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New Zealand has three mobile network operators:

  • Spark (formerly Telecom)
  • One NZ (formerly Vodafone, formerly BellSouth)
  • 2degrees (Logo styled as 2°)

Spark is the new name of Telecom who was the first mobile operator in New Zealand, and they currently operates a 3G/4G/5G network. One NZ has an extensive 2G/3G/4G/5G network. 2degrees is a relative newcomer with its own 3G/4G/5G network.

One NZ and 2degrees claim coverage of 98.5% of the population. Spark claims coverage of 97% of the population. Spark's network provides very good coverage throughout most of the country. One NZ is a excellent alternative with excellent coverage in urban and tourist areas and very good rural coverage. 2degrees's network has very good coverage in urban and tourist areas and generally good rural coverage. Data speeds on 2degrees are generally the slowest of the three networks especially in rural areas.

2degrees previously had a roaming agreement with One NZ where 2degrees customers had limited-speed access to One NZ's 3G network in rural areas. This has been replaced with 2degrees's own 3G/4G coverage in rural areas offering faster 3G/4G speeds. As 2degrees's rural coverage is typically provided from the same cell sites as Vodafone, rural coverage is comparable to One NZ.

There are several MVNOs who resell the services of the three MNOs. Some MNVOs focus mostly on triple-play products. However, Skinny and Warehouse Mobile focus on prepaid products. Skinny Direct a branch-off of Skinny ceased distribution in 2018. In 2019 Kogan Mobile from Australia started in NZ, but so far available only through the internet with a longer delivery time which makes it inconvenient for visitors however if you plan ahead and order a SIM to an address in New Zealand you can access some of the cheapest data prices in New Zealand. Because of the delivery time Kogan Mobile is not listed.

Network One NZ Spark 2degrees
2G GSM 900 MHz n./a. n./a.
3G UMTS 900 MHz 850 MHz
2100 MHz
900 MHz
4G LTE 700 MHz (B28)
900 MHz (B8)
1800 MHz (B3)
2100 MHz (B1)
2600 MHz (B7)
700 MHz (B28)
1800 MHz (B3)
2100 MHz (B1)
2300 MHz (B40 TDD)
2600 MHz (B7)
700 MHz (B28)
900 MHz (B8)
1800 MHz (B3)
2100 MHz (B1)
5G NR 3500 MHz (n78) 2100 MHz (n1)

2600 MHz (n7)

3500 MHz (n78)

3500 MHz (n78)

Frequencies in bold are the minimum requirements for good coverage. Frequencies in italics is being shut down.

4G is now almost universally available across all three carriers, pretty much everywhere cellular service is available. 4G on 700 MHz is on band 28 like in Australia, Asia or Europe, not on bands 12-17 like in the US. If you plan on visiting very rural/remote areas and wish to make phone calls, make sure you have VoLTE (4G calling) enabled on your device, as some of these areas have LTE service only.

5G is now available in New Zealand, but networks are limited to dense urban centres such as central business districts, suburban centres and airports. One NZ, Spark and 2degrees all use the 3500 MHz band (n78). One NZ is currently the market leader in 5G coverage, followed by Spark and then 2degrees.

SIM cards in New Zealand don't need to be registered and some of them are sold with a top up ready for use at airports. At the end of the chapter is a special reference to the island of Tokelau which is attached to New Zealand, but not served by the major operators.

Price comparison with the rest of the world[]

UK internet comparison site has ranked New Zealand as 218th out of 237 countries/territories and 33rd in the OECD (36 countries) in terms of mobile data affordability with data costing on average NZ$10 (approximately US$5.89) per GB (August 2023). This means New Zealand's data prices are approximately US$4.24 per GB more expensive than the global median, and 13 times as expensive as neighbouring Australia. Amongst the OECD, only the US and Switzerland have more expensive data than New Zealand. [Cable 1]

Spark New Zealand[]

Spark logo

Spark NZ, previously known as Telecom New Zealand, was once the public provider in the country. It has become the biggest telecommunications provider in New Zealand and has the most extensive coverage. Its network was previously marketed as the XT Network.

It has a good nationwide coverage of 97% on 3G, but no fall back to 2G. So use their network only, if you have a 3G capable device for 850 MHz (see above), which is not so usual in some parts of the world. Their 2100 MHz 3G coverage has been shut down. Spark has 4G coverage in nearly every populated area, as well as many touristed areas and national parks. 4.5G (LTE Advanced Pro) is now available in many urban centres and rural areas on compatible devices: coverage

5G is available in very limited areas on Spark, mostly in the major cities but it also appears sporadically across smaller towns. Spark utilises the 3500MHz (n78) band for 5G.

If you plan on spending time visiting the South Island, Spark is the recommended network.


You can get their prepaid SIM card in their shops: store finder and lots of other places. Top-ups can be bought there or made online by credit card. You can also buy the SIM card after going through customs and picking up your bag at Auckland International Airport terminal and at the Christchurch Airport.

You can top-up with a prepaid voucher sold all over or by credit card online.

They sell starter packs in three monthly prepaid plans or a casual rate:

  • $ 5: without any credit
  • $ 19: including: 1.25 GB data, 200 domestic minutes, unlimited domestic texts and 1 GB WiFi per day
  • $ 29: including: 2 GB data, 300 dom. minutes, unlimited dom. texts, 1 GB WiFi per day
  • $ 49: including: 4 GB data, 500 dom. minutes, unlimited dom. texts, 1 GB WiFi per day

Data by default is charged at $1 per day for 10 MB. Additional data is then charged at $0.30 per MB. For cheaper data it's best to add a Value or Data Lover Pack (see below).

1 GB per day of WiFi data is available with the $19, $29 and $49 monthly prepaid starter packs and all Value and Data Lover packs. This can be useful as the Spark hotspots are commonly located in phone booths. You only need to sign in once, where they send you a code and then whenever you come across a Spark WiFi signal, you automatically log on.

Travel Pack SIM[]

Spark sells two different travel SIMs which provide domestic/international calls, texts and data:

  • $ 29 valid for 1 month including 1 GB data, 200 domestic minutes, 100 international* minutes, 200 domestic texts and 50 international* texts.
  • $ 49 valid for 2 months including 3 GB data, 200 domestic minutes, 200 international* minutes, 200 domestic texts and 100 international* texts

*international countries include: USA, Canada, China, Hong Kong, India, South Africa, UK, Ireland, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Philippines, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and South Korea.

Travel Packs include the SIM card and are sold at all Spark stores including Auckland and Christchurch airports. Once the inclusions have been used the SIM card is unable to be reloaded with any additional data or packs.

Value Packs[]

Value packs are the best deal, if you want calls and texts included, but when looking to get data only their Data Lover packs (shown in the table below) almost always provide better value. The Value Packs do provide some benefits as they all include a domestic call allowance and unlimited domestic texts. Data and call allowances are valid for 28 days and now roll over (up to 3.5 GB or 500 mins) provided you reload within the validity period and as mentioned earlier all value packs also provide 1 GB of Spark WiFi daily.

Price Calls Data Social Data Activation
$ 19 200 mins 1.25 GB BUY 19VPROLL
$ 29 300 mins 2 GB 2 GB BUY 29VPROLL
$ 49 500 mins 4 GB 2 GB BUY 49VPROLL

To activate, text code to 258. All packages auto-renew. To stop, text code to 258 and replace "BUY" by "END".

Data Lover Packs[]

Data Lover Packs represent the best value for short stays with high data usage on the Spark network. The two packs can be added to all Spark prepaid SIM cards for 28 days except for the Travel Pack SIM. Standard data now rolls over (up to 3.5 GB) provided you reload within the validity period (but Social data doesn't roll over).

Price Data Social Data Activation
$ 20 1.5 GB 1 GB BUY 20DATALOVER
$ 40 4.5 GB 1 GB BUY 40DATALOVER

Social Data can be used for Facebook, FB Messenger, Twitter or Spotify.

To activate, text code to 258. All packages auto-renew. To stop, text code to 258 and replace "BUY" by "END".

Data feature packs[]

Spark also offers these data add-ons for prepaid valid for 28 days:

Data Price Activation
100 MB $ 3 BUY 5DATA
1 GB $ 15 BUY 15DATA
2 GB $ 20 BUY 20DATA

To activate, text code to 258. All add ons auto-renew. To stop, text code to 258 and replace "BUY" by "END".

For Facebook, Messenger, Twitter and Spotify only, they offer a social package at $9 per 28 days including 1 GB for these four applications. Activation: BUY 9SOCIAL to 258.

SIM sizes[]

Mini, micro and nano SIMs are available. Spark also provides eSim's which can be ordered and downloaded from their website prior to arrival in New Zealand (simply add any value or data lovers pack to check out and select eSim for delivery).

Tethering []

Available with no restrictions or extra charges. This does not apply to Spark's postpaid unlimited plans, which are not available to non-New Zealand residents.

Roaming plans[]

For roaming in selected countries these add-ons valid for 7 days are sold, on 4G/LTE too where available:

  • $ 15 for 500 MB data valid for 7 days.

To activate text "BUY DATAROAM" to 258. Excess data is $10 per 200 MB blocks of data up to 14 blocks then $0.50 per/MB

Data is valid in Australia, UK, USA, China, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Fiji, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Macau, Malaysia, Nauru, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Samoa, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, Tonga, UAE, US Virgin Islands, Vanuatu and Venezuela.

More info[]

  • APN: internet
  • Note: The 50% discount on Spotify including with some packs is only available for NZ Spotify accounts.
  • To check money balance, send SMS "bal" to 333
  • Website:

Vodafone (now One NZ since March 2023)[]


Vodafone New Zealand old logo

One New Zealand (formerly Vodafone New Zealand) Logo, 2023

One NZ logo introduced in March 2023

Vodafone (now One NZ since March 2023) is the 2nd largest telecommunications provider in New Zealand. In 2019 Vodafone sold its NZ unit to local Infratil, an investment company that owns airports, electricity generators and retailers, renewable energy and a public transport businesses.

It has a strong network in 5G, 4G, 3G and 2G at a range of prices. Overall their network covers 98.5% of the population. It's 4G network is good, with fast coverage in all urban areas, many towns and some rural areas. See their coverage checker for more information.

One NZ also has 5G on the 3500MHz (n78) band. It is the market leader in 5G networks in New Zealand, with decent coverage in urban centres as well as smaller towns.


One NZ Prepay SIMs can be purchased at most NZ shopping malls and service stations throughout the country (store-locations). One NZ currently offers this basic prepaid plan. One NZ charges $2 for the starter pack without allowances included. You have basically the choice between three plans:

  • One NZ Pay & Go: a base plan without a fee and included allowances. Data stays at $ 0.20 per MB, but add-on packages can be added.
  • One NZ My Flex Prepaid: a fully customizable plan, see below
  • One NZ Travel SIM: heavily marketed at airports with higher rates, but includes international calls, see below

You can top-up with most international credit cards on your One NZ account or buy vouchers.

My Flex Prepaid[]

Their feature prepaid plan is called 'My Flex Prepay' and is a fully customizable plan. Default data is at $1 per 25 MB (which works out at excessive $40 per GB).

The product has three categories which allow you to select how much data, how many mins and how many texts you wish to have within a 28 day period. The different options that can be selected are as follows:

Data options Price Call options SMS options
250 MB $ 13

included: 50 mins

200 mins: +$ 1

300 mins: +$ 4

400 mins: +$ 7

500 mins: +$ 9

Unlimited: +$ 12

included: 50 SMS

500 SMS: +$ 1

unlimited: +$ 2

500 MB $ 15
1.25 GB $ 16
1.5 GB $ 19
1.75 GB $ 20
2 GB $ 23
2.5 GB $ 28
4 GB $ 31
8 GB $ 38
10 GB $ 40
25 GB $ 55
40 GB $ 65

All minutes and SMS are to all AU/NZ networks. Using the One NZ website you pick one of the data, call and text options and it will provide the price for that pack. You can customize your plan at any time using the My One NZ app. Simply go to ‘Plan & Add-Ons’ in the app and select ‘Manage my plan’. Here you’ll be able to dial up or down your data, mins and TXTs to suit your needs. Choose ‘Buy now’, to start the changes to your plan immediately, or select ‘Save changes’ to have the changes to your plan start after your next plan renewal. Your chosen pack will automatically renew if you don't stop it unless you don't have enough credit and over usage is charged at the default rate of $1 per 25 MB. You can add data as shown below at add-ons,

NZ Travel SIM[]

For tourists and visitors One NZ offers a Travel SIM card, sold predominantly at the airports. As of September 2018 these SIMs now come with content passes which permit unlimited data usage on certain messaging and social media apps:

  • $ 29: 2 GB of data, 200 mins voice to domestic and certain international destinations and 200 SMS domestic and international, all valid for 30 days. Unlimited data on Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp and Viber.
  • $ 49: 10 GB of data, 200 mins voice to domestic and certain international destinations and 200 SMS domestic and international, all valid for 60 days. Unlimited data for 30 days on Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Viber, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter & Pinterest.
  • $ 69: 40 GB of data, unlimited mins voice to & texts to NZ, 200 mins + 200 SMS to certain international destinations, all valid for 60 days. Unlimited data for 30 days on Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Viber, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter & Pinterest.

Having used up all your included data, your service will be cut off for data usage.

To check data, SMS and minutes balances text "MYADDONS" to 756. To find out your number text "NUM" to 521, for balance text "BAL" to 777.

You can add 1 GB extra to the voice and data SIMS for $20 by texting "BUY EXTRADATA" to 756 or by calling 777. The data-only SIM can be refilled with 2 GB for $45, 5 GB for $75 or 10GB for $140.

But you are advised strongly against doing this, since: 1. it's more expensive per GB then buying a new card 2. It's very complicated first you have to put money in your account, and then you can buy the extra GB using a PIN code which is only provided in shops 3. Any leftover money in your account is not refunded to you.

Add-on data[]

It's also possible to add more data to all packages and plans from above (including Pay&Go plan) with the following package:

  • 2 GB for 60 days: $ 20

Purchase is by free SMS ‘BUY EXTRADATA’ to 756 or download the My One NZ app

One NZ Passes[]

To all Flex Prepay Plans and the NZ Travel SIM various One NZ Passes can be added. Thus audio and video streaming and social media will not be debited from your general data allowance. Access must be made through the relevant app and there is strictly no tethering / mobile hotspot use on these One NZ Passes:

  • Social Pass: $2 for 2 days, $5 for 7 days, $10 for 28 days. It includes unlimited Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Pinterest
  • Chat Pass: $1 for 2 days, $3 for 7 days, $5 for 28 days. It includes unlimited FB Messenger, WhatsApp and Viber
  • Music Pass: $2 for 2 days, $5 for 7 days, $10 for 28 days. It includes unlimited Apple Music, iHeartRadio, Rova, SoundCloud, Tidal and Spotify.
  • Video Pass: $5 for 2 days, $10 for 7 days, $20 for 28 days. It includes unlimited Netflix, Neon, Sky GO, Vodafone TV, TVNZ OnDemand and Vevo.

To add a pass log into the My One NZ App
, click on your data allowance wheel
,click on ‘Plan & Add-Ons’, scroll down to the ‘Passes’ tab, decide which Passes you want and tap ‘Buy’ and confirm your purchase.

Data-only SIM[]

Their data-only SIM is aimed at tablets and routers and called Prepay Mobile Broadband. It's on 4G/LTE too. Starter price is $ 5 without credit for a triple cut SIM. You can add one of these packages:

  • Data 20 Add-on: 500 MB for 30 days: $ 20
  • Data 30 Add-on: 1 GB for 30 days: $ 30
  • Data 50 Add-on: 3 GB for 3 months: $ 50
  • Data 80 Add-on: 5 GB for 6 months: $ 80

Each top-up of $ 20 or more gives a 500 MB data bonus. For extra data, they offer boosts of 2 GB for $45, 5 GB for $75 and 10 GB for $140, each valid until your base plan renews at the end of the month.

SIM sizes[]

Triple cut mini SIMs (standard), micro-SIMs and nano-SIMs are all available.


Available with no restrictions or extra charges.

More info[]

2degrees (2°)[]


2degrees (occasionally written as 2°) is the newest network and started business in 2009. It has coverage very nearly comparable to that of One and Spark. The previous roaming deal with One NZ has ceased following completion of the roll out of their own 3G/4G rural coverage. They claim coverage of 98.5% of the population. Its 4G network has variable coverage in comparison to its competitors, and reception can be worse particularly in the South Island. However they have good coverage in urban areas including all cities, most towns and many rural areas in the North Island. coverage.

2degrees closed down its entire 2G GSM/GPRS/EDGE network in March 2018. The provider's 3G network now provides coverage of 98.5% of New Zealand’s population. They have switched on 4G in the 900 MHz frequency band previously used by the 2G network in many areas as well as the 700 MHz band. That is helping improve their 4G coverage in rural areas as well as adding more capacity in urban areas. In 2020, 2degrees announced a new infrastructure sharing agreement that has brought an end to national roaming. The deal targeted the small pockets of remaining roaming coverage on regional roads and in rural areas, where the company previously carried less than 1% of its traffic via One NZ.

WiFi calling is available on compatible devices (currently limited to iPhones and some New Zealand sold Samsung, Huawei and OPPO devices) meaning that you can use your domestic call and text allowances over a WiFi network, whether you are in New Zealand or overseas. Note that calls to numbers outside of NZ is counted as an international call regardless of where you may be. Any usage on WiFi calling overseas will be used from your local allowance, and not charged as roaming.

If you are planning on spending your time predominantly in urban areas and your device is compatible with WiFi calling, 2degrees can be a great budget alternative to the two traditional networks.


2degrees prepaid SIMs are available at most supermarkets in bigger cities and their stores: store locator for a $5 startup price and are called "Prepay Plus" (in major supermarkets these sim cards are often sold for $2). Some shops may also sell a $19 SIM which includes a $19 Combo Pack. 

You can top up using a voucher sold at many locations or online by credit card. 

Data featured packs[]

Default rate on all prepaid SIMs for data is $0.50 per MB. Two different types of packs include data, Data packs include Data only and prices haven't been updated in a while. Combo packs are newer with better prices and can like data packs can be used in any device but they also include calls/texts. To all prepaid SIM cards the following packs that include data can be added valid for 1 month:

Data Price Calls to AU/NZ Validity Activation Deactivation
Data Packs:
500 MB $ 10 - 1 month buy 500MB STOP 500MB
1 GB $ 20 - 1 month buy 1GB STOP 1GB
15 GB $ 50 - 1 month buy 15GB STOP 3GB
12 GB^ $ 99 - 6 months by Zone 12GB STOP Zone 12GB
Combo Packs:
650 MB $ 10 100 minutes 14 days BUY 10plan14D STOP 10plan14D
250 MB $ 10 100 minutes 1 month BUY 10plan1M STOP 10plan1M
1.25 GB $ 15 150 minutes 14 days BUY 15plan14D STOP 15plan14D
1.25 GB $ 19 200 minutes 1 month BUY 19plan1M STOP 19plan1M
2 GB $ 20 Unlimited 14 days BUY 20plan14D STOP 20plan14D
2.5 GB $ 30 300 minutes 1 month BUY 30plan1M STOP 30plan1M
4 GB $ 40 Unlimited 1 month BUY 40plan1M STOP 40plan1M
10 GB $ 55 Unlimited 1 month BUY 55plan1M STOP 55plan1M
15 GB $ 60 Unlimited 1 month BUY 70plan1M STOP 70plan1M
120 GB* $ 85 Unlimited 1 month BUY 85plan1M STOP 85plan1M

All packages are valid for 1 month. To activate text code to 233. It will auto-renew after 30 days. To stop auto-renewal text deactivation code to 233.

* The $85 combo pack includes Unlimited Data with the first 120GB data per month at full speeds with speed after 120GB limited to 1.2mbps.

^ This pack is valid for 6 months and data can only be used in "Zone Area" which essentially means it won't work when roaming on One NZ. The Zone areas coverage map is on this page.

All combo packs also include Unlimited texts and data and call minutes also roll over if a new pack is purchased within the validity period of the pack. Combo packs also include a 1 hour free data clock session daily for the validity of the combo pack (see below section for data clock information).

All packs auto-renew (when validity expires or when almost all data has been used) but can be stopped by texting the code in the table. You can continue to use any remaining data until your pack expires. Excess data charged at the standard casual rate of 50c/MB.

Data Clock[]

2degrees also have a data product that offers unlimited data volume instead billed by time. Any 2degrees SIM is compatible with the service, but you will need to have a compatible iPhone or Android device capable of downloading the app from your devices app store. The app download requires internet access, but it can be downloaded ahead of time over WiFi.

Setting up the app is simple and it sends a verification code to your device to verify the phone number. Once activated your prepaid SIM will have casual data disabled to prevent credit being mistakenly used. This means that if you have an active pack with no data remaining, despite having credit you'll be unable to use data unless you disable the Data Clock app, purchase a timed data session or purchase a new pack. Each new sim is eligible for a one off "welcome" 1 hour data clock session.

A timed data session can be activated in the app using the credit on your SIM with the following standard prices:

  • 15 mins: $ 0.40
  • 30 mins: $ 0.70
  • 1 hour: $ 1.00
  • 2 hours: $ 1.50
  • 4 hours: $ 2.00
  • 6 hours: $ 0.99 (only available for purchase between 12am and 3am)
  • 8 hours: $ 3.00
  • 12 hours: $ 4.00
  • 24 hours: $ 7.00

All of the timed sessions include an unlimited data volume and the use of hotspots are allowed (with a fair use policy of 40GB per month per sim with usage over 40GB slowed to 1 mbps). Once a timed session has been started it's not possible to stop however it is possible to select multiple sessions at once. The app will also provide a notification when 60 minutes and 10 minutes are remaining in the session.

Roaming packages[]

2 Degrees also offer roaming packages for 10 different countries. In most cases, it is cheaper to purchase a local sim however for short visits the following packs might work out cheaper. For roaming in Australia they offer 4 packages:

Data Price Validity Activation
300 MB $ 10 7 days buy AUS300
500 MB $ 15 7 days buy AUS500
500 MB $ 20 7 days buy 20AUS
1 GB $ 35 14 days buy 35AUS

To activate text the activation code to 233. These packs do not automatically renew and the $20 and $35 packs also include Unlimited Calls and Texts to AU/NZ. They also other two others packs that can be either purchased for the "Islands" (Fiji, Tonga, Samoa, Vanuatu or PNG) or the "Globe" (UK, USA, Canada and Ireland).

Data Price Validity Activation "Islands" Activation "Globe"
500 MB $ 30 7 days buy 30ISLAND buy 30GLOBE
1 GB $ 55 14 days buy 55ISLAND buy 30ISLAND

To purchase text the activation code to 233. These packs do not automatically renew and they also include Unlimited Calls/Texts in the country you are in and back to NZ.

SIM sizes[]

Mini & micro SIMs available (push out cards offering both sizes).


Works fine with no restrictions on data packs and the data clock sessions.

More info[]

Skinny Mobile[]


Skinny is a MVNO owned by Spark NZ. Its business model is to offer cheap prepaid SIM cards at low prices, in defense to 2degrees. It uses the Spark network on 3G/4G/5G (see above for frequencies): Skinny coverage. Remember, that your device should be capable of 850 MHz 3G, 700 MHz (band 28) 4G and 1800 MHz (band 3) to use Skinny.


Their prepaid SIM card is available online to be sent to an NZ postal address or at their sales partners like The Warehouse, Warehouse Stationery, Harvey Norman, Noel Leeming, JB HiFi, Paper Plus, New World, Pack'n'Save, and Countdown. You will be charged $ 2 without any credit included.

Top ups are available at over 6000 retail outlets nationwide or by pre-registered credit debit card online.

Data rates[]

Default data outside of package is $0.20 per MB. Their price model is quite complicated: You first have to activate a compulsory combo to be added by an optional add-on on this SIM. There are weekly or monthly combos.

  • weekly combo (for 7 days):
    • Weekly Combo: $ 5 - 100 MB data, 60 NZ minutes, 750 NZ texts
  • monthly combos (for 28 days):
    • $9 - 250 MB data, unltd. NZ and AU text, 100 NZ/AU minutes
    • $16 - 1.25 GB data with rollover, unltd. Skinny mins and NZ/AU texts, 200 NZ/AU mins with rollover to of unused allowances to the next month
    • $26 - 2.5 GB data with rollover, unltd. Skinny mins and NZ/AU texts, 300 NZ/AU minutes with rollover of unused allowances to the next month
    • $36 - 4.5 GB data with data rollover to the next month, unltd. NZ/AU mins and texts
    • $46 - 12 GB data with data rollover to the next month, unltd. NZ/AU mins and texts
    • $66 - 30 GB data with rollover to the next month, unltd. NZ/AU mins and texts
    • $70 - 80GB data ("Unlimited" data with excess usage shaped to 1.2 mbps) and unltd. NZ/AU mins and texts.

Combos renew every 7 or 28 days unless cancelled online. To these combos, the following data add-ons can be added:

  • for 7 days (available on all weekly and monthly combos):
    • 200 MB for $ 4
    • 600 MB for $ 8
  • for 28 days (not available on weekly combos):
    • 500 MB for $ 10
    • 1 GB for $ 15 (not available for the $9 combo)
    • 2 GB for $ 25 (not available for the $9 combo)

You can even mix and match 28 and 7 day combos and add-ons. All 28 day and 7 day add-ons will auto-renew every 28 days or 7 days from purchase if your combo has auto renewed, is still active and you have enough credit to buy the add-on. If your combo failed to renew due to not enough credit but you reactivated it before your add-on renewal date the add-on will remain active and renew.

If you choose to change combo and move to a different monthly or weekly combo, your add-on will remain active and will still renew on its planned renewal date provided the combo is active and you have enough credit for the add-on.

If you want to purchase the same add-on more than once during your combos cycle, you'll need to cancel the existing add-on first and then purchase a new one using the Skinny Mobile Menu or our website. You'll keep any quota remaining from the original add-on until its expiry date. Your add-on renewal date will change to 30 days or 7 days from the time you purchase the new add-on.

If you have understood this combo and add-on thing, you will have low rates at a still good coverage in NZ. Their data-only SIM card has been discontinued.

All combos from $16 and higher can rollover minutes, SMS and data to the next month as long as you keep any active combo. Rather than purchasing a mid-sized combo, you can buy a big combo instead in the first month and downsize it to a small combo in the following months. Thereby you can save a lot, if you stay for longer.

Data Binge[]

In response to the 2degrees data clock product, Skinny Mobile has released a similar timed data session add on which provides unlimited data for a specific time period.

Timed data sessions can be purchased through the Skinny Mobile app or by texting DATABINGE to 2424. Unlike 2degrees you don't have to use the app and therefore every mobile phone that can send/receive messages and use data is compatible.

Currently there are 4 packs:

  • 10 mins: $ 0.50
  • 1 hour: $ 1
  • 4 hours: $ 2
  • 12 hours: $ 4.

Similar to the 2degrees Data Clock, it's not possible to pause/stop a session once you've started it but it is possible to purchase multiple sessions at one time (e.g. two 12 hour sessions to provide 24 hours access for $8). Unlike 2degrees casual data is not disabled so when a timed data session ends data usage will be taken from existing add-ons or charged at $0.20 per MB.

The terms and conditions state that the data usage must be in a mobile phone and they don't define how much data can be used by it's considered "non standard use" by Skinny you may be disconnected.

NZ Holiday SIM[]

Since 2017 Skinny also sells a Holiday SIM aimed at tourists. It's only available at Hub Convenience in Christchurch Airport and Paper Plus in Queenstown Airport at Arrivals/Departures. It comes in 2 sizes:

  • $ 26: 1.5 GB data, 100 mins and 200 SMS to NZ/AU, 100 internatl. mins for 14 days
  • $ 46: 3 GB data, 200 mins and SMS to NZ/AU, 200 internatl, mins for 60 days

Internatl. mins include calls to China, Hong Kong, India, UK, USA, Canada, Singapore, Thailand, Belgium, France, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, South Korea, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Ireland, Netherlands or South Africa. For more allowances add a combo.

SIM sizes[]

Standard, micro and nano SIMs are all available.


Available with no restrictions or extra charges except when using the Data Binge add ons.

More info[]

Warehouse Mobile[]

Warehouse mobile

Warehouse Mobile is one of the very few MVNOs in the country. It comes from the biggest retail group in NZ for non-food and is sold only in their markets all over the country.

They started in 2015 on the 2degrees network. They offer 3G, 4G and 5G with a slightly different price model.


The SIM card starter is priced at $1 (with $5 starter credit) and available online to be sent to a NZ postal address or at more than 90 retail locations of the Warehouse Group in the country (store locator). To start, you have to put the SIM in your phone, dial 800 and follow the prompts.

Top-ups start from $5 and can be made online on your account (by NZ-issued cards and international VISA cards only) or by using vouchers sold at Warehouse and 600 more locations, where you spot their logo. Top-ups now stay valid for 90 days and each further top-up extends validity.

Data rates[]

Data is by default at 6c per MB. Data packages called Pick'n'go Packs valid for 31 days:

  • 500 MB: $ 4 - activation: text 'Buy 4Data' to 801
  • 1.25 GB: $ 8 - activation: text 'Buy 8Data' to 801
  • 3 GB: $ 15 - activation: text 'Buy 15Data' to 801
  • 6 GB: $ 28 — activation: text 'Buy 28Data' to 801
  • 15 GB: $ 38 — activation: text 'Buy 38Data' to 801

At the end of 28 days any unused data can roll over for up to one year if you purchase another data pack prior to expiry.

There are also Combo packages that include (un)limited calls and SMSs. The data is generally more expensive on these, but the Combos come with free data between 5pm and midnight. So a combo may be worth it depending on your usage patterns.

More info[]

Flag of Tokelau

International eSIM plans[]

Given the costs travellers to New Zealand face in using a local SIM card, international eSIMs can be a popular alternative. However, you need to ensure your device is eSIM compatible. Please see the article eSIM for more info on the eSIM in general. This section focuses on the popular eSIM providers that offer national plans for New Zealand.


Price(in US$) Data(in GB) Duration(in days) Network 5G? Calls SMS Effective cost(in US$ per GB*)
4.50 1 7 One NZ 4.50
8.50 2 15 One NZ 4.25
11.00 3 30 One NZ 3.67
16.00 5 30 One NZ 3.20
27.00 10 30 One NZ 2.70
44.00 20 30 One NZ 2.20

*1 GB is considered as 1,000 MB for this purpose


Price(in US$) Data(in GB) Duration(in days) Networks 5G? Calls SMS Effective cost(in US$ per GB*)
19.00 3 30 2Degrees


Spark only 6.33
39.00 10 30 2Degrees


Spark only 3.90


Holafly offers unlimited internet for New Zealand, although local networks may impose a fair use policy data of 3 GB per day, after which data will be throttled until the next day in the plan.


(in US$)

Duration(in days) 5G? Calls SMS Effective cost(in US$ per GB*)
27 5 1.80
34 7 1.62
37 10 1.23
47 15 1.04
54 20 0.90

*based on a 3GB per day expected fair use policy


Tokelau is a dependent territory of New Zealand in the southern Pacific Ocean. It consists of three tropical coral atolls (Atafu, Nukunonu and Fakaofo), with a combined land area of 10 km2 (4 sq mi) and has a population of approximately 1,500 people. There is no airport and a chartered vessel, operated under an arrangement between New Zealand and Tokelau, is the only means of transport to and from the islands at present; the trip from Apia in Samoa currently takes over a day. Tokelau is not served by New Zealand providers.


The sole telecoms provider Telecommunications Tokelau Corporation or Teletok, the sole telecoms provider on the island has officially launched its 4G/LTE network in 2017 the network runs on 4G 700Mhz (Band 28). The network covers all three islands (Atafu, Nukunonu and Fakaofo) that comprise Tokelau. Currently backhaul runs on the Intelsat IS18 with a shared 25mbps download link between all users.


Sim cards are available for purchase from the Telecommunications Tokelau Corporation offices on Atafu, Fakaofo or Nukunonu. It is unclear how much a sim card costs.

Data rates[]

Data is by default at 6c per MB. The following data packs can also be added to prepaid services:

  • 125 MB: $ 5
  • 300 MB: $ 10
  • 650 MB: $ 20
  • 900 MB: $ 25
  • 2 GB: $ 50
  • 4.5 GB: $100

More info[]

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