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The South East African country of Mozambique has three providers:

  • Vodacom Mozambique
  • mCel (by Mozambique Telecom)
  • Movitel (by Viettel)

2G is on 900 and 1800 MHz, 3G on 900 and 2100 MHz up to HSDPA on all three operators. In 2018 frequencies on 800, 1800 and 2600 MHz (Band 20, 3 and 7) were auctioned and Vodacom was the first operator to launch 4G/LTE in 2018, followed by Movitel in 2019.

Deployment of mobile networks was delayed by the long civil war which ended in 1992. mCel, the incumbent mobile subsidiary of the national telco Mozambique Telecom (Tmcel), previously Telecomunicações de Moçambique (TdM) was the first operator competing with Vodacom since 2003. The entry of a third mobile operator Movitel in 2011 backed by Vietnam shook up the market, leading to lower prices, better voice and data coverage, and higher traffic volumes. Furthermore, the landing of two submarine cables (SEACOM and EASSy) has reduced the cost of bandwidth and led to drastic reductions in broadband retail prices.

A third Mozambique operator launched a 4G-only network later in 2019. State-backed Mocambique Telecom (TMCEL) launched LTE-based services by the end of November 2019, joining Vodacom and Movitel which implemented 4G networks in September 2018 and July 2019 respectively. TMCEL initially launched LTE in Maputo and Matola, before commencing a nationwide rollout.

In Mozambique many people have more than one active SIM card, chiefly as a result of cross-network call charges being higher than on-net prices and variable network quality and coverage, which encourages users to acquire the ability to switch between operators.

SIM card registration[]

Following food riots that took place in Maputo in 2010 which were mainly coordinated via SMS, the government decided to introduce SIM card registration. Initially mobile operators were given a deadline of three months to complete the registration process, which was later extended to 2011. In 2012, only about half of all SIM cards were registered. In 2015 the government set a new deadline and finally in 2016 a million lines were deactivated for not being registered. So bring along your passport when purchasing a SIM card for registration.

All companies have outlets in major towns at which you can buy SIM card starter packs from MT 50, fill out the necessary registration form and buy top-up cards. While it is OK to buy credit from the hundreds of vendors roaming the streets wearing shirts of the providers, you should never buy SIM card starter packs there. In many cases they sell them at hugely inflated prices and are not properly registered. So you can face disconnection.

Vodacom Mozambique[]


Vodacom has become the market leader in Mozambique. It's owned by its South African parent company Vodacom, which is majority-owned by UK-based Vodafone. They have 3G in most towns, but only 2G elsewhere and are considered pretty reliable. 

Vodacom has become the first operator in the country to launch 4G/LTE services in October 2018. Their 4G network has been switched on in the cities of Maputo, Matola, Nampula and Beira, and the municipality of Dondo.


Their prepaid SIM cards are simply called pré-pago and are available in different lines that don't make a difference for data. They come with 25 MB, 25 mins and 25 SMS pre-loaded. As of April 2021, the SIM card is available for 150MT at the Vodacom stand at the Maputo airport.

Recharges are sold from 10 to 2000 MT valid for 3 to 30 days. The higher vouchers give some bonuses.

Data feature packages[]

Default rate is 4 MT per MB. These data packages are offered:

Data Time Price
20 MB 1 hour 2 MT
70 MB 6 hours 3 MT
25 MB 7 days 5 MT
50 MB 10 MT
100 MB 15 MT
200 MB 30 MT
500 MB 50 MT
1 GB 100 MT
2 GB 30 days 200 MT
2.5 GB 250 MT
5 GB 500 MT
10 GB 1000 MT
15 GB 1500 MT
25 GB 2400 MT
45 GB 4300 MT

To activate a package dial *111# and follow next steps or send a SMS with the desired amount in MT to 84162. To check data balance dial *131# or text 'BALANCE' to 84162.

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mCel (by TDM/Tmcel)[]


mCel, short for Moçambique Celular, is the incumbent provider in Mozambique. It's owned by the state through Telecomunicações de Moçambique (TDM), which has the monopoly on landlines. In 2019, the mobile and landline businesses were merged under the new name of Mocambique Telecom (Tmcel).

mCel is has fallen to number 2 in terms of customer numbers, but remains cash-stricken. That's why mCel's service is not entirely reliable, especially in rural areas and no 4G/LTE has been started yet.


Its prepaid SIM cards are called Giro and sold for around 50 MT in their shops and outlets. To check registration, text "consulta" to 822025.

Recharges are called Giro too and sold for 10 - 2000 MT giving a validity of 2 to 30 days respectively.

Data featured packages[]

Default rate: 3.50 MT per MB. Its data packages are called Netgiro and offered like in these sizes:

Data Time Price Activation
100 MB 1 hour 2 MT 100MBT
25 MB 6 hours 2 MT 25MBT
45 MB 1 day 3 MT 45MB1
80 MB 10 MT 80MB1
150 MB 20 MT 150MB1
300 MB 35 MT 300MB1
550 MB 7 days 40 MT 550MB7
1.3 GB 100 MT 1.3MB7
3 GB 200 MT 3MB7
6 GB 600 MT 6GB7
1.5 GB 30 days 160 MT 1.5GB30
5.5 GB 480 MT 3.5GB30
7.5 GB 800 MT 7.5GB30
17 GB 1500 MT 17GB30
24 GB 1800 MT 24GB30
36 GB 2800 MT 36GB30
50 GB 3800 MT 50GB30

To activate dial *123# and choose Netgiro or text code from table to 822022. To check consumption dial *123#, choose Netgiro and Saldo da Conta. Overuse is on the default rate. Facebook is not debited from your allowance.

For nightly use (10pm-7am) they offer these night packages:

  • 500 MB: 20 MT
  • 1.5 GB: 50 MT
  • 4 GB: 100 MT

To activate a night pack enter *123# and choose option 5.

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Movitel is the third operator, which is 70%-owned by Viettel, and thus the army of Vietnam. It entered the market in 2012, but gained 4 million users in the first 2 years of operation alone. A key Movitel strategy has been to build out its network into locations uncovered or poorly covered by the other two operators. That's why there are rural areas where it has a monopoly. Furthermore, Movitel has the lowest rates in the country.

Movitel launched 4G services in summer 2019 Coverage is initially limited to capital city Maputo.


It sells its starter kit at 5 MT with 20 MB and some more bonuses in their stores (locator). For their "para todos" plan, you need to do a chargeable activity every 90 days.

You can recharge 10 - 500 MT with a validity of 3 to 30 days. The higher recharges involve some bonuses. To top-up, enter *150*<voucher code>#.

Data feature packages[]

Default data is 1 MT per MB. These data packages are offered:

Data Time Price Activation
500 MB 11 hour 1 MT H1
700 MB 2 MT H2
1000 MB 5 hours 5 MT H5
3000 MB 1 day 3 MT D3
30 MB 5 MT D5
70 MB 10 MT D10
120 MB 15 MT D15
360 MB 40 MT D40
400 MB 7 days 30 MT S30
650 MB 50 MT S50
1.3 GB 100 MT S100
2.5 GB 200 MT S200
2 GB 30 days 200 MT M200
3 GB 300 MT M300
6 GB 500 MT M500
12 GB 1000 MT M1000
25 GB 2000 MT M2000
38 GB 3000 MT M3000

To activate a package enter *155# and choose pack or text code to 155.

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