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Prepaid SIM cards used to be fairly straightforward to acquire all over the world. Buyers needed simply to walk up to any place that sells them from convenience stores to vending machines to branded mobile phone stops.  However for security reasons, an increasing number of countries have started to require some form of personal registration from mobile phone users. In almost all countries, registration doesn't prohibit the direct sale of prepaid SIM cards to visitors, but it may still be cumbersome. 

This table shows a summary of countries that require registration, and if so where visitors should go to register their SIM cards, and what they need to bring.  Although some countries do not require registration but individual telcos do, this page focuses more on where compulsory SIM card registration is enshrined in national law or government regulations. In most cases, the registration happens at the point of purchase, meaning you will register the SIM at the same time you buy it (and will thus require identification at that point) but in some other cases, you may have to complete the registration yourself or go online.  


COUNTRY Registration required? Where to register What to bring Other Notes
Algeria YES point-of-sale official ID such as ID card or passport and/or visa (original + copy)

+ an Algerian address such as hotel address

Botswana passport
Kenya An official Kenya ID or Passport.

(No Copies allowed only Original)

Malawi Passport
Madagascar copy of passport
Burkina Faso valid ID document such as passport
Djibouti valid ID such as passport
Ghana passport or national biometric identity card such as driver's licence or Ghana Card
Sudan paper copies of passport

+ passport photos

Ethiopia Ethio Telecom stores copy of passport

+ one or two passport sized photographs

South Africa RICA-accredited agent (i.e., most point-of-sales) passport

+ accommodation address

Chad telco-branded store


photo ID such as passport
Guinea passport
Mayotte (France) ID card or passport
Reunion (France)
Niger ID document such as passport
Angola telco-branded store passport with a valid visa
Cameroon ID such as passport max. three SIM cards per operator per subscriber on one name
Equatorial Guinea passport (original + copy)

+ two passport sized photos

Gabon two copies of passport and visa
Gambia ID such as passport
São Tomé and Príncipe Registration is mandatory and it can take up to 3 hours for the SIM to activate after registration.
Zambia passport

+ hotel address

Mali passport
Sierra Leone
Benin ID such as passport
Liberia telco-branded store or service point official ID card or passport
Ivory Coast telco-branded store or resellers passport or any other valid ID
Lesotho NO n/a


COUNTRY Registration required? Where to register What to bring Other Notes
point-of-sale ID card (DNI Argentino or Cédula del Mercosur) or passport procedure varies slightly per operator
Brazil passport CPF (Cadastro de Pessoa Física) is asked for, but not mandatory.
Bolivia telco-branded store
point-of-sale ID card or passport

+ address details

+ IMEI details of device with proof of purchase (if stay is 30+ days)

Costa Rica photo ID such as passport SIM cards need to be registered with Sutel, the national regulator:, register your SIM card and wait for some hours to be activated.
NO - for stays shorter than 30 days using a device purchased overseas

for stays of 30+ days:

copy of passport + info about device manufacturer and model

+ screenshot of IMEI device

+completed registration form

devices bought in the country don't need to go through this process

Chilean tax number (RUT number for Rol Único Tributario in Spanish) might be asked for, if they insist on it (e.g. on an online form) just give 9 times 9 (e.g. 999999999).

Trinidad and Tobago Optional point-of-sale ID card or passport
Anguilla YES passport
Antigua and Barbuda
Haiti ID such as passport or a copy of it
Guatemala ID such as passport
Belize authorized dealers
Dominican Republic telco-branded store passport or national ID card (cedula)
Barbados passport
British Virgin Islands (BVI, UK) Prepaid SIM cards are unavailable at any airports in the BVI.
Ecuador By law you have to be an Ecuadorian citizen to buy a SIM card. In practice it's easy to find a store that will activate it in someone else’s name, and then transfer it to you a few days later.
El Salvador
Uruguay passport (original only) Previously, the device was required to be declared at customs, but this is no longer obligatory. Formerly had to provide a local address (such as accomodation or hotel address) which is also not mandatory anymore.
Paraguay YES point-of-sale ID card or passport

You need to complete a form prepared by the country’s communications regulator Conatel and provide a fingerprint.

Bonaire (Netherlands) government issued ID or passport
Curaçao (Netherlands)
Peru passport max. 10 prepaid lines per operator
Saint Kitts and Nevis
Saint Lucia
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Turks and Caicos Islands

Asia Pacific[]

COUNTRY Registration required? Where to register What to bring Other Notes
Abkhazia (Georgia) NO n/a
point-of-sale or online through telco's website passport or driving licence should be presented to sales point

+ Australian address (e.g. of accommodation)

Armenia point-of-sale passport
Azerbaijan point-of-sales of the operators passport and visa max. 5 SIM cards per person for all operators, country greylisted; IMEI registration required
Bangladesh point-of sale passport and visa (original + copy)

+ one or two passport size color photographs

Bhutan copy of passport and additional photo
Brunei Darussalam telco-branded store passport
Cambodia passport with a valid visa
China, People's Republic of (PRC/Mainland China) telco-branded store or service point passport and proof of address in Mainland China such as hotel voucher, hotel address card, or temporary residence registration form
* proper termination of mobile service before leaving the country by visiting a telco-branded service point is required**

Facial recognition will be required to register new SIM cards.

Greylisted due to Great China Firewall censorship.
East Timor (Timor-Leste) telco-branded store passport
Fiji ID such as passport
French Polynesia (France) ID card, passport or a driving licence
New Caledonia (France) photo ID such as passport
Georgia (except Abkhazia and South Ossetia) ID document such as passport
Hong Kong SAR (China) point-of-sale ID such as passport Starting from September 1, 2021, carriers will start phasing in identity registration systems for mobile SIM cards, and then from March 1, 2022 to February 2023, the registration system will become mandatory.
Tonga NO n/a No ID is required, but the store agent just asks for your name.
point-of-sale passport (original + copy)

+ visa page (original + copy)

+ passport photos

+ proof of address

Indonesia telco-branded store for foreigners & tourists: passport or e-KITAS (Electronic Limited Stay Permit, Kartu Izin Tinggal Terbatas Elektronik in Indonesian) or e-KITAP (Electronic Permanent Stay/Resident Permit, Kartu Izin Tinggal Tetap Elektronik in Indonesian)

for Indonesians: Indonesian National Registration Identity Card (NRIC, e-KTP for Kartu Tanda Penduduk Elektronik or KTP Elektronik in Indonesian) and Family Card (KK for Kartu Keluarga in Indonesian)

+ IMEI details of phone (for mobile devices bought overseas)

IMEI registration regulations is enforced since 18 April 2020 (devices bought in the country don't need to go through this process)
Iran office of the providers passport and visa Greylisted: IMEI registration required within 30 days paying taxes.

YES - for voice-enable SIM cards

Greylisted because Japan does not permit the sale of most voice-enabled SIM cards to visitors.
Kazakhstan YES point-of-sale ID such as passport of a foreign citizen, a foreigner's residence permit in the Republic of Kazakhstan, a certificate of a stateless person or a diplomatic card IMEI registration required
Kyrgyzstan photo ID such as passport
Kiribati NO n/a
Laos NO

YES (for Unitel Data Roaming services)

telco-branded store ID such as passport Unitel requires your ID (such as passport) to be registered to your SIM to enable data roaming.
Macau SAR (China) YES SIM cards in Macau now require registration since the end of 2019.
Malaysia point-of-sale for Malaysians & Permanent Residents: NRIC (National Registration Identity Card) for Malaysians (MyKad for Kad Pengenalan Malaysia in Malay), NRIC for Permanent Residents, Malaysian Armed Forces or Police ID, or Temporary Identity Card (MyKas)

for foreigners & tourists: valid passport (original only) or work permit ID (i-Kad), and mailing address in Malaysia such as E-Kad, Student ID Card, Hotel Reservation/Booking Form, or latest utility bill

Maldives passport
Mongolia telco-branded store or service point ID card or passport or driving licence
Myanmar telco-branded store passport and visa (or passport stamp)
Nepal point-of-sale passport

+ passport-sized photo (if applicable)

New Zealand
Cook Islands (NZ)
Pakistan YES


passport and visa Greylisted: IMEI registration required, max. 5 devices per year
Philippines photo ID such as passport As on September 2021, Sim Card Registration Act of 2019, also known as Senate bill 693, has passed the Filipino Senate and is awaiting publication in the official Gazette.[1]
Singapore passport (original only, a photocopy is not acceptable), work permit Identification Card (issued from 3 May 1999), SAF11 B, SPF11 B and SCDF11 B, S Pass, EntrePass, work holiday pass, dependant's pass, long term pass, student's pass, employment pass, or NRIC (National Registration Identity Card) max. 3 SIM cards per person
South Korea passport -
Sri Lanka passport

+ recent passport-size photograph (if applicable)

Republic of China (Taiwan/ROC/Chinese Taipei) passport

+ second ID may be required such as driving licence, ID card etc.

max. 1 active SIM card per operator for visitor

Second form of ID is no longer asked on Taiwan Mobile network; no ID required for FET Travel SIM.

Thailand passport max. 5 active SIM cards per operator
Uzbekistan passport

+ temporary residence permit or hotel voucher

IMEI registration required since September 2019
Tajikistan telco-branded store or service center passport, visa, and hotel registration (or hotel voucher), or other official ID documentation
Vietnam telco-branded store passport -


COUNTRY Registration required? Where to register What to bring Other Notes
Albania YES telco-branded store photo ID such as passport

+ local address (such as hotel or accomodation address) in Albania

Austria telco-branded store or partner shops

+ post offices

+ online verification (for some passport holders only)

passport or ID card

+ fee (at some partner shops or post offices)

+ enrollment confirmation, a long-term employment contract or a declaration of main residence (to enable Magenta and S-Budget Mobile Roam Like at Home services)

On Magenta prepaid and S-Budget Mobile Roaming without surcharges in EU, EEA and UK is only available for people with a permanent residence in Austria. If you work, study or primarily life in Austria you can bring the enrollment confirmation, a long-term employment contract or declaration of main residence (=Meldezettel) to a Magenta store to get access to roam like at home By extension this means that tourists can't use roam like at home on S-Budget Mobile, but roaming add-ons can be used by tourists.
Belarus point-of-sale of the operators passport Be aware that some local shops don't know, how to deal with foreign (= not Belarusian or Russian) passports. So better stick to stores in railway stations or airports.
Belgium telco-branded store or independent store at point of purchase (delays are possible) passport or ID card -
Bulgaria telco-branded store

+ big supermarkets

max. 10 SIM cards per person
Bosnia and Herzegovina NO n/a
Czech Republic
point-of-sale passport, ID card, or driving licence
Germany telco-branded store (for larger telcos)

+ agency-appointed stores (for smaller telcos)

+ independent mobile phone stores that sell SIM cards

+ online video verification (for selected passport holders only)

+ post offices

passport or national ID card

+ German address (accommodation address will suffice)

Registration is not required at the time of purchase but for activation and use.

Some stores will only take requests to register SIM cards purchased from them.

Results of online verification and at post offices may take some hours to process; in-store verification usually instant.

Greece point-of-sale passport or national ID card
Hungary telco-branded store passport prepaid subscribers are required to have their subscriptions verified annually to keep prepaid SIMs active,

max. 10 SIM cards per user

Isle of Man (UK)
point-of-sale passport or ID card Codice fiscale (tax code) might be asked for, but not a legal requirement.
Channel Islands (UK)
Luxembourg YES point-of-sale ID card or passport
Malta NO n/a
North Macedonia YES point-of-sale photo ID (ID card or passport)
Northern Cyprus telco-branded store ID such as passport
Norway telco-branded store

+ electronics stores that sell SIM cards

passport (all foreigners) or national ID card (EU/EEA citizens only) Supermarkets and non-electronics stores do not always activate SIM cards.
Poland telco-branded store

+ Ruch kiosks

+ post offices

residence permit, passport (all foreigners), or national ID card (Polish, EU/EEA citizens only) Independent electronics stores may sell SIM cards but they won't register them and will hence remain deactivated.
Portugal NO n/a
Moldova (except Transnistria)
Transnistria YES IDC stores passport pay in Transnistrian rubles
Russia telco-branded store passport with visa and stamp, as well as the migration card with an entry stamp on it, or certificate of registration at the place of temporary/permanent residence (so called "temporary/permanent propiska") -
Slovakia telco-branded store

+ online

passport or national ID card -
Serbia NO telco-branded store ID such as passport (if applicable) ID such as passport may be required at the branded stores.
Slovenia n/a
for larger telcos: branded store

for smaller telcos/MVNOs: agent store or branded store

passport or national ID card (DNI for Documento nacional de identidad in Spanish) -

YES (for Swedish citizens and residents with Personnummer or a proof of residence in Sweden only)

telco-branded store

+ online


Swedish personal number (personnummer) or a proof of residence in Sweden (work permit, study permit, residence permit, or proof of property ownership in Sweden)

Registration applies only to Telia and Halebop prepaid roaming services, which are unavailable to the average short-term visitors (including tourists). Registration also applies to online top-up and prepaid SIM (Kontantkort) purchase transactions, which accepts only Swedish-issued credit cards with a Swedish personnummer.
point-of-sale passport or national ID card -
Turkey point-of-sale in branded stores passport or ID card

for use of 120+ days: IMEI details of phone

Greylisted; IMEI registration required within 120 days paying taxes.

Only 1 SIM can be linked per device

In practice, this concerns users who will stay longer than 120 days as there is a grace period. However, a user may encounter problems if he/she visits Turkey again in the future and wants to use the same device.


YES (in Donetsk & Luhansk only)


post offices & Phoenix offices (in Donetsk only)

post offices (in Luhansk only)

passport (in Donetsk & Luhansk only) Luhansk greylisted, Ukraine in general listed as Warzone; only 5 SIMs per person are allowed in Donetsk, and only 2 SIMs per person are allowed in Luhansk.
United Kingdom NO

YES (to disable the content lock)

point-of-sale in branded stores ID such as passport

Middle East[]

COUNTRY Registration required? Where to register What to bring Other notes
Bahrain YES point-of-sale passport max. 10 SIM cards per provider
Jordan YES point-of-sales of the operators passport
Lebanon telco-branded store Greylisted: IMEI registration required within 90 days paying taxes.
Oman point-of-sale
Saudi Arabia telco-branded store passport with visa stamp max. 2 SIM cards per user
UAE point-of-sale

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