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Flag of Sint Maarten - Dutch part



This article details the islands of the Netherlands Antilles that remain a part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in the Caribbean:

  • Sint Maarten (= Dutch side of Saint Martin)
  • Sint Eustatius (also known as Statia)
  • Saba
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Flag of France

Furthermore, it's about the neighbouring islands of the French Antilles that are Overseas Territories of France:

  • Saint-Martin (= French side of Saint Martin)
  • Saint-Barthélemy (= St. Barths)


6 different providers operate here that are mostly linked by free roaming:

  • Chippie (by UTS): on the Dutch and French islands, see article below
  • Telcell: on the Dutch islands only, see article below
  • Dauphin Telecom: on the French islands only, see article below
  • Orange Caraïbe: on the French islands, see French West Indies
  • SFR Caraïbe: on the French islands, see French West Indies
  • Digicel: on the French islands, see French West Indies

Saint Martin[]

Saint martin map

Map of Saint Martin

The island of St. Martin is unique in the world and confusing for most travellers. It consists of two parts:

  • a French part in the North with 53 km2 under French rule with French operators
  • a Dutch part in the South with 37 km2 with different rules and operators

There is no place in the world where 7 networks (UTS is the only one that has 2 licenses for both sides) cater for around 70,000 inhabitants. That's why roaming rules and regulations become essential.

Island roaming (in St. Martin)[]

The island of St. Martin is small, but mountainous. That's why the coverage of one side can't reach the shores of the other side. All French operators (Orange, SFR, Dauphin) but not Digicel offer roaming without surcharges in the Dutch part through Telcell. UTS/Chippie use their partner network for the other side and Telcell has free roaming on Dauphin Telecom.

Caribbean roaming[]

All French operators offer roaming without surcharges on all other French Caribbean territories within their network: These are Guadeloupe, Martinique and French Guyana. For more details see our French West Indies chapter.

Chippie/UTS offers roaming without surcharges in "Chippieland": Curacao, Bonaire, St. Barths, Saba and St. Eustatius and both sides of St. Martin.

International roaming[]

Now things become really complicated. The French side is considered part of the European Union (EU), while the Dutch part is not. This essentially means that all roaming regulations valid for the EU (see European Union) only apply to French-based operators and while you are using French antennas.

Effective June 2017 the European Union has scrapped all surcharges on roaming within their area on SIM cards issued there. So you can use the French networks without roaming surcharges on a European SIM card or use a SIM card from the French Caribbean without surcharges to call Europe. While the French Caribbean is seen as EU now without roaming charges, the Dutch Caribbean will remain unregulated. This leads to very different prices for roaming, not between Dutch and French parts (as seen above), but for a user with a European SIM card or on a local SIM calling Europe.

Chippie (by UTS)[]


UTS (for United Telecom Services) offers 3G/4G prepaid and postpaid service under the Chippie brand in St. Martin, St. Eustatius, Saba and some other Caribbean islands.

Essentially, they are running two networks under the same marketing name, but under two licenses in St. Martin.

  • French UTS by UTS Caraïbe under French regulation: network ID: 340-03, country code: 340
  • Dutch UTS by UTS N.V. licensed in Sint Maarten: network ID: 362-91, country code: 362

They form a single network on all Dutch islands including both sides of St. Martin. Additionally they offer free roaming in Bonaire, Curacao, Saba, St. Eustatius and St. Barths (what is called 'Chippieland'). They offer 3G/HSPA on 850 and 2100 MHz and 4G/LTE on band 3 (1800 MHz).

In 2017 after the hurricane UTS has informed that the older, 2G-based network has not been turned back on following Irma due to malfunctioning of key network components. At present the company is working on the logistics to move all customers that may have still been using 2G to the newer faster 3G and 4G networks instead.

Note that different roaming regulations apply for Europe according to network and antenna used (see international roaming above).



A SIM card costs US$ 18 with US$ 11 credit included. It's available it UTS stores (list on St Maarten) in Marigot and Philippsburg on both sides of the island.

Top-ups are available at Chippie stores and many more independent shops: list of recharge points.

Data feature packages[]

Default data rate is steep US$ 0.10 per MB (= US$ 100/GB).

So better buy one of these data packages:

  • 500 MB for 1 day: US$ 2.25 - activation: 3gvp 1d
  • 2.5 GB for 10 days: US$ 16.75 - activation: 3gvp 10d
  • 4 GB for 30 days: US$ 35 - activation: 4gvp 30d

For activation text code to 3434.

They also offer these combo packs with domestic calls, texts and data:

Data Calls SMS Price Time Activation
2 GB 0 0 US$ 2.99 1 day B1D
2.5 GB 35 mins 10 US$ 10 7 days B7D
2 GB 45 mins 30 US$ 25 30 days BS
4 GB 60 mins 60 US$ 35 30 days BM
8 GB 90 mins 60 US$ 55 30 days BL
12 GB 240 mins 90 US$ 120 30 days BXL

All combo packages are on 4G/LTE network too. To activate text code to 3636.

For more data you can upsize the monthly combo packs by:

  • 1 GB: US$ 4 - activation: DM
  • 2 GB: US$ 7 - activation: DL
  • 4 GB: US$ 10 - activation: DXL

Upsize packs are running for the rest of the base package. Unused data will not roll over.

More info[]

Telcell (by TELEm)[]


Telcell, part of the TELEm Group, offers 2G/GSM on 900 MHz and 3G/HSPA on 2100 MHz. In 2017 they launched their long-awaited 4G/LTE network and utilize the 1800 MHz (band 3) spectrum band. Like Chippie it considers shutting down its 2G network entirely after restoration past hurrican Irma.

They form a single network on all three Dutch islands and offer free roaming to the French side of St. Martin and St. Barths through Dauphine Telecom.


SIM costs US$ 20 with US$ 10 credit included. Available in their shops. Full list of shops is on their website, click on "Where to topup". The section "Top-up via our branches" lists their official shops.

To-up at their and independent shops. You can buy a voucher, then dial *123*<voucher code># or online by credit card. A full list of resellers is on their website, click on "Where to topup". To check balance, dial *124#.

Data bundles[]

These data bundles are offered:

Data Validity Price Activation
750 MB 1 day US$ 2 1001
1.5 GB 1 day US$ 3 2001
4 GB 1 day US$ 7.50 2004
5.25 GB 7 days US$ 10 3001
1 GB 30 days US$ 10 1007
3 GB 30 days US$ 20 2030
5 GB 30 days US$ 30 1030
7.5 GB 30 days US$ 35 1035
10 GB 30 days US$ 40 1040

For activation text a SMS with "DATA ON" to the given number. You can buy the same bundle again before it has expired. To check data balance text 'INFO' to 111.

More info[]

Dauphine Telecom[]


Dauphine Telecom is a provider based in the French part of Saint Martin. They have a network on both northern islands (Iles du Nord): Saint-Martin and Saint Barthélemy. In the rest of the French Caribbean it only resells other networks and operates the submarine fibre-optic cable to Puerto Rico.

They have a good 2G/3G coverage on 900/1800 MHz 2G/GSM and 2100 MHz 3G up to HSPA+ speeds on the two islands: coverage maps. 4G/LTE has started on 1800 and 2600 MHz (B3 and 7). They offer roaming without surcharges for data too in the Dutch part of St. Martin on Telcell and roaming according to EU regulations as long as you connect to French antennas.


You can buy their prepaid SIM card in one of their shops in Marigot or Gustavia (location). Their "Easy" SIM card is given out in 3 denominations:

  • as voice and data SIM with 1 GB, unlimited local SMS, and €10 credit: €35.90
  • as data-only SIM with 750 MB: €14.90
  • as data-only SIM with 1.5 GB: €29.90

If you buy it somewhere else, you will have 15 days to register in an agency of them or your line will be suspended. All allowances are for 30 days.

Top-ups from €5 can be made in about 100 outlets on both islands (list) or online.

Data featured packages[]

Default rate is €0.000009 per KB (= €0.009 per MB).

These monthly data packages are offered for all SIM cards:

Package Data Price
Pass 500Mo 500 MB €5
Pass 1Go 1 GB €10
Pass 2Go 2 GB €15
Pass 4Go 4 GB €20
Pass 10Go 10 GB €35

These passes are sold at their sales points or online. You can check your remaining data allowances by entering #222#.

More info[]

Orange Caraïbe, SFR Caraïbe, Digicel[]

For all these French-based operators on the French side of St. Martin and St. Barths check our chapter about the French West Indies.

Click on the logo below to get detailed information about these providers: