Basics Edit

Norway has three networks now:

  • Telenor
  • Telia (formerly NetCom), now merged with Tele2 (by Network Norway) after being acquired by Telia
  • (4G/LTE, no prepaid, free national roaming on Telia outside of its own network)

Telenor is still market leader closely followed by Telia that has taken over third-ranked Tele2 in 2015. Both networks are now merged and roam through national network sharing. 2G is on 900 and 1800 MHz, 3G on 900 and 2100 MHz and 4G/LTE started on 800, 1800 and 2600 MHz (Bands 1, 7, 20) on all operators.

Another provider sold under the brand of run by Access Industries offers mobile broadband based on 4G/LTE on 450, 800 and 1800 MHz with a pretty large footprint all over the country, and since 2015 also offers regular mobile postpaid plans with free national roaming on Telia outside of its own mobile network. But both are limited to contract subscribers and not offered for prepaid. That's why it remains inaccessible to visitors and is not mentioned any further in this article.

All prices below are given in Norwegian Kroner (NOK).

Regulations Edit

Although Norway is not part of the EU, but of the European Economic Area (EEA), and as such roaming rates are regulated like all over the EU. Foreigners have to buy the starter pack in a shop showing their photo ID for registration. The operators and most of the MVNOs are geared to contract customers, so there is only a rather limited choice of prepaid SIM cards, which are locally called Kontantkort.

SIM cards in Norway need to registered to your name. Locals have various choices to enlist, but visitors are advised to go to a branded store or sales point of the provider to do the registration there showing your international passport or EU identity card.

Coverage Edit

Many public places and public transport are covered by WiFi. For instance, the shuttle bus from Oslo airport to downtown has free WiFi. Norwegian airline provides free WiFi, many ferries and metro trains as well. So you might not need mobile internet rightaway. Populated areas have good mobile coverage, except some remote mountains or fjords. The Svalbard archipelago (including its main island Spitsbergen) is covered by all Norwegian providers as well.

3G shut down

The Norwegian providers have confirmed plans to shut down their 3G network in Norway by 2020 to re-use the spectrum for the 4G network. Telenor's 3G network will be decommissioned gradually, on a regional basis, starting in January 2019.
EU flag
Norway is not part of the EU, but of the wider EEA where from June 2017 new international roaming rules are enforced. In most European countries you can now 'roam like at home' at domestic rates rather than excessive roaming rates. Most Norwegian providers have implemented the principles without any restrictions on prepaid plans. For specifics about the new regulation check European Union chapter and every provider below.

Telenor Edit

Telenor is market leader in Norway with more than 50% of the national users on its network. It has a good coverage and speeds throughout the country: Telenor Coverage map. 4G/LTE is available for prepaid. Starting in 2019 Telenor will gradually shut down their 3G network to be switched off by 2020.

Availability Edit

Their prepaid SIM is called Telenor Kontant. It's sold at Telenor shops (store locator), many convenience stores like Narvesen, 7-Eleven, Deli de Luca, Mix and electronic retailers for 200 NOK (including 50 NOK credit).

For travelers entering through Oslo Gardermoen Aiport (OSL), there is a cellphone retailer (shop sign: "Mobiles") in the main terminal, next to the rental car counter. Travellers need to provide their passports and the address of your country and Norway (hotel). Many shop attendants in convenience stores won't do the registration. Instead, better drop by the mobile or electronic dedicated stores or a Telenor store to purchase the SIM card. Mini/micro/nano SIM cards are available for 200 NOK start-up with 50 NOK credit. Mini SIM card is pre-cut into micro/nano size.

To check your account balance, send SMS with text SALDO to number 2525. You can also call the service number 91500500 (Norwegian only).

You can try to top-up using an EU-issued credit card on Telenor website, but they accept mainly Scandinavian credit cards only.

Instead, vouchers can be bought at any convenience store in the country. Additional credit can be topped up with the minimum of 200 NOK. The vouchers are in Norwegian language only but the top-up menu can be switched to English. If you buy the credits at places like 7-Eleven, they will print out a "Ladekode" (top-up code) with instructions in Norwegian. You can follow instructions (ask the cashier of 7-Eleven if you can't read Norwegian, but it's not their duty to help you). You can top-up credit by the calling phone given in the instruction. But this phone line doesn't have an English menu, so you might need another help from the staff. You enter the "Ladekode" and that's it. You might need to reboot the phone to update carrier database. if you use an iPhone.

Your credit will be valid for 15 month after any recharge. After 15 months you will have 2 more months to recharge so that your prepaid card will not be blocked. If this does not happen, the prepaid card will be canceled and you will have to buy a new one. They also block the prepaid card after 12 months if they have not recorded any traffic on it, either inbound or outbound. Any loaded credit will be lost.

Check your balance by texting 'SALDO' to 2525, through their app or on your online profile.

Default data rate Edit

The SIM card has a flat rate of max. 10 NOK per day for data. If you use more you won't get billed more than 10 NOK, but speed is reduced from max. 300 Mbps to 128 Kbps, when you exceed 500 MB download data per month.

Data feature packages Edit

These data packages called Datapakker are available for the Kontantkort, but all of them are very longterm running:

  • Årskort = 1 year's package: 200 MB each month for one year: 499 NOK
  • Halvårskort = 1/2 year's package: 200 MB each month for 6 months: 399 NOK
  • Kvartalskort = 1/4 year's package: 200 MB each month for 3 months: 299 NOK

Shorter-term packages are not available. Activation is texting name to 1999.

EU roaming Edit

Roam like at home in the EU/EEA is included without surcharges. Prepaid customers roaming in Europe only pay Norwegian prices.

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Telia (formerly NetCom) Edit


Telia, formerly called NetCom is Norway's runner up, owned by Swedish Telia Group. After the merger with Tele2, their coverage has surpassed even Telenor's according to latest network tests in 2016: NetCom coverage map, but Telenor won the latest speed test in 2017.

Telia Norway said it will gradually phase out its 3G network from end 2018 to free up capacity for 4G and 5G. Migration will be largely complete in 2020.

They provide 4G/LTE now without speed caps, covering 98% of population already in 2016.

Note that all information published by Telia is in Norwegian, both printed and online. Even the voice prompts when attempting to recharge a PAYG number are in Norwegian only.

Availability Edit

Their prepaid product is called Telia Smart Kontant. Take care, there are prepaid SIM cards without the SMART prefix too. It's sold for 99 NOK at Telia stores (store locator), 29 NOK (including 30 NOK credit) at convenience stores, Narvesen, 7-Eleven, Deli de Luca, Mix and many electronic retailers. In promotions and online the starter is sometimes given out for free. It comes with 250 MB and free voice and text for 2 weeks.

Recharging balance on the Telia website only works with a Nordic Credit Card. Instead, vouchers can be bought at convenience stores. The vouchers are in Norwegian only, but the recharge menu can be changed to English at the bottom of the page.

Check your account balance by dialing *150#.

Default data rate Edit

Without having activated a package or for overuse these rules are applied. 10 NOK per MB up to 100 MB per day. Then internet is blocked, but you can add another 100 MB for the day by texting "DATA PÅFYLL" to 1989.

Data feature packages Edit

The SMART Kontant is available with these base plans:

  • SMART 14DG: 250 MB, unlimited domestic calls, texts, MMS for 14 days: 99 NOK
  • SMART MINI: 1 GB, unlimited domestic calls, texts, MMS for 31 days: 199 NOK
  • SMART BASIS: 3 GB, unlimited domestic calls, texts, MMS for 31 days: 299 NOK
  • SMART PLUSS: 6 GB: unlimited domestic calls, texts, MMS for 31 days: 399 NOK

These packages can be renewed ahead of time online, by app, in a Telia store or by texting the name of the bundle to 1989. There is no longer a speed cap; you can use your data as fast as the network can provide it. All plans now include "roam like home" in the EU/EEA and unlike in Sweden, no resident registration is required to use a Norwegian Telia SIM outside Norway.

By the same ways you can add shorter bundles called SMART Kontant Mikro:

Package Data Time Price
FRI1 200 MB 1 day 25 NOK
FRI2 1 GB 1 day 50 NOK
FRI3 1 GB 3 days 75 NOK
FRI4 3 GB 3 days 125 NOK

EU roaming Edit

Roam like at home in the EU/EEA and Switzerland is included in all plans and roaming is without surcharges.

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MyCall (formely Lebara Norway) Edit

In 2012 Tele2 bought the Norwegian branch of Lebara and sells their prepaid cards through the MyCall brand nowadays. In 2015 Tele2 was acquired by Telia and their networks have been merged. For coverage check Telia (see above). 4G/LTE is open for prepaid.

Availability Edit

The SIM called Kontantkort is available for NOK 49 online or discounted to NOK 25 (including 25 NOK credit) at a lot of retailers, you can find here. If you do not have a Norwegian personal ID number, you will need to register and activate at the point of purchase. A 0.99 NOK start-up fee is charged.

Top-ups can be bought in shops or you can top-up at their website using internatl. credit cards.

Check balance by dialing *150#. There is an advance balance check on *151# which tells you about your packages and you can change language to English. This service is free.

Data feature packages Edit

Default data rate is 1.99 NOK per MB. Max. speed is 300 Mbit/s, exprected speed is 100 Mbit/s: They offer these monthly packages for data valid for 30 days:

Data Price Activation
1 GB 79 NOK 1GB
3 GB 149 NOK 3GB
6 GB 219 NOK 6GB
10 GB 299 NOK 10GB

Packages can be bought online from your credit or by texting the activation code to 06160. Unused data is rolled over to the next month as long as you buy another package.

EU roaming Edit

All allowances are valid in the EU/EEA too for roaming without extra fees.

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Chilimobil Edit


Chilimobil is a MVNO that launched on the Telenor network in 2012. Since February 2017 it has switched over to Telia network (see above). It has been the first MVNO in Norway to offer 4G/LTE for prepaid.

Availablility Edit

The prepaid SIM is simply called "Kontantkort" and available at Coop, ICA, Rimi, MIX, Narvesen, 7-Eleven, where you can recharge too. SIM card starter pack costs 29 NOK with 15 NOK credit included. If you don't have a Norwegian passport, insist that your ID data are to be collected at the point of purchase for activation, as you will not be able to do it online without a Norwegian personnummer.

You can top-up in more than 3000 outlets in the country. Check balance by texting 'SALDO' to 2595.

Data options Edit

Standard and their only data rate is 0.99 NOK per MB. This is capped at 15 NOK per day with a maximum of 300 MB per day. The max. speed is at 3 Mbps. No packages are offered for prepaid.

EU roaming Edit

The same rate is valid for roaming in the EU/EEA too without extra fees.

More info Edit

  • APN: netcom

Lycamobile Edit

UK-based MVNO Lycamobile is operating in Norway too. It uses the network of Telia on 2G and 3G, but not on 4G/LTE so far. So it's only a good choice, if you don't have a 4G/LTE device and need data in Norway only as they restrict included EU roaming to a few combo plans and their default rate.

Availability Edit

As usual the SIM card is free with Lycamobile at their retailers, but you have to make a top-up right away. Top up vouchers are available for 50, 100 or 200 NOK at their outlets or online. Check balance by *150#.

Data feature packages Edit

Default rate for data, if no package is activated or for overuse is 0.99 NOK per MB. Max. speed is 16 Mbit/s.

The following monthly (for 30 days) data bundles are available in Norway:

Data Price Activation
150 MB 49 NOK *139*3001#
600 MB 99 NOK *139*3002#
1 GB 129 NOK *139*3003#
1.75 GB 199 NOK *139*3004#
3 GB 299 NOK *139*3005#

Bundles will automatically renew, if there is credit. To stop dial *190# before expiry. To check data volume, dial *137#. Max speed is at 16 Mbit/s.

EU roaming Edit

Lycamobile in Norway includes EU/EEA roaming in all data packages. If overused, they charge 0.99 NOK per MB.

More info

  • Tethering is blocked. If you plan using tethering for connecting other devices use a different operator.
  • APN:
  • Username: lmno Password: plus
  • Website in English (note the unusual spelling of Lycamobile online):

Chess Edit

Chess used to be a MVNO that was sold to Telia in 2006 when they moved all customers from Telenor to Telia network. In 2018-2019 Telia migrated all remaining Chess customers to its own brand (see above) and terminated the Chess brand.