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One of the big issues with buying a SIM in China is the far-ranging censorship. Many websites that are considered part of everyday life in most other countries, like Google, as well as chat apps and social media that China does not control, are blocked. Some business services are also blocked, like Dropbox or the videoconferencing service Zoom. While VPNs are the most commonly recommended solution, the Chinese government has recently been more effectively able to block them, resulting in unreliable performance for many publicly available VPNs. However, because roaming traffic is also securely tunneled to the home country carrier and through its gateway, it functions like a VPN, but with greater reliability. Thus, if you need to ensure reliable access to services otherwise blocked in China, or if you want more anonymity than with a Chinese SIM (many roaming SIMs often do not require registration), a dedicated roaming SIM is a solution that can be considered. This page will be ordered into three main parts: One for providers from the Chinese territory of Hong Kong, one for providers from other countries in Asia, and one from "global" providers that specialize in SIMs that work worldwide as well as other parts of the world.

Note that in China there are three major operators: China Mobile, China Unicom, and China Telecom. China Mobile uses mostly TDD-LTE with some FDD-LTE buildouts in major cities. While it will function with most phones from overseas, it is not recommended without TDD-LTE support as their FDD-LTE network is very congested. China Unicom has a network that is mostly FDD-LTE and will function with most phones from overseas. China Telecom has a FDD-LTE network but a 3G and 2G network based on CDMA; roaming SIMs below generally do not use their network. All SIMs featured below will show what network they use in mainland China, and you can select the one that best fits your needs.

Note that these all have to be purchased from outside China before arrival.

Hong Kong[]

Due to the frequency of travelers crossing between Hong Kong and mainland China, many providers in Hong Kong now offer SIMs with discounted roaming in China. In addition, all of China's major MNOs operate in Hong Kong, with China Mobile as an MNO in Hong Kong as well and China Unicom (using the brand CUniq) and China Telecom (using the brand CTExcel) as MVNOs. The focus of this section will be on SIMs that can be purchased or topped up online. The Chinese MNOs that operate in Hong Kong will be listed first, then local providers with roaming, then MVNOs. Note that China Mobile HK and China Unicom HK both require you to use a local credit card for top-ups now, so if you are not purchasing a pre-loaded SIM, you will need to prepare a Hong Kong payment method, buy Hong Kong top-up vouchers online through a third party, or pick one of the other operators.

Also, do note that at this point, a certain surveillance can't be ruled out from SIMs from Hong Kong, at least on the Hong Kong SIMs of the major mainland MNOs.

If you are transiting Hong Kong and have time to leave the airport or are going to be spending some time in Hong Kong on the way to or from China, some of these SIMs can be purchased at a discounted price at street stands along Ap Liu Street (MTR station Sham Shui Po). Prices (including discount) are clearly marked in numbers and there is no haggling, so you're getting the same good deals the locals are when you buy there. Note that all stalls along the street accept cash only. 

China Mobile Hong Kong[]

CMHK is one of the major MNOs in Hong Kong, with a wide variety of SIMs available for both local and travel use. Their roaming SIMs are now easily purchased on eBay or Amazon, among other online marketplaces, and if you are transiting Hong Kong's airport, there is a China Mobile kiosk in the arrivals area. They also are one of many providers in Hong Kong that offer a bonus scheme for top-ups over a certain amount.

Regulations []

No new SIMs with mainland number are sold anymore, due in part to the mainland registration regulations.

Additionally, CMHK SIM cards state on the packaging, that they should be activated in Hong Kong. This is a suggestion, not mandatory; there is a bonus of unlimited data in HK for exactly 24 hours upon activation (you will get SMS confirmation of expiry time), but if you don't plan on going to HK first, it can be activated from within mainland China with no issue by dialing *#130# on the phone, after signal is received.

Restrictions []

Do note, that if your phone does not support China Mobile's TDD-LTE or TD-SCDMA technology, your 4G access will be limited to larger cities where they have FDD-LTE band 3 and 8, and you won't have 3G to fall back on, only EDGE.

Voice and data SIM cards []

4G/3G China-HK Prepaid SIM Card costs HK$ 120 and comes with HK$ 114 of credit valid for 180 days. Basic data rate is HK$ 1.5 per MB capped at HK$ 48 daily. A HK$ 6 adminstration fee per month applies.

If you can't obtain this SIM, China roaming data packages can also be activated on these two SIM cards: 4G/3G Individual Traveler Prepaid SIM Card sold at HK$ 68 with HK$ 18 credit and 4G/3G Super Talk Prepaid SIM Card sold at HK$ 48 with HK$ 46 credit. However, the daily rate is higher for these two SIMs (HK$ 68), and voice and text are charged at higher rates. A HK$ 2 administration fee will be deducted monthly.

To the three SIM cards above these roaming packages for 30 days can be added:

  • 200 MB: HK$ 38 - activation: *103*200*04#
  • 2 GB: HK$ 98 - activation: *103*200*05#
  • 4 GB: HK$ 168 - activation: *103*200*06#

Additionally, all 4G/3G SIMs now have an FUP on the daily unlimited rate. If you use more than 1 GB per day, China Mobile reserves the right to throttle your connection to not less than 128 kbps.

If you go over your data pack, you will be notified by SMS and your internet access will be shut off. You must unsubscribe from the pack, and you can choose to resubscribe to a pack or pay the daily rate going forward.

In addition to the above, three SIMs with fixed validity and a fixed amount of minutes, SMS, and data valid across mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macau are now available.

  • HK$ 98: 3 days, 50 minutes, 50 SMS, 1GB
  • HK$ 168: 10 days, 100 minutes, 100 SMS, 2GB
  • HK$198: 30 days, 100 minutes, 100 SMS, 4GB

Data-only SIM card []

For data only they offer a 4G/3G China 10-day Data Prepaid SIM Card to be used in both HK and mainland China. This SIM is HK$ 108 for 3 GB of HK and mainland data. It can be used at a daily rate of HK$ 48 in HK or China (with 1 GB FUP). Take care; the initial validity period is only for 10 days, so it must be topped up before expiration for additional use. This SIM is resold and delivered globally by There is one add-on package offered valid for another 10 days:

  • 1 GB: HK$ 100 - activation: *103*200*07#

You can buy new package before the old one is used up. Data from old package rolls forward in this case. If you run out of package data, you're switched to daily rate. You may want to buy multiple SIMs in advance instead, as the add-on rate provides much less data for the same money.

China Mobile has also now released a long-validity SIM, with 8GB data valid for 365 days for HK$ 388. This SIM can not be topped up; if you run out of data before the 365 days are up you must buy another SIM.

Topping up[]

These SIM cards participate in CMHK's top-up bonus scheme. The following bonuses apply for online top-ups, which can now only be done online with a Visa or MasterCard issued from Hong Kong:

  • HK$ 30-49 for a 5% bonus
  • HK$ 50-199 for a 15% bonus
  • HK$ 200-299 for a 20% + HK$ 10 bonus
  • >HK$ 300 for a 30% + HK$ 10 bonus

Every top-up of HKD 50 or more extends validity for 180 days since day of top-up. Any smaller recharge only for 30 days unless previous validity was longer in which case previous validity is kept. Similar, but smaller bonuses are given for top-ups in store in Hong Kong.

Online account management[]

They have an online account management. There are two ways to log into account management: by SMS verification or by password. Former one works only if you're in mainland China or Hong Kong. So if you want to keep your SIM alive outside China it's recommended to create a password by clicking "prepaid SIM registration" on account management. You can consult your balance there and refill but you can't buy packages. It's also available as an app for Android and for iOS, called MyLink.

More info Edit[]

  • Query balance, both money and megabytes: dial *#130# .
  • APN: cmhk (for HK roaming SIM)
  • China Mobile Customer Service Hotline: 400-120-4000, no menus, direct line to a live person but domestic call rate will be charged
  • Website in English for China Mobile Hong Kong:

China Unicom HK (CUniq)[]

China Unicom operates a MVNO in Hong Kong, and they sell roaming SIMs that work in both Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland. Their new online shop is now available in English with sites for the UK, US, Germany, Russia, etc, which means that these SIMs can be easily purchased in many countries worldwide. Delivery time will vary and a shipping fee is added to some countries. In addition to their own online shop, their SIMs can be found on Amazon and eBay.

Note that you can now only use Hong Kong-based payment methods (Visa, UnionPay; 7-11 stores sell top-up cards) to add credit to the account. If you don't have access to these, you'll need to make sure the SIM comes with enough pre-loaded credit for your needs, secure an alternative payment method, or if available, you can buy a CUniq plan in your home country that comes with data in China (prices vary).

Hong Kong offers []

For voice and data in Hong Kong and mainland China they offer the Cross Border King 4G HongKong SIM for HK$ 99, with the same credit valid for 90 days from the date of activation. If you can not find the Cross Border King SIM in stock, the 4G Local Voice and Data Prepaid SIM is now functionally identical, but at a lower upfront price (HK$ 48 for HK$ 46 credit). Both are valid in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and Japan. Standard rate is HK$ 0.80 per MB (= HK$ 800 per GB!) in Hong Kong and the mainland (capped at HK$ 28 daily in Hong Kong only), and a high HK$ 0.02 per kb (= HK$ 20 per MB) capped at HK$ 68 per day for Macau, Taiwan, and Japan. These packages are available for Hong Kong and mainland China:

  • 500 MB for 7 days: HK$ 48 - activation: *118*600#
  • 500 MB for 30 days: HK$ 68 - activation: **118*601#
  • 1 GB for for 30 days: HK$ 88 - activation: **118*504#
  • 2 GB for 30 days: HK$ 148 - activation: **118*602#

These cards both charge a monthly administration fee of HK$ 6, applied at activation and on each 1st day of the calendar month again. Overage in mainland China is HK$ 0.8 per MB. They will be cancelled on the 8th or 31st day at midnight and don't auto-renew.

When you have exhausted the data in the package, you will get a text message informing you. You can then start a new package if you have sufficient credit in your account.

Finally, they have different data-only SIM cards for China, now all with 4G: 

  • Mainland & Hong Kong 8 Days Data SIM: HK$ 150 with 2 GB for 8 days
  • Greater China 15 Days Data SIM: HK$ 178 with 2 GB for 15 days
  • Greater China 30 Days Data SIM: HK$ 240 with 3 GB for 30 days

There is no longer a hard cap on data-only SIMs; once high-speed data has been used up, data speeds will simply be throttled to not less than 128kbps. The 8-day SIM and the 30-day SIM can be topped up, the 15 day SIM can not. The following top-ups are offered: 

  • 8-day SIM: HK$ 100: 8 days, 2 GB 
  • 30-day SIM: HK$ 180: 30 days, 3 GB 

They also offer SIM cards that are only valid for Guangdong province and Hong Kong (see website). 

More info []

China Telecom Hong Kong (CTExcel)[]

China Telecom is a new entrant to the Hong Kong MVNO market, and will only be briefly mentioned due to its relative lack of offerings suitable for roaming users. They are less suitable, due to lack of availability (you have to find one of the few China Telecom stores in HK that stock these to get one), lack of English language support, and only having one prepaid SIM with roaming in mainland China:

  • HK Voice and Data Prepaid SIM (Trial Version): Free, comes with 1 GB HK data, 50 MB mainland data, 100 minutes and 10 SMS good in Hong Kong only for 60 days

Overage in the mainland is HK$ 0.11 per MB (= HK$ 110 per GB), making it more suitable for low or sporadic usage. Data roaming in the mainland is on China Unicom 4G, so it will work with most phones from overseas. Voice roaming is over China Telecom's own CDMA network, so if your device does not support it then you will not be able to make or receive voice calls in mainland China. Have a VoIP or other chat app ready.

Note: Only the free Trial Version SIM has roaming in mainland China, all paid starter packs including eSIMs have no roaming.

Top-up can be done online by Visa, MasterCard, UnionPay, or PayPal. The following bonus scheme applies:

  • HK$ 50-HK$ 99- HK$ 5 bonus
  • HK$ 100-HK$ 199- HK$ 15 bonus
  • HK$ 200-HK$ 299- HK$ 40 bonus
  • HK$ 300 or more- HK$ 90 bonus

All top-ups extend validity by 180 days.

More info:[]

APN: CTExcel website in Chinese only:


Three is a major provider in Hong Kong, and has a few SIMs available for use in China, although only the dedicated China SIM and the multi-country eSIM will be featured here. An “administration fee” of HK$ 2.50 per month is imposed on all cards. They are also one of the few providers in the list to have an eSIM offer available.

Roaming Data SIM (for Mainland China and Macau)[]

Three's roaming SIM for mainland China and Macau is given out in two sizes:

  • for HK$ 98: with a 2 GB data pass for 30 days
  • for HK$ 488: with a 8 GB data pass for year

The first SIM is valid for 90 days activated, the second for a year. Validity can be extended by top-ups. The following offers are valid on China Unicom network in China and Three network in Macau. Use the listed USSD codes to subscribe and unsubscribe after the initial (non-renew) allowance:

Price Validity Data Activation
HK$ 38 30 days 300 MB *127*671#
HK$ 78 10 days 1.2 GB *127*672#
HK$ 98 30 days 2 GB *127*673#
HK$ 488 365 days 8 GB *127*674#

In addition to the listed prices, Three gives out bonus roaming data for online top-ups:

Top-up Validity Data Bonus
HK$ 100-199 90 days 0.5 GB
HK$ 200-299 365 days 1 GB
HK$ 300-399 365 days 1.5 GB
HK$ 400-499 365 days 2 GB
HK$ 500+ 365 days 2.5 GB

Roaming on the physical SIM is on China Unicom up to 4G.

Data eSIM[]

Three also offers a roaming eSIM for capable phones (iPhone XS/XR, Pixel 3/3a). The initial eSIM can be purchased online here and costs HK$ 138 for a flexible 10 days in 90 days from activation. Each day of roaming is valid not only in China, but also in Macau, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, India, Indonesia, Australia, USA (including Guam), Canada, France, UK, Ireland, Italy, Austria, Sweden, Denmark, Mexico, Sri Lanka, Israel, and Kuwait. When the 10 days are used up, the following options are available:

  • 1 day: HK$ 15
  • 10 days: HK$ 138

Roaming on the eSIM is on China Mobile up to 4G; any phone currently available that supports eSIM will support TDD-LTE so network compatibility is not an issue.

There is an FUP of 500 MB daily (resets at midnight) after which data will be throttled to 128kbps.

For both SIM and eSIM, top-ups can be done online with a MasterCard or Visa from any country by logging in to your online account. The username is your phone number, the password is the 6 digit PIN sent to you in the activation SMS.

More info[]


CSL is another major player in the Hong Kong market. It has two offers of its own brand that function in mainland China, on China Unicom: 

China-HK-Macau - Travel SIM card[]

Their new roaming SIM is sold only at 1O1O Centre of Arrivals Meeters & Greeters Hall, Level 5, Hong Kong Internatl. Airport for HK$ 148 in all three sizes. It includes an 8-days pass with unlimited HK calls, 5 GB HK data, unlimted csl. WiFi in HK and 1 GB roaming data in China and Macau. For additional data beyond what is included, the following passes are available:

  • HK$ 48: 500 MB for 3 days, activation: *101*601*3#
  • HK$ 98: 1 GB for 7 days, activation: *101*601*9#

Asia-Pacific Roaming SIM

This SIM offers better value if you are a heavy user. It costs HK$ 238 for the starter pack, and comes with 1 GB of local HK data and 5 GB valid in mainland China, Taiwan, Macau, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines for 8 days. However, only one option is available to continue using the SIM beyond the 5 GB included: 

  • HK$ 40 for 100 MB for 1 day, activation: *101*601*2#

This is better for short one-off trips. However, there is another offer it sells not under its own name, but the name of "HK Mobile", via the same dealers that distribute their domestic helper SIMs. The Global Pass starter pack is far cheaper, at HK$ 80, at the street stands that carry it, or can be up to US$ 25 on Amazon, almost the same as the CSL-branded SIM, but starts with a slightly different offer from above, at 5 GB for 8 days. More importantly, it has a way to renew the same offer.

  • HK$ 118 for 5 GB for 8 days, activation: *101*601*7# 

All of these SIMs can be topped up either in HK (first two can be topped up at any CSL store or with a CSL top-up voucher, the Global Pass requires a special Kumusta Ka top-up voucher) or anywhere online, with a Visa or MasterCard from any country. Go to, either on your phone or on a computer. If your SIM is inserted, it will auto-login, then you can proceed straight to top-up, otherwise you will need to enter your phone number and passcode (found on SIM holder) to log in, then proceed to the top-up page.


Smartone is the smallest operator in Hong Kong, but also offers some roaming packages with good value on its HK$ 68 and HK$ 98 starter packs, as well as a dedicated roaming SIM of interest. If you are not spending time in Hong Kong it's advised to purchase the HK$ 98 starter pack, as the HK$ 68 starter pack includes no credit, having deducted it for a month of local data and voice service. In mainland China it roams on China Unicom up to 4G.

The following options for China roaming are available for each starter:

HK$ 68 starter: HK$ 28 for 300 MB for one day

HK$ 98 starter: 

  • HK$ 38 for 500 MB for one day
  • HK$ 68 for 1 GB for 3 days
  • HK$ 98 for 2 GB for 7 days
  • HK$ 198 for 4 GB for 30 days

These SIMs are valid for 180 days initially, and top-ups of HK$ 50 or more will increase validity 180 days from date of top-up. 

Its dedicated roaming SIMs for China are available as follows: 

  • HK$ 68: 500 MB for 3 days
  • HK$ 88: 1 GB for 7 days
  • HK$ 118:  "unlimited" for 5 days

The HK$ 118 SIM is usable in not just China but also Macau, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, New Zealand, Philippines, Malaysia, and Singapore. Its FUP is 300 MB, which resets on midnight Hong Kong time. Dedicated roaming SIMs are one-off SIMs; once you use up the data allowance or the time allotted has run out, it deactivates.


No matter which type of SIM you have, once you insert the SIM into your phone, the card is automatically activated and you will be receiving a 6-digit "SIM card PIN". Be sure to save this PIN. This PIN is needed later for different actions like recharging online (see below) or when calling customer services.


You can top up by buying recharge vouchers at any SmarTone Stores or authorised dealers with SmarTone signage (eg. selected Newspaper Stands).

If you are in Hong Kong and on the SmarTone network, you can easily recharge online by visiting their Top-up site.

If you are abroad or want to top-up on a desktop or other devices, visit their Online Recharge Services and pay by a credit card. You need your phone number and the 6-digit "SIM card PIN" from when you activated your card.

There is also a top-up bonus scheme currently in place:

  • HK$ 50- HK$ 99: HK$ 2.50 bonus
  • HK$ 100- HK$ 199: HK$ 20 bonus
  • HK$ 200- HK$ 299: HK$ 55 bonus
  • HK$ 300- HK$ 499: HK$ 110 bonus
  • HK$ 500: HK$ 120 bonus

More info []

  • APN: smartone
  • APN for tethering: internet
  • Website:
  • Customer Services: (+852) 2880 2688, local rates apply.


Multibyte Info Group was founded in 2000 and received a Hong Kong MVNO license. They are running 4G/LTE services in Hong Kong on Three HK and China Mobile HK mobile networks, and China Unicom in the mainland. They mainly focus on China-Hong Kong cross border products.

Their SIM cards come without registration and data won't be censored in China. They have some good prepaid data products for users who require data service and long duration in both China and Hong Kong. In mainland China they will use China Unicom's coverage in 2G,3G and 4G/LTE (check China Unicom in our China section for compatibility). Tethering may be restricted in China, but works fine in HK.

Availability []

Some of their SIM cards are available online through . They will ship this card worldwide or with an option to pick up at HK Airport's Post Office, or you can purchase them at various stands along Ap Liu Street in Hong Kong.

Data packages []

These data packages can be used both in HK and mainland China:

Validity Volume Price
3 days 500 MB HK$ 50
10 days 1.5 GB HK$ 108
2 GB HK$ 128
15 days 1 GB HK$ 78
3 GB HK$ 188
30 days 3 GB HK$ 208
120 days 1.2 GB HK$ 148
180 days 3 GB HK$ 248
365 days 2 GB HK$ 168
5 GB HK$ 258

SIM cards can be topped up for more volume on their website, but not extended in time.

Note: The packages mentioned above are spread out across a few different SIMs. For example, the 365-day packages are separate SIMs, the 3-day 500MB offer is a separate SIM, etc. Make sure the offer you want is available on the SIM you purchase.

More info []


Macau is another territory that sees quite a bit of traffic across its border with mainland China, but has not had good roaming offers for mainland use until very recently. However, due to the fact that it is very difficult to get a SIM from Macau outside of Macau and Hong Kong, they will not be featured here, and instead readers who will be in Hong Kong or Macau and have time to buy a SIM can find Macau's offers on its own page. For quick reference, Three and SmarTone are the best value and use China Unicom's network, while CTM is overpriced and China Telecom Macau censors data on Macau SIMs as in the mainland.

Rest of Asia[]

However, good offers for roaming in China don't just come from its neighboring territories. Recently, there have been good roaming offers from other countries in the region as well, although it is mainly Thailand's operators whose SIMs are most readily available online.

AIS (Thailand)[]

AIS has the largest 2G/3G network with a 50% customer share. It's part of the SingTel Corp. that also owns e.g. Optus in Australia and SingTel in Singapore. Their SIM2Fly roaming product is widely available as a physical SIM on major online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, and covers many countries, not just China. It is also now available as an eSIM, which should work on any device with an embedded SIM that can scan a QR code to load the SIM profile. For now eSIMs can be purchased at AIS shops, on the AIS website, and various resellers.

The SIM2Fly SIM card comes in 2 types, but only one is relevant for travelers to China:

  • 399 THB: SIM card for certain countries in Asia and Australia

The Asian version comes with 6 GB roaming data at 3G and 4G/LTE speeds and is valid for 8 days in China, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Laos, India (in certain states only), Taiwan, Macao, the Philippines, Cambodia, Myanmar, Australia, Nepal, Indonesia, Qatar and Sri Lanka, Vietnam, and Brunei.

After the main package has expired, you can add a new data package. For more data in the same countries you can use the following codes to extend your data package:

  • 1 GB valid for 2 days: 119 THB, activation by *111*356#
  • 4 GB valid for 8 days: 299 THB, activation by *111*354#

The 1 GB package is hard-capped while the 4 GB "non-stop" package allows continued use at 128 kbps after the 4 GB is exhausted. As the add-on package is 100 THB less then the price of a new SIM card (although with less full-speed data), it may be worthwhile to keep your SIM active. You can extend the validity by various methods listed here.  This is important, as Thai SIMs generally expire within 45 days if you do not top up. Each top-up extends validity by 30 days, up to 365 days from the date of top-up. With the eSIM this is less of a concern, since you can also purchase a new eSIM and delete the old one when it expires, if you don't mind paying the full price again.

Topping Up[]

To top-up from abroad, you can use (5% fees apply for credit card payments and amounts start at 20 THB) or other agencies that can charge up to 30% fees.

More information[]

  • APN: internet

dtac (Thailand)[]

dtac for Total Access Communication is Thailand's 3rd largest network by the number of users. It's partly owned by Telenor group from Norway and is the network that owns the biggest wireless bandwidth in the country. Its prepaid brand is called Happy, and its roaming offer is called SIM GO! Inter. Its SIM can be harder to find but is available on eBay.

Roaming SIM: SIM GO! inter[]

After the success of SIM2Fly by AIS dtac has revamped their roaming SIM called SIM GO! inter. This SIM is available in their airport shops in Bangkok, Phuket and Samui and in many dtac stores. Starter packs are sold in three varieties, although only one is easily found outside Thailand online:

  • for 22 SE Asian countries. AUS and US with 6 GB for 10 days: THB 399

These starters can be added by these add-on packages (not available to regular dtac SIM cards):

  • for SE Asia, AUS, US:
    • 1 GB for 3 days: THB 199, activation: *104*732*9#
    • 5 GB for 10 days: THB 349, activation: *104*732*9#

Be aware that his SIM card follows Thai top-up rules with a validity of only 30 days for any top-up.

Also note that while not officially advertised, the Asia/AUS/US SIM does also work in certain countries in Europe, supporting Switzerland (Swisscom), Austria (Drei), Italy (Vodafone), Hungary, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Serbia, Sweden, and Norway (all Telenor).

Topping Up[]

Topping up without fees is possible for some foreign credit and debit cards if you do so via the app (not geo-restricted, in English) from a Thai IP address, either on a phone with the SIM inserted or with a VPN. The app will auto-login if you open it on a phone with the SIM inserted. Then select a top-up amount and enter your card details if prompted. Once successful, you should have a confirmation, or if it does not "like" your card issuer, you will only get an "error" with no further explanation, and you will have to use an agency like MobileTopup.

TrueMove H (Thailand)[]

TrueMove H is Thailand's 2nd largest network and the most heavily advertised. TrueMove is part of the larger True Corp. conglomerates, owned by CP Group which is the biggest retailer owning all 7-Eleven and Tesco stores in Thailand. Its roaming SIM is simply called Travel SIM.

Note that TrueMove only has China Mobile as a roaming partner. If your phone does not support TDD-LTE (bands 38, 39, 40, 41) it is highly recommended to go with AIS or dtac instead because without it, you will suffer degraded network performance due to the overloading of their relatively low capacity FDD-LTE (bands 3 and 8) network.

Travel SIM[]

The following starters are suitable for travel to China:

  • Travel SIM Greater China with 6 GB for 8 days: THB 399
  • Travel SIM Asia with 6 GB for 8 days: THB 399

The Greater China SIM covers mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan, while the Asia SIM covers the above and Japan, South Korea, Brunei, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Mongolia, and Sri Lanka.

These SIMs can be extended using the following USSD codes:

  • for 3 more days: 1 GB (hard cap) for 150 THB by *115*150#,
  • for 8 more days: 4 GB (throttled to 128 kbps after) for 299 THB by *115*299#.

The SIM is activated as soon as it connects to a roaming network. The APN may need to be set manually to 'internet' and username/password 'true'

More Info[]

(work in progress, to be continued)