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Country code for the Netherlands is +31. All prices given in Euros (EUR or €).


Currently there are now three down from four physical network operators (MNOs) available in the Netherlands:

  • KPN
  • Odido formely T-Mobile, merged with Tele2
  • Vodafone Nederland

T-Mobile and Tele2 have agreed to a merger in 2017. About one year later this merger was approved by the EU authorities finalized in 2019. The combined company is a joint venture and led by T-Mobile. Tele2 has become an online brand only under the T-Mobile Group. Both partners sold T-Mobile in 2021 to a financial consortium. In 2023 T-Mobile is renamed Odido.

SIM cards in the Netherlands are still freely available without any registration. A registration scheme was discussed, but has not been implemented so far. They are sold in supermarkets, kiosks, service stations, mobile phone stores, branded provider stores and at Schiphol Airport.

Price comparison with the rest of the world[]

UK internet comparison site has ranked the Netherlands as 137th out of 237 countries/territories and 18th in the OECD (36 countries) in terms of mobile data affordability with data costing on average €1.58 (approximately US$1.61) per GB (July 2023). This means the Netherland's prices are fairly in line with the global median.[Cable 1] However, many still think prepaid data prices in the Netherlands are quite high.

As such, you may want to consider roaming with your existing plan if you are from the EU or purchasing an international eSIM with national plans for the Netherlands (see the relevant section below).  

Frequencies and coverage[]

All three mentioned networks have nationwide coverage in 2G, 3G and 4G/LTE, where these frequencies are employed:

  • 2G/GSM: 900 MHz, 1800 MHz - shut down by Odido in 2021
  • 3G/UMTS: 900 MHz (B8), 2100 MHz (B1) - shut down by Vodafone in 2020 and KPN in 2022
  • 4G/LTE: 800 MHz (B20), 900 MHz (B8), 1800 MHz (B3), 2100 MHz (B1), 2600 MHz FDD (B7), 2600 TDD (B38)
  • 5G/NR: 700 MHz (n28), 1500 MHz (n75), 1800 MHz (n3), 2100 MHz (n1)

In April 2020 Vodafone has started 5G/NR over existing frequencies in the 1800 MHz band (n3) through DSS and later also on 700 MHz (n28), 1400 MHz (n75; SDL) and 2100 MHz (n1), and is open for prepaid users. Later KPN and Odido followed on 700 MHz (n28), 1500 MHz (n75; SDL) and 2100 MHz (n1) and already claim "nationwide" coverage in 2021, but unlike Vodafone, have not yet opened 5G for prepaid users. Band n78 (3500 MHz) is not expected to be auctioned off before 2024 pending the relocation of Inmarsat's maritime safety ground station in Burum (Friesland) in the northern part of the country to Greece.

A good map of all providers 4G/LTE coverage is available here. A map of every site including technologies, providers and bands is available here.

All networks achieved outstanding results in network tests. For rural use your device should support a low LTE band used by the respective network, which is B8 (900 MHz) on Odido and B20 (800 MHz) on the other two networks. 4G/LTE coverage is excellent with all providers at 97% availability according to OpenSignal in 2021. Odido had the fastest speeds at 62.2 Mbps in downloads before Vodafone and KPN.

2G, 3G and MMS shut down[]

The Netherlands are one of the few countries where different providers have shut down different network generations:

  • KPN: 31/MAR/2022 - 3G was shut down -> KPN is a 2G/4G/5G network now
  • Odido: 01/JUN/2021 - 2G was shut down -> Odido is a 3G/4G/5G network now
  • Vodafone: 04/JUN/2020 - 3G was shut down -> Vodafone is a 2G/4G/5G network now

So from 2022 you will only have 2G on KPN and Vodafone and 3G on Odido. All networks continue to support 4G/LTE and 5G NR.

MMS services were discontinued by KPN on 01/JUL/2017, by Vodafone on 03/JAN/2019, and Odido, Ben and all other providers on 08/JAN/2019, due to the popularity of IM services such as WhatsApp, Telegram and FB Messenger in the country.

EU flag
The Netherlands are a part of the EU, where from 2017 new international roaming rules are enforced. In most European countries you can now 'roam like at home' at domestic rates rather than excessive roaming rates. Dutch operators generally apply this principle without restrictions on all prepaid offers. For specifics about the new regulation check the European Union chapter and every provider below. Unlike many other operators in EU, Switzerland and the UK are also included in some Dutch offers without surcharges. The island of Saint Martin (French side) is often included, but the Dutch side is not.

From a prepaid market that used to be big and diverse, only few providers are left in the Netherlands. They are right now one of the more expensive offers for data when you use local prepaid SIM cards. That's why you may consider bringing an EU/EEA issued SIM card to the Netherlands and use it for roaming in the country.



KPN is the biggest telecommunication company in the Netherlands. It used to be the state-owned telco, still owns the landline network and is clear market leader with its own brand KPN Mobile and through subsidiaries in the mobile market. As incumbent provider it claims the best coverage at the highest prices (coverage map).

Their 4G/LTE can be used with their prepaid . However, all prepaid usage speeds provided by KPN, are capped at 25 Mbit/s (download) / 10 Mbit/s (upload). These caps are also imposed on all MVNOs that use KPN's network. All allowances can be used without surcharges all over the EU/EEA. KPN has started 5G on n28 (700 MHz), but this is not yet available for prepaid. It closed down its 3G network on 31/MAR/2022 to be a 2G/4G/5G network while its 5G is not available for prepaid users.

Availability []

They only sell three different prepaid SIM cards either ordered online to be sent to a Dutch postal address or in their own stores (shop locator) and lots of other stores and outlets:

  • €4.99: with €10 balance (€2.50 are initially offered as default balance, but for the rest €7.50 you have to make a request by providing your name and address on your online account called MijnKPN).
  • €9.99: with €10 balance and 1 GB data
  • €9.99: with €10 balance and their severely throttled "unlimited" package (see below)

Online top-up is offered using Mastercard and VISA or PayPal, but is unclear if all international credit cards will work. Reload voucher are called "Opwaardeerkaart" and sold in KPN stores (see above), tobacco stores, kiosks and many supermarkets. To top up text voucher code and the word 'Opwaarderen' to 1266 for free. When you register at MijnKPN, you will get €15 for a €10 top-up and €35 for a €20 top-up in the Bonustarief (bonus tariff).

Loaded credit has unlimited shelf life as long as you you still use your card with rechargeable activities once every 6 months.

Data feature packs[]

Default data rate is €0.10 per MB at max. 25 Mbit/s on all new starters from 2021. So better buy data bundles that are called Voordeelbundels or Internetbundels.

You have the choice of a severely throttled speed with "unlimited" data at reasonable prices or unreduced "4G" speeds at inflated rates. Compare their offers with MVNOs on their network and other providers. You can add these bundles:

Data Time Speed Voice/Text Price Renew Activation
unlimited 1 day 128 Kbit/s - €1.99 no *148#
1 GB 25 Mbit/s - €1.99 no *124#
unlimited 31 days 128 Kbit/s 30 mins/SMS €8.99 no *143#
auto *142#
200 MB 25 Mbit/s €5.99 no *123#
500 MB 60 mins/SMS €9.99 no *118#
1 GB 120 mins/SMS €14.99 no *114#
100 MB - €5 no *134#
500 MB - €7.50 no *135#
1 GB - €10 no *147#
3 GB - €16 no *131#
5 GB - €22 no *122#

Have in mind that a max. speed of 128 Kbit/s is somewhere near 2G with EDGE. So for some purposes it may be sufficient, but for browsing websites, it'll be very time-consuming. To stop the renewing rate, enter *142*009#.

To check credit or data balance, send a free SMS with the word 'SALDO' to 1266.

EU roaming[]

KPN gives out all their plans for roaming without surcharges in the EU, EEA, UK, Switzerland and Andorra according "roam like at home" principles. This also applies to their throttled flatrate.

More info[]

Odido (formely T-mobile merged with Tele2)[]


Odido has now moved to the second position in the Netherlands after the merger with Tele2. In 2017, T-Mobile agreed to a merger with Tele2 on a 75:25 basis. This was approved in 2018 and their combined network was marketed under the T-Mobile brand, in which TELE2 remained active as a subbrand, together with Ben and Simpel. In 2021, Deutsche Telekom and Tele2 announced the sale of T-Mobile NL to a consortium of Apax and Warburg Pincus. On 05/SEP/2023, both T-Mobile and Tele2 were renamed to Odido, but you may still come across T-Mobile branded starter packs for the time being.

Here you can find the T-Mobile Coverage Map. Their 4G/5G network is available for prepaid up to 100 Mbit/s. According to network tests, it has the best speeds in the country in 2020.

Note that Odido has closed its 2G network in 2021 and is from now on a 3G, 4G and 5G network, while 5G is not yet available for prepaid users.


Odido sells two different prepaid SIM cards in a T-Shop (locator) (not all of them accept cash payment) or ordered online:

  • Odido Prepaid: €10
  • Odido Prepaid Kids: €12.50 (including Altijd Online bundle)

Both come with €10 credit: €5 of which expire 7 days after activation and can only be used for calls and texts. The other €5 do not expire, but you need to register on There is a monthly game, Prepaid Surprise, in which you can win prices as well as additional data, minutes or even €5 credit. Top-ups can be made directly in T-Shops, by vouchers of €10, €20 and €40 sold in many outlets, in the app or online. Note: in stores you may be required to purchase a package with your SIM. They give 1 GB bonus for the first top-up.

Data feature packages[]

Standard data rate out of bundle is €0.10 per MB.

Package Voice/SMS Data EU cap max.


Time Price Activation
Unit S** 100 min/ 100 SMS 100 MB 100


30 days €4.95 UNIT S
Internet S 300 MB €5 INTERNET S
Voordeelbundel S 5 min / SMS 500 MB €7.50 VOORDEELBUNDEL S
Voordeelbundel M 10 min/SMS 1 GB €10 VOORDEELBUNDEL M
Voordeelbundel L 15 min/SMS 2 GB €15 VOORDEELBUNDEL L
Voordeelbundel XL 20 min/SMS 4 GB €22.50 VOORDEELBUNDEL XL
Unlimited - unlimited


2.6 GB 1 day €2.95 INTERNET DAG
- 4.3 GB weekend €5 WEEKEND
Altijd Online

(only for Kids)

30 min/SMS unlimited 15 GB 128


30 days €7.50 ALTIJD ONLINE

(on Kids SIM)

(*) on the unlimited bundles a FUP for roaming in the EU/EEA of max. 2.6 GB and 4.3 GB applies. A weekend counts from Friday 5pm to Sunday at midnight. The unlimited bundles can only be activated in the Netherlands. The unlimited day bundle is valid until midnight of the day it has been activated.

** The Unit S bundle gives you 100 units, which is either a MB, A text message or a minute domestic call.

Activation is by texting code to 4000. All combo bundles auto-renew after 30 days. To stop, go online on your personal profile. You can renew any bundle ahead of time by texting the activation code. To check consumption text 'Saldo' to 1144. Speed for prepaid is capped to 100 Mbit/s download and 50 Mbit/s upload except in the Altijd Online kids bundle, where it is throttled to 128 kbit/s.

EU roaming[]

For roaming in EU/EEA countries and the UK you can use your domestic bundle allowance without extra cost or surf at the standard rate. The unlimited bundles are required to be activated in the Netherlands first before roaming, and their EU/EEA roaming allowances are capped as per the chart above. Non-EU countries like Switzerland are not a part of Odido's Prepaid EU roaming, so extra charges will apply in those countries (as opposed to KPN and Vodafone).

More info []

Vodafone (VodafoneZiggo)[]


VodafoneZiggo in the Netherlands is a joint venture between Vodafone and Liberty Global and has moved up to 3rd place according to their mobile market share, while it remains the biggest cable operator in the country.

Vodafone has shut down its 3G mobile network in February 2020. The operator stated that ceasing 3G services will give it more capacity for 4G. Users without 4G-enabled devices can continue to access voice and data services on its 2G network (albeit at significantly slower data rates and with lower voice sound quality). Customers may also exchange an old SIM card for a new LTE SIM free of charge.

Vodafone in the Netherlands is now a 2G, 4G and 5G network. 5G has started in April 2020 in some cities, and is available for prepaid users. Their network coverage is considered to be slightly behind KPN and Odido but still on a very high level, while generally offering somewhat cheaper rates: Vodafone Coverage Map.

Availability []

Their prepaid SIMs are available online, in their shops (locator), in machines at the baggage claim hall at Schiphol Airport and in Kruidvat Stores (Dutch drugstore chain). Be aware that Vodafone Shops mostly offer no cash payment (Kruidvat does). Different starter packs are available (not every distribution channel offers all of them):

  • for free without credit (only online)
  • for €5 with €5 credit
  • for €10 with 2 GB data
  • for €15 with 4 GB data
  • for €20 with 6 GB data
  • for €30 with 10 GB data

To activate, no legal registration is necessary. The prepaid card works as soon as you put it in your device and get on the network. If the SIM card does not become active immediately, you can also do this by calling 1200 for free.. A registration in My Vodafone app is awarded with € 5 for the first top-up through the app.

Top-ups can be made by vouchers called Opwaardeerbons and are available all over the country. To top-up, type *102*<voucher code>#. MyVodafone ( does not provide a possibility to enter voucher codes. You can also top-up online using a credit card and works with many international credit cards.

The validity rules changed in 2018. Now credit and number will remain valid if you do a chargeable debit (e.g. send a SMS, go online (not through WiFi) or make a call) once every 6 months. Topping up also extends the number validity by 6 months. The validity can be checked online in MyVodafone ( or by texting the word 'STATUS' to 4000.

Check balance by app or by texting the word 'STATUS' to 4000.

Data feature packs[]

Default rate is €0.10 per MB. All allowances except (*) are valid without surcharges in the EU, EEA, Switzerland, Andorra, Monaco and Turkey.

They offer these bundles with data:

Data Data EU Time Voice Price Activation Auto-Renew
10 GB (*) 3 GB 1 day 100 min €3 DAY no
unlimited (*) 2 GB 1 day - €4 Unl1dag no
2 GB / Day 3 days - €9 Unl3dag no
2 GB / Day 7 days - €14 Unl7dag no
2 GB 2 GB 7 days 100 min €7 WEEK no
500 MB 500 MB 30 days €5 500MB MAAND yes
2 GB 2 GB €9 2GB MAAND yes
4 GB 4 GB €14 4GB MAAND yes
6 GB 6 GB €19 6GB MAAND yes
10 GB 10 GB €29 10GB MAAND yes

Note that a day, week or month is always counted from 00:00h until 23:59h Central European Time, not based on a 24 hrs period. E.g. if a day package is activated at 10AM it stops at 23:59h.

Activation is possible by SMS, by Smartphone-App or Online (MyVodafone: SMS: Text <activation code> to 4000. To stop text 'STOP <activation code>' to 4000. If activation by SMS fails with an error message, do it online on your account or by app.

SMS Notifications: If credit drops below EUR 3 and if data is used up by 80% and by 100%.

It is possible to combine packages, which means that there is more than one active package at the same time. The order of usage is defined by the time of activating the packages in descending order. The package that has been activated last will be used first. E.g. if there is a 2GB/30 Days Bundel activated first and an 1 Day Unlimited Bundel activated second: Up to 23.59h all the data is taken from the 1 Day Unlimited Bundel. From 0:00h the data is taken from the 2 GB/30 Days Bundel. This prevents being charged per MB as soon as the 1 day Unlimited Bundel is over at 23:59h.

Text 'English' to 4000 to switch language to English.

EU roaming[]

The UK, Gibraltar and Switzerland are included in their EU roaming zone. There is a difference between roaming countries for subscriptions and roaming countries for prepaid users: prepaid roaming-list & subscription roaming-list.

More info[]

Lyca Mobile[]

Lycamobile new


Lycamobile or now written as Lyca Mobile is one of the many MVNOs offering very competitive rates comparing to other providers. In the Netherlands, where it was their first market to launch in 2006, it uses the KPN network on 2G and 4G/LTE with speeds capped at 25 Mbit/s (download) / 10 Mbit/s (upload). They are using their own IP backbone which is infamous for its poor routing and effective blocking of tethering.

Availability []


old logo

You can get a SIM from most of the local mobile stores: Store Locator. At Schiphol airport you can buy the SIM at either Capi-Lux or Service point at Schiphol Plaza.

The SIM card is free, but you need to make a top-up of at least €10. They can be delivered for free as well within the Netherlands. There are two plans: 'Standard Plan' and 'Saver Plan'.

  • The default plan is 'Standard Plan'. On this plan you will benefit for 100% extra credit on every top-up. So if you top-up for €10 you will get €20 credit.

Online top-up by credit card is only possible with a few credit cards. "We only accept 3Dsecure Credit Cards from The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom, Norway and Sweden."

  • The second plan is 'Saver Plan'. This plan gives all rates and packages at a 50% discount, but you wouldn't get the topup bonus. So a €10 top-up will be €10 credit. You may convert your Standard into a Saver Plan by texting "SAVER PLAN" to 2525 or typing *201*282#.

Data feature packs[]

The following prices are for the Saver Plan and online purchase via their website only, compared to the standard plan. Outside data rate is only €0.01 per MB on Saver plan and €0.19 per MB on the Standard plan:

Price Price NL EU Activation Activation
saver standard Data Data saver standard
€5 €10 500 MB 500 MB *139*11150# *139*1015#
€10 €20 1+2 GB 1 GB *139*111000# *139*2010#
€15 €30 3+2 GB 3 GB online only *139*3201#
€20 €40 5+3 GB 5 GB online only *139*3201#

All packages are for 30 days and will renew automatically if there is enough credit. To stop dial *190# at least one day before bundle expires. Bonus data on the 2 GB and 3 GB packs needs to be activated by texting 'BONUSM' for the 2 GB or 3 GB pack to 3535. For €20 plan you need to send SMS with 'BONUSL'.

For extra data, you can add these bold-ons:

  • 500 MB: €5 saver, €10 standard, activation: *139*701#
  • 1 GB: €9 saver, €18 standard, activation: *139*702#

The add-ons are only valid for the rest of the running time of the base bundle.

You can also buy their combo bundles. They have released these combo bundles instead valid for 30 days including unlimited calls and SMS (capped at 3000 mins or SMS) and and 100 minutes to Lyca Ukraine and Kyivstar with roaming in the EU/EEA plus UK and Switzerland called Holland Bundle:

Bundle NL Data EU/EEA/UK/CH

Data cap

Price Activation code
XS 10+5 GB (*) 9.2 GB €10 *139*2001#
S Plus 15+5 GB (*) 13.8 GB €15 *139*81075#
M 25+5 GB (*) 18.4 GB €20 *139*81001#
Holland Plan


Unlimited (#) 32 GB €29.99 *139*1050#

(*) = extra data is added when you buy it online instead of stores

(#) = 10 GB per day FUP


Tethering is not possible, contrary to earlier reports that it was enabled after a complaint of the Dutch consumer board in 2015 (see here: in Dutch only).

EU roaming[]

Lyca Mobile gives out EU roaming at the same standard rate of €0.20 per MB and in data and combo packages up to the specified limit in the tables above without surcharges.

Please note that non-EU/EEA countries such as Andorra are not a part of Lyca Mobile EU roaming, so extra charges will apply in those countries (as opposed to KPN, Telfort and Vodafone). Despite not mentioning Switzerland on their free-roaming list, data roaming works using the Holland bundle.

More info[]

AH Mobiel[]

Ah mobiel

AH Mobiel is the MNVO of Albert Heijn, the largest quality supermarket chain in the Netherlands. It operates on the KPN network on 2G and 4G/LTE with speed up to 25 Mbps.


SIM Cards are available in all Albert Heijn supermarkets in the country: store locator. They have two product lines: the "Prepaid bellen" with talk, text and data for smartphones and the "Slim only" for smartphones to be managed by app. Their "Slim only" plans are not shown as it needs to be linked to Dutch bank account.

Their smartphone SIM on prepaid bellen is available for €5 with the same credit from their supermarkets (not the 'To Go' convenience stores). To activate SIM call 1244 automated service.


Recharge vouchers are available in values of €10, €20 or €30 with a bonus system:

  • Top up €10 and you get €10 extra = €20
  • Top up €20 and you get €30 extra = €50
  • Top up €30 and you get €60 extra = €90

To top-up by voucher dial 1244, choose option 9 and enter the 14-digit code followed by #. Check credit by *100#.

Data feature packages[]

Default rate is at €0.25 per MB.

Only one data package is offered that can be converted from you credit for €10 with 1 GB for a month. You can activate it by texting INTERNETMAAND to 1266.

EU, Andorra and Switzerland roaming[]

AH Mobiel now offers international roaming as well. You can use all bundles at no extra cost throughout the EU, EEA, Andorra and Switzerland.

More info[]


Lebara new

new logo

Lebara (previously called Lebara mobile) is an UK-based phone company focusing on the ethno market. In the Netherlands it's a MVNO on the KPN network on 2G and 4G/LTE capped at 25 Mbit/s (download) and 10 Mbit/s (upload).

Availability []

You can buy your SIM online, but Lebara sends it to Dutch postal addresses only. Alternatively, a lot of kiosks throughout the country Lebara store finder sell the SIM card for free. You can also buy it at Schiphol airport at the bookshops, but be prepared that they only sell the Lebara One plans so you can only use it in the Netherlands (technically the SIM is free). SIM cards are also available at most supermarkets next to the cashiers, usually comes with € 5 credit, or 50 MB for € 0.99 (a yellow promo sticker is shown on the SIM pack).

Top up vouchers are available from a lot of more shops: Call shops, tobacco stores, Shell and Total petrol stations, Media Markt, post offices or Albert Heijn supermarkets (use store finder above). You can use the online top-up promotion as Lebara accepts many international credit cards[1]. Their standard plan is called Lebara One. You can switch to a reduced plan such as Lebara 10=20, top-up € 10 and get twice the prepaid balance. For this to take effect, you need to text the word 'EXTRA' to 8800 before your online top-up. Be aware that some default rates are much higher on Lebara 10=20.

Data feature packs[]

Data rate outside the packs is € 0.15 per MB on Lebara 10=20 plan and low € 0.01 per MB on Lebara One plan.

These bundles called "All in NL" are offered for 28 days in up to 4G/LTE in the Netherlands:

Data Voice Price
500+500 MB €5
2+2 GB 500 mins €10
5+3 GB unlimited €15
7+5 GB unlimited €20
15 GB unlimited €30

Call minutes are domestic in the Netherlands. To get bonus data in promotions, you need to text 'DATA' to 8800. For data only, they offer packages, that are more expensive. That's why they are not mentioned.

Activation is through your online account by buying directly with a credit card or PayPal, or you can buy the bundle by texting a code to 8800 (free text). Overuse is at high €0.39 per MB. All packs will automatically renew after 30 days if there is enough credit. To stop send activation code followed by the word STOP to 8800 or stop it online on your account. When data quota is used, a new pack can be activated ahead of time or an add-on pack of 1 GB for €5 can be added.

EU roaming[]

Some bundles ("Data plans") are valid in the Netherlands only, but the bundles mentioned in the table above can be used roaming in the EU/EEA at reduced speeds in 3G without surcharges. Note that non-EU countries like Andorra are not a part of Lebara EU roaming, so extra and sometimes very high charges will apply in those countries (as apposed to with KPN, Telfort and Vodafone). Data roaming in the UK and Switzerland works like within the EU - but make sure to receive an automatic text message first confirming before browsing.

More info[]

Kruidvat Mobiel[]


Kruidvat Mobiel is the MVNO of the Dutch retail, pharmacy and drugstore chain. It operates on the KPN network in 2G and 4G/LTE capped at only 16 Mbit/s download and 2 Mbit/s upload. Their offer is now quite overpriced and outdated.


The SIM card is exclusively sold online on their website to be delivered to a Dutch postal address or in about 1900 Kruidvat outlets all through the country (store locator). Starter packs are sold at € 7.99 with € 5 credit in all 3 sizes. At Kruidvat outlets, they sell recharge vouchers of € 7.50, € 15 and € 20 . SIM card and credit stay valid for 12 months without a top-up.

Data feature packages[]

Default rate is €0.09 per MB. These packages valid for 31 days in the Netherlands and all over the EU:

Data Price Activation Balance check
250 MB €5 *132# *132*001#
500 MB €7.50 *135# *135*001#
1 GB €12.50 *136# *136*001#

For overuse, default rate will be charged or you can buy a new package anytime.

EU roaming[]

You can use default rate and your bundles without extra cost in EU/EEA roaming. Please note that some non EU countries like Switzerland are not always a part of EU roaming, so extra charges will apply in those countries (as apposed to with KPN and Vodafone). Andorra does seem covered though.

More info[]

Ortel Mobile[]


Ortel Mobile is a MVNO aimed at visitors and migrants using the KPN network in 2G and 4G/LTE too. For details see KPN on top of the article.


Ortel SIM cards are available in phone shops throughout the Netherlands for free. The SIM card includes € 2 call credit can also be ordered on this website to be sent to a Dutch postal address. Ortel SIM cards contain triple-size SIM cards and are suitable for all types of phones and tablets.

Ortel call credit can be purchased anywhere in the Netherlands. For example, you can get your call credit in the larger supermarkets, gas stations, drugstores, post offices or online. For online top-ups the double call credit is given in value. To check balance type *101#. Credit stays valid for 6 months.

They now give double call credit for top-ups. All top-up values are doubled for calls, but this hardly applies to data.

Data feature packages[]

Take care that the default rate for data is a horrendous €1 per MB. So don't activate data before you have bought a bundle and this was confirmed.

The following bundles are available and valid in the Netherlands and all over the EU:

Data Validity Price Activation
150 MB 7 days €5 *121#
1 GB 30 days €10 *123#
3 GB 30 days €20 *125#

EU roaming[]

All allowances can be used without surcharges in the EU including the UK and Switzerland from the crazy standard rate to packages.

More info[]

International eSIM plans[]

Given that the Netherlands' prepaid SIM cards are fairly expensive, international eSIMs can be a popular alternative. However, you need to ensure your device is eSIM compatible. Please see the article eSIM for more info on the eSIM in general. This section focuses on the popular international eSIM providers that offer national plans for the Netherlands (these plans are not valid elsewhere in the EU/EEA, although many of these providers offer such - see articles on European Union and eSIM).


Price(in US$) Data(in GB) Duration(in days) 5G? Calls SMS Effective cost(in US$ per GB*)
1.99 1 7 1.99
4.50 3 30 1.50
6.50 5 1.30
10.88 10 1.09
17.99 20 0.90


Price(in US$) Data(in GB) Duration(in days) 5G? Calls SMS Effective cost(in US$ per GB*)
3.49 1 14 3.49
4.99 3 30 1.66
6.99 5 1.40
11.99 12 1.00
21.99 25 0.88


Price(in US$) Data(in GB) Duration(in days) Network 5G? Calls SMS Effective cost(in US$ per GB*)
4.50 1 7 Vodafone, KPN 4.50
7.00 2 15 3.50
9.00 3 30 3.00
12.00 5 2.40
20.00 10 2.00
30.00 20 1.50


Price(in US$) Data(in GB) Duration(in days) Network 5G? Calls SMS Effective cost(in US$ per GB*)
6.00 1 7 KPN, Vodafone, T-Mobile 6.00
12.00 3 30 (Multiple carriers) 4.00
14.00 5 30 (Multiple carriers) 2.80
19.00 10 30 (Multiple carriers) 1.90
27.00 15 30 (Multiple carriers) 1.80
33.00 20 30 (Multiple carriers) 1.65


Holafly offers unlimited internet for the Netherlands, although local networks may impose a fair use policy data of 3 GB per day, after which data will be throttled until the next day in the plan.

Price(in US$) Duration(in days) 5G? Calls(in minutes) SMS Effective cost(in US$ per GB*)
19 5 60 1.27
27 7 1.29
34 10 1.13
47 15 1.04
54 20 0.90
64 30 0.71
87 60 0.48
99 90 0.37

*based on a 3GB per day expected fair use policy

Discontinued offers[]

  • Deka Mobiel: Deka Mobiel of the Dekamarkets was discontinued in January 2020. All services have been stopped.
  • *bliep: In the last years *bliep has become an online-only operator and can't be found in shops any more. You need to order their SIM card online to a Dutch postal address. Online-only operators are excluded from this wiki as they have proven to be inconvenient for travellers. *bliep has therefore been taken off the list.
  • Delight Mobile: Mundio closed Delight Mobile in 2018 and moved all its customers to its sister brand Vectone Mobile.
  • Hema Mobiel: In April 2021 Hema stopped selling new SIM cards and all new top-ups. Existing customers need to use their loaded credit by April 2022 when the service will be suspended.
  • Vectone Mobile: Mundio appears to have ended its MVNO business in the Netherlands in 2018. Customers report on social media that services are unavailable and the company did not respond to requests for comment. Sales on its Dutch website have ended as well.
  • Telfort: Telfort was established in 1996 and bought by KPN in 2005 to become a subsidiary. In 2019 KPN decided to concentrate all of their products on the main brand and to discontinue the Telfort brand. Telfort was closed on 01/MAY/2019 and no new customers are accepted anymore. Existing customers can stay on Telfort plans eventually or will be transferred to KPN plans later.
  • Tele2: Tele2 has ended its prepaid offering for new clients, it now redirects to T-Mobile prepaid offering. In 2019 Tele2 merged with T-Mobile.
  • Aldi Talk: Aldi Talk in the Netherlands was discontinued on 30/JUN/2022. All sales and services have been stopped.
  1. Tested with a South African credit card 20 Oct 2019. Tested with a Ukrainian card on 30 Jan 2022.

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