mobile HK[]


CM LINK is another popular roaming SIM card that is available in Hong Kong from China Mobile's foreign label. While they do not cover as many countries as many international SIM providers, they do so at a fixed daily rate, and they are the only provider so far to offer passes with unlimited usage (throttled to 384kbps after 500 MB daily, resets at midnight Hong Kong time) in every country they do cover. The SIM passes data through their gateway in Hong Kong, so it does not suffer severe censorship as a mainland China Mobile SIM would, but this can change in the future.

They offer a wide variety of packages based on how long you are going to be and what country you will be in. Topping up with more passes can be done on the website or the app, after adding the SIM to your user profile on the website. Note that all of their offers have only 500 MB "high speed data" per day available, before they are throttled. So while they may sound good, you will be severely slowed down after 500 MB per day, however if you are careful with your usage this means you can get around 15GB of high speed data over the course of a 30 day plan.

  • In about 80 countries they offer these packages: 1 day - $3, 3 days - $9, 5 days - $14.90, 7 days - $20.90, 10 days - $29.80. 15 days - $32.20, 20 days - $38, 25 days -$43, 30 days - $46.60. Prices don't include mainland China for which you need to add about 10% to every price.
  • in Europe (EU, Balkans, Russia, CH, UK): 5 days - $6.70, 7 days - $8.40, 10 days - $10.70, 15 days - $13.40, 20 days - $17.90, 30 days - $22.40
  • other packages based on the 500 MB per day model are available for other regions and countries:

The same real-name registration requirements as Three will apply to China Mobile HK for those who wish to use the SIM card in Hong Kong. See above and more info:

SIM2Fly by AIS Thailand[]


SIM2Fly is a travel SIM originally designed for Thai outbound travelers and increasingly being used especially for SE Asia region. AIS is the largest network in Thailand and provides roaming in 120+ countries. We feature this SIM in more detail in our Thailand section as SIM2fly cards are widely available in Thailand in both physical SIM and eSIM format and can be ordered online (on Amazon and Ebay) for a surcharge to the local price. The domestic version requires ID registration and can be ordered bought in the country.

There is also an international version of the eSIM without the ID registration requirement sold by authorized resellers like Recharges can be done via the app or at any website offering mobile top-ups for AIS prepaid phones. Note that Thai SIM cards require quite regular top-ups to stay alive. This is described in detail in our Thaliand section. International resellers sell these eSIM profiles with a different layout to the Thai SIMs. It still contains a Thai phone number:

  • Asia Plan Mini: 2 GB for 5 days in Australia, Cambodia, Indonesia, Japan, Laos, Macau, Malaysia, Philippines, Qatar, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Taiwan and Thailand: $11
  • Asia Plan: 6 GB for 8 days in 34 Asian countries including China: $19
  • Global Plan: 6 GB for 15 days in about 120 countries worldwide: $37

Note that latency can be quite high outside of Asia as all traffic is routed through Thailand. If you are in the region, you'll get SIM2fly cheaper on location in Thailand through AIS and affiliated stores. The international eSIM can be downloaded by email and only be activated in a country covered. For more info about the international offer check, for the Thai offer check our Thailand page in the AIS section.