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There are four network providers currently operating in Italy, with one merger and one new entrant scheduled:

  • TIM 2G, 4G and 5G
  • Vodafone 2G, 4G and 5G
  • WINDTRE (W3) (merger of Wind and 3) 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G
  • iliad (launched in 2018) 4G and 5G, 4G is a mix of proprietary and radio access network (RAN) sharing with W3 and 2G/3G also in RAN sharing with W3

The parent companies Vimpelcom and CK Hutchison of Wind and Tre (3) agreed to a merger in 2015. This deal was approved by regulatory bodies in 2016.Wind and Tre are merging to one network WindTre in 2017-20. Both brands have been maintained until in March 2020 the new W3 (spoken: WindTre) brand was introduced.

Both merging operators had to hand over spectrum to a new market entrant to get this deal approved. This new player comes from French iliad Group that shook the French market some years ago with its brand Free mobile. In Italy it launched in May 2018 with predatory pricing starting a price war. The other providers reacted by lowering prices and launching new budget brands.

For 5G a fifth provider acquired spectrum and is building it up in cities:

  • Fastweb (MVNO, 2G/3G/4G/5G W3)

In recent years MVNOs have started up competing with the network providers on their networks. Major MVNOs like CoopVoce, PosteMobile, FastWeb, Lycamobile, Tiscali, NoiTel, ho mobile, Kena mobile, and Digi Mobil are listed. Italy is the most competitive market in Western Europe right now.

The city-state of the Vatican doesn't have own operators and is fully covered by Italian operators instead.

The tiny country of San Marino used to sell own SIM cards by San Marino Telecom under the Prima brand, but has stopped this now. It's also fully covered by Italian antennas instead.

Price comparison with the rest of the world[]

UK internet comparison site has ranked Italy as 2nd out of 237 countries/territories in terms of mobile data affordability with data costing on average €0.08 (approximately US$0.09) per GB (July 2023) with only Israel's data prices cheaper than Italy's.

This means Italy's data prices are approximately US$1.64 per GB cheaper than the global median. [Cable 1]

Frequencies and coverage[]

  • 2G: up to EDGE is on 900, 1800 MHz spectrum is being reused for LTE
  • 3G: up to DC-HSPA+ is on 900 (Band 8), 2100 MHz (Band 1), switched off by Vodafone in winter 2021/2 and TIM in summer 2022. The only remaining 3G service is offered by WindTre (and on Iliad through WindTre roaming).
  • 4G/LTE: 800 MHz (band 20), 1800 MHz (band 3), 2600 MHz (band 7). Additionally TIM is using the unusual 1500 MHz (band 32) in metro areas and WindTre is testing TD-LTE on 2600 MHz (band 38). Vodafone and WindTre are deploying LTE also on 2100 MHz (band 1).
  • 5G: started in 2019 on the major networks on 3500 MHz (n78) in a few cities. For 5G there will be two physical networks: one built by TIM and Vodafone and a second one built by FastWeb, WindTre and iliad on n78 (3500 MHz) in cities and from 2022 on n28 (700 MHz) in the countryside.

Iliad doesn't own 2G and 3G networks, it roams for 2G/3G on the WindTre network instead. Vodafone and TIM switched off their 3G in 2022. From now on you need a 4G/LTE device for data.

TIM and Vodafone used to have the best coverage. This has changed in 2020 when the newly consolidated network WindTre was unveiled and seems to be now on par or better than the other carriers what coverage and speeds are concerned. The new 4th operator Iliad has deployed some own 3G/4G infrastructure and relies on a 10 year-RAN-sharing and roaming contract with WindTre giving it a good nationwide coverage at the start. OpenSignal in their analysis in 2021 found out that Vodafone has the widest 4G/LTE availability at high 96%, while WindTre the highest speeds at 10.5 Mbit/s.

Legal requirements[]

To purchase a prepaid (= ricaricabile) SIM card a photo ID (e.g. a passport) is mandatory in Italy. You can get them in the shops of the providers where they will be registered as well

You might be asked for a "codice fiscale" (tax code), a sequence of letters and digits for Italian citiziens and expats for tax and identification matters (more info in Italian.). As a non-Italian traveller you probably don't have yours, but given that it's made by an algorithm considering your name, gender, birth date and birth place, it may be easily created by specific software or online: How to create a codice fiscale. Some shop sellers may propose you to calculate yours to fill in the purchase contract: for an administrative point of view it might not be the best practice but, due to bureaucratic minutiae, in the end it's the faster way to get a SIM card. So better have your codice fiscale handy and print out when you buy a SIM card. While a codice fiscale is itself not a legal requirement to purchase and activate your SIM, some carriers require it in certain circumstances; for example, all major providers officially require a codice fiscale showing foreign birth to sign up for their plans for foreigners, and Vodafone even officially requires it for their tourist offer.

Triple cut mini-, micro-, nano-SIM cards are available for all networks.

All major operators also give out apps to check balance, change plans or activate options. However, Italian providers geo-restrict their apps in the Play or App Store.

If you want to use them, check our manual how to install geo-restricted apps.


Italian SIM cards are generally very generous about their expiry. But during a pause some operators have tried to change your tariff in the past from a free base plan to a different plan with a monthly debit. As you mostly don't have connection in that period to receive system SMS, it's essential to check tariff plans from time to time online on your account, as long as you have standing balance on the SIM card.

The expiry policies of the major network providers is as follows: SIM will stay active for 11-12 months from activation or its last recharge.

Then it falls in passive mode with credit frozen for up to 12 more months.

During this time you can re-activate it by going to a service center of the provider showing your passport again.

After 24 months from the last top-up your number will be suspended forever and the remaining credit is lost. Have in mind that many MVNOs have adopted a more rigid validity policy instead.

EU roaming[]

EU flag
Italy is part of the EU, where from 2017 new international roaming rules are enforced. In most European countries you can now 'roam like at home' at domestic rates rather than excessive roaming rates. Because of the low domestic prices Italian providers generally apply the rules limited by a Fair Use Policy indicated as EU cap in the tables. For specifics about the new regulation check the European Union chapter and every provider below.

All major network operators TIM, Vodafone, Wind and Tre and their MVNOs give out domestic allowances for EU/EEA surcharge-free roaming with FUP caps concerning time and volume. For time, they may limit continued use to 4 months of permanent roaming. For volumes they give out considerably less for roaming compared to domestic allowances because of the low prices. As a basic rule for Italy in 2022 more than 7 GB data are given out for a €10 package without surcharges in the EU. All use beyond (as long as you still have domestic data left) is charged at around 0.3c per MB (equal to €3 per GB).

Note that if you plan to travel to neighbouring Switzerland, only FastWeb includes roaming in Switzerland (up to their EU roaming cap) for no extra cost. Other operators either require the purchase of a special roaming bundle or charge it at a high standard roaming rate.

Billing cycle[]

In 2016/7 most operators changed from a monthly cycle of 30 days to a period of 4 weeks or 28 days. Thus a year suddenly becomes 13 "months" or cycles. This policy was banned by the Italian parliament in a new law and all providers now have to go back to the billing of "lunar months". This transition happened in the spring of 2018 and led to a slightly different pricing as mentioned in the article. That's why the numbers in some offers are so odd with some providers. From 2018 all billing will be in "true" months meaning the (re)start date of the plan stays on the same day of the month regardless how many days the current month has.

Base rate[]

For all Italian plans you are on a base rate, that runs together with your add-on options. Italian main operators try to make money as they put you on a payable base rate after activation of a new SIM card by default. By this way you will be charged €2 to €3 per month for services you will most likely not need. It's recommended to change your base plan to a free base plan. This can be done already at the point of activation (sometimes for a fee), but must also be possible by law anytime through your online account or app for free. This change of base rates is especially suggested when you like to pause your plan for a while, because the base rate can't be stopped and SIM cards of some Italian providers can even run into negative balance.


Top-ups can be bought in the country at many places like tobacconists (black-'n-white "T" signs), supermarkets, newsagents and even some bars or coffee shops.

Online many Italian providers decline credit or debit cards from out of the country on their website or through their app. This has now made illegal in the EU and at least EU-issued cards should be accepted, but it remains to be seen whether this new EU regulation has any effect. But trying to top-up from outside while roaming in Europe or keeping your SIM alive, you may run into high surcharges of 3rd party agencies.

There is a workaround confirmed for Vodafone, TIM, W3 and others that accept PayPal. You need to open an Italian PayPal account on a random Italian address using the internet connection of your Italian SIM card (or a VPN with Italian IP). It needs to be linked to a different email address, if you already have a PayPal account in your country and will be verified through your Italian phone number. This Italian PayPal account can be used to top-up without any fees as long as currency stays in Euro (else only conversion fees apply). You can transfer funds from your local PayPal to the Italian or link it to most international credit or debit cards.


The Italian market is one of the most competitive in Europe. On this list many temporary offers are not listed as they change by the week. There are online offers that can only be ordered to an Italian postal address which is not so convenient for travellers. Offers for customers whose SIM cards haven't been actively used for a while called Win Back and for porting customers from other providers called Operator Attack are not listed too as they don't apply to most visitors. Always ask for promotions when you look around at the shops. Many Italian SIMs come with bonus programs attached or may try to trick you into 3rd party payable services.



TIM owned by Telecom Italia is still the biggest operator in the country.

All of the country is covered by 2G, 97% of the population is covered by 4G/LTE is available in 6,300 municipalities covering 94% of the population: TIM 4G coverage. From 2017 the rather unusual band 32 on 1500 MHz was added for LTE aggregation in Turin, Milan, Rome, Naples, Palermo, Taormina and Giardini-Naxos.

5G started in 2019 in a some Italian cities and will be build up in cooperation with Vodafone. It's now included on some larger plans with speeds up to 2 Gbit/s. TIM's 3G network has been switched off in 2022. You need a 4G/LTE device for data.


A TIM SIM card costs €10 with €5 credit in their stores (store locator). Most of the times they charge an activation fee for new customers or when activating a package. If you order online on their website sent to an Italian address, you will be charged €20 and given €15 credit pre-loaded with free delivery.

TIM now seems to accept foreign credit cards topping up online on their website (select "Ricarica online") when you tick the "Carta estero" box.

In Italy you can top-up by going to certain tobacconists, supermarkets, newsagents or bars, where the clerk behind the counter either does the recharge on his terminal for cash, or sells you a card with a 16-digit code you can SMS to 40916 in order to redeem the top-up.

Base Plans[]

Their prepaid base plans (TIM calls them "Piani Base") are one of the following:

  • TIM Base e Chat costs €2 per month with the first month after activation available for free. As long as you have another plan with data or a data add-on activated on top, this base plan allows you to use chat apps (for a list of apps see below under "Combo Plans") without consuming the allowance in the data plan or add-on. This base plan is enabled by default on any new SIM card.
  • TIM Base New and TIM Semplice are their base plans without a base rate and slightly higher domestic call and text rates; TIM Base New with a connection fee, TIM Semplice without.

If you are not interested in their special promotional add-ons, it's better to go with TIM Base New or Semplice base plans, as no weekly or monthly base rate is debited. Change for free in store already, on your online profile, by app or by calling 40916 or 119.

If no package for data has been activated, TIM charges the default tariff for data: €4 per day for 500 MB at high speed (4G/LTE) then throttled to 32 Kbps. This is reset at midnight, when a new daily bundle is charged.

SIM cards are sold for €10 with €5 credit on, but many shops charge you more, telling that you must get an offer (usually voice and data bundles with automatic renewal every 28 days). No other data packages are offered with these tariffs. You have to switch to a combo, data or tourist plan instead. So the base plan is only an option for data users, when you park your plan while don't use it.

Combo plans[]

They have introduced prepaid SIMs with combined packages, all valid for a month. The new plans for all customers are now called "Advance" while "Senza Limite" plans are now only for special groups of customers (Young Senza Limiti for those under 30, International Senza Limiti for foreigners, and Senza Limiti 60+ for those over 60, not mentioned here because it costs more than International Senza Limiti for less data). All plans have automatic renewal on the same calendar day of activation. On a plan set to use residual credit, if there's no credit left, the plan will be renewed, but you have to top up, otherwise you won't be able to use the allowances. The plans available are listed below and come with unlimited voice:








EU Cap Price Extras Age
TIM Young 5G 50 GB 25 GB 20 GB €11.99 TIM Music, free Chat <25
TIM Executive Mobile 4G 50 GB 25 GB 11 GB €14.99 TIM Music
TIM Magnifica Mobile 5G 100 GB 50 GB 14 GB €19.99 TIM Music, Multi SIM
TIM 60+ 4G 6 GB 4 GB all €12.99 free Chat >60

TIM Super Young is limited to those under 25 years of age and TIM 60+ for those over 60 years.. All options with TIM can only be activated and deactivated online, by app or by calling 40916 or 119. All auto-pay plans must be linked to an Italian credit card or a local bank account. If you do not have an Italian credit card or bank account, some EU-issued credit cards may work and American Express cards from other countries paired with an Italian address will sometimes work, but this is not guaranteed. Alternatively, you can top up as well, but get less data. Activation costs are €9 for new customers when done online and €19 for existing customers changing plans.

Apps includes unlimited use of WhatsApp, Facebook Chat, Skype, iMessage, Imo, Telegram, Viber, Snapchat, WeChat, all not in EU roaming. Music streaming includes unlimited streaming via Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, iTunes streaming, SoundCloud, Google Play Music, Xbox live, Microsoft Groove, all not in EU roaming.

For more data, you can add another 2 GB for €5 , with auto-renewal every month. Online, this is done on the TIM website; you can click "Offerte", "Mobile", "Voce e Internet", then look at "Opzioni TIM". For data overuse without an add-on €1.90 per 200 MB are charged up to 1 GB or €9.50 and then shut off.

Data-only SIM[]

Activation of a new data SIM is €5 with a minimum top-up of €25 leaving you €20 credit on the account. You can activate it online, but it's better to do it in a TIM store. All packages are on up to 4G/LTE with up to 700 Mbit/s for a month each:

Data plan Speed Data EU cap Time Price
Supergiga 40 4G 20 GB 6 GB 1 month €9.99
Supergiga 100 4G 50 GB 8 GB 1 month €13.99
Supergiga 200 5G 100 GB 16 GB 1 month €19.99
Internet 100GB 4G 100 GB 50 GB 6 months €49.99
Internet 200GB 4G 200 GB 50 GB 1 year €99.99

For the first three months, double data allowances are given out in monthly plans.

Tethering and hotspot use are allowed, as is MultiSIM, which allows you to share the allowance with one other SIM for free. Furthermore there are monthly passes for zero-rating of streaming:

  • Video Card for YouTube, TIMVISION, Discovery +, Netflix, SkyGo, NowTV, Disney +, Amazon Prime Video, RaiPlay, Rai News, Eurosport, Mediaset Play, Infinity, Mediaset Premium, DAZN, CHILI, Dailymotion, Fox News, Vimeo: €9.99
  • Music Card for Spotify, Deezer, TIMMUSIC, TIDAL, Apple Music, iTunes streaming, SoundCloud, Google Play Music, Xbox live, Microsoft Groove, Audiomack: €4.99
  • Games Card for TIMGAMES, Among US, Clash of Clans, Pokémon GO, Candy Crush Saga, FIFA, Fortnite, Super Mario Run, Angry Birds, Game of war Fire Age, Wordfeud, 8ball, Asphalt 9, Clash Royale, Elvenar, Brawl Stars, Twitch. TV and Prime Gaming: €4.99
  • Social & Chat Card for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Tumblr, Pinterest, Tinder, ASKfm, Tik Tok, HouseParty, Messenger Rooms, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, iMessage, Imo, Telegram, Viber, Snapchat, WeChat, Line: €4.99

These add-ons can be activated by going to the TIM website, clicking "Attiva" next to the desired add-on, and following the instructions (in Italian). They can also be activated at any TIM store.

TIM international - for foreigners only[]

TIM international is a series of plans only given out to everyone born outside Italy. You will be asked for proof that you were not born in Italy. While the website states that you should have a codice fiscale indicating foreign birth, in many cases, any official document that shows your place of birth, like a foreign passport or ID card will be accepted. If it's not, see above to calculate yours.

  • TIM International Senza Limiti: €11.99 for unlimited domestic mins and up to 300 mins to certain countries and 50 GB data with unlimited chat (for messengers see list above) in Italy (capped at 8 GB in the EU) per month, no further activation fees when activated on new SIM cards
  • TIM International Senza Limiti Plus: €14.99 for unlimited domestic mins and up to 300 mins to certain countries and 100 GB data with unlimited chat (for messengers see list above) in Italy (capped at 9 GB in the EU) per month, no further activation fees when activated on new SIM cards

These plans need to be activated on an existing or new SIM either by calling customer service 119 or 40916 or online on your TIM account. All plans auto-renew. Use the same methods to suspend.

Tourist SIM []

For tourists TIM has released a SIM card called Tim Tourist for €20 (+ around €10 for the SIM, including credit of €1 ), 200 minutes for call and 15 GB of data up to 4G/LTE in Italy and up to 14 GB in the EU for a month.

Calls are domestic and international to 65 countries (for list scroll to Paesi Abilitati), data is up to 4G and will be throttled to 32 Kbps after exceeding quota. No upsize or extensions possible.

Some shops may not like to sell you this offer, as they don't get any benefits from it. Be firm and polite. You may show them a print-out of the offer or let them call Head Office. Numerous users reported problems in getting this official offer by going to more than one TIM store, but it's possible.

Roaming offers[]

TIM has implemented Roam like at Home on all prepaid plans with roaming caps. Alternatively, they still offer these add-on packages on top of your allowance instead of taking it from your domestic bundle:

  • TIM in Viaggio Pass: 500 minutes voice (= 250 mins incoming and 250 mins outgoing), 500 SMS and 10 GB data valid for 30 days in EU/EEA, Switzerland, Monaco, UK, Channel Islands, Isle of Man, Faroe Islands, USA, Canada, and Brazil on all TIM voice & data SIMs for €20. This option can be activated by texting "TVPASS ON" to 40916. To check allowances, text 'SALDO TVPASS'.
  • TIM in Viaggio Internet: 4 GB for 10 days in the EU/EEA, UK, Channel Islands, Isle of Man, Faroe Islands, Switzerland and USA at €25. This option is only for data on data SIM cards. It can be activated by texting "VIAGGIOINTERNET ON" to 40916. To check allowances, text 'SALDO VIAGGIOINTERNET'.
  • For roaming in Switzerland and Monaco TIM offers TIM in Viaggio Full with 500 MB at €3 per day. To activate, text 'VIAGGIOFULL ON' to 40916. If traveling to other countries after, make sure to text "VIAGGIOFULL OFF" to 40916 to deactivate and use another option instead, as this option only provides 50 MB per €3 elsewhere.
  • For Switzerland alone there is TIM Opzione Svizzera with 500 minutes and 5 GB data for €5 a month. To activate, text "OPZIONESVIZZERA ON" to 40916.
  • For roaming in 73 countries outside the EU/EEA zone from Afghanistan to Vietnam (full country list) including Cuba (!) TIM has introduced the new TIM in Viaggio Pass Mondo with 100 mins (= 50 mins incoming and 50 mins outgoing), 100 SMS and 2 GB for 10 days at €30. To activate text "TVPMONDO ON" to 40916, to check allowances, text 'SALDA TVPMONDO'.

More info[]

  • tethering is enabled and allowed on all plans
  • Logging in to the client area on the Tim-website is only allowed from Italian IP-adres. So: you need to use a VPN to log in (seems to no longer be the case, at least from Singapore IP addresses)
  • Topping up online might not work with foreign cards, but you can pay via PayPal which accepts foreign cards fine



Vodafone is Italy's 2nd network and according to tests it has surpassed TIM both in 4G/5G speeds and coverage. 4G/LTE covers 98% of the population in 2019 and is included in most of their prepaid plans: Vodafone 4G map.

5G started in summer 2019 in a few Italian cites and is available on prepaid without surcharge on many plans. It will be deployed in cooperation with TIM in the years to come. Vodafone has switched off its 3G network in 2022. You need a 4G/LTE or 5G device for data now.


Their SIM card is for €10 with €5 preloaded, but almost all shops force you to get a bundle plan, so you have to pay extra money to get the SIM card with a bundle. SIM cards are sold in their stores (store locator), or online to be sent to an Italian postal address.

Vodafone can be topped up locally with 5-100€ using vouchers or in rare cases directly with the number, like the other providers. Vouchers can be redeemed by texting the 16-digit-code to 42010, or by using My Vodafone. It seems to be possible to top it up online on a third-party-site (i.e. comparison websites as or using international Mastercard or VISA without surcharge, even though it says in the conditions that only Italian cards would work. On mobile devices, the browser has to be switched to the desktop version. Their own online top up site, on the other hand, only accepts Italian cards and PayPal, everything else aborts with an error message.

To check credit, dial 414 (default voice rates apply, not included in bundles), or open My Vodafone (app or online). Be aware that Vodafone is the only network that charges calls to check the balance.

Vodafone activates a lot of unnecessary options that a free for a start, but become payable after a short time: Rete Sicura (Safe Net), Giga di reserva, Vodafone Smart Passport + and Vodafone Happy Black. All these options should be disabled through their app or on your online account.

Base plans[]

Vodafone offers two base plans without a monthly base rate, that are rather expensive:

  • Tutto Facile Basic: has a daily rate of €4 for up to 500 MB
  • Vodafone 25: has a daily rate of 5 GB at €6

On both plans every 100 MB on top is at €2. 4G/LTE is not included and costs €1.90 extra. That's why their other plans may be a better deal. You can change plans on your online account or by app.

Combo plans[]

There are three combo plans, all valid for 28 days with 4G/LTE and 5G included plus unlimited calls and texts:

Plan Data EU cap Price Activation


Shake it Easy (*) 60 GB 9.82 GB €14.99 €0
RED Pro 50 GB 9.82 GB €14.99 €6.99
RED Max 100 GB 13.1 GB €19.99 €6.99

(*) = Shake it Easy plan is limited to those under 30, auto-pay doubles domestic data allowance to 60 GB instead of discounting the price of service

These prices are discounted, if you link it to auto-pay through a credit card or an EU bank account. EU roaming is capped as specified and overuse is at 0.3 cents per MB (or €3 per GB).

In 2019 they introduced their unlimited data plans called Infinito. They all come with real unlimited data, unlimited voice and SMS, unlimited calls to the EU for 28 days and differ in their max. speed like this:

Plan max. Speed EU cap Top-up Price Auto-pay Price Activation
Infinito max. 10 Mbps 26.2 GB €36.99 €24.99 €6.99
Infinito Black LTE + 5G Max 39.3 GB €59.99 €39.99 €6.99

Additionally, for out-of-EU usage, Infinito includes 2 GB and 300 voice minutes, and Infinito Black includes 5 GB and 500 voice minutes in Albania, Australia, Brasil, Canada, China, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Monaco, Singapore, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, and the USA. All three unlimited plans also include 1000 voice mins from Italy to Australia, Brasil, Canada, China, Korea, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Singapore, Thailand and USA.

Have in mind that is has proven almost impossible to link Vodafone by auto-pay to a credit card which has not been issued in Italy, and linking a non-Italian SEPA bank account can only be done by calling 190 after initial activation (so if you purchase a SIM from a store, you will not be able to set it up the first time and must pay the top-up rate). As a foreign visitor, you will need to start and possibly stay on a top-up plan.

When a new SIM card is bought, Vodafone enables some extra services by default, such as Vodafone Rete Sicura ("safe" internet browsing - doesn't affect browsing at all), Vodafone Exclusive (this extra enables tethering and 4G/LTE, otherwise it would be €6 per day of usage), Chiamami/Recall (this service sends a text if someone tried to call you while your phone was switched off/out of reach). If you are activating an Infinito plan, these are included with your plan for free and you can leave them on. If you are activating a Shake it Easy plan or foreigner offer, these cost €1.49 a month, €1.90 a month, and €0.12 per SMS sent respectively, and if you do not want to pay for these services, you can disable them online or by calling 42071.

To all offers Vodafone's social and chat pass is added for free. In Italy (not in roaming) it gives unlimited traffic not debited from your general balance through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Snapchat, Tumblr, Pinterest, Happn, Imo, ASKfm, Whatsapp, Skype, Telegram, Viber, WeChat, iMessage, Message+, Call+, Hallo , Viber and Snapchat.

Activation can be made online or by calling 42070. Base rate and data package will auto-renew after 28 days. When data is used up, you will be on the default rate of €2 per day for 200 MB or you can buy another data package from the mobile app:

  • Extra 1 GB: €5
  • Extra 2 GB: €10
  • Extra 5 GB: €15

All add-ons will also renew after 28 days, if not stopped before. All allowances can be used in the EU for roaming without surcharges.

SIM for foreigners and tourists[]

Vodafone offers a special plan to foreigners without Italian citizenship showing an ID document from abroad. It's called C’all Global Power and is a combo pack with 300 mins from Italia to about 50 countries, 500 domestic mins and 50 GB of data (or 70 GB if you can link it to a credit card or bank account, roaming in the EU: max. 7.86 GB) for a month at €11.99 plus an activation fee of €3. It includes the Vodafone Pass Web Voce with zero-rated chat and messenger apps (see above), VoIP calls and 300 mins to EU/EEA, Argentina, Bangladesh, Canada, China, Colombia, Dominican Rep., India, Mexico, Pakistan, Peru, Switzerland, UK, USA and landline numbers in Australia, Brazil, Israel and Morocco.

As a tourist plan Vodafone offers Dolce Vita for €24.99 per month exclusively to foreign tourists. It includes 30 GB in Italy (15 GB in the EU), 600 minutes domestic and to many international destinations and their Social, Chat and Map Passes with zero-rated apps. This plan is free of an activation charge.

Note that the terms for both of these offers indicate that a "foreign tax ID" is officially required (even for the tourist offer!). Follow the directions at the beginning of the wiki to calculate yours and have it ready, just in case.

Data-only SIM[]

They offer these usual prepaid data packages for modems and tablets in 4G/LTE for a month:

Package Price Data EU cap
Giga Speed Plus 20 €9.99 20 GB 6.55 GB
Giga Speed Plus 50 €13.99 50 GB 9.17 GB

Activation fee is €10 for new SIM cards and €19 for changing plans on existing SIMs.

Take care to buy either a prepaid (= ricaricabile) or a contract (= abbonamento) SIM! Night data is valid from midnight to 8am.

Roaming offers[]

Vodafone has implemented roaming at domestic prices on all of their plans. All EU/EEA roaming (including UK) is subject to a FUP of 5.5 GB per €10 package price that is given out without surcharge.

They offer 5 GB for full usage in the EU (except Italy) for €2,99 per week without an activation fee with an option called Travel Europa. It does not auto-renew. Make sure to cancel all domestic plans immediately when they hit their FUP (SMS-notification), if necessary by contacting customer service. Otherwise the domestic plan could be preferred over this option and drain the balance.

Like TIM they offer multiple passports for outside the EU roaming zone:

  • in Switzerland, Turkey, Albania and Monaco - Smart Passport: 200 MB, 60 mins voice roaming (as 30 incoming mins and 30 outgoing mins) and 60 internatl. SMS per calendar day (based on Italian time) are included for €3. They charge you only on days of use. Beyond 200 MB per day, you are charged €2 per 100 MB, up to 1 GB. VoIP is allowed, but no tethering. Use this APN while roaming:
  • in USA and Canada - Smart Passport+: 500 MB, 60 mins voice roaming (as 30 incoming mins and 30 outgoing mins) and 60 internatl. SMS per calendar day (based on Italian time) are included for €3. Beyond 500 MB per day, you are charged €3 per 200 MB, up to 1 GB. They charge you only on days of use.
  • in 39 countries - Smart Passport+ Mondo: 30 mins voice (= 15 mins incoming and 15 mins outgoing), 30 SMS, 300 or 500 MB per calendar day (based on Italian time, varies by country) for €6 per day.

Smart Passport options don't have to be activated ahead of time; upon first use in the destination country, the daily charge will be deducted. There is also a Travel Mondo option, which does have to be activated in your online account ahead of time:

  • Travel Mondo: 200 mins voice (100 mins incoming and 100 mins outgoing), 10 internatl. SMS, and 3, 5, or 10 GB depending on destination country for 10 days are included for €24.99. Overuse of data will be charged at the Smart Passport daily rate for the country you are currently in.

Check here to see what data allowance applies to the country you will be visiting.

No speed tests allowed[]

Do not speed test against Vodafone Italia servers for example on, several people got banned from data usage, despite way more than enough remaining data volume. This ban can apparently be lifted via a callback from a special department via the customer service.

Operator Attack[]

Vodafone also sells these porting plans officially called Special, but often referred to as Operator Attack. They are even cheaper than their usual plans mentioned above and start at €6 or €7 for 100 GB. The official prerequisite to join such a plan is an existing active SIM card by one of their competitors. There are different rates for every brand or operator. You can easily get an Iliad SIM and port it again. Porting is free in Italy and must be processed within 3 working days. Some Vodafone stores sell you these plans without porting under the shelf, but you should be ready to negotiate in Italian for it.

More info[]

  • VoIP is allowed, Tethering is allowed and free (used to be €6 extra on data SIMs)
  • 4G/LTE has no speed cap (except in the lower Infinito plans) and 5G is accessible where deployed
  • if you end your data allowance your connection will be blocked until next renewal or you will pay exceeding usage, following the plan rules
  • APN: /or/ - special APNs for the roaming bundles (see above)
  • Website in Italian:

W3 (WINDTRE) - merged from Wind and 3 networks[]


new W3 logo

In 2017 WindTre was born. This newly merged company has 26 million mobile customers. In 2018 Hutchison (former owner of Tre) took over the rest of the company and bought out Veon (former owner of Wind). For the time being both brands were sold separately.

Meanwhile the newly combined network scored many points in network tests and seems to be on par or even better than TIM and Vodafone now. Both Umlaut and OpenSignal found out in 2020 that W3 4G coverage is equal to the other two networks and average speeds are even slightly higher at 28.6 Mbit/s.

Finally, as of 16 March 2020 the new brand and logo W3 (called: WindTre) was introduced and both brands have now merged commercially.


old Wind logo


Wind used to be Italy's 3rd network in market share before the merger with Tre in 2017. All old offers of Wind have been discontinued, but Wind users have grandfathering meaning they can stay on old plans or change to new WindTre offers.

3 (Tre)[]


old 3 logo

3 (spoken: Tre) used to be Italy's 4th and smallest network by market share before the merger with Wind in 2017. It used to be 3G and 4G-only, but after the Wind merger 2G is offered too, while the old 2G roaming on TIM has been discontinued. As of March 2020 all old offers of Wind have been discontinued, but 3 users have grandfathering meaning they can stay on old Tre plans or can change to new WindTre offers.


SIM card or rather activation costs €10, done in WindTre shops (Store Locator) plus the activation fee for the plan you pick.

Top-up cards can be purchased in tobacco stores for €5, €10, €15, etc. all over Italy, but several, including some newsagents, provide point-of-sale topups instead of physical cards: for example you ask for "ricarica WIND per piacere", choose the amount and give the number of the phone you want topped up.). W3 excludes most international credit and debit cards from their online top-up, but PayPal remains an option. The Supermarket Esselunga sells La Ricarica WINDTRE in its online Carte & Ricariche section (€5, €10, €15, €20 and €30) as "carte virtuali", as part of an online grocery order: you must have an Italian address. Without top-up, the SIM card is valid for 30 days after activation. After each top-up the validity gets extended by 13 months.

Text "Saldo" to 4155 to get your balance and the details of the offers on your SIM card and "Dati" to get data credit.

Base plans[]

WindTre has two different base plans to choose from, that are effective, when no other plan is activated:

  • Easy: data at €0.24 per MB
  • New Basic (default option): 1 GB for €0.99 per calendar day

Combo plan[]

You can change to their combo plans instead with auto-renew every month on the same day and include unlimited calls and 200 texts and a data allowance in up to 5G:

Tariff Top-up




EU cap Price Remarks
De Più Lite 5G 25 GB 50 GB 8.6 GB €12.99
De Più Full 5G 50 GB 100 GB 9.9 GB €14.99 50 mins abroad
De Più Unlimted 5G n./a. unlimited 19.7 GB €29.99 200 mins abroad
Young 5G 40 GB 80 GB 7.9 GB €11.99 only for under 30 y/o
Young+ 5G 80 GB 150 GB 9.9 GB €14.99 only for under 30 y/o

Auto-pay called "Easy Pay" can only be linked to an Italian credit card or a local bank account. When ordered online to a store or Italian postal address, activation fee is skipped. Be prepared to show your ID. Otherwise activation fee is €6.99.

Data feature packages[]

These data packages can be added to all prepaid SIM cards as well, even base plans without allowances. The add-on data packages can be activated online on your account or by app valid for one month:

  • + 1 GB: 3 €
  • + 3 GB: 6 €
  • + 5 GB: 9 €

Data-only SIM[]

These 4G data-only plans are given out for tablets and modems, but work in smartphones too:

Plan Time Top-up




EU cap Price Activation


Cube Lite 1 month 20 GB 70 GB 6.6 GB €9.99 €49.99
Cube Full 1 month 75 GB 150 GB 8.6 GB €12.99 €49.99
Internet Card 3 months 100 GB n./a. 13.2 GB €19.99 free
Internet Card 200 3 months 200 GB n./a, 16.4 GB €24.99 free

Activation is online or by texting code to 4033 for free. Having reached included volume, every additional GB is at €0.99. Cube plans will auto-renew after a month, internet cards are one-off. To stop text 'INTERNET NO' before renewal to 4032. To check data balance, text 'DATI' to 4155.

Tourist SIMs[]

Finally WindTre also released a SIM card aimed at tourists:

  • Italy Tourist Pass: €24.99 - including 100 minutes voice domestic and and 100 mins to 40 countries (list in the middle [1]) and 20 GB of data valid for 30 days. Now EU, EEA + UK roaming is included up to 9.9 GB

This offer reserved for foreign citizens. It can be activated by new customers, at a cost of €24.99 (of which €14.99 for the offer and €10 for the SIM). The offer will be automatically deactivated after 30 days and can't be reactivated on the same SIM.

SIMs for foreigners only[]

For non-Italian citizens only carrying a passport or ID from outside the country, WindTre has released these Call your Country offers:

Plan Data EU Cap dom. Voice IDD Voice Price
CyC Super 70 GB 6.6 GB 500 mins 250 mins €9.99
CyC Premium 5G 150 GB 9.2 GB 500 mins 300 mins €13.99
CyC One 5G 200 GB 13.2 GB unlimited 500 mins €19.99

Auto-pay data must be linked to a credit card. Check balances by *123*168#

Intenational Roaming[]

Wind has scrapped all roaming surcharges and introduced "Roam like Home" dubbed "Easy Europe" in all EU/EEA countries and offers roaming in all of their prepaid plans at domestic rates. In 2018 they implemented a FUP, in 2022 lowered to 6.6 GB for a €10 plan, see calculator without surcharges. All overuse will be surcharged with 0.305c per MB (equal to €3.05 per GB). The UK is still included in their EU zone.

For roaming outside the EU zone they have released these passes:

  • Travel Daily: 30 mins (= 15 mins incoming, 15 mins outgoing), 30 SMS and 100 MB per day for €6 in about 50 countries mentioned here. Activation is by texting "TRAVEL DAILY SI" to 4033.
  • Travel Weekly: 200 mins (= 100 mins incoming, 100 mins outgoing), 200 SMS, 600 MB per week for €9.99 in about 10 countries mentioned here. Activation is by texting "TRAVEL WEEKLY SI" to 4033.
  • Giga Travel Weekly: 1 GB per week for €10 in Monaco, Switzerland, USA, Albania, Armenia, Australia, Bangladesh, Egypt, Georgia, Israel, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Macao, Malaysia, Moldavia, Montenegro, New Zealand, Qatar, Russia, Serbia, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Tajikistan, Tunisia, Turkey and Uzbekistan. Activation is by texting "GIGA TRAVEL SI" to 4033.
  • For Switzerland only they have released a Travel Svizzera pass with 10 GB and 50 domestic minutes in Switzerland for a month at €4.99

All packages have a fee of €2 for activation. The price of the pack is only charged when the package is used for roaming. They may auto-renew, if you have credit and stay in the roaming area. You can restart the weekly packages by "RESTART" to 4033. Three months after activation the package will automatically be deactivated.

More info[]

  • old APN of Wind: internet.wind
  • old APN of Tre:
  • new APN of WindTre:
  • Tethering and VoIP are both allowed
  • Website in Italian:

iliad []


iliad by the French operator that offers 'Free mobile' in France has acquired the 4th licence as network operator in Italy after the merger of Tre and Wind.

They employ national roaming and RAN-sharing in 2G/3G/4G(LTE) with WindTre after sealing a contract for 10 years (in non merged areas only WindTre network is used).

The new network was commercially launched in 2018. Because of the agreement with WindTre coverage is nationwide and equal to Wind or Tre (coverage map) and their signal might be shown as '222-50'. It's expected that the highly competitive market in Italy will be again heated up by their low-cost model.

Their introductory offer in May 2018 shook the industry. Like in France they don't offer regular prepaid plans, but only rolling contracts, that can be terminated at the end of each month. In summer 2018 they signed two million users within three months alone targeting a 10% share of the Italian market later.

5G is available as standard as of July 2022, however signal coverage is unexpectedly poor indoors and even where available, speed is nowhere near what 5G is able to achieve. Even in 4G mode tested speeds barely reach 25Mbps down, 10Mbps up.

Availability and how to buy[]

Their SIM cards are available in a few stores (store locator) and online to be sent to an Italian postal address only or at the self service kiosks called "Simbox" (similar to the French bornes), some kiosks are located inside Unieuro electronics stores.

Using the kiosk machine you can set up and buy a new SIM on the spot, by in putting your personal details, scan your ID and record a video verification by following the instructions (in Italian only) to repeat a prompted sentence. There is no 'prepaid' plan, but rolling contracts and foreigners are able to sign up. The new SIM is activated within minutes. Along with the new SIM the printed receipt issued includes your new phone number, account number and password for logging into iliad's customer portal ('Area Personale'). eSIM is also available.

Automatic monthly payment can be set up online in your personal Iliad account, either with a IBAN+BIC (including accounts from outside Italy, but only in Euro currency) or credit card.

The rolling contract can be terminated by a written cancellation (called: recesso): this can be done by sending a fax to +39 02 30377960 or online in your personal account.


They currently plans:

  • FLASH 200 (5G): 200 GB in Italy for €9.99 per month. 11 GB for EU roaming allowance. Unlimited calls and SMS in Italy and EU.
  • FLASH 150: 150 GB in Italy for €7.99 per month. 9 GB for EU roaming allowance. Unlimited calls and SMS in Italy and EU.
  • DATI 350 (Data 4G/4G+ only): 350 GB in Italy for €14.99 per month. 16 GB for EU roaming allowance outside Italy. National calls and SMS are charged at €0.28.
  • FLASH 250 (5G): 250 GB in Italy for €11.99 per month. 13 GB for EU roaming allowance outside Italy. Unlimited calls and SMS in and EU.
  • One-time activation fee for iliad sim is €9.99.

Excess charges are disabled by default, if enabled in your personal Iliad account, excess data is charged with €0.90 per 100 MB (€9 per GB) in Italy.

EU Roaming[]

Roam like at home in the EU/EEA including UK (but excluding Switzerland) is from 9 GB to 16 GB on their plans.

All data beyond are for 0.244 c per MB (€2.50 per GB) as long as you have domestic allowance left.

The fine print states that:

  • If required, you will need to be able to demonstrate that you habitually reside in Italy, or that you have other stable ties that involve your frequent and consistent presence in the Italian territory
  • iliad will be able to monitor, with objective indicators and for a period of at least 4 months, that your presence on the Italian territory is prevalent compared to that in Europe, and that your data traffic in roaming does not exceed half of the total traffic carried out

More info[]

Coop Voce[]


Coop Voce is a MVNO using the TIM network, running on 2G and 4G/LTE. SIM cards are sold by one of the Italy's biggest supermarket chain "coop" in their larger stores nationwide: coop store locator.

Android/iOS app is available to check balance and remaining allowances and to enable new plans.

In 2020 Coop Voce became a "full MVNO". It will stay on TIM network, but gets more freedom to do its own portfolio and billing.

For this a SIM card swap for existing customers is needed and they give out new SIM cards called Coop Evolution.



The SIM card is sold for €10 with €5 balance. You can change tariffs online in your clients area or by calling 188 or 4243688. The first change is free, all subsequent changes are for €5. Be sure to get a new Coop Evolution SIM.

Top-ups can be made at Coop shops, at tobacco's or online after registration even with foreign credit cards in increments of €5. To check your balance, text 'INFO SIM' to 4243688 for free. To top-up by voucher text 'RIC<blank><voucher PIN>' to 4243688.

Feature plan[]

Base tariff is €0.10 per MB on both base plans Veloce and Superfacile:

These plans are offered in 2022:

  • Evo 30: with 30 GB, unlimited minutes and 1000 SMS: €6.90 - EU cap: 5 GB from 2nd month
  • Evo 100: with 100 GB, unlimited minutes and 1000 SMS: €8.90 - EU cap: 7 GB from 2nd month
  • Web 30: with data-only 30 GB: €7 - EU cap: 5 GB from 2nd month

Plans can be stopped at the end of the month or renewed ahead of time by texting "RINNOVA <plan name>" to 4243688, but only the running feature plan can be activated then for a €9 fee or any data packs (see below).

EU roaming[]

Coop Voce implements "Roam like at home" regulations for EU roaming at domestic rates. They now implement a new combined FUP: for the first month the full data volume of your package is valid in the EU, EEA and UK. From the second month of use, the EU FUP kicks in with a capped roaming allowance.

Additional packages are available for Switzerland and the USA:

  • Swiss+Dati: €5 for 2 GB
  • Welcome Swiss: €5 for 1 GB and 100 mins for 7 days
  • Welcome USA: €15 for 300 minutes, 300 SMS, and 4 GB for 15 days

Activate by texting "SI <package name>" in all caps to 4243688. Packages can not be renewed early; if you use up your data allowance before the package expires, data will stop until expiry time, at which point you can renew your package or be charged the pay-per-use rate of €0.50 per MB.

More info[]



new logo

PosteMobile is the MVNO of Italian Post (Poste Italiane) which used to operate on Vodafone. In 2014 they switched over to Wind, then back to Vodafone in 2021, operating in 2G and 4G/LTE. It's the biggest MVNO by customer numbers in the country with over 3 million users in 2019. No 5G, but 4G/LTE in up 300 Mbit/s.


This SIM can be bought (theoretically) in every postal office in Italy and postal agencies called "ki point" for €15 with €5 credit included, but they are probably easier to find in the central post offices: (list). SIM cards are also sold online on their website to be sent to an Italian postal address.

Anyway, all post offices and agencies accept top-ups as well as tobacconists, kiosks and betting agencies or you can do that online after registration using a credit/debit card.

Combo packages[]

These combo packs with data are sold in post offices, more are available online:

  • PosteMobile Super Ricarica: 1 GB data in Italy and EU and 18c per min or SMS for €2
  • PosteMobile Super 20: unlimited calls and SMS and 20 GB (EU max. 2.62 GB) for €4
  • Creami Extra WOW contains unlimited calls and SMS and a data quota for a month:
    • Extra Wow 50: 50 GB (EU max: 4.58 GB), €6.99
    • Extra Wow 150: 150 GB (EU max: 9.85 GB), €9.99

All packages auto-renew, if there is enough credit. Here only offers that can be activated in a KiPoint or post office are mentioned. Activation fee is €15.

SIM for foreigners only[]

Like TIM and WindTre, PosteMobile has one plan which can only be bought by costumers who have activated the SIM showing their foreign ID in a post office. It's called Il Tuo Mondo WOWand has 15 GB data (max. 6.56 GB in the EU) and 1000 minutes and SMS for €10 per month.

Data-only SIM[]

For tablets and routers, PosteMobile gives out data-only SIM cards on 4G/LTE too for €15 with €5 credit included. One of the 4 choices need to be activated after purchase or by command valid for a month:

  • Mobile 3Giga: 3 GB: €5 , no EU cap - activation: text 'SI 3GB', to stop 'NO 3GB'
  • Mobile 10Giga: 10 GB: €10 , EU cap: 5.46 GB - activation and deactivation: online
  • Mobile 30Giga: 30 GB: €15 , EU cap: 8.2 GB

Speed is up to 150 Mbit/s on 4G. All packages auto-renew. To activate or deactivate, text code to 4071160. For overuse, a high fee of €3.50 per day with up to 400 MB is applied, but you will receive a message before.

Alternatively, they sell 2 time-based packages now on 4G/LTE too:

  • Internet 30 ore: 30 hours per month, EU cap 5.41 GB: €9.90 - activation online or text 'SI 30ORE'
  • Internet 100 ore: 100 hours per month, EU cap: 10.38 GB: €19 - activation online or text 'SI 100ORE'

Speed is up to 4G/LTE. Activation is sent to 4071160. All packages auto-renew. To stop text 'NO ??ORE' with ?? your package to the same number.

EU roaming[]

PosteMobile has so far applied Roam like home principles for EU/EEA roaming including the UK at domestic rates. All data packages are capped according to EU FUP rules indicated at every plan above.

More info[]



Fastweb used to be an Italian MVNO specialising in Triple Play and Broadband Services. It has been bought by Swisscom. In 2016 it moved from the Tre network to TIM and added 4G/LTE to all of its plans in 2017. In 2019 it was the fifth provider that acquired a 5G license from Tiscali and they are building and operating a 5G network together with WindTre. That's why all Fastweb SIMs activated from September 2020 are back on the WindTre network for 2G, 3G, 4G/LTE and the jointly-operated 5G network. Furthermore, all plans have been opened for Fastweb's new 5G an n78 (3500 MHz).


Their SIM card is sold at their sales outlets: Fastweb Store Locator or online sent to an Italian postal address. Price for a starter is €5 and €15 for a first top-up. For delivery by mail, SIM and shipping are free with the first top-up being only the cost of the first month of service due to a current promotion. Their plans need to be linked to a credit card for auto-pay, but can be discontinued anytime.

Data feature packs[]

There are these plans available for voice and data in up to 5G:

  • Fastweb Mobile: €7.95 with 150 GB (EU cap: 8 GB), unlimited mins to Italy and many international countries, 100 SMS - open to 5G
  • Fastweb Mobile Maxi: €11.95 with 300 GB (EU cap: 10 GB), unlimited mins to Italy and many international countries, 100 SMS - open to 5G

Speed is unthrottled 5G and will be throttled to 64 kbps beyond data limit, but you can buy another 1 GB at €6 (once off) or enroll in an auto-renewing option that provides 10 GB at €6. Call allowance includes Italy and to these 60 countries (list). For 5G coverage an compatible devices check this site (in Italian)

EU roaming[]

Fastweb has been exempt from Roam like home rules. That's why it's offering RLH with reduced caps, but additional countries like Switzerland. As only provider in Italy, Switzerland is included to their EU/EEA zone and given out without surcharges up to 6 or 8 GB. The UK is still included.

More info[]

Lyca Mobile[]

Lycamobile new

new logo

Lyca Mobile (previously Lycamobile) is an UK-based MVNO which started its operations in Italy in summer of 2014 and is already the 2nd most popular MVNO in the country by customer numbers. It operates on the network of Vodafone in 2G and 4G/LTE at max. 25 Mbit/s.


Their SIM cards are sold for free in their outlets like Carrefour hypermarkets: Lycamobile store locator. Top-ups must be done right away there, or e.g. at Coop and Pam supermarkets. To find more shops for reloads click "Ricarica" on the store locator link.

Sim cards can be purchased on their website in English, even by foreigners, requiring a passport number. They offer free shipping to an Italian address and do not charge for the sim or activation, so it amounts to just the price of the selected plan.


old logo

Data feature packs[]

Default data rate is €0.18 per MB. They offer these good monthly combo packages, but rather poor data-only packs:

Plan Voice SMS Data EU cap Price Activation
Pink 200 mins 100 50 GB 6.4 GB €6.99 *139*10010#
Gold unlimited unlim. 150 GB 9.1 GB €9.99 *139*10015#
White unlimited unlim. 200 GB 10.95 GB €11.99 *139*10018#
Red unlimited unlim. 220 GB 13.7 GB €14.99 *139*10019#

Their data only plans offer EU data roaming for the full allowance, with pricing as follows:

Plan Data EU cap Price Activation
S 1 GB 1 GB €4.99 *139*1001#
M 2 GB 2 GB €6.99 *139*1002#
XL 10 GB 10 GB €11.99 *139*1004#

This package will auto-renew every month, if there is credit. To stop, call customer service at 40322.

EU roaming[]

Lyca Mobile gives out their data-only packages for EU/EEA + UK roaming up to a certain FUP cap mentioned above without surcharges.

More info[]

  • In many countries Lyca Mobile actively prevents tethering, including Italy. Tethering is blocked also with data packs, where customer has bought certain amount of data for use.
  • Actively blocks VPN. Any bypassing of a tethering block by VPN is not possible.
  • APN:
  • Username: lmit (that's lowercase L, not capital i)
  • Password: plus
  • Website in English:



Tiscali is an Italian-based international triple player that has introduced a prepaid product some years ago. It operates on the network of TIM on 2G and 4G/LTE


Their prepaid SIM is only available in their own stores and outlets (locator). A new SIM card is for €10. The activation fee of a new plan of €15 and is waived for new customers, but a minimum €10 top-up is required.

Top-ups can be made there or online using credit cards or PayPal from 5-€100. Check credit by calling 4130.

Data feature packages[]

Default rate is a high €0.30 per MB. Speed is up to 225 Mbit/s on the 4G/LTE network. They offer these plans:

Plan Data EU Cap Voice SMS Top-up price Auto-pay price
Smart 70 70 GB 4.36 GB unlimited 10 €9.99 €7.99
Smart 100 100 GB 5.45 GB unlimited 10 €14.99 €9.99

These packages must be activated on your personal account. Packages auto-renew after one month, if not stopped. Overuse is charged at the high default rate.

Tourist SIM cards[]

For visiting tourists Tiscali has special offers valid for 7 days:

  • Smart Tourist EU: 2 GB, 100 dom. mins, 100 mins to the EU - €16
  • Smart Tourist USA: 2 GB, 100 dom. mins, 100 mins to the US - €20
  • Smart Tourist Mondo: 2 GB, 100 dom. mins, 50 mins to most countries - €30

All SIM cards can be extended in value or time by adding a new pack for the same price.

EU roaming []

Since 2019 Tiscali no longer opts out of Roam like at home in the EU/EEA including UK. It caps data package without surcharge according to EU rules shown in the table.

More info[]

Kena Mobile[]

Kena mobile

In 2017 TIM's new MVNO started on the TIM network in 2G and now on 4G/LTE too. It's a sub-brand of TIM enabled by Noverca and a no-frills provider to fight the arrival of Iliad.

Kena Mobile has activated 4G/LTE for all its clients in 2018, although customers on older plans will have to switch to a new offer. 4G/LTE download is limited to 60 Mbit/s and upload speed is limited to 30 Mbit/s.


Their new SIM card can be ordered online or by going to one of their few stores so far in the largest towns (locator). The activation fee including a new SIM card is free as a promotion.

Top-ups can be made online (foreign cards don't work, but PayPal should), in their few stores or by buying a voucher in all Lottomatica or Sisal betting agencies. Check credit online or by calling 40181.

Data feature packages[]

For new clients without porting from other providers they offer two plans:

  • 50 GB (EU cap: 5.5 GB) and unlimited minutes and 1000 SMS for €7.99
  • 100 GB (EU cap: 8 GB) and unlimited minutes and SMS for €11.99

Activation charge is €4.99. For more data you can add 1 GB for €3.99 valid for 30 days or the expensive default rate is charged. You can manage your plan and addons by app or on your personal account. Once this bundle is deactivated, it can not be activated again: only bundles with less data or minutes are available then.

EU roaming[]

Allowances can be used roaming in the EU/EEA and UK at the domestic Italian rate without surcharges up to the limit indicated in the table. Note that roaming in the EU is not on 4G which is blocked, but on 2G/3G networks only.

More info[]

ho. mobile[]


Ho. (Italian for "I have got") is Vodafone's new budget brand through Vel Srl. introduced in 2018 to counter Iliad and other budget brands like Kena. It uses the network of Vodafone in Italy on 2G and 4G/LTE, with a speed limit of 30 Mbit/s.


Their SIM card can be ordered online to an Italian postal address and activated through a video chat and through their app. For foreigners it might be better to deliver it to, or buy it in, one of their 3000 sales points around the country (locator).

Top-ups are online from €5 to €50. Ho promises to accept all credit cards, even American Express and PayPal. Otherwise, you can buy vouchers in tabacceri, Lotto and Sisal stores. Balance check is 42121 for free.


They offer these monthly plans for new customers (not porting) in 4G/LTE capped at 30 Mbit/s:

  • 500 MB, 50 mins, 500 SMS: €2.99
  • 100 GB (EU roaming: 6.4 GB), unlimited minutes and SMS: €6.99
  • 150 GB (EU roaming: 8.2 GB), unlimited minutes and SMS: €8.99

Activation is €9 for the 500 MB plan, but free for all others. EU roaming in RU, EEA and UK without surcharges is capped at the usual rates. This plan auto-renews after one month. If you have used up all allowances, you can only restart the whole package ahead of time.

More info[]

Very Mobile[]


In March 2020 the newly merged WindTre network also launched a new low-cost secondary label like TIM with Kena and Vodafone with before. They resell the WindTre network in 2G, 3G and 4G/LTE, both upload and download throttled at 30 Mbit/s.


Very Mobile SIM cards are sold online through their website with free SIM cards and delivery to Italian postal addresses, but requires an existing Italian tax code (codice fiscale). Since April 2020 they are also on offer in some 3000 stores, but not WindTre stores (check locator).

As one of the few Italian providers they offer eSIMs for all plans. You can download it through a QR code on compatible devices and activate it through video identification.

Top-ups are made online with Visa, MasterCard or PayPal starting from €5. In Italy you can also buy vouchers at tobacconists and betting agencies.


For new customers, they offer these monthly plans:

  • 100 GB (EU roaming: 6.4 GB), unlimited minutes and SMS: €6.99
  • 150 GB (EU roaming: 7.3 GB), unlimited minutes and SMS: €7.99
  • 220 GB (EU roaming: 9.1 GB), unlimited minutes and SMS: €9.99
  • 300 GB (EU roaming: 12.8 GB), unlimited minutes and SMS: €13.99

Activation is €9.99 for the 300 GB plan, but free for all others.

More info[]

Digi Mobil[]

Digi it

Digi Mobil is a Romanian MVNO by RCS & RDS operating in Spain and Italy too. It used to run on the network of Tre, but changed to TIM network in 2016 on 2G and 4G/LTE up to 100 Mbit/s too. Note that Digi surcharges EU data roaming.


Digi Mobil sells their SIM card called Dual Nation in their stores (locator) with an Italian (+39 353...) and a Romanian (+40 772...) number combined for 10€ that is included as credit too.

You can top-up at Lottomatica Italia and Sisal or online using credit cards. Check balance by *146#. You need to top-up at least every 12 months to keep the SIM card alive.

Data feature packages[]

They sell combo packages with calls to 50 countries included combined with a data bundle or data-only packages valid only in Italy for 30 days:

  • Combo packages:
    • Combo 5: €5 - 3 GB, 250 mins to Italy and 57 countries
    • Combo 10: €10 - 50 GB, 500 mins to Italy and 57 countries, 1500 on-net mins
    • Combo 15: €15 - 75 GB, 1000 mins to Italy and 57 countries, 2000 on-net mins
  • Add-on packages (valid for the rest of the running time of the base pack):
    • Naviga Extra 500 MB: €1
    • Naviga Extra 1 GB: €2
    • Naviga Extra 3 GB: €5

Activation and deactivation is by code *146#, check data balance by *147#. Monthly packages (not the add-ons) auto-renew after 30 days. Unused data on the combo plans (not the data-only or add-on plans) roll over to the next month.

EU roaming []

Digi Mobil is exempt from "roam like at home" rules in the EU. It now offers EU/EEA roaming data including UK, but at a surcharged rate of 3c per MB (equal to €3 per GB) without any free allowance. The Naviga Europa option is also available at a cost of €3 for 1 GB of EU roaming valid for one month, activated by dialing *146#. This option can be reactivated if data is exhausted before the 30 days are up.

More info[]



Noitel used to be another MVNO on TIM's network in 2G and 3G. In 2019 they migrated from TIM to Vodafone network with a new logo to finally offer 4G/LTE access with downloads up to 60 Mbit/s and uploads up to 40 Mbit/s.


Their SIM card is available in some outlets (locator) for €10 with the same credit pre-loaded or can be ordered online to be sent to any Italian address for free. Activation fee for any of the plans below is €5.

Top-ups can be made in 70,000 Lottomatica or Sisal agencies in Italy or online by credit card. Check credit by *123#.

Data feature packages[]

Default data is at 0.10 per MB. They offer these new combo plans for a month on 2G, 3G and 4G/LTE too in up to 60/40 Mbit/s:

Plan Data Voice SMS Price
Step 2 GB 300 mins 10 €2.99
Next Step 30 GB 500 mins 50 €4.99
Super Jump 150 GB unlimited 50 €7.99

EU roaming[]

You can use the default rate and all data packages mentioned above in the EU/EEA including the UK according to EU rules, you may need to enable roaming by texting 'WORLDDATAON' to 404060.

More info[]

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