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Slovakia has now 4 network providers and a few MVNOs:

  • Orange Slovakia (formerly Globtel, Globtel GSM)
  • Telekom (a.k.a. Slovak Telekom, formerly T-Mobile, Eurotel Bratislava)
  • O₂ (O₂ Czech Republic, owned by PPF)
  • 4ka SWAN (2G, 4G/LTE, 5G only own network and 3G national roaming through Orange)

2G is on 900 and 1800 MHz, 3G on 900 and 2100 MHz, LTE has started in 2014 on all three major providers. 4G/LTE licences on 700, 800, 1800 and 2600 MHz (bands 3, 7, 20, 28) have been granted. A forth provider called SWAN started in 2015 with 4G/LTE on 1800 MHz (B3) only. 5G has started in 2021 on n78 (3500 MHz), n1 (2100 MHz) and n3 (1800 MHz), but is not yet available for prepaid.

In 2019 these 4G coverages of population were reported; O2 Slovakia covered 96.7%, Orange Slovakia covered 94.4% of the population, Slovak Telekom 93.7% and 4ka around 84%.

The 3 major network operators all run MVNOs or subsidiaries closely attached for youth or special markets:

  • FunFón on Orange
  • Tesco mobile on O2
  • Juro on Telekom
  • Radosť on O2 (does not currently offer pre-paid SIM card)

Additionally Slovanet runs at TD-LTE network on 3500 MHz (band 42) for mobile broadband. It's not open to prepaid customers and focuses on providing broadband access in underserved rural areas of the country. That's why it's not mentioned any further in this article.

SIM cards in Slovakia require registration which may take some time and is possible via an online website (not instant) or better in person in a store of the operator, where you need to show your passport or ID card.

EU flag
Slovakia is part of the EU, where from 2017 new international roaming rules are enforced. In most European countries you can now 'roam like at home' at domestic rates rather than excessive roaming rates. Some operators have opened up only a part of their portfolio for EU roaming so far or impose some limitations. For specifics about the new regulation check the European Union chapter and every provider below.

Orange Slovakia[]


Orange is the market leader in Slovakia with the most customers. 3G covers more than 94% of the population.The 3G network operates on 2100 MHz and in some rural areas also on 900 MHz.

Orange has started 4G/LTE in 2014 on 800 and 2600 MHz (B7 and 20) and covers 90% in 2017: Orange Coverage Map. 5G has started in Bratislava, is available for pre-paid users as well.

Availability []

The prepaid SIM card is called Prima Volba and available for €2 with €2 credit at their stores and outlets (Store locator - fill in town name). You have to show a photo ID (such as passport). Mini, micro and nano SIMs are available. It comes with 1 GB for a start. Existing customers can convert to e-sim online, otherwise e-sims are available on the spot.

You can top-up your Orange mobile account at the Orange points of sale or using top-up scratch cards available all over the country or online by credit card. Credit is valid for 365 days.

Data feature packs[]

There will be no data, as long as you don't buy one of their packages valid only on Prima Volba SIM cards.

Data Time Price Activation
200 MB 30 days €1 200 A
1 GB 7 days €2 TYZ1GB A
1 GB 30 days €4 1GB A
2 GB 30 days €6 2GB A
5 GB 30 days €8 MES5GB A
5 GB* 1 day €2 DEN5GB A
10 GB 30 days €10 10GB A

(*) - unlimited data, when you used up 5 GB, your speed will be throtted to 3 Mbit/s.

Activation is by text to 445 or online on your account. Internet is cut off once data are depleted. More packages can be activated simultaneously. Each new package activation transfers unused data and extends validity. To activate automatic data renewal text AUTO A to 445 (AUTO D for deactivation). Current package will renew once you deplete data and validity will be extended by another 30 days. Price for this renewal is same as the original package. Please note that the package will not auto-renew if you have unused data on the last day of the package validity.

All packages are allowed to be used in 4G/LTE and 5G network too.

EU roaming[]

All allowances of their packages are valid for EU/EEA + UK roaming without any surcharges.

More information[]

Telekom (Slovak Telekom, formerly T-Mobile)[]

Telekom Logo

Telekom a.k.a. Slovak Telekom, formerly T-Mobile and Eurotel Bratislava, is the 2nd mobile provider and still the biggest telecommunications company in the country. It has a pretty good coverage and started 2013 with 4G/LTE on band 3 (1800 Mhz), later on band 7 (2600 MHz) deployed usually in few cities like Bratislava, Košice and near Ukraine border and band 20 (800 MHz) which is deployed everywhere in Slovakia as primary LTE band.

4G/LTE is open for prepaid and covers 93% of population in 2017: Coverage map. 4G+/LTE+ started in late 2015 with speeds up to 300 Mbps and is available only in larger towns. Please note that 3G/UMTS network operates only on 2100 MHz and not on 900 MHz. However, all prepaid data packages are speed capped to 150/50 Mbps.

Availability []

The prepaid SIM card is called "Predplatenka" and is available for €5 with €10 credit at their stores and outlets (Store locator). You have to show a photo ID (such as passport). Mini, micro and nano SIM are available.

You can top-up at points of sale, grocery stores (Tesco, COOP Jednota), petrol stations, kiosks selling Tipos lottery products, ATM, using Telekom app or online topup. Slovak Telecom stopped selling scratch cards in January 2019. Every top-up extends the card/credit validity by 365 days while bonus credit is extended by 30 days only.

To check remaining credit, call *121#. For remaining data call *122# or visit link

Default data rate[]

This default rate on Predplatenka is €0.10 per MB. After reaching €0.50 within one calendar day (00:00 - 23:59), no further charges are made during that day and you can use up to 200 MB. Internet is cut off once data are depleted. At any moment at least €0.24 credit is required for data transfers (including packages) to work.

Default data rate is a good choice, if your consumption is balanced throughout the month as you get approximately up to 9 GB per month for €15 and you are not charged on days, when you don't use the internet at all.

Data feature packs[]

Alternatively, following data packages are available, which can be used throughout the EU/EEA + UK without any surcharge:

Data Time Price Activation
200 MB until midnight €0.50 Data
2 GB 24 hours €1.50 2GBDEN
unlimited 24 hours €2 *app only
1 GB 10 days €2 1GB10DNI
1 GB 30 days €3 1GB30DNI
3 GB 30 days €6 3GB30DNI
5 GB 30 days €8 5GB30DNI

For activation text code to 12330. Only the monthly packages auto-renew. To disable auto-renew text '30DNI VYP' to 12330. Unused data can be transferred with auto-renewal or by subscribing to a package with same validity. It's possible to activate package with shorter duration on top of existing subscription. Data from package with the shortest validity are consumed first. Internet is cut off once data are depleted.

EU roaming[]

When you use data roaming for the first time, you should be redirected to Telekom's website, where you'll get a choice of data roaming packages, or default rate. Until you make this choice, you won't be able to use data roaming. If you're not redirected automatically, visit using your browser. You can also use this page to change your selection if you decide to do so later. While you're staying in the EU/EEA, it is a good idea to choose default rate: This will basically mean the same prices as in Slovakia, except that "daily rate" will be capped at 0.2 GB. If you have purchased a domestic data package, it will be available in all EU/EEA countries without any surcharges or limits.

Selecting data roaming packages within EU/EEA is not a good idea as they are much worse value than domestic ones. For example, by choosing domestic package you can get 1 GB for €5.99 and use these data without any limits throughout the EU/EEA. If you opt for a data roaming package, you won't get a better rate than €15 for only 500 MB of data. The main value to be found in the roaming packages is the fact that they also function in the non-EU countries of Switzerland and the USA.

More information[]

O₂ (O₂ Slovakia)[]

O2 logo

O₂ in Slovakia, run by the Czech division of O₂, owned by PPF Group, has the 3rd network in the country with 1.86 million subscribers in 2016. The company itself doesn't belong to Telefónica as they only own a 5% share in O₂ Czech Rep. anymore.

3G network offers speeds up to 14.4 Mbit/s on primary band 2100 MHz and in rural areas and cities also on 900 MHz. The 3G network reaches up to 70% of population in Slovakia.

4G/LTE has started on 800 MHz (band 20) as primary band. 1800 MHz (band 3) was added. The 4G network is available for prepaid: coverage map. In 2018 their LTE network covers 93% of the population with speeds up to 25 Mbit/s. In 2016 they acquired new spectrum on 3500 MHz (band 42) for TD-LTE which they use for fixed LTE internet in postpaid product Internet na Doma. Max. speed depends on the limits of the data package.


Their new prepaid SIM is now called O₂ Voľnosť or in English O Freedom available online for €2 with €2 bonus credit and at their stores and outlets (Store locator). You need to show an ID document (such as passport) for purchase. Mini SIM, micro SIM and nano SIM are available.

Top-ups can be made online and at retail outlets - stations of Slovnaft, OMV Shell or Agip networks, in certain COOP Jednota and GG Tabak stands with O2 logo; or via recharge coupons (from €8 to €20 ) bought in O stores - on your phone dial the following *133*<14-digit coupon PIN>#. In the first 3 months the face values of all top-up credits will be increased by 25% as a bonus. The SIM card expires 12 months after last recharge.

On the O₂ website, there is a condition remark stating that credit cards issued in countries other than Slovakia and the Czech Republic cannot be used to recharge credit through their online systems. So bare in mind that O may be hard to keep it alive outside Slovakia for long time.

Default data rate[]

The default rate enabled on both tariff lines is the daily rate: for €0.75 per calendar day (0-24h), you get 500 MB of data. The first 50 KB are free, from 50 KB onwards up to 500 MB you'll be charged €0.75. The speed is capped at 14.4/2 Mbps in 3G network, 25/15 Mbps in 4G network and 450/40 Mbps in 5G network.

You can refill another 500 MB by texting 'INTERNET OBNOVA' to 99222. If you use this daily package for roaming in the EU/EEA, the first 410 MB can be used without additional surcharge, after that (410 MB to 500 MB) each MB is for an additional surcharge of 0.36c/MB (01/01/2021).

Data feature packages[]

On the O₂ Vol'nosť following packages are available:

Data Time Price Activation
500 MB 1 day €0.75 500MB
1 GB 1 day €1 1GB
1 GB 7 days €2 1GB1 A
1 GB 28 days €3 1GB4 A
2 GB 28 days €5 2GB4 A

Activate by sending SMS with activation text to 99222. Speed is capped at 14.4/2 Mbps in 3G network, 25/15 Mbps in 4G network and 450/40 Mbps in 5G network.

EU roaming[]

All weekly/monthly data packages are valid in the EU/EEA + UK without surcharges. The default daily rate only first 500 MB (for 1 GB daily option) can be used without surcharge, 0.3c per MB is charged after.

More information[]

4ka (by Swan)[]


Swan Multimedia is a triple-play operator who has won the 4th LTE license in the country. They started in 2015 with 4G/LTE on 1800 MHz (band 3) only and is covering about 70% of population in 2017. For coverage map click on Mapa dostupnosti služieb. Due to 1800 MHz limitation its LTE can not fully penetrate buildings/cars. Therefore, some people report problems with the network even on places with some coverage. It has the lowest prices in Slovakia, but has also a slightly lower coverage at around 84% for 4G/LTE in 2022.

Swan markets their prepaid products under the brand name 4ka (Štvorka). As the operator doesn't have its own network all over the country yet, it provides national roaming services through Orange's network. Up to 2018 this was in 2G and up to 300 kbps only. From February 2018 roaming is now on Orange's 3G network too. In 2019 it accounts for around 9% of the Slovak market.

5G has started in Banská Bystrica and Bratislava and can be used with prepaid SIM cards without surcharges on n78 (3500 MHz).



4ka SIM cards are available at Slovak Post offices or MobilOnline and some mobile stores with SWAN and/or 4ka logo e.g. Smartshop/Digitall (map: click on SIM karty). Their SIM card is sold for €4 with the same credit on. Card and credit validity is for 16 months from the last top-up. Since 2019 all new SIM cards come with 1 GB data package valid for 30 days (also valid within EU/EAA and in national roaming).

They also give out eSIM profiles at €8 for compatible devices. You need to go to a shop for new connections or can transfer an existing 4ka SIM to eSIM online.

Recharge vouchers can be found at all Post offices and more shops (mostly mobile shops) between 4-€16. To top-up type *111*<voucher PIN>*<phone number>#. It's also possible to top-up online, by credit or debit card. Check balance by typing *55#.

Only Slovak citizens can buy subscription from the online shop (because they accept only Slovak personal data e.g. Rodné číslo ("birth number", equal to national identification number). For non-Slovak citizen must have activate subscription in person at the store from buying SIM card with ID-card and/or passport.

Data feature packages[]

Basic rate is a low €0.014 per MB. This rate is valid in Swan and Orange networks, and also in roaming in EU/EEA and UK.

  • Denné Nekonečno (Daily Unlimited): this 24 hour package offers 15 GB both in 4ka network and Orange 3G network (EU cap: 1.39 GB) and is sold for €1.50. To activate send SMS with text 'DN' to 950.

Additionally they offer these monthly data packages:

  • GIGA s obnovou (GIGA with renewal): 1 GB - €2. This package applies on both native 4G network of Swan and it's national roaming partner, Orange (2G/3G only) and in EU/EEA. For activation text 'GIGA' to 950, to stop 'GIGA STOP'.
  • Sloboda Dáta (Freedom Data): "unlimited data" (it's actually 300 GB) on 4G network of Swan and 20 GB roaming on Orange (2G, 3G), no EU roaming included: €15, reduced to €4 on new SIM cards. For activation text 'SDATA' to 950, to stop text 'STOP'.

They introduced new combo packages called Sloboda (Freedom) with a 2 GB data quota (in SK & EU, overuse at €0.014 per MB) and a voice/SMS allowance:

  • Sloboda 100 (Freedom 100): 100 mins/SMS to all domestic networks: €6, activation: 'S100' to 950
    • this pack can be added by a 10 GB (EU cap: 4.63 GB) add-on: €5, activation: 'PLUS'
  • Sloboda 300 (Freedom 300): 300 mins/SMS to all domestic networks: €10 - activation: 'S300' to 950
    • this pack can be added by a 15 GB (EU cap: 4.63 GB) add-on: €5, activation: 'PLUS'
  • Sloboda ∞ (Freedom Unlimited): unlimited mins/SMS to all domestic networks: €18 - activation: 'SN' to 950
    • this pack can be added by an unlimited (EU cap: 4.63 GB) add-on: €5, activation: 'PLUS'

All packages auto-renew after 30 days and can be stopped by texting 'STOP' to 950.

EU roaming[]

EU/EEA + UK roaming without surcharges is given out according to FUP rules of EU only up to a certain limit within the packages.

More information[]

FunFón (on Orange)[]

Funfon new

new logo

FunFón uses the Orange network (see above) in 2G, 3G and since 2015 in 4G/LTE with speeds up to 225 Mbps.


It's sold at Orange stores. The initial package costs €7 with the same credit loaded.

Top-ups can be made with recharge cards or online with international credit cards like Visa or MasterCard.

Top-ups of 3 or €5 stay valid for 30 days, of €7 or more for 120 days. SIM card stays alive for a year without top-ups.

Data options[]


old logo

The default tariff is giving data at €0.07 per MB with a maximum of €0.40 per calendar day for up to 200 MB with max. speed at 7.2/0.512 Mbps, then reduced to 128 kbit/s speed. It's possible to buy another 200 MB of data for €0.40 by texting 'DUPLA' to 919.

A 1 GB full-speed 150/50 Mbps package calle gigofka valid for 30 days is offered at €5. Standard rates are applied (max €0.40) once data are depleted. Another package of 1 GB can be purchased for €3 within the billing period of original package. Unused data are not transferable to next month. To activate with auto-renewal text "GIGA AP" to 919. For one time only activation text "GIGA AJ" to 919. For additional data text "DALSI1GB" to 919. To stop the auto-renewal text "GIGA DP" to 919. Once depleted, the internet is cut off. To check remaining data text STAV to 919. Data package is valid in the EU/EEA without surcharges

Smart option[]

Another option is a monthly package called SMART. It's offered at €8, €12 or €20 subscription fee and it offers any costumizable mixture of 1 GB full-speed data for €2, 100 minutes for €2 or 100 SMS/MMS for €2. Any option is deducted from the monthly subscription fee and one has to select combination data, minutes or SMS at the activation time. E.g. for €8 subscription fee it offers 4 GB data. Changes are possible at least 24 hours before renewal period ends. All unused units are transferable to the next subscription period and all units are valid without restrictions in the EU/EEA region. SMART package activation is possible online. Once data are depleted standard rates apply (max. €0.40 per calendar day). Additional 1 GB of data is offered at €3 by sending SMS 'DATA' to 929. To check remaining data text 'STAV' to 929.

EU roaming[]

Domestic rates apply to EU/EEA + UK roaming at €0.07 per MB and domestic packages apply.

More information[]

Tesco mobile (on O₂)[]


Tesco mobile is a joint venture between the UK retail chain and O₂ in Slovakia. It uses O₂'s network in 2G, 3G and since 2016 4G/LTE too (see O2).


Be aware Tesco mobile SIM card doesn't have a phone number assigned initially. The only way to activate a Tesco mobile plan and obtain your phone number is to do it at the shop counter. O₂ offices don't do that.


Their prepaid SIM cards are called Trio. They are available from Tesco supermarkets, priced at €3 with €3 credit. For store locator click on the small map down right.

Credit top up is available at any cash desk in Tesco stores at the value of €5, €10, and €15, or at Tipos points of sale from €6. Tesco mobile recharges are also offered on their website, but they say that they only accept Slovak credit cards. The same may apply to ATM top-ups.

Validity of standard recharged credit in any amount and in anyway is 12 months as of the top up.

To check remaining credit, text to 99222 "Spotreba". Be aware that for online top-ups you'll need to have a Slovak-issued credit or debit card.

Data options[]

Their default data rate is 300 MB per day for €0.90 on a calendar day (0-24h). You can refill another 300 MB by texting 'INTERNET OBNOVA' to 99222. You can activate a automatic renewal by texting "OBNOVA A" to 99222 and deactivate by texting "OBNOVA D".

Maximum speed of 14.4/2 Mbps in 3G and 25/15 Mbps in 4G is applied for all data transfers.

Tesco offers three new monthly data packs for its prepaid card of the Bodka plan:

Data Time Price Activation
300 MB 1 day €0.90 300MB
500 MB 30 days 3 INET500 A
1.5 GB 30 days 6 INET1500 A
5 GB 30 days 9 INET5000 A

For activation text code to 99222. Each package is auto-renewed and has automatic data top-up turned on for 3€ / 1 GB (500 MB for the smallest package) charged once data are depleted. Unused data will be transferred to next month only with active data top-up. To disable automatic data top-up text 'NAVYSOVAT D' to 99222.

Data SIM card[]

They issued a new data-only SIM called karta 10 GB for €9 with 10 GB for a month. It is automatically enabled and renews every month, if you top-up.

You can also enjoy the 10 GB data offer for €9 on every Bodka SIM card. All you have to do is activate the Internet 5000 package for €9 per month by sending an activation SMS in the form of INET5000 A to the number 99222 . In the package you get 5 GB of data every month automatically and another 5 GB for recharging the credit.

EU roaming[]

Monthly data packages are valid in the EU/EEA + UK without surcharges. Only the first 300 MB can be used without surcharge using the default daily rate, 0.3c per MB is charged after.

More information[]

Juro! (on Telekom)[]


Juro! started in 2016 as new low-cost subsidiary on the network of Slovak Telekom in 2G, 3G and on 4G/LTE up to 375/50 Mbit/s. It's marketed as "people's operator" and advertises with folkloric motives.


Their SIM card can be ordered online sent to a Slovak address or bought in a shop with their logo like Tesco supermarkets or Telekom stores (list). It's sold for €5 , in promotions reduced to €2 and contains €5 credit preloaded for a start. Only SIM cards sold after SEP 2019 come with 4G. All previously sold SIM card have to activate 4G by calling help desk line 0909 909 909.

You can top-up on their website or buy vouchers in shops or terminals at OMV and Slovnaft stations and COOP of 5 or €10. With a coupon enter *191*<voucher PIN>#. As a promotion Juro! gives 25% bonus on your first top-up, 50% on your second and 75% on your third.

Check credit by *191#. It's valid for 365 days after the last top-up.

Data options[]

Default rate is €0.05 per MB in Slovakia and roaming the EU. If you top-up your credit by at least €5 during the first 30 days of your SIM card, a discounted rate of €0.02 per MB will be charged for 30 days in Slovakia, not in the EU.

With daily internet when the user reaches a data consumption of €0.20, they will get 100 MB data to use by the end of the day. If this is not sufficient, they can buy another 100 MB of data for €0.20 by texting 'ESTE100' to 909.

For activation text code to 'DATA 500' to 909. It can be activated multiple times and each purchase extends the validity of remaining data and rolls over remaining data into new package. However, this is not an auto-renewable package and it will expire once data is depleted or by reaching end of validity period.

EU roaming[]

The daily rate will be charged up to €0.20 for 84 MB in EU/EEA + UK roaming. From 85-100 MB per day a surcharge of 0.7c/MB applies. Beyond 100 MB per day roaming will be cut off. Allowances of the 500 MB weekly package can be used within the EU without surcharges.

More info[]

  • APN: internet

Radosť (on O2)[]


Radosť (translated to English as 'joy') started in September 2020 as a new MVNO operator working over O2 Slovakia network. It operates in 2G (up to 250kb/s), 3G (up to 14.4Mb/s) and 4G/LTE (up to 73 Mb/s). It's marketed as "digital operator" available exclusively by using a mobile app. The operator does not currently offer pre-paid SIMs, only 3 plans without minimum contract period. That's why it can't be mentioned.

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