Prepaid Data SIM Card Wiki


Lithuania has three mobile network operators, each of which operates prepaid services under separate brand names with separate websites.

  • Telia - prepaid brands: Ežys and Extra (obsolete)
  • Tele2 - prepaid brand: Pildyk
  • Bitė - prepaid brand: Labas

There was also another wireless internet provider LRTC (Telecentras), which used 4G/LTE technology (previously WiMAX technology sold under the brand name Mezon. In April of 2020, Bitė agreed to purchase Mezon from LRTC. Complete integration has been completed on April of 2023 and the Mezon brand has been retired.

Frequencies, coverage and speed[]

Only Telia covers the country in 2G on 900 and 1800 MHz. 3G is covered by Tele2 (~98±1% on -95 dBm RSSI) and by Bitė (~96±1% on -95 dBm RSSI) on 2100 MHz and 900 MHz (in rural areas)[1][2] (coverage data is up to Febuary 1, 2018[3]). -95 dBm RSSI is moderate strength connection for 3G. 4G LTE has started on Tele2 and Telia on 800 (B20), 1800 (B3) and 2600 (B7) MHz and covers around 99%[4][5] of the population in 2018. Bitė covers 97%[6] of the population on the same frequencies in 2018. 4G is covered by Tele2 (~77.5±2.5% on -105 dBm RSRP), by Telia (~72.5±2.5% on -105 dBm RSRP) and by Bitė (~67.5±2.5% on -105 dBm RSRP). 4G coverage data is up to Febuary 1, 2018[7]. -105 dBm RSRP is moderate strength connection for 4G.

After acquiring B28 700MHz licenses, Telia has started using B28 for 5G and 4G with DSS, Tele2 for 5G and Bitė now only for 4G.

According to OpenSignal, 4G LTE availability (proportion of time OpenSignal app users have access to 4G network) in Lithuania is 88.40%[8] (February 2018). Average download speed on 4G LTE network is 30.78 Mbps[9] (February 2018). According to, the average mobile internet download speed in Lithuania is 40.02 Mbps and 13.75 Mbps upload (April 2018)[10].

Generally, there is a very good 3G/4G coverage across the country. You can find current and detailed information about coverage (GSM, UMTS, and LTE) of the major network operators here. It's made by RRT (Communications Regulatory Authority of the Republic of Lithuania). It includes a map (in which you can select different layers with different operator/connection technology) and a table/chart data of all operators with expected GSM, UMTS and LTE coverage calculations, which were created using the same methods for all operators (it’s a bit outdated, the newest data is from last year, 2023).

They have also created a convenient tool to evaluate mobile internet download speed (and some other connection strength and quality data: like RSRP, RSRQ, SINR) from all operators for 3G and 4G connections in various locations across Lithuania. It was done by a special purpose travelling car equipped with consumer grade mobile internet modems.

Telia has fully switched off its 3G network in 2023, reusing the 5MHz B8 for LTE. Tele2 still has a 3G network, but they are planning to fully shut it down in the end of 2025.

Like other Baltic states, Lithuania offers low prices for data and cheap unlimited data packages compared to the rest of Europe. The average mobile data usage of Lithuanian SIM cards was 34.1 GB per capita and month in 2022.


5G was started on all operators (n28/n78 for Telia and Tele2, n40/n78 for Bitė). For prepaid Bitė Labas offers 5G, either as a plan VISKAS5G or an add-on NORIU5G. Add-on is free for first month, then €0.99/month. Tele2 Pildyk also offers 5G, as a plan NMINNGB5G.


All three operators support VoLTE and VoWi-Fi on postpaid. Bitė Labas supports VoLTE and VoWi-Fi on prepaid, Tele2 Pildyk supports VoLTE on prepaid, Telia Ežys possibly supports VoLTE, but Extra (obsolete) does not and calling is 2G only.

Additional info (where to buy?)[]

The three major network operators sell their prepaid lines under different names: Pildyk, Labas and Ežys and Extra (obsolete), whose rates are amongst the lowest in Europe. Prepaid SIM cards are available in the brand stores of the network providers (Tele2, Telia, Bitė), supermarkets (e.g.: Maxima, Iki, Rimi, NORFA), petrol stations (e.g. Circle K, Viada, Baltic Petroleum, other stations with prepaid cards advertised), kiosks (e.g. Lietuvos spauda, Narvesen, Kaunos spauda, Vaskota), convenience store (e.g. Aibė), post offices (new version Lithuanian page with locations, old version English page with locations), coffee shops and other agencies where you find prepaid cards advertised. The cheapest price for a new card: Ežys - €1, Telia Extra - €1.50 (obsolete), Labas: €1, Pildyk: €0.99.

  • Almost all existing prepaid and postpaid calling and mobile data plans comparison that are available to the general public are listed on this web site in Lithuanian: (this link is for mobile data plans comparison). The web site frequently updates information. There are filtering and sorting functions; for example you can filter so you have only prepaid options, sort offers by price, select price range.


On 19/DEC/2023, the Lithuanian parliament passed an update to the Electronic Communications Law which would make registration for new prepaid SIM cards mandatory from 2025.[11][12]

EU roaming: NO roam like at home?[]

EU flag
Lithuania is part of the EU, where from June 2017 new international roaming rules are enforced based on the 'roam like at home' principle. However, the Lithuanian regulator has granted an exemption from the EU rulesto the three major providers. Thus all operators are allowed to still apply surcharges to domestic rates for roaming in the EU and EEA.

Telia blocks data roaming on Extra cards while it offers it up to a FUP on Ežys cards, while Labas and Pildyk have issued EU roaming combo packages instead. Their domestic allowances can't be used outside Lithuania, unlike those from other European operators, which makes data roaming more expensive than in many other EU countries. For specifics about the regulation, check the European Union chapter and every provider below.

Also, be aware that Lithuania shares two separate borders with Belarus and Kaliningrad Oblast of Russia (locally referred to as Kaliningrado sritis or Karaliaučiaus kraštas), which are located outside the EU. If your device or SIM card accidentially picks up a Belarusian or Russian network, you will be charged much higher. If your SIM card supports roaming, you can prevent this by manually selecting a Lithuanian network.

Ežys and Extra (obsolete) (by Telia)[]


Telia new logo

Telia Lithuania, formerly Omnitel, is owned by the Swedish-Finnish Telia Group. It has the one of the best overall coverage together with Tele2: Telia LT Coverage Map. 4G/LTE already covers 99% of the population in 2018 and it is available to prepaid users without any surcharge. They offer two similar prepaid brands called Extra (obsolete) and Ežys (hedgehog in English), but only Ežys has data roaming, not its own-brand Extra cards.


Extra (obsolete) and Ežys SIM cards are sold for €1.00 to €1.50 with the same credit preloaded. You can buy them in Telia stores (list) and at Iki, Rimi and Maxima supermarkets, at kiosks, coffee shops and lots of other outlets where you can buy top-up vouchers too.

All Extra (obsolete) and Ežys SIM cards are triple-sized in mini, micro and nano format. Check the package when buying if you need nano size - some older packages (issued before 2017) contain only mini and micro cards.

Telia Extra (obsolete) and Ežys SIM cards are quite similar, but Ežys supports EU data roaming while Telia Extra (obsolete) does not. The management of the SIMs is identical - same coverage, application, dashboard and payment methods.

Activation and validity[]

When you buy a Telia Extra (obsolete) SIM card, its number is written on the package and SIM card holder plate rear side.

When you purchase the latest Ežys SIM card, your mobile number is printed on the outer SIM card ("Tavo numeris" = Your number). To activate your card, you should dial 1544. Listen to the voice menu; it will ask for a language (press "9" for English), then press "1" to activate the card and hear the mobile number acquired. It will confirm your mobile number to you. Get ready to write it down for future usage. The activation call is free, but don't accept the invitation to hear your balance during this call, which will cost you €0.09 (a problem if the supplied credit is €1.50 and you want to buy a weekly bundle for €1.49).

To check your balance at any other time, use the "Mano Ežys" smartphone app free of charge. Although you can dial 1544 and press "2" in the voice menu to hear your account balance, it will cost you €0.09 per request.

Telia Extra (obsolete) does not have an app, but you can check remaining data and balance at or by sending an SMS with "SL" to 1301 (free of charge).

Ežys users can also use a similar website free of charge at but Ežys has an easy-to-use app as well.

The SIM card is valid for 100 days after its first usage until the "Sąskaita galioja iki" date. Then your card will be suspended with only incoming calls and SMS messages available for a grace period of 100 days until the "Numeris galioja iki" date, after which it will be blocked permanently without any chance to restore it. To extend, you should recharge your account. Each €1 top-up extends the "Sąskaita galioja iki" date by another 30 days, with a further 100 days after that until the "Numeris galioja iki" date. Both dates are displayed clearly in the "Mano Ežys" smartphone app or in the special Telia Extra (obsolete, services management page.

Ežys and Extra (obsolete) started charging for its standard plan (which means when you do not have any calling or data plan) from 25th November 2021. The charge is €0.05/day after 48 hours. The charge starts no earlier than 30 days from card activation. If there is less than 24 hours until your grace period starts, then your active account period will be extended by 24 hours with that €0.05 charge. You could be charged up until your grace period starts or you have insufficient balance (it will drain down to €0.00). You should top-up for the amount that you will use straight away by ordering the plan if you don't want to waste your credit for nothing.

Call & Text Roaming only (must be enabled first)[]

Roaming outside Lithuania is disabled by default. To enable it, send +TRP command to number 1570 (for free). After getting a confirmation, you will be able to use your SIM card outside Lithuania, but only for voice and SMS on Telia Extra (outdated). FAQ indicates that when roaming service is activated inbound calls (in Lithuania and abroad) won't work during the 100 day grace period after your 30-100 day top-up period has expired.


You can recharge your account in different ways:

  • by "multiple top-up card": You can find a plastic card with special barcode in each new Ežys package. With this card, you can make instant (electronic) top-up at supermarkets, kiosks and service stations. If you wish to top-up your account, give your top-up card and the required amount of money (or your credit card) to the cashier. The cashier will scan the barcode and your account will be topped-up instantly. You will be notified by SMS. The minimum top-up amount is €1.
  • by OmniID card (only Telia Extra, obsolete) included in every Telia Extra package, but you first have to associate the card with your number by calling 1600 pressing 9 for English menu, then 1 and entering the 11 digit code, or you can use OmniID app or website
  • by top-up vouchers: you can buy a top-up voucher in kiosks, supermarkets and Telia-branded shops. Dial 1544 and follow the voice menu instructions to redeem the voucher; the minimum amount is €2. Vouchers can be activated only in Lithuania. Unfortunately, you can't redeem them abroad, either by phone or online. Vouchers also have an expiry date, before which you need to activate it.
  • by credit card online (for Ežys). Choose "ĮKRAUK IŠ KORTELĖS" to pay online using your credit card. For Telia Extra use this page. Extra and Ežys allow direct online recharges using credit and debit cards, including Revolut and Curve, but not all EU cards are accepted.

Ežys (by Telia)[]


Data feature packages[]

Default rate is €0.26 for 10 MB (valid for the current day until midnight). It's activated automatically, if you try to use mobile internet and have enough credit for it.

To avoid typing the SMS commands and incurring SMS charges, you can use the "Mano Ežys" smartphone app (iOS and Android) or carry out those tasks online instead. Overuse or out of bundle use is charged at the default rate.

Ežys data plans:

Data EU limit Validity Price Activation
Short-time plans:
Unlimited* 1.6 GB 24 hours €1.50 +AKC NERIBOK
Unlimited* 4.3 GB 24 hours €3.99 +AKC SAVAITE
NARŠYK plans:
3 GB 3 GB 30 days €3.99 +NARSYK 3
7 GB 7 GB 30 days €6.99 +NARSYK 7
Unlimited* 13.9 GB 30 days €12.99 +NARSYK NERIBOTIGB

(*) = Fair usage terms apply (prepaid services usage terms). Basically Telia may investigate your usage if you use more than 150 GB a month.

Activation is online, through the app or by sending the above activation text by SMS to 1566 (at €0.10). You may reactivate the plan. Mobile internet is valid only in Lithuania. If the account balance is sufficient, the plan will auto-renew after the 30 days are used. To stop, text 'NARSYK' to 1566 (at €0.10). To stop promotional plan, text the same text as ordering it except use '-' (minus sign) instead of '+'. For e.g. to stop NERIBOK from renewal text '-AKC NERIBOK' to 1566 (at €0.10).

You can only have one KALBĖK (calling plans) or VISKAS VIENAME (combo plans) type plan at the same time. Additionally only one NARŠYK (data plans) type plan at the same time. Ordering the same type plan automatically cancels the prior active plan. Promotional plans (NAKTYS, DAR and others) can be used together with other active data and/or calling/combo plans. Cancelled plan benefits can still be used until their validity period ends. The benefits of the plan which end the soonest are used first.

They also introduced these combo plans with voice, SMS and data valid only in Lithuania for 30 days. You can use unlimited Facebook, Messenger, Spotify, Tidal as long as you have remaining data allowance or sufficient account balance to browse using pay go rate (standard tariff). When using Spotify and Tidal up to 10% of additional data or while making calls using Facebook Messenger your data allowances will be used.

Combo plans (SUPERPLANAI) for 30 days:
Data EU limit Voice SMS per day Price Activation
3 GB 3 GB 300 mins Unlimited SMS €5.50 +PLANAS MIN3
5 GB 5 GB 300 mins €6.50 +PLANAS MIN5
5 GB 5 GB Unlimited mins €8.50 +PLANAS MAX5
10 GB 10 GB €11.50 +PLANAS MAX10
20 GB 14.4 GB €13.50 +PLANAS MAX20
Unlimited 18.1 GB €16.90 +PLANAS MAX

You may reorder the plan. If the account balance is sufficient, the plan will renew after the 30 days are used. When the plan renews automatically, unused data will be transferred to the next month. To stop auto-renewal, text '-PLANAS' to 1566 (€0.10).

Additional/promotional plans and their conditions:

  • Spotify Premium subscription service: €6.99 for 30 days. More information about this service and how to order it in Lithuanian:
  • Free SMS between Ežys users "+AKC SMS" (to 1566 - €0.10)
  • Free 1 GB each month for a year "+AKC LIEKU" (to 1566 - €0.10)

Extra (by Telia, obsolete)[]

Telia Extra

Off any plan, mobile internet is charged by volume: 10 MB for €0.26. The provided data are valid until the end of the current day (at midnight). If all data is used up more quickly, you will automatically get another 10 MB for €0.26.

Data feature packages[]

These data packages can be added to Extra SIM cards valid for 30 days:

Data Price Activation
1 GB €2.45 +NARSYK X1
2 GB €3.55 +NARSYK X2
4 GB €5.95 +NARSYK X4
8 GB €8.95 +NARSYK X8
16 GB €12.95 +NARSYK X16

Activation is by texting code to 1301 for free. Packages will auto-renew after 30 days if there is enough credit. To deactivate, text "-NARSYK" to 1301.

These combo packages are offered for 30 days:

Data Voice SMS Price Activation
50 MB 150 mins 12,000* €3 +PLANAS MANO
1 GB 150 mins 12,000* €5.49 +PLANAS M
50 MB Unlimited 12,000* €6.99 +PLANAS NERIBOTAI
1 GB Unlimited 12,000* €9.50 +PLANAS NERIBOTAI1

All allowances are only valid in Lithuania. For activation text code to 1301. All overuse at the default rate. To deactivate auto-renew text "-PLANAS" to 1301.

EU Roaming (data roaming only on Ežys)[]

Remember that all data roaming is blocked outside Lithuania on all plans and packages of Extra. It doesn't even work for a surcharge on the base rate. Only Ežys plans except the 300 minute/3 GB combo plan work in EU roaming up to the stated limit.

More info[]

Pildyk (by Tele2)[]

Pildyk logo

Tele2 by the Swedish Tele2 group is in the top two in the country for coverage along with Telia: coverage map. 4G/LTE covers 99% of the population since 2018 and is also available for prepaid customers. It’s pretty close, when it comes to 5G coverage. It is the most popular mobile network in Lithuania. They have 42.6% of the market as of Q4 2017[13][14]. Their prepaid brand is called Pildyk (top up/fill up in English).

Availability and start-up[]

A new SIM card is sold for around €2 in Tele2 stores (list) and shops all over the country like Maxima, Iki or Rimi stores. It contains the same amount of credit. Be careful that checking the balance by *245# and activating packages costs €0.04. But it's also possible to do it for free by their smartphone app (Android App) or on the Internet (

Pildyk users can make calls for 100 days and receive calls for 180 days after the last top-up. If your account remains at 0, you will be given 80 days until the SIM expires.[15]

From 2020 Pildyk started to charge users €0.02/day (~€0.60/month) if they don't have any calling/data/combo plan active (they are using standard plan called - 'STANDARTINIS'). Since then, the standard plan charge has increased up to €0.05/day (~€1.52/month). The charge becomes active after 48 hours from standard plan activation. Pildyk competitors also have started similar practices. Labas already did [€0.05/day after 24h]; Ežys started from 25th November 2021 [€0.05/day after 48h; no earlier than 30 days from card activation]. So you should top-up for the amount that you will use straight away by ordering the plan if you don't want to waste your credit for nothing (when 'STANDARTINIS' plan would be active again).


To add credit to your account, you can buy top-up cards (vouchers) for €3 or €5 or electronic top-up for €2, €3, €5, €10 or €15 at Tele2 outlets, Perlas lottery stores, press kiosks, supermarkets and service stations.

To add funds from abroad, you can use an international credit card or PayPal through 3rd party websites like,, Ding or, which charge a service fee.

Data feature packages[]

These new plans valid for 30 days in Lithuania were introduced:

Data Voice SMS Price Activation
Combo Plans:
5 GB 199 mins Unlimited

(*100 SMS / day

to Bitė network)

€5.89 199MIN5GB
5 GB Unlimited €7.89 NMIN5GB
10 GB 199 mins €8.99 199MIN10GB
10 GB Unlimited €10.99 NMIN10GB
Unlimited Unlimited €15.89 NMINNGB
Unlimited Unlimited €17.89 NMINNGB5G
Data Plans:
3 GB €3.89 3GB
6 GB €5.99 6GB
Unlimited €12.89 NGB
  • Unlimited internet on the weekends and night-time: €2.50 (30 days). Weekend and night use is every night from 23:00 to 06:00 and all day long on weekend days (Saturday and Sunday). Renews automatically. SMS activation code: 'LAISVALAIKIS' (text to 1556 for €0.05/SMS). It can also be activated at ('Paslaugos' -> 'Neribotas internetas savaitgaliais').
  • Unlimited internet for 1 day: €1.49 (24 hours). Does not renew automatically. SMS activation code: 'NGB1' 'NERIBOK1' (old code). Text it to 1556 for €0.10/SMS. It can also be activated at ('Susidėk pats' -> 'Neriboti GB parai').
  • Unlimited internet for 1 week: €3.89 (168 hours). Renews automatically. SMS activation code: 'NGB7' or 'NERIBOK7' (old code). Text it to 1556 for €0.10/SMS. It can also be activated at ('Susidėk pats' -> 'Neriboti GB savaitei').

Activation is online (or with SMS messages). Text code to 1556 (for €0.10 per SMS) or go to to activate any calling or data package. You can find SMS activation code by selecting the plan you want and opening the 'Tarifai' button above the selected plan. Packages auto-renew after 30 days if there is enough credit for it. You can cancel the combo/calling plan by texting 'STOP' to 1556 (for €0.10/SMS). Do that at the end of plan validity period as it completely cancels the plan and activates default tariffs. There is no other way to stop combo/calling plan auto-renewal (except too low credit on your account). To stop a data plan (does not work for combo/calling plans) from renewal text 'STOPDATA' to 1556 (for €0.10/SMS). You can still use your remaining data plan quota after you have cancelled data plan renewal[16]. If you don't have enough credit or an active data plan, you can still access to check data balances and order any data plan (except combo/calling plans).

Furthermore, this old data package is still offered:

  • 1.5 GB for 7 days: €1.50, activation: N7

The package will be renewed automatically if there is enough credit. To stop text 'STOPDATA' to 1556 (for €0.10/SMS).

For social media, they offer for 30 days:

  • unlimited YouTube: €3.99, activation: YT
  • unlimited Snapchat: €0.99, activation: SNAP
  • unlimited Instagram: €0.99, activation: INSTA
  • unlimited Facebook and FB Messenger: €0.99, activation: FB

To activate text code to 1556. It will auto-renew after 30 days. To stop, text STOP to be followed by code.

EU/EEA roaming (surcharged)[]

Pildyk is still allowed to apply surcharges for EU/EEA roaming. You can't use domestic packages outside Lithuania. However, you can still use default calling plan called STANDARTINIS (€0.18/min & €0.05/SMS plus Tele2 EU/EEA roaming surcharges of €0.00484/min for incoming and outgoing calls) if you only need to call or send some SMS messages. You should activate this default calling plan by cancelling your active domestic combo/calling plan. You can do that by texting 'STOP' to 1556 (for €0.10/SMS). It completely cancels your active combo/calling plan so you lose all the plan's benefits by doing that. It should be possible to achieve the same thing by texting 'STANDARTINIS' to 1556 (for €0.10/SMS). You can also do that by going to and ordering this default calling plan for free (Kiti planai (Other plans) -> STANDARTINIS PLANAS (Standard plan) -> TĘSTI (Continue)).

You need to buy one of these special EU/EEA roaming packages (there are no EU/EEA roaming surcharges for their package quota) if you want to use data and get more calling minutes & SMS messages in other EU/EEA countries:

Data Voice SMS Validity Price Activation
100 MB 10 min 10 24 hours €1.49 EUDIENA
100 GB (in Lithuania) and 1.5GB (EU countries) 100 min 100 24 hours €2.79 VASARA1
300 MB 50 min 50 7 days €3.99 EUSAV
1 GB 100 min 100 7 days €8.99 EUSAV1GB
1 GB 7 days €4.99 EU1GB
5 GB 7 days €9.99 EU5GB
100 GB (in Lithuania) and 4GB (EU countries) 100 min 100 7 days €7.49 VASARA7
100 GB (in Lithuania) and 10GB (EU countries) 100 min 100 30 days €18.69 VASARA30

Data roaming pricing in the UK and Gibraltar is priced separately:

  • €1: 200 MB for 1 day, activation 200UK
  • €5: 1 GB for 7 days, activation 1UK
  • €115: 5GB for 7 days, activation 5UK

For activation, text the selected package code to 1556 (€0.10 per each request). No auto-renew -- activate another one manually if you still need it. Calling to other countries (not EU/EEA) is for €2/min additionally. You can also order preferred plan (without paying for your activation request) from (they are in "Kiti planai (Other plans)" section). More information in Lithuanian:

More info[]

eSIM info[]

Pildyk now supports eSIM, meaning you can buy eSIM online and activate on your device.

Labas (by Bitė)[]

181585675 10158337547936194 6369973887707959893 n


Bitė (bee in English) has the lowest coverage on 3G/4G/5G in Lithuania, but it is still comparable to the other two mobile network operators (for more info look under "Frequencies & Coverage" above): Bitė's coverage map. They started 4G/LTE in 2015 on 800, 1800 and 2600 MHz. 4G is available for 97% of the population in 2018. The prepaid line is called Labas (Hello/Hi in English).


A Labas SIM card can be bought at Bitė stores (list) and many more outlets like Maxima, Rimi, Iki, Norfa and others where recharge vouchers can be found too for €1 or more with the same credit on or some pre-ordered plan advertised on the packaging. New packages come with triple-cut SIM cards (mini, micro and nano sizes).

Labas still offers no manual, website, dashboard or system messages in any languages but Lithuanian. However there is one page in English (see "More info" bellow). Card packaging made on 23rd May 2017 (so newer card packaging should have some information in English) had a short text in English how to activate the SIM and get mobile internet settings. You can use Chrome browser's integrated Google translate service to help you translate their website and more importantly the dashboard pages (you can't do that from regular machine translation service websites). You can also use Tilde Translator or Microsoft Translator to translate the website. Roaming is active by default; you don't need to activate it.

Recharges and expiration[]

You can buy Labas top-up vouchers in kiosks, supermarkets and Bitė-branded phone shops. The minimum amount is €3. The voucher contains two codes (serial number and activation code) which should be dialled or texted in order to recharge your account.

Labas now accepts online top-ups using credit cards (Visa or MasterCard). This is still the only way to do it from abroad. The website says that only EU cards accepted, but some other cards can be good too. The card should support 3D Secure (Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode) feature. Verified in 2017 with UK card.

All Labas SIM cards are valid for 6 months (assuming recharge gives you 3 active months and 3 months grace period after that) since the last recharge. After 3 months, a grace period of 3 months begins. During the grace period, you can only receive incoming calls and SMS but can't make outgoing calls or send SMS. Recharge your account to extend its lifetime. After the grace period ends, they will terminate your subscription and block the number.

You can check your account balance and expiration date by dialling *245#. It will display the actual account balance on your phone screen. Each request costs €0.33. Use online profile Mano Labas to check the balance for free.

Labas is charging for its standard plan (you are not using any calling or data plan). They probably started doing that from 2021. The charge is €0.09/day after 24h. You should top-up for the amount that you will use straight away by activating the plan if you don't want to waste your credit for nothing.

Data feature packages[]

These domestic data packages on 2G, 3G and 4G/LTE work only in Lithuania. These plans don't work together with EU roaming plans: HEYEU500, HEYEU1 and HEYEU4:

If you don't have an active data package and you try to use mobile internet, then automatically the STANDARTINIS (€0.09) default data plan will be activated. It gives you 'unlimited' (FUP: 10 GB, then throttled to 256 kbps) data for 24 hours. It is not the same thing as LABADIENIS data plan. With STANDARTINIS, your second data plan (if you order it after STANDARTINIS gets activated) is used first contrary to LABADIENIS data plan.

'Unlimited' data packages:[]

  • LABADIENIS (hello day) gives unlimited GB for 24 hours, beyond throttled to 256 kbps: €1.49 activation: "LABADIENIS". It can be re-ordered ahead of time and data from this plan is used at first when you run a second data plan. It doesn't renew automatically and doesn't turn off your other active plan with data.
  • VAKARAI BERIBIAI (evenings unlimited) gives unlimited GB per evening (from 6pm to 11pm for 30 days), beyond throttled to 256 kbps: €3.49, activation: "VAKARAI". This plan doesn't use data from your other active data plans (on that plan's working hours). It renews automatically every 30 days if there is enough active credit and doesn't turn off your other active plan with data. To deactivate, text "VAKARAI-" to 1500.
  • SAVAITGALIAIS (weekends) gives unlimited GB per day (from Saturday midnight to Monday midnight for 30 days), beyond throttled to 256 kbps: €2.99, activation: "ISEIGINES". This plan doesn't use data from your other active data plans (on that plan's working hours). It renews automatically every 30 days if there is enough active credit and doesn't turn off your other active plan with data. To deactivate text "ISEIGINES-" to 1550.
  • MĖNUO BERIBIS (unlimited month) gives unlimited GB for 30 days, beyond throttled to 256 kbps: €12.99 or €9.99 when you have an active monthly calling plan (WOW, HOT, YES, OSM, LUV, HIP or FAV), activation: "MBERIBIS". You can re-order this plan ahead of time, but it can't be used with other limited mobile data plans. It renews automatically every 30 days if there is enough active credit and does turn off your other active limited data plan. To deactivate text "INTERNETAS-" to 1550.
  • SAVAITĖ BERIBĖ (unlimited week) gives unlimited GB for 7 days, beyond throttled to 256 kbps: €3.99 or €2.89 when you have an active monthly calling plan (WOW, HOT, YES, LUV, HIP or FAV), activation: "SBERIBE". You can re-order this plan ahead of time, but it can't be used with other limited mobile data plans. It renews automatically every 30 days if there is enough active credit and does turn off your other active limited data plan. To deactivate text "INTERNETAS-" to 1550.

You can find all possible call and data plans and most recent information about them here: Some call plans includes some data in their package. Because monthly call plans gives discounts for data packages, it may be very beneficial to order one. For example, monthly calling plan HIP (€3.99) + mobile data plan MĖNUO BERIBIS (€7.99) together cost €11.98. However MĖNUO BERIBIS alone costs €14.99.

EU roaming (surcharged)[]

Like all other operators in Lithuania, Bitė is still allowed to surcharge EU roaming beyond June 2017. Regular packages won't work outside Lithuania. Instead they have introduced two combo packs for roaming in the EU:

Package Time Data Voice SMS Price Activation Deactivation
HeyEU500 7 days 500 MB 50 mins 50 €5.99 HEYEU500 HEYEU500-
HeyEU1 30 days 1 GB 200 mins 200 €14.99 HEYEU1 HEYEU1-
HeyEU4 30 days 4 GB 300 mins 300 €30 HEYEU4 HEYEU4-

Both packs include unlimited WAZE app use. Activation SMS costs €0.10 to 1550.

More info[]

eSIM info[]

Labas now supports eSIM, meaning you can buy eSIM online and activate on your device.

Some of the plans are cheaper than the ones you see when it comes to a physical SIM card.


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