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This article is about the Kingdom of Spain including the Canary Islands in the Atlantic and the enclaves of Melilla and Ceuta in Northern Africa.

Networks and coverage

Spain has 4 network operators:

  • Movistar (owned by Telefónica)
  • Vodafone
  • Orange
  • Yoigo (with free roaming on Orange and Movistar)

All others are resellers or MVNOs reselling the three major operators, except of Yoigo. They are very strong in Spain on the prepaid market caring for 17% of all customers. The o2 brand has also been launched short ago by Telefónica, but it focuses exclusively on contract and optic fiber broadband.

The country is all covered by 2G and mostly by 3G up to HSPA+ and DC-HSPA and 4G/LTE in towns. Nationwide the big three providers Movistar, Vodafone and Orange are neck on neck with a similar coverage and market shares. 2G is on 900 and 1800 MHz, 3G on 900 and 2100 MHz. Yoigo is a 3G/4G-only network with limited own resources, but free roaming on Orange and Movistar, giving it a very good coverage too.

4G/LTE was launched by all operators in 2013 using 800 (B20), 1800 (B3) and 2600 (B7) MHz frequencies. In 2017 Vodafone had the best 4G/LTE coverage at 96.5% followed by Orange with 91.7%, Movistar and Yoigo at 89% of the population.

5G NR was started in 2019 by Vodafone and Telefónica on 3500 (n78) in some city areas. So far only Vodafone has made 5G accessible for prepaid users on some plans.

According to Open Signal network tests in 2020 all 4 providers remain very much on par at 89-91% 4G/LTE coverage. Movistar has proven to be the fastest network with 34 Mbit/s on average.


All SIM cards have to be registered by law. Usually, you do this in the shops of purchase showing your photo ID (passport or national ID card). As a tourist without a postal address in Spain you have basically this choice:

  • to go to a shop of one of the 4 network operators (movistar, Vodafone, orange or yoigo). Their stores can be found in every inner city or shopping mall. Their support may be better and reloads can be made almost everywhere. But this comes with extra price.
  • to go to an agency of the smaller resellers / MVNOs operating on the same networks. They may have less support, only a few shops which have to be searched for and not so many places to top-up, but can be cheaper. These virtual providers are listed:
    • on Movistar network: Tuenti, DIGI Mobil, Lycamobile, Lobster
    • on Vodafone network: Hits Mobile, Lebara mobile
    • on Orange network: Simyo, República Móvil,
    • on Yoigo network: Llamaya móvil, Másmóvil

There are a few SIM card stands in major airports like Madrid or Barcelona, but they are very overpriced. It's advised to go to a branded shop downtown or in shopping malls instead.

When you use MVNOs, be sure to switch on data roaming and check the appropriate APN. The operators can be topped up at internet and phone stores, some supermarkets, kiosks and service stations, where you need to give them your number. Carrefour markets are a safe bet for top-ups of all providers mentioned here. Just mention the word recarga, your operator, your number (in Spanish, written down or on phone screen) and the amount in € to recharge.

Different taxes in the Canary Islands, Melilla and Ceuta

In 2014 Spanish operators switched to prices with taxes included (= IVA incluido). The prices given here are for the mainland and the Balearic Islands and include 21% sales tax (IVA). However, on the Canary Islands the applicable tax (IGIC) is only 7%. So prices on the Canaries are to be lowered by 14%. On top-ups made there, you normally get a 14% bonus to adjust the tax difference. In the African enclaves of Melilla the tax is 4%, in Ceuta 10% (IPSI). So tax rates have to be adjusted there too.

EU roaming

EU flag.png
Spain is part of the EU, where from 2017 new international roaming rules have been introduced. In most European countries you ca 'roam like at home' at domestic rates rather without surcharges than excessive roaming rates.

This new principle is generally adopted in Spain without restrictions by most Spanish providers to all of their prepaid plans. For specifics about the new regulation check the European Union chapter and every provider in the article below.


Orange logo.svg

Network: 2G up to EDGE, 3G up to HSUPA. 4G/LTE up to 150 Mbit/s with a coverage of 91.7% of the population in 2017. For 4G/LTE you need to have a 4G-enabled Orange SIM card and have activated a data package.


Their SIM card can be obtained for free, but a registration showing an ID document and a top-up of 10-20 € has to be made at the point of purchase. They are sold in every Orange store in Spain (store locator) and other outlets in all three sizes.

Top-ups can be made almost everywhere in the country, where they sell recargas like supermarkets, service stations, kiosks, etc... To reload from abroad use as choose to decline most non-Spanish credit cards online. Check balance by *111#, by app or in your client's area called mi Orange.

Since 29 novembre 2020, account validity extension after being recharged has been changed from 1 year to 6 months. So sim card needs top-up every 180 days to keep staying active.

Mundo SIM

The Mundo SIM has different packages to choose from. It can be set at purchase, by app or online in the client's area. The are valid for 28 days and renew automatically, if credit is available. Its default rate is horrendous 0.60 € are charged for 10 MB per day (of use). So be sure to be on a package. Like on all offers of Orange data can be used in the EU/EEA without surcharges:

Plan Data Promo(#) Voice Price
Mundo free
Tú Mundo Mini 3 GB + 10 GB 200 mins 10 €
Mundo Plus 7 GB + 10 GB 10 €
Mundo Total 10 GB + 15 GB 15 €
Tú Mundo 12 GB + 15 GB 800 mins 15 €
Mundo Max 20 GB + 15 GB 19.99 €

(#) = promotion applies to all plans until 30/SEP/2020 through recargar y ganar online or their app. You get a code that "wins" you 10 or 15 GB additionally.

Included voice minutes are domestic and to about 40 countries worldwide. Activation at purchase, online in the client's area, by app or by texting "ALTA MUNDO #GB" or "ALTA TU MUNDO" to 1470. If having used up all data, speed will be throttled to 16 KBit/s. But you can renew the packs ahead of time by sending a free SMS to 1470 with the following text: "MAS GIGAS MUNDO #GB", For # fill in '1GB', '2GB' or '3GB' and be sure to have enough credit. Deactivation by changing to Mundo SIM without data pack by app, in the client's area or by texting "ALTA TARIFA MUNDO"

Other prepaid plans

Online in your client's area called mi Orange, by app or by calling customer service, all of their prepaid tariffs are interchangeable without fees. You can change to their base plan called Llama without data, if you like to pause.

An Orange SIM can also be changed to or from these combo plans:

Plan Data Promo (#) Voice Price
Llama free
Navega 5 GB + 10 GB 8.95 €
Go Walk 5 GB + 10 GB 500 mins 9.95 €
Go Run 7 GB + 15 GB unlimited 14.95 €
Go Fly 20 GB + 15 GB unlimited 19.95 €

(#) = Promotion applies to all plans until 30-SEP-2020 through recargar y ganar.

Standard call rate is 6 cents/min and an expensive 30 cents connection fee,Above plans auto renew if enough balance, otherwise will revert back to 3 € per 100 MB per day. Data quota don't accumulate or roll over upon renewal.

To all plans (Llama base plan included) you can add a Bonus 500 MB per month add-on for 4 € online or by texting 'ALTA BONO 500MB' to 1470. Otherwise you are on a rather expensive default rate of 3 € per 100 MB per day.

Balance check by customer web portal or Mi Orange app, or free SMS to 1470 with text INFO *** where *** is GO, WALK or FLY or NAVEGA. And to check amount of data remaining within the 10 GB free bonus, SMS to 1470 "PREMIO MEGAS".

Holidays Spain

In 2020 Orange revamped its tourist SIM for visitors called Holidays Spain. It's now available too as eSIM for compatible phones like the iPhone XS, XS MAX y XR with iOS 12.1.1 or higher.

The pack contains 30 GB (+ 15 GB as promotion until 30/SEP/2020) and free calls amongst Holidays Spain users for 20 €. Regular calls start at 1c/min, but come with a connection charge of 30c. Holidays Spain can now be used in all of the EU, EEA and UK up to 9.5 GB without surcharges and at 0.41c/MB beyond.

International roaming options

In 2017 Orange introduced roaming without surcharges in all EU/EEA countries at domestic Spanish rates. Only on their largest plan Holidays Spain a FUP of max. 9.5 GB without surcharges is applied.

A new option called "Orange Everywhere" has been introduced for countries outside the EU: 100 MB for 7 € valid in the USA, Canada, Switzerland, Russia, China, Japan, Mexico, Morocco and the Dominican Republic. Using more volume or for longer than a day, another 7 € will be charged. To activate, text 'EW' to 22095; to deactivate, text 'BAJA EW'.

Client's area (Mí Orange)

You can check balance, data balance, expiration date of your sim, change your plan, add/remove services and more in your Mí Orange area. There are two options, to use iOS/Android app (only available in Spanish store, just register separate Spain account to install it) or use website. You can access website without login/password, if you go directly from SIM card to If you want to access Mí Orange later without SIM card, you need to set password for this area:

  • If you are still in Spain, send SMS with text "CLAVE PASSWORD" to 222. PASSWORD can be 4-6 digits only.
  • If you are outside Spain, go to password recovery page and enter your phone number. You will get SMS with confirmation code, enter it to page. After you will be able to set your password (4-6 digits only) to access Mí Orange.

More information

  • Tethering is allowed, VoIP is not allowed, but possible
  • APN: orangeworld /or/ internet
  • Username and Password: orange
  • Website in English: - if doesn't work, link at the bottom of the website in Spanish



Network: 2G up to EDGE, 3G, 4G/LTE and now on 5G NR up to 1 Gbit/s open for all prepaid tariffs and plans. Meanwhile, it has expanded its 4G/LTE coverage to most areas in the country that can be checked here: Vodafone 4G coverage map.

Vodafone has won the latest network tests for best 4G/LTE carrier in the country as far as speed and coverage are concerned. In 2019 5G NR started in 15 city centers on 3500 MHz (n78) and has been made accessible on some tariffs.


Vodafone sells its prepaid SIM cards in its stores (locator) and outlets for the price of the first package and possibly a few euro for activation. SIM cards without a plan require a recharge of 10 €. You need to show your passport or national ID card for registration.

Top-ups can be made by electronic recharges sold all over Spain in supermarkets, kiosks, service stations and many more places. Most international credit cards are accepted for online recharges on their website. Minimum top-up amount is €5 . Check balance by *134#.

Vodafone charges an inactivity fee of 0.50 € per month after 3-4 months of outgoing inactivity of your prepaid SIM card. This can be avoided by sending an SMS from time to time. Furthermore, you need to top-up your SIM card every 6-7 months to keep it alive.

They renewed their prepaid porfolio and added their unlimited Passes as first Vodafone market in Europe to their prepaid offers.

Vodafone yu

The SIM is sometimes free in promotions but can be up to 12 € with no credit included. It's a combo plan with calls and data up to 5G NR sold in 2 different packages with these allowances for 28 days:

  • BigYuser Prepago: 10 GB, unlmited voice - 10 €, activation: *525*51#
  • HeavyUser Prepago: 25 GB, unlimited voice - 20 €, activation: *525*53#

The following social media apps are zero-rated: Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Flickr, Grindr, Meetic, Periscope, Instagram, Linkedin, Tinder, Tumblr, Badoo, Adopta un tío, TikTok, Pinterest, WhatsApp, IM Line, Telegram, WeChat.

All packages include free calls and texts among Vodafone yu numbers too (not in roaming). You can subscribe or change the package by typing *525*5# and choose plan. All packages last for 28 days, but can be renewed anytime ahead by typing *525*6#. Otherwise the packages will renew automatically after 28 days if there is credit and unused data or minutes will roll over to the next month. After the data volume is used up, bandwidth is reduced to 16 kbps as long the package is valid or 3 €/day for 200 MB beyond.

Vodafone prepago

In 2020 they have introduced a new product line for prepaid along the more youth centered Yu line. Vodafone prepago comes in four sizes valid for 28 days with data in up to 5G NR:

Plan Data Voice Price Activation
S 12 GB 300 mins 10 € *565*63#
M 20 GB unlimited 15 € *565*61#
L 35 GB unlimited 20 € *565*62#
XL 45 GB unlimited 35 € *565*64#
XXL 55 GB unlimited 45 €

Vodafone fácil

They sell this prepaid standard SIM card without a monthly fee in their stores for 5 € with 5 € credit. Vodafone fácil has all domestic calls at 6 cent per minute and 18 cent per call. All tariffs can be changed to this by typing *626#.

Some franchises don't like selling these fácil SIM cards as they don't make a profit with them, so you might get told they are not available, so it's recommended to go to an official Vodafone store for purchase instead.

You can activate a 500 MB data package for 5 € on 4G/LTE valid for 30 days by typing *525*51#. This is a very easy way to get a small data amount and a convenient way to "park" your SIM as no base rate is charged for at least 4 months. That's the only package for this card, but it can be renewed anytime. Default rate outside of package is 3 €/day for 200 MB.

International roaming

Vodafone scrapped all surcharges for roaming in the EU/EEA on all of their prepaid plans. Data allowances can be used for roaming at the domestic Spanish rate. Vodafone has even included the US on AT&T (3G/4G) and T-Mobile US (2G/3G/4G) networks to the surcharge-free roaming zone. This free US roaming was supposed to come to an end in 2018, but was extended and from April 2019 USA roaming at domestic Spanish prices is now a constant feature of all prepaid plans and remains valid indefinitely. As Vodafone offers both T-Mobile and AT&T networks in 4G/LTE this is one of the best roaming options from Europe for the US.

Meanwhile some more countries outside the EU/EEA are added to the surcharge-free roaming zone with Turkey, Switzerland, Kosovo and Monaco. For their 5 zona balcanes countries (Albania, Bosnia, Montenegro, Serbia and Macedonia) they have surcharge-free data roaming (calling and sms are expensive).

More information

  • APN for smartphones:
  • APN for modems or routers:
  • Username and password: vodafone
  • VoIP and tethering is allowed on all prepaid plans
  • Use *138# to find out the number for your SIM (it's not always written on the SIM)
  • Website in Spanish:
  • Website in Spansih Low Cost:

Movistar (by Telefónica)


Movistar by Telefónica is on 2G up to EDGE, 3G up to HSPA+ and 4G/LTE. 5G NR has started but is not available for prepaid so far.

Telefónica is still the incumbent and main landline provider and used to be market leader in Spain, but its prepaid offer used to be not very competitive. This changed in 2019 when Movistar finally released affordable prepaid options in promotions.


Their SIM card is sold for 10 € with the same credit in every Movistar store and outlet in all three sizes. Do the registration there.

Top-ups can be found all over in supermarkets, kiosks or service stations. Check balance by *123#.

If you haven't topped up for 6 months, your balance will be lost and the SIM remains open only incoming. After another 54 days without a recharge, the whole number will be discontinued.

Data feature packs

Default rate without a plan or on Basico is their high daily rate at 4 € for 400 MB. These four monthly prepaid plans are offered for 28 days:

Plan Data Voice Price
Basico 6 ct/min free
Prepago 5 5 GB 20 mins 10 €
Prepago 7 7 GB 40 mins 15 €
Prepago 15 15 GB 80 mins 20 €

For more data on all plans you can add online or by calling 1200 for free:

  • 200 MB for one week: 2 €
  • 1 GB for 30 days: 5 €

EU roaming

All your allowances can be used at domestic Spanish rates in the EU/EEA without surcharges.

More information



Network: 3G: up to HSPA+, 4G/LTE on 1800 MHz (B3) with free roaming on Orange network, giving a good coverage. They claim 85% 4G/LTE coverage on their own, but even more with their free roaming partner.

In 2016 they have been sold from Telia to Másmóvil. From 2018 Yoigo customers can roam on Orange networkson 2G, 3G and 4G/LTE for free as well as Yoigo's own antennas giving it a very good coverage in the country.


SIM card with new number is sold for 10 including 1.5 € credit in Yoigo stores (store locator) in all three SIM sizes. Some shops try to sell SIM card with a surcharge, try to get the official price or go to a different store like the Phone House that also resells Yoigo (stores).

Data feature packs

These new packages are valid for one month:

  • 6 GB + 200 mins: 10 €
  • 8 GB + unlimited voice: 15 €
  • 16 GB + unlimited voice: 20 €

After having used the included data, speed is reduced to 64 Kbps and an add-on is offered: 300 MB extra for 3.63 € at The package will renew automatically every 28-31 days, if there is credit. Data rates outside a package are at 3.63c per MB.

To check remaining balance and consumption you need to use their App "Mí Yoigo".

EU roaming

All domestic allowances can be used without surcharges all over the EU/EEA for roaming.

More Information



Tuenti is a subsidiary of Telefónica using the Movistar network in 2G, 3G and 4G/LTE. It has good coverage in Spain and is one of the cheapest choices for data on the Movistar network.


Tuenti's SIM card is free, but you have to choose one of their packages right away. Special rules apply to foreigners with regard to registration in shops; see below.

Buy a SIM card from their website, in most Movistar stores, Telecor, FNAC and lots of other places: Tuenti points of sale. The SIM card is a trio-SIM comprising mini, micro and nano sizes. Recharges can be made using the Tuenti app or online using an international credit card. Top-ups can be bought at Movistar stores too. You cannot order a SIM card online to be sent to parts of Spain outside the EU VAT area, namely the Canary Islands, Ceuta or Melilla, but since 2014 Tuenti SIM cards are sold in 140 Movistar stores in the Canary Islands for a slightly lower price because of the reduced tax rates there (see Basics above). The Movistar shop in Ceuta does not sell Tuenti SIM cards

If you are introduced by an existing Tuenti customer, you receive free credit of either 5 € or 10 € , which varies from time to time. Click here to be introduced and order a SIM card with free additional credit.

Validity and recharges

The remaining balance is valid for use within 6 months. In practice, any increase of balance of any kind and for any amount will keep your account active and running. After this time the account will fall into suspension. Officially, after that, outgoing activity (calls, SMS and data) are theoretically blocked, but not always in practice. If you top-up by at least 5 €, your account and balance will be reactivated for another 6-month period of usage. If there is no remaining balance for a 6-month period, the card will be deactivated without the ability to reactivate. The full expiry policy is explained here (in Spanish).

Data feature pack

They offer three monthly allowances for prepaid:

  • 3 GB: 5.95 €
  • 6 GB and unlimited calls: 9.95 €
  • 14 GB and unlimited calls: 13.95 €

When the bundle runs out, the speed is throttled to 64 kbps. For more data you can buy Bonoplus add-ons with 1 GB for 6 € or 250 MB for 1.50 €.

Packages and add-ons can be activated online using the Tuenti app, over the phone or website. Package will automatically renew, if there is enough credit. This can be disabled online. The default rate outside bundles is 0.04 € per MB.

EU roaming

All roaming surcharges in the EU/EEA have ended and you roam at the domestic rate in all plans of Tuenti.

More Information

  • call 2201 to receive a SMS with balance and expiration date.
  • APN:
  • user: tuenti
  • password: tuenti
  • Website in Spanish:



Simyo is one of the oldest and most established MVNOs in the country. It operates on Orange's network too. In 2015 4G/LTE was opened to all prepaid tariffs. It has been off our list for a while, because it couldn't be found in stores, but now it's back in some stores and one of the cheapest and most flexible options for Spain right now.


It may be still hard to find a SIM card on location in shops. Their preferred way is to order it online on their website. But they only send it to a Spanish postal address for a 7 € shipping fee. In shops you can find it at the holaMOBI chain (holaMOBI locator), in some hipermercados of Carrefour (locator) in front at the phone department, at MediaMarkt and in a few independent shops. There, they charge you 10 € for the starter, but Simyo gives to all new clients a 10 € welcome credit after activation. Be sure to get the prepaid (called prepago or de tarjeta), not a contract (contrato) SIM which is associated with a bank account. Finally, they have released an online map of their sales points (map). There, for registration often a passport is required as an ID document instead of a non-Spanish ID card. For your first login to your online account or Simyo app use the number of your ID document as username and the PUK as password.

For top-ups there are many locations in supermarkets like Carrefour or Eroski, small internet stores, post offices or some service stations. Online they only accept Spanish credit cards and decline all foreign cards. To top up from abroad, you might use a 3rd party agency with surcharges. To check your balance, type *126#.

Data feature packages

Default data for overuse or use without packages is 3.63c per MB. Better use one of these data packages called bonos for one month (30 days with roll-over, see below):

Data without



20 mins


50 mins


100 mins


200 mins


300 mins



without 0 € 1 € 2.50 € 3.50 € 6.50 € 9 € ///
100 MB 1 € 2 € 3.50 € 4.50 € 7.50 € /// ///
2 GB 3 € 4 € 5.50 € 6.50 € 9 € /// ///
5 GB 5 € 6 € /// 7 € /// /// 9.50 €
7 GB 7 € 8 € 9.50 € /// 10 € /// 12 €
12 GB 10.50 € 11.50 € 13 € 14 € /// /// 16 €
15 GB 12.50 € 13.50 € /// /// 15 € /// 18 €
25 GB 15.50 € 16.50 € 18 € 19 € /// /// 20 €
35 GB 17 € 18 € 19.50 € /// 20 € /// 24 €
40 GB 28 € /// /// /// /// /// 29 €

These special bonos are sold:

  • 1 GB for 1 day: 1 €
  • 7 GB for 7 days: 7 €
  • 15 GB for 15 days: 15 €

You can add one of these packages:

  • night bono 1 GB: 1.99 €, only valid 10.30pm-8am, can be added several times
  • weekend bono 1 GB: 1.99 €, only valid Friday 3pm to Sunday midnight, can be added again
  • Telegram and WhatsApp 300 MB: 0.99 €
  • Social Networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat) 4 GB: 1.99 €

All packages are for 30 days and auto-renew, if you have enough credit and you don't stop them from doing so. To purchase, check your personal Simyo account, use their app or call customer support at 121. For voice different packages of 20 minutes to unlimited can be combined with data.

If you need more data, you can renew any package ahead of time or add another pack. All unused data volume of the regular bonos roll over to the next month for up to 3 months, if you auto-renew any new bono (that can be as low as 100 MB). For a monthly bono you need to buy another monthly bono to be rolled over, but it can be of a different volume.

EU roaming

All roaming fees in the EU are scrapped and roaming is at domestic rates. Simyo is one of the few operators in Spain that states an explicit Fair Usage Policy (FUP). So you may face surcharges after 4 months of continuous roaming.

More information



Másmóvil is currently using the Orange network on 2G, 3G and 4G/LTE for its prepaid product. They have recently acquired the Yoigo network.

In 2018 Másmóvil has begun migrating its mobile customers from Orange's mobile network to that of Yoigo. The migration will require customers to change their SIM card and will take place over the next few months, starting with new postpay and ported clients in April followed by the remaining customer base starting in June 2018.


SIM card is sold in their shops (locator: check 'venta') or online for 10 € with the same credit preloaded. Combi and nano sizes are available. Reloads are sold at many stores.

Data feature packs

Default rate outside of packages is 3.63 ct per MB. If you don't have booked a package, they will charge you a monthly minimum consumption of 3.63 €:

Data without



50 mins


150 mins

600 MB 3 € 4.90 € 7.90 €
2 GB 7 € 8.90 € 11.90 €
4 GB 10 € 11.90 € 14.90 €
8 GB 15 € 16.90 € 19.90 €

Packages will auto-renew after one month, if there is sufficient credit on your account. To stop, disable them in your personal account, but you will be charged the minimum fee. For overuse, you can buy a 500 MB package for 5 €.

EU roaming

From 2017 all roaming surcharges are scrapped in the EU/EEA. Másmovil mentiones a "reasonable use" of data, but doesn't specify this.

More information

DIGI mobil

Digi mobil.jpg

With DIGI mobil you get a Romanian and a Spanish number on one SIM. In Spain this MVNO operates on the Movistar network on 2G and 3G. In 2017 4G/LTE was added to all customers. They now offer the lowest rates on the Movistar network.


The SIM card costs 10 € with the same credit. It's available online and offline only in a few shops: DIGI mobil shop locator

Top-ups can be made there and in many kiosks where they support smaller MVNOs. Credit can be checked by *134# and data credit by *130# free of charge.

Data feature packs

All their packages are valid for 30 days and come with data-only or data and voice:

Data EU cap Voice Price
DIGI Naveg@ with data only:
3 GB 1.5 GB not included 5 €
6 GB 2.75 GB not included 10 €
DIGI Combo with voice and data:
1.5 GB no cap 100 mins 5 €
5 GB no cap 400 mins 10 €
12 GB 4.25 GB 800 mins 15 €
30 GB 5.75 GB 2000 mins 20 €
DIGI Ilimitado with unlimited voice and data:
5 GB 2.75 GB unlimited 10 €
12 GB 4.25 GB unlimited 15 €
30 GB 5.75 GB unlimited 20 €

All bundles auto-renew, if not deactivated before. Since 2018 all unused data roll over to the next month, if you renew any plan. To subscribe enter *100# choose option 2 "internet móvil" and 1 "Alta DIGI naveg@". You can unsubscribe on the same menu with "Baja DIGI naveg@". Voice allowances in combo packs are domestic and to about 50 countries. Unused data rolls over, if plan is renewed,

EU roaming

Spanish regulator CNMC has authorised DigiMobil to opt out of the roam-like-at-home requirement in the EU on grounds of economic viability. However, in July 2018. Digi finally implemented RLAH with an FUP rule. Still, you can use packages up to the specified volume above without surcharges. Keep in mind that you have no access to 4G/LTE on roaming, 3G is the max you can get.

More information

hits Mobile

Hits mobile.png

This MVNO operates on the Vodafone network in 2G and 3G giving good coverage and speed. In 2018 4G/LTE was opened for all customers. Some had to call customer service or visit a store to get it.


The SIM card can be bought for 5 € with 10 € credit online with free shipping in 7 days if you have a local Spanish address. Offline, they are sold in kiosks and other agencies (locator). Top-ups can be made online with international credit cards.

They offer two tariff lines: The classic "La del 5" and another one called "Recarga Automatica" for which you need to enable auto-pay and link it to a credit card. Credits are valid for 90 days, and after not recharging for 180 days, the line will be deactivated. but it is possible to keep the number active for 5 € a year by texting KEEP 12 to 22321. This service automatically renews for 3 € in each subsequent year unless you send the text REMOVE KEEP 12.

Data feature packs

The default rate for internet is 6.05 cents per MB on La del 5 and 3.63c/MB with automatic recharge as long as no package is activated. They offer the following data packss:

National Voice & Internet Packs:
Data Dom. Voice Price
3 GB 100 mins 4.90 €
4 GB 1000 mins 9.90 €
7 GB 100 mins 9.90 €
8 GB 1000 mins 14.90 €
15 GB 100 mins 14.90 €
20 GB 1000 mins 19.90 €
International Voice & Internet Packs:
Data Intern. Voice Price
1 GB 100 mins 4.90 €
3 GB 250 mins 9.90 €
6 GB 500 mins 14.90 €
12 GB 1000 cmins 19.90 €

All packages include 1000 mins among Hits numbers. Packs are valid for one month exactly lasting until the previous day of activation in the following month. When all volume is used, you will surf on the default rate or can buy a new package ahead of time. All packages renew automatically after one month if there is enough credit. To activate the package simply send a free SMS to 22321 containing the '#GB PACK' where # stands for the desired volume, to deactivate 'REMOVE #GB PACK' and to renew ahead of time 'RENEW #GB PACK'.

International calls include all mobile numbers to 36 countries and landlines to 22 more (see list). To activate, renew or suspend auto-renewal just follow steps shown above

You can also add one of these packs for extra data during the running time of the base pack:

  • 500 MB: 4.90 €, activation: EXTRA 500MB
  • 1 GB: 9.90 €, activation: EXTRA 1GB

Activation is by sending code to 22321

EU roaming

EU/EEA roaming is at the domestic rate without surcharges valid in packages without any restrictions which is rare for a MVNO in Spain.

More information


new logo

The MVNO of the British Lebara Group is heavily marketed and operates in Spain on the Vodafone network giving good coverage and speeds. In June 2018 finally Vodafone's 4G/LTE network was opened to Lebara users and later that year Lebara was bought by Másmovil.


The SIM can be bought online on the Website of Lebara Spain (available in English) to be sent to a Spanish address or offline from a lot of kiosks and phone shops all around the country. It's sold for 10 € with the same amount of credit loaded.

Top-ups for 10, 20 or 30 € can be made there and some other stores which all are clearly marked with the Lebara logo or online with international credit cards. All first top-ups receive 50% more allowances for free.

You might need to add 4G/LTE manually, if it doesn't work from the start by texting "SI4G" to 22333.

Data feature packs

Pay as you go rate is 0.06 € per MB. This rate is charged without booking a package or for overuse. The following data packages are valid for 28 days. For activation text code to 22333 or go online to your account:

ESP Data Promo (#) EU cap Voice Price Activation
5 GB + 5 GB 4.7 GB 500 mins 10 € TODO10
12 GB + 12 GB 7.1 GB 1000 mins 15 € TODO15
40 GB + 40 GB 14.2 GB 1000 mins 30 € TODO30

Unused data can be rolled over to the next month, if package is renewed. Excess data is at 0.05 € per MB or these extra data packages as add-ons can be activated for the running time of the base plan to all the passes above:

  • 300 MB add-on: 5 €, activation: D300
  • 1 GB add-on: 7 €, activation: D1GB

For activation text code to 22333. All packs are valid for 30 days. There is no way to reactivate them ahead of time. You can only buy the add-ons. All passes will automatically renew every 30 days if there is enough credit. To stop text NODATA### (### = size of pack) to 22333. Extra data doesn't auto-renew. A max. of 5 add-ons can be purchased per month.

EU roaming

Roam like at home has been implemented for all roaming in EU/EEA countries. However, there are limits for data usage of some data packages at the domestic rate according to a hidden FUP and specified in the table above.

More information

  • APN:
  • Tethering is possible. Tethering on iPhone (tested on iPhone 7 MN922RU/A, iOS 10.3.3) can be enabled by filling in tethering APN in cellular data settings with the aforesaid one.



Lycamobile is the main competitor of Lebara on the international ethno market. In Spain Lycamobile is a MVNO on the Movistar network of Telefónica in 2G and 3G and in 2017 4G/LTE was added. In 2020 it was acquired by Spanish provider Másmóvil which will move them to their own Yoigo network by 2021.


Their SIM can be ordered online on their website free of charge to be sent to a Spanish address for free. Offline they can be found in web and phone shops and other kiosks. They don't have a store locator, so they might not be so easy to find. Look for their logo.

In the Lycamobile-branded stores their SIM is the cheapest. It may be free or for a small fee, depending on shop, but requiring an immediate top-up: Prices range from 10 € with 5 € credit to 7.50 € with the same credit (as 5 € credit and 2.50 € bonus credit).

Top-ups can be made in their agencies as well as online using an international credit card. Check balance by *221#

Data feature packs

Default rate is 16.9c per MB on the standard plan, 3.6c per MB on the Smart plan and 0.9c per MB on the Plan Ahorro, charged when the bundle is used up or no bundle is booked.

To change from the standard plan to Smart plan text 'SMART' to 2525 or to Ahorro plan text 'PLANAHORRO' to 2525. All plans have the same data packages now valid for 28 days:

ESP Data Promo(#) EU data Price Activation
3 GB + 3 GB 3 GB 6 € *139*9150#
7 GB* + 5 GB 5 GB 10 € *139*9107#
14 GB* + 10 GB 7.5 GB 15 € *139*9110#
30 GB* + 10 GB 9.5 GB 20 € *139*9115#

(*) - These packages come with 150 domestic minutes and 150 minutes to other Spanish Lycamobile numbers.

(#): Summer promotion valid until at least 31/AUG/2020

Customers can use these following combo bundles for 28 days, that include unlimited domestic voice and SMS and a data quota:

Bundle ESP data Promo(#) EU data Price Activation
Illimitado S 6 GB + 4 GB 3.75 GB 10 € *139*3017#
Illimitado L 14 GB + 10 GB 7.5 GB 15 € *139*3020#
Illimitado XL 30 GB + 10 GB 9.5 GB 20 € *139*3030#

(#): Summer promotion valid until at least 31/AUG/2020

All packs will renew automatically after one month if there is enough credit. To unsubscribe call costumer service on 321 or #93 from Lycamobile.

You can check your remaining credit balance by *221# and your data balance by *137#. For more data you can add bonos extensibles valid for the rest of the running time of the base packages:

  • 500 MB: 4 €, for activation text 601 to 3535

EU roaming

For roaming in the EU Lycamobile applies roam like at home to its data and combo packages above up to the specified limit or at their high default rate..

Technical settings

  • APN:
  • Username: lmes (that's lowcase L, not capital i)
  • Password: plus
  • Actively blocks tethering

More information

Llamaya móvil


Llamaya móvil is an ethno provider like Lycamobile or Lebara that focuses on low-priced foreign calls. To counter their UK-based rivals they are from Spain operating on the Orange network in 2G and 3G and since 2018 finally on 4G/LTE too. In 2017 they were acquired by MásMóvil.


Their starter may be a bit harder to find than those of the other two as they don't advertise so prominently. Small internet shops are the safest bet in downtown streets with a high immigration share. The Spanish branches of The Phone House sells them too (locator).There or online to be sent to a Spanish address, you can buy the SIM card for 5 €with the same credit valid for 30 days.

Note that the prepaid terms and conditions state a minimum monthly consumption of 5 €. If you don't consume that amount, 1.50 € will deducted from your balance every month and only 60 days after the last top-up you SIM falls into passive mode.


You can top-up at many places, where small providers are topped up at min. 5 € like in Dia supermarkets, el Corte Inglés department stores or Cepsa service stations. If you don't have balance for 60 days, they will block your plan with a 15 days grace period to reload it again before it will be terminated forever. Check balance by *113#.

Data feature packages

Default rate for prepaid data is 0.05 € per MB. These packages called bonos valid for 30 days can be added:

Data Voice Price Activation
3 GB 150 mins 5 € LLYALTAPLAN3GB
6 GB unlimited 10 € LLYALTAPLAN6GBILIM
7 GB 150 mins 10 € LLYALTAPLAN7GB
14 GB unlimited 15 € LLYALTAPLAN14GBILIM
24 GB unlimited 20 € LLYALTAPLAN24GBILIM

For activation text code to 22951. All packs auto-renew after 30 days. For extra data you can add 1 GB for 2 € valid for the rest of the base plan period by calling 2376. For unlimited domestic calls a bono for 5 € surcharge is offered as well as special plans for calling to 167 countries at reduced rates.

EU roaming

All data allowances including bonos can be used for roaming in the EU/EEA too without surcharges. You may need to activate roaming in your clients area to use this service.

More information

  • APN for prepaid: internetmas

República Móvil

old (left) and new (right) logos

República Móvil is another MVNO on the 2G and 3G network of Orange. It started in 2013 and offers good rates and like Tuenti a free VoIP application. Recently 4G/LTE was opened for all customers without surcharges.


You can order the starter pack on their website for free. But they send it out only to a Spanish postal address. In shops it's sold at at holaMOBI located in around 100 places in Spain (holaMOBI locator) with a lot other shops for 10 € with the same credit preloaded.


You can top-up online, but many foreign credit cards may not be accepted. In Spain you can use all shops of The Phone House, Yoigo, HolaMOBI, Carrefour supermarkets, many service stations, kiosks, and 24 hour shops.

Check credit on your personal online account or by app.

Data feature packages

Standard rate for data is low 1.5c per MB. These plans are offered valid for one month:

Plan Data EU cap Voice Price
Mini + 3 GB 1.85 GB 150 mins 5 €
Pequeña ∞ 6 GB 4.74 GB unlimited 10 €
Pequeña + 7 GB 4.74 GB 150 mins 10 €
Mediana ∞ 14 GB 7.1 GB unlimited 15 €
Mediana + 12 GB 7.1 GB 150 mins 15 €
Única ∞ 25 GB 9.46 GB unlimited 20 €

Thus a voice flatrate plus 23 GB data are sold at 20 € which is the lowest price for prepaid in the country for such a combination. For more data you can later add 1 GB for 5 € and 10 GB for 10 €.

EU roaming

No more roaming surcharges in the EU and roaming rates are at domestic prices including all data packages up to the specified limit in the table as EU cap. All use beyond is charged at the default rate of 1.5 ct per MB.

More information



In December 2018 the first provider started aiming at the British expats community in Spain called Lobster. It's managed by Gibtelecom from Gibraltar and operates on Movistar's network with 4G/LTE included. Over all it boast an all-English support.


You can order the starter pack on their website for the price of the first month with free shipping to a Spanish postal address in 1-3 days. In shops they sell it in two varieties (locator): in instant setup stores you can do all the activation there, in Quick Buy stores, you only buy the SIM there and need to do the activation (as well as for the delivery version) online. For this you need to scan your ID documents and send it online through their website.

You’re free to stop the plan any month you like by visiting your Lobster account. You can keep using your plan until the end of your month, then it will be stopped. Your number and emaining credit balance will be kept for you for up to 12 months. You’re able to receive calls and texts only in the first month of your plan being stopped. You can start your plan again at any time by re-visiting your Lobster account and your monthly plan will restart from that day. If after 12 months you have not started your plan again, then your account will be closed.


Lobster is hybrid prepaid. This means it's linked to a credit card with auto-renew plans.

Payment will be taken automatically on the date your plan expires e.g. if your plan started on the 23rd of the month, payment will be taken from the card registered on your account on the 23rd of each subsequent month. Your monthly plan and allowances will kick in that day if the payment is successful.

Check balance by *100#.

Data feature packages

They offer three monthly plans with auto-renew:

  • for 12 €: unlimited calls and texts + 6 GB of data
  • for 18 €: unlimited calls and texts + 15 GB of data
  • for 24 €: unlimited calls and texts + 30 GB of data

Calls and texts are to UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Sweden, the United States (!), whether you’re calling from Spain or any other EU country, are all included in each of the plans too.

You can change to a new plan any time you like; you don’t have to wait until the end of your month. If you want more data, you can change to a new plan any time you want. Or you can simply buy extra data to get you to the end of that month for 1 GB at 6 €.

More information

  • Package allowances can be used without surcharges roaming in the EU/EEA
  • APN: lobster
  • Website in English:

Spain Internet


Spain Internet is a company that provides rental of data SIM cards and mobile WiFi routers (MiFis), specifically targeted to visitors to Spain.

The data SIMs and WiFi routers can be delivered to any place in Spain including airports and hotels. Booking has to be made at least 3 workdays in advance. Delivery and shipping are free.

Data SIM Card Rental

Spain Internet rents data SIM cards that are already pre-configured and ready to use. The SIMs come in tri-SIM format which makes them compatible with regular, micro and nano sizes. The data SIMs have 300 GB traffic and use 4G/LTE network which allows a download speed of up to 80 Mbps. Rentals are from 3 to 365 days. For rates see table below.

WiFi Hotspot Rental

Spain Internet also rents mobile WiFi routers (also called MiFis) that establish a 4G/LTE internet connection and allow to connect up to 10 devices. The router gives speeds of up to 150 Mbit/s on 4G and 6-8 hours operating time on battery and includes "unlimited" mobile internet in Spain. The price given in the WiFi Hotspot column includes WiFi Hotspot and data SIM for rentals of 3 to 360 days.



SIM Card


WiFi 4G


10 days 40 € 55 €
20 days 60 € 85 €
30 days 80 € 115 €
>30 days 1.5€/day 2.5€/day

Traveler Canarias Smart


Canary Islands Spain Internet Local Internet Mobile Broadband Provider that provides rental data SIM cards, mobile WiFi routers and 4G desktop routers, specifically targeted to travelers in the Canary Islands Spain.

data SIM cards, mobile WiFi routers and 4G desktop routers can be delivered to any place in the Canary Islands, Spain. Booking has to be made at least 1-2 workdays in advance. Delivery and shipping are free.



SIM Card


WiFi 4G


SIM Card


WiFi 4G


SIM Card


WiFi 4G


30 days 60 € 75 € 120 € 135 € 135 € 150 €

More info on website:

Discontinued Offers

Carrefour Móvil

Carrefour Movil, which became Spain’s first MVNO when it launched on 27 October 2006, terminated its service at the end of 2017.

Jazztel prepago

Jazztel was another MVNO on the Orange network. Orange Spain has confirmed that its Jazzcard Movil prepay plan will be finally phased out in May 2018, with users urged to port their tariffs to other plans or else lose any remaining credit. The operator has announced the definitive closure of the service.


Spanish operator Másmóvil has shut down and phased out its HappyMóvil brand, some 4 years after striking a deal to acquire the smaller player. The Happy Movil website now redirects customers to a page on the Masmóvil website, and new subscriptions are no longer being sold.


FreedomPop used to be a 'Freemium' provider from the US giving out a small amount of data, calls and texts for free in hope that you buy more allowances later.

As of May 2018, the free plan was been discontinued, with existing users being forced to the €2.99 per month plan. In November 2018 they announced to leave the Spanish market by 29/DEC/2018.