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This page covers the Republic of Ireland. For Northern Ireland, please see the United Kingdom page.


There are three physical operators in Ireland:

  • Vodafone (Ireland)
  • Hutchison 3 (= Three)
  • eir (previously Meteor)

Vodafone is still market leader by subscribers; Three has improved its network because of the ongoing merger with O2 and is closing the gap to Vodafone; eir, formerly called Eircom, still offers a very good coverage and speed throughout the country through its mobile network previously called Meteor and eMobile.

4G/LTE is on 800 MHz (B20) and 1800 MHz (B3). Eir was the first to offer 4G/LTE in 2013 followed by Vodafone. Three started its LTE network in 2014. According to OpenSignal in 2020 all three carriers have a similar coverage at 70%, while Vodafone has the fastest speeds. 5G started in 2019 on eir and Vodafone on n78 (3500 MHz) initially in very limited areas, followed by Three in September 2020 on n3 (1800 MHz) and n78, but as of May 2021 only Three opens 5G on its prepay plans.

Like in the UK, prepaid SIM cards are often called Pay As You Go and are available without registration.

Although Northern Ireland is part of the UK, calls from Ireland to Northern Irish +44 28 or 028 landlines may be dialled by replacing the 028 or +44 28 prefix of the Northern Irish number with 048. This way, the caller will be charged for a domestic call.

EU flag.png
Ireland is part of the EU, where from June 2017 new international roaming rules have been enforced. In most European countries you can now 'roam like at home' at domestic rates rather than excessive roaming rates. Irish operators have applied the principles, but may cap some larger data packages for roaming. For specifics about the new regulation check European Union chapter and every provider below.

Unlike the UK, Ireland remains in the EU but all Irish operators have pledged to keep the UK in their surcharge-free roaming zone for the time being.

Vodafone []


Vodafone has the most subscribers in the country with a good coverage and speeds on 2G, 3G and 4G: Vodafone Coverage. Vodafone claims to cover 99% of the population by 4G/LTE in 2020. 5G has started in 2019 on n78, but is not yet available for prepaid.


The pay-as-you-go SIM can be purchased at their stores (store locator) and other agents like Carphone Warehouse for €10, if you need a new number. All three SIM sizes are available.

Top-ups can be made by vouchers or by any international credit card on their top-up site. When you top-up or activate, you can make calls for 6 months and receive calls for 8 months. After 8 months your call credit and your SIM will expire. Check balance by *174#.

Pay as you go []

Their prepaid SIMs are called pay-as-you-go and you can join one of their three base plans all valid for 28 days:

  • Chat Extra including 10 GB data, unlimited calls and texts: €20
  • Smart Extra including 20 GB data, unlimited Vodafone calls and texts, 100 mins/SMS cross network: €20
  • Extra including 30 GB data, unlimited calls and texts, 100 mins international calls - €30

To join a plan first text plan name to 50222 and after confirmation top-up €20 or €30 for 28 days. Default rate is €1.99 for 100 MB and €0.01 per MB beyond. Check exceptions for roaming and tethering below. All of those plans include Vodafones "data rollover", meaning unused data will be added to next months allowance.

For more data you can add these add-ons:

  • 5 GB for 28 days: €5, text '5DATA' to 50233
  • 20 GB for 30 days: €15, text 'DATA' to 50233

Note, that volumes from these add-ons can't be rolled over and can't be stacked. To buy another data addon, the first must have either expired after 28 days, or have been fully used up - at which point you're charged €1.99 overage.

Check data balance by texting 'BAL' to 50233 or in their app.

Mobile Broadband Pay as you go[]

Vodafone also sells data-only prepaid Mobile Broadband SIMs which gives you 20 GB of data for 28 days. It costs €20 and is charged after topping up by €20.

  • To opt in to this plan, text 'MBB' to 50222, then top-up by €20

Overuse or out of bundle use will be charged with €0.19 per MB. There is no roll-over on broadband plans.

Vodafone X[]

All exisiting or new PAYG SIM cards can be transferred to X. Before you top-up €20, text 'UNLIMITED' to 50222 and wait for confirmation.

They offer this "unlimited" plan valid for 28 days for a €20 top-up:

  • unlimited data at max. 10 Mbit, unlimited SMS and unlimited calls Friday 3pm - Sunday midnight, 100 mins at other times.

In practice you can usually get the full 4G speeds on this plan with intermittent strict throttling to 10 Mbit/s down and 5 Mbit/s up. Tethering is charged for on iOS and unrooted Android phones. Note that you can't roll over unused data like in their PAYG plans and voice on weekdays is expensive beyond the 100 mins allowance.


Mobile hotspot data are only included in their plans when APN is selected, as stated in their T&Cs. Some phones will switch to APN automatically instead, which will be charged at standard rates (€0.19 per MB). Vodafone support doesn't say whether on-plan tethering is supported or not, but will reiterate the APN restrictions. Affected Android users may be able to enable tethering by disabling the dial-up networking emulation

International Roaming[]

You can use any plan (even Vodafone X) in the EU just like you would at home for no extra cost. Vodafone has implemented 'roam like at home' rules without any volume restrictions, and additionally, includes Switzerland in their EU/EEA/UK zone. For roaming outside their EU zone, their old RED roaming plans apply:

  • 200 MB per calendar day for €2.99 in Albania, Canada, Monaco, San Marino, Kosovo, Turkey, USA
  • 200 MB per calendar day for €4.99 in 50 countries mentioned here

More info[]

  • APN: for all prepay mobile plans
  • APN: for the mobile broadband addon
  • long TCP connections have a tendency of being dropped
  • Website:

Hutchison 3 (= Three)[]

After the acquisition of O2 Ireland by Three in 2014, Hutchison merged the two brands in 2015. This has been largely a re-branding exercise and the networks have been fully united in the following years.

Previous O2 customers were transferred to the Three brand in 2015, but legacy O2 prepaid accounts remain on legacy tariffs, which still cannot be easily converted to Three tariffs, even in 2021. Legacy O2 tariffs have more favourable expiry policies, but Three tarrifs have better pricing, particularly for EEA and UK data roaming.

Customers of both networks experienced some problems during the merger, as it required Three to built some new base stations and all the associated back-haul capacity while they will also consolidate some of their existing sites.

3G coverage can be very good in very isolated and remote areas due to the (now defunct) NBS government subsidy to help serve these areas, but this coverage is in 3G only on 2100 MHz which gives poor indoor coverage: Three's 3G/4G Coverage Map. Three operates 4G/LTE on 1800 MHz (B3) and 800 MHz (B20) in some rural areas, and also launched 5G/NR on 1800 MHz (n3) and 3500 MHz (n78) in September 2020 primarily in urban areas. Occasionally, you will be switched to HSDPA even though 4G+ coverage is present. In that case, reconnecting to the network (e.g. by going into flight mode for a few seconds) should get you connected to 4G again. Three claims to cover 97% of the population by 4G in 2020.

Availability []

SIM cards can be purchased online, as either their prepay sim or mobile broadband sim in their stores (locator) or at outlets like Carphone Warehouse. The prepaid SIMs are free or €20 with the same amount of credit, the prepaid Broadband SIMs are for €30. Standard, micro and nano-SIMs are available for PAYG, standard and micro SIMs only for Prepay Broadband. When buying the €20 prepaid SIM, it should activate after about 15 minutes after putting it into the phone, but it can also take up to a few hours in some cases.

Vouchers for top-ups are available in many stores nationwide. Have in mind that Three only accepts Irish- and UK-issued credit cards for top-ups online. As there are hardly any agencies to top-up Irish SIM cards, without vouchers available, it can be tricky to maintain a SIM from abroad.

To check balance, dial 1745 for free.

Every Three SIM card comes with a content lock activated similar to the UK. This filter blacks out all adult contents and sometimes even more. You can have it removed in the store at purchase (while some shops might not do this) or by sending an email to Three customer service with a scan of your ID document and the following reference <your phone no.> - Remove Adult Filter". Removing the adult filter via email support can take up to 5 days or use a VPN app just in case.

Prepaid SIM[]

The default pricing for data transfers is horrendous €1.01 per MB in Ireland but only 0.49c per MB in the EEA and UK. The SIM remains active if some kind of chargeable call or SMS (i.e. not part of any bundle or allowance) or a new top-up is made every 6 months. Take care of the tethering restrictions mentioned below.

Three offers these 3 prepaid plans valid for 28 days:

  • 3 Pay 15: unlimited domestic calls, 60 texts and 1 GB of data (in IE and EU): €15
  • 3 Pay 20: unlimited on-net calls, 60 mins domestic calls, "unlimited" texts and data (10 GB EU roaming): €20 - discounted to €10 until October 2020.
  • 3 Pay 30: unlimited domestic calls and texts, 30 mins international calls and "unlimited" data (14 GB EU roaming)


Three is the only operator in Ireland offering 5G on prepay. To access the service you must be on "3 Pay 15", "3 Pay 20", or "3 Pay 30", and are in a 5G coverage area and have a 5G device and buy the 5G €5 monthly booster add-on. You can cancel the 5G access any time you want but it will auto-renew every month. The 5G add-on can be bought from the My3 Account -> Addons tab -> €5 5G Booster.

Prepaid Broadband SIM[]

This SIM is data-only and is not always good-value, as it includes a €30 top-up with a data allowance of 30 GB for 28 days. Out of bundle data are charged at 6.15c per MB in Ireland and the EEA. All allowances are valid in Ireland and all over the EEA and UK.


There are no tethering restrictions.

EU roaming[]

You can get their "roam like home" EU rates on PAYG in the 28 countries of the EU/EEA/UK. Most allowances are given out at the domestic rate, only Three's "unlimited" plans are limited abroad.

More info[]

  • Prepaid SIMs are opted into Three's Adult Content filter by default
  • Broadband micro-SIM does not support personal hotspot on iPads (3 or 4)
  • VoIP apps like Skype may be filtered out in some cases. Currently, it's free with the Three mobile Skype app on a compatible phone.

eir (previously: meteor)[]

new eir logo

Eir, a trading name of Eircom, is Ireland's largest Telecom operator. Its mobile brand was Meteor until 2017. Eir has the third-largest market share in the mobile market and its parent company has the advantage of owning a nationwide fibre backbone, enabling it to offer fast data speeds at a good coverage: Eir Coverage .

In 2013, Eir became the first operator to commercially launch LTE/4G capability in Ireland. In April 2020 Eir claims 98% coverage and 99% of the population by LTE. 5G started in 2019 and has spread to 19 towns so far. It's on n78 and not yet available to prepaid.

Ireland’s Eir Group has discontinued the ‘meteor’ brand in 2017, with all of the company’s mobile offerings to be marketed under the ‘eir’ banner from that date. Be aware, that, when searching for networks manually, the network name is often displayed as "meteor IE" but when connected, it's change to EIR. So don't get confused by the different names.

Some eir stores currently have a policy in place where people traveling from abroad are not allowed to enter store locations due to Covid-19.


Eir offers its pay-as-you-go SIM card for free in its shops when bought with a €10 top-up (see Eir store locator) and other outlets. Standard, micro and nano size SIMs are available.

Minimum top-up is €5. Top-up vouchers are widely available nationwide. 4G/LTE is available on prepay, but the minimum cost is a €20 top-up per month bundle which also includes free calls or texts.

SIM cards must be topped up every 150 days to maintain service for outbound calls and texts. They will be deactivated 30 days later. You can top-up online €´5 - €60 using any international credit/debit card or vouchers sold at 7000 outlets in the country. Check balance by *#100#.

Base plans[]

Their plans come "unlimited" with a FUP of 80 GB data to use within Ireland marketed as "No Limits Data" where usage beyond 80 GB is not charged for, but may be speed or service restricted until the end of the billing cycle. You can opt in the following plans with renewal after 28 days, but don't need to:

  • for €20: with unlimited text or calls plus 80 GB data (EU cap: 9.3 GB). Activation for the call version text "20 calls and data", for the text version "20 text and data" to 50104
  • for €30: with unlimited text and calls plus 80 GB data (EU cap: 14 GB). Activation: "Unlimited" to 50104

Data feature packs[]

Like their competitors, they have a expensive standard rate: €1.99 per day up to 100 MB and €0.02 per MB (= €20.48 per GB) thereafter.

To all of their their pay as you go SIM cards with or without base plan, you add the following bundles for 28 days:

Price IE Data EU cap Activation Deactivation
€4.99 500 MB no cap sub Internet 500 out Internet 500
€9.99 1 GB no cap sub Internet 1GB out Internet 1GB
€15 7.5 GB 7 GB data 7.5 stop data 7.5
€20 15 GB 9.3 GB data 15 stop data 15

To activate, text code to 50104.

To buy non-recurring data add-ons for use in Ireland and the EU for 28 days:

  • 1 GB: €4.99, text Booster500 to 50104
  • 2 GB: €9.99, text Booster1 50104

EU roaming []

Eir caps all larger data bundles in EU and UK roaming, but generally applies "Roam like at home" rules for roaming in EU/EEA/UK.



In 2019 Eir started its budget brand GoMo. We don't mention GoMo here in detail, because it is not prepay. Gomo is an easy to access 30 day billpay contract with 120 GB of data, 45,000 domestic minutes and 10,000 domestic SMS. Because gomo is billpay you are able to be charged extra services. SIMs can only be ordered online and sent to an Irish postal address which is inconvenient for travellers. But if you have a local address or stay for longer, it may be an option.

They have only one plan which is a rolling prepaid contract that can be discontinued anytime. It includes unlimited data (first 120 GB 4G and above that throttled to 0.5mbit) and max. 10 GB in the EU and UK, unlimited domestic, EU and UK voice and texts at €12.99 plus an initial set-up charge of €10. For more information check:

More info[]

  • Tethering is supported
  • VoIP works on Eir
  • APN:
  • Website:

Tesco Mobile[]


Tesco Mobile is the MVNO of the leading retailer in the country. It used to operate on O2 and migrated to the Three network, no 4G yet 4G has been enabled in late 2018. It's the most popular MVNO in the country with a market share of about 6%. It is often chosen by tourists or immigants for cheap calls abroad sarting from 1c a minute

Availability and start-up[]

The SIM card can be bought online or offline at any Tesco outlet (Tesco store locator) especially these with a phone shop attached for €10. When purchased with €15 top-up the €10 cost of SIM is discounted giving effectively a starter SIM €15 with €15 credit.

All new customers are initially signed up to the basic plan. For a monthly minimum top-up of €10 you receive standard call rates, and free texts and calls amongst Tesco Mobile. When a top up of €15 is applied, unlimited free calls to all networks are enabled for 30 days, 10 GB 3G data and you keep your call credit. Tesco Mobile is one of the cheapest option for international calls when visiting Ireland.

Top up vouchers can be found at Tesco, Payzone, Paypoint, Postpoint and other stores for €5, €10, €15, €20, €25 or €30. Check balance check by *100#.

Simple plan offer[]

New prepaid users are opted in to the "Prepay 15" offer by default. As a bonus, a €15 top-up provides for 28 days:

  • 15 GB data (capped at 7 GB in EU roaming), unlimited (FUP: 10,000 mins) domestic minutes for 28 days, unlimited (FUP: 3,000 SMS) on-net texts and the €15 credit on your account for extra volumes.

Switching to this plan for existing users: text "Join Prepay 15" to 1744. To activate the plan, top-up by €15 or more in one go.

Data feature packs[]

The default pricing for data transfers is a low €0.02 per MB. The following bundles can be booked:

Price Data Period Activation by SMS
€0.79 50 MB 1 day "Data" to 174209
€2.99 350 MB 7 days "Data" to 174210
€5 1 GB 28 days "Data" to 174211
€10 5 GB 28 days "Data" to 174212

These bundles don't renew themselves, you have to book them again after expiration. Using Tesco Mobile App, recurring 1 GB data and 5 GB data are available. No caps for EU roaming are applied.

EU roaming[]

From 2017 you can use Tesco Mobile Prepay within the EU and UK just like you would at home in Ireland. This means that if you’re travelling within the EU and UK, you’ll pay the same price as you would at home in Ireland. A FUP of 7 GB applies for the €15 plan.

More info[]



The leading UK ethno provider started in Ireland in 2012. It has good coverage and speeds in 2G, 3G and 4G/LTE using the Three network.

Availability and start-up[]

As usual, their SIM card is free. It can be ordered online to be sent to an Irish postal address (hotel addresses are accepted). Or you can buy it in selected retailers: Centra, Spar, Supervalu, MACE, Costcutter, Londis, Gala, Eason. Please note that availability varies greatly. SIM packs come in many different configurations - some are free without credit, some come are paid for with preloaded credit, and some stores sell free SIMs for a fee without free credit. The front of the SIM pack shows the preloaded credit value, and lists the break-out size of SIM inside. Standard, micro and nano SIMs are available from their website. Larger Easons stores stock the free SIM in standard and micro sizes only, but charge a €0.50 surcharge for purchasing a top-up. Lycamobile will send you a text with your phone number after putting it into a phone for the first time. You can also check your number with *132#.

You can top-up online using credit or debit card or using vouchers sold through PayPoint or Payzone retailers (= most convenience stores in Ireland). Scratch card vouchers start at €5. To enter type *131*<voucher code>#. Check balance by *131#. There must be a billable charge on the SIM every 90 days to keep it active and all call credit now expires 90 days after it was topped up.

Data feature packages[]

The default rate for data outside of package is €0.09 per MB. Lycamobile sells monthly data packs valid for 30 days, which change quite often for data valid only in Ireland and partly in the EU:

IE Data EU Data Price Activation
3 GB 2.5 GB €4.99 *139*90350#
5 GB 3.5 GB €6.99 *139*90500#
10 GB 5 GB €9.99 *139*91000#
20 GB 6.5 GB €13 *139*95000#

All packages auto-renew if there is enough credit. To stop, type *190# at least one day before the old bundle expires. For extra data, they offer a bolt-ons provided one of the above has already been purchased, valid for the rest period of the base package:

  • 500 MB: €2, activation: *139*601#
  • 1 GB: €3, activation: *139*602#

These combo packages are offered:

  • National S: 1 GB data, 300 mins, 300 SMS - €9, activation: *139*2001#
  • Ireland Plus: 25 GB IE data capped at 7 GB in the EU, unlimited mins and texts: €15, activation: *139*2015#
  • All in One M: 35 GB IE data capped at 9.5 GB in the EU, unlimited national mins and texts, 100 IDD mins: €20, activation: *139*2004#
  • All in One L: unlimited data (60 GB at full speed, after speed may be throtted) in IE capped at 14 GB in the EU, unlimited national mins and texts, 100 IDD mins: €30, activation: *139*2005#.

Data usage can be checked by dialing *137# for data add-ons, and *147# for inclusive data.

As of July 2019 Lycamobile intercepts web browsing to inject ads into unencrypted HTTP web traffic, and additional measures that captures your browsing before redirecting to the HTTPS version of a site. This may temporarily break some apps and downloads unless you use a VPN.

EU roaming[]

Lycamobile applies roam like at home rules to their data and combo packages up to the specified limit. All other EU/EEA/UK roaming is on the default rate of €0.09 per MB.

More info[]

  • APN:
  • Username: lmie (that's lowercase L, not capital i)
  • Password: plus
  • by default, some Android Phones configure the APN wrongly leaving Username & Password blank when activating the Sim
  • Lycamobile is known to block tethering and WiFi hotspots
  • Website:

An Post (formerly Postfone)[]

An Post, the Irish postal system, launched Postfone as MVNO on the Vodafone network in 2010. In 2015 it was rebranded to Post Mobile and data services were added. Vodafone has one the best coverages in the country in 2G, 3G and 4G/LTE.

Availability and start-up[]

An Post (= Irish Mail) has the largest retail network in Ireland. The SIM card is sold at their branches (locator) all over the country for free, but you have to subscribe to one of their plans (see below).

You can top-up online or by vouchers from retailers displaying the Postpoint and Payzone signs. These retailers include Londis, Centra, Spar, Mace and Gala. Then you simply dial 1747 and follow the prompts to put in your credit. Check balance by *200#.

Data feature packages[]

The default rate for data outside of packages is 16c per MB. For data they offer:

  • ‘UNLIMITED' PREPAY SIM: 3000 minutes and texts, 50 GB data - for a €15 top up

EU roaming[]

You can use up to 16 GB data and 250 minutes when roaming in the EU.

Out-of-bundle calls, texts or data usage will be charged as per their standard home out-of-bundle rates. "Europe" consists of the EU, EEA, UK, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.

More info[]

48 ([]


48 is the best value MVNO in Ireland and operates on the Three network in 2G, 3G and 4G/LTE.


SIM cards can be shipped to any Irish postal address ordered via their website or a 'recruiter sim' can be ordered by 48 customers in Ireland and given to a friend. Note, that this SIM is not distributed through stores and can be unpractical for visitors. The SIM is free and no minimal order is required. That's why it's included unlike other online-only operators which are excluded. However, they don't offer pay-as-you-go rates and you need to buy a 'membership plan' in order to use it after having activated the SIM online.

You can top-up your account from €1 and then buy a membership plan or buy a membership plan straight ahead by credit card. Credit or debit cards are accepted and international cards are supported up to €20 for one top-up.

The SIM card may expire after 6 month period, if you don't make a chargeable activity, but often they don't disconnect their SIM cards at all.

Voice and data plans[]

There are 3 'membership' plans available for new customers (4G/LTE included):

  • €7.99 per month: 100 GB data (10 GB EU roaming), 10,000 domestic minutes, 10,000 texts to any Irish mobile network
  • €9.99 per month: 40 GB data (9 GB EU roaming), 10,000 domestic minutes, 10,000 texts to any Irish mobile network.
  • €14.99 per month: 80 GB data (10 GB EU roaming), 10,000 domestic minutes, 10,000 texts to any Irish mobile network.

The €7.99 offer is available to new customers until 10th November 2020 after which it may be kept if already enabled, but not available to new customers.

EU roaming[]

An EU/EEA/UK roaming allowance is included up to the specified FUP above.

More info[]