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The Isle of Man has two mobile operators:

  • Manx Telecom
  • Sure Telecom

Their 2G is on 900 and 1800 MHz, 3G on 2100 MHz and 4G/LTE has started on the 1800 MHz band (B3). Manx Telecom used to have a better coverage and speed compared to Sure Telecom. But in 2017 Sure has 75% coverage of 4G+ compared to MT’s 4%.

Like in the UK, prepaid is locally called pay-as-you-go and available without any registration.

No roaming
Be aware that the Isle of Man is not part of the UK, nor the EU or EEA, where from June 2017 new international roaming rules are enforced. So roaming rates on many European SIM cards are not capped or regulated there and can be much higher.

Some providers, mostly from the UK, however voluntarily treat the Isle of Man as an EU territory, but others like O2 UK have ceased to do so. Better check your EU/EEA provider first before use or buy a local SIM card instead.

When roaming in the UK with a SIM card from the Isle, be sure to turn off mobile data in general if you don't have a roaming allowance in your bundle pack. Because UK networks share the same MCC of 234, your handset may treat it as domestic roaming and allow data usage anyway. Even if you have a roaming allowance, be very careful not to exceed it, as Isle of Man providers still charge 20p (Manx Telecom) or 60p (Sure) per MB for UK data roaming beyond what is included.

Manx Telecom[]

Manx telecom2

Manx is the first provider and market leader on the island. It started with 4G/LTE in 2014 on 1800 MHz (B3) and covers already 99% of the population. In 2015 it was opened for prepaid, but you need a 4G-enabled SIM card.


The starter pack for pay-as-you-go is available for £5 in their shops in Douglas (location). You can buy the SIM in airport at the Information desk. It includes £5 credit and is available in mini, micro and nano size. Try to get one of their new 4G-enabled SIM cards for LTE.

Top-ups can be made by credit card online or using vouchers in denominations of £5, £10, and £20 on sale island-wide from a range of outlets including newsagents, garages, post offices and the Manx Telecom shop (location map). To top-up by voucher, enter *#142*<voucher PIN># and <call>.

SIM card and credit will stay for 90 days. If you don't use the SIM or top it up within that period, it will fall in passive mode with incoming calls/texts only. You have another 90 days grace period to wake it up again with a top-up.

Data feature packs[]

The standard rate outside of packages is a high 50p per MB. They give data allowances as a free bonus on top-ups (bonuses only for online top-ups). One line of "Simply Pay Go" top-ups are available:

Top-up Voice Local Data Roaming Data (*) Validity
£5 200 mins 5 GB N/A 7 days
£10 500 mins 10 GB 1 GB 14 days
£20 10,000 mins 20 GB 2 GB 30 days

(*) = Roaming allowance is valid in UK, Ireland and the Channel Islands.

Voice and data are given out as "free bonuses" with a very limited validity shown in the table. On top of this, the recharge face value is added as well and valid for 90 days, but can only be used at the high default rate. Included minutes include all Isle of Man mobile lines.

Data Roaming[]

Data roaming is always charged per MB beyond the above:

  • 20p per MB in UK, Ireland and Channel Islands
  • 50p per MB in EU/EEA countries,
  • £1.20 per MB in popular countries outside the EU (e.g. Canada, USA, Australia, Russia)
  • a whopping £9 per MB elsewhere.

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Sure Telecom[]

Sure telecom

Sure is the second provider on the island. It still gives a good coverage. 4G/LTE has started in 2014 and is open for prepaid, but is not so widespread available.


Their pay-as-you-go SIM card is free and activated when you top up at least £5. They sell it in their shops and outlets (pdf list), but nano and micro SIMs are only available at Sure shops.

They offer two PAYG plans

  • The Classic Plan: data stays always on the 5p per MB base rate without any bonuses offered
  • The Rewards Plan: bonus packages shown in the table below are offered for top-ups, default use outside these allowances is 10p per MB instead

Unlike Manx Telecom with Sure top-ups stay valid for 180 days.

Data feature packs[]

Their standard data rates are 5p per MB on the Classic plan and 10p per MB on the Rewards plan. The Classic plan always stays on the default rate, the Rewards plan can be added by these packages with bonuses for top-ups:

Top-up Voice SMS Roaming


Local Data Roaming


£5 500 mins 500 5 GB 7 days
£10 1000 mins 1000 100 mins/SMS 10 GB 1 GB 14 days
£20 unlimited unlimited 200 mins/SMS 20 GB 2 GB 30 days

If you top up with the MySure app, all top-ups instead provide unlimited data for the validity of the bonus. Roaming allowances are valid only in the UK, Ireland and France. Sure now treats use on its networks in the Channel Islands as "local", so any Sure plan from the British Isles is valid there and usage will come out of the local allowance, not the roaming allowance.

Minutes and SMS include all Isle of Man mobile lines. The top-up face value is added additionally, stays valid for 180 days, but can only be used at the high default rate.

Data Roaming[]

Data roaming is charged per MB by default:

  • 60p per MB in UK, Ireland and Channel Islands
  • 60p per MB in EU/EEA countries,
  • £7.20 per MB in popular countries outside the EU (eg. Canada, USA, Australia, Russia)
  • £14.40-17 per MB elsewhere

They offer an "away booster" for £5 to reduce rates to 12p per MB in the UK and and 30p/MB in the EU.

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