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Providers Edit

There are two operators in Lebanon:

  • Touch (formerly MTC) managed by Zain
  • Alfa managed by Orascom

Both of them are owned by the state, but each managed by a foreign telecom company. 2G/GSM is on 900 MHz up to EDGE, 3G on 2100 MHz up to HSPA+ and 4G/LTE has started on both networks on 1800 MHz (Band 3) in 2013. During 2016 both Touch and Alfa implemented substantial 4G/LTE upgrades and expansions. At the end of March 2017 there was 85% 4G/LTE coverage of population across most parts of Lebanon. Service quality is quite good, fast and reliable.

Pricing Edit

Don't be astonished, that Lebanon charges the highest prices in the region which - because of state regulations - remain pretty similar between the two operators, though Alfa is a bit cheaper. In 2016 the goverment urged them to lower prices and both operators lowered some rates. In 2017 the Minister of Telecommunications announced new prices for activating certain mobile SIM cards. A basic prepaid SIM card on either Touch or Alfa networks can now be bought for $3 (plus 10% tax) – which includes $3 initial phone credit – compared to the previous start-up cost of up to $25.

The currency in Lebanon is the Lebanese pound (LBP) which is pegged to the US$: 1 US$ = 1507.5 LBP. That's why prices are given in US$. All prices below are subject to a 10% state tax.

Regulations Edit

A passport is required to purchase a SIM card in one of the shops of the operators. You may be called by the operator to verify your identity.

Touch (formerly MTC) Edit


Touch, previously called MTC, is state-owned, but managed by the Kuwaiti Zain group. It's the leading provider in Lebanon with about 2/3 of the customer base and the best coverage in 2G and 3G. 4G/LTE has been spead to over 85% of the population in 2017: 3G 4G coverage-map

Availability Edit

Prepaid starter packs are sold in their shops: (store-locator). The new state set price is $3 for a prepaid SIM plus 10% tax including the same $3 balance valid for 5 days. The default plan is called "magic". For data-only they sell a prepaid SIM for $19 (plus tax) with the same credit preloaded, but you can only add the same packages below.

You can switch between different prepaid plans (Start, Smart, Super and Magic) during the line’s active period for free. Simply text “Start”, “Smart”, “Super” or “magic” to 1144 to do so. But this will only lower your call fees by adding a monthly base rate.

To recharge buy a voucher and enter the code like this: *200*<voucher PIN>#. To check credit and validity enter *220#.

Data feature packages Edit

These packages can be added to all plans for data:

  • daily package: 50 MB for 24 hours: $1. Activation: text “DD” to 1188
  • 2-days package: 200 MB for 48 hours: $2. Activation: text "DD2" to 1188
  • weekly package: 1 GB for 7 days: $7. Activation: text "WD" to 1188

To check your remaining MBs and time of deactivation, dial *230#. When subscribed to the Daily Data bundle, you can still activate any WhatsApp, or monthly data bundle simultaneously. Active data plans on the line will be consumed successively: First the WhatsApp bundle followed by the Daily Data bundle, and then 3G/4G plan already subscribed to on the line. The daily bundle is not auto-renewed: Once the validity period is reached, it will be automatically deactivated. The Daily Data bundle can be activated on Magic base plans only.

  • monthly packs on "4.5G" that means 4G/LTE is now included:
Volume Price Overuse Fee Activation
500 MB $ 10 $ 0.1 / MB HS1
1.75 GB $ 19 $ 0.08 / MB HS2
6 GB $ 26 $ 0.07 / MB HS3
10 GB $ 39 HS4
20 GB $ 59 $ 0.06 / MB HS5
30 GB $ 79 $ 0.05 / MB HS6
40 GB $ 99 HS7
60 GB $ 119 HS8
100 GB $ 130 HS9

All prices are subject to 10% tax. To check your remaining MBs, dial *220#. To subscribe, text code to 1188.

For social media you have these choices:

  • WhatsApp bundle: all voice SIMs can be added by this bundle with 300 MB for $6 per month. Activation by texting "WA" to 1100.
  • Social Media bundle: for Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter and Snapchat you can add a 300 MB bundle for $7 by texting "S" to 1100.

Both bundles auto-renew. To stop text "DWA" for the WhatsApp bundle and "DS" for the Social Media Bundle to 1100.

Tourist SIM Edit

In 2018 Touch started to sell a tourist SIM called Visitor Line. It's available at Beirut International airport, touch service centers and touch PoPs. It's valid for 365 days with 14 days active bundle validity. The validity of the line is extended to 1 year every time the visitor bundle is activated. The bundle is not auto-renewed, once the validity period is reached, it will be automatically deactivated.

To benefit from the Visitor line, you will need a valid passport with an entry stamp not older than 3 months. It contains 10 GB of data, 100 local and international minutes, 100 local and international SMS for 14 days at $ 39. You can only reload the same package again for the same price to extend in volume or time. To renew the bundle, send 'VB' to 1100 or use Touch mobile app. The Visitor line can be topped up with regular Touch reloads. To check your account balance, bundle details and validity dial *220# or use their app.

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Alfa Edit


Alfa is state-owned too, but this operator is managed by Egypt-based Orascom Telecom. It calls itself "the leading mobile provider in Lebanon" but in fact is the smaller of the two operators with only 1/3 of all customers.

Yet it's coverage is quite on par: coverage map and they offer a few more options than the market leader.

Availability Edit

Prepaid starter packs are sold in their shops and franchise: (store locator). A new Alfa prepaid card is now given out for $3 (tax incl.) with the same credit valid for 5 days. For data-only their Prepaid Mobile Broadband data SIM card comes for $17 with the same credit available in your account balance. For both products the same data bundles can be added.

Recharge cards are sold from $3.64 to $68.18 (tax incl.) giving 13 to 95 days of validity. To top-up scratch off the code and enter *14*<recharge code>#. Check balance by *111#.

The Alfa prepaid SIM doesn't have data from the start. You can activated PAYG data for $ 0.15 per MB by texing PAYG to 1515 and deactivate it by DPAYG. That's what you should do when you buy a data bundle.

Data feature packages Edit

In autumn 2017 they released weekly data bundles for the first time:

  • 500 MB for a week: $ 5, activation: WBB500
  • 1.5 GB for a week: $ 7, activation: WBB1.5
  • 5 GB for a week: $ 15, activation: WBB5

Activation is by *111# or texting the code to 1050.

You can also add these different monthly packages for data:

Volume Price Overuse Activation
500 MB $ 10 $ 0.1 / MB MBB500
1.5 GB $ 17 $ 0.08 / MB MBB1.5
5 GB $ 23 $ 0.07 / MB MBB5
10 GB $ 30 MBB10
20 GB $ 45 $ 0.06 / MB MBB20
25 GB $ 56 $ 0.05 / MB MBB25
30 GB $ 67 MBB30
40 GB $ 80 MBB40
50 GB $ 100 MBB50
70 GB $ 112 MBB70
100 GB $ 130 $ 0.04 / MB MBB100
200 GB $ 230 MBB200
  • Night offer (1am-6am) 5 GB for 30 nights: $ 5, activation: ND5; deactivation: DND5

Activation of all bundles is by typing *111# or text a SMS to 1050 with the code. All prices are subject to a 10% state tax. For monthly bundles: To modify your current bundle (activated on the bundle renewal date), send a SMS with "MMBB#" to 1050. To instantly renew your current bundle once your MBs are consumed, send a SMS with "RMBB" to 1050. To instantly renew to another bundle once your MBs are consumed, send a SMS with "RMBB#" to 1050.

U-Share: With all 10 GB bundles or higher, users can share the bundle for free with up to 3 secondary account users. You need to subscribe the primary and secondary users online to an account. This is free for the primary user and for $2 for all secondary users. You can also send a monthly data bundle as a gift to another user by sending an SMS to 1050 enclosing <8 digits Alfa number>MI<volume>, example: XXXXXXXXMI1.5

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