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Country code for Sweden is +46. All prices given in Swedish Kronas (SEK). Locally, most prepaid offerings by local network operators are called kontantkort.


Sweden has 4 physical network operators with some MVNOs or subsidiaries:

  • Telia <Halebop, Lycamobile>
  • Tele2 <Comviq>
  • Telenor (formerly Vodafone Sweden)
  • 3 (Tre)

However, all 4 physical networks share 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G with at least one other network:

  • Telia runs its own 2G, 4G and 5G networks. Its 3G network on 2100 MHz is shared with Tele2 (SUNAB), while it has another 3G network on the 900 MHz band, that it doesn't share.
  • Tele2 operates all its networks in cooperation with other operators: Tele2's 2G, 4G and 5G are shared with Telenor (Net4Mobility), while its 3G is shared with Telia (SUNAB).
  • Telenor's 2G, 4G and 5G networks are shared with Tele2 (Net4Mobility), 3G is shared with 3 outside Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Lund and Karlskrona, where they have their own.
  • 3 is the only Swedish network without any 2G. They currently have two different 3G networks, one on the 2100 MHz band, shared with Telenor (except in the cities named above), and one on the 900 MHz band, that it doesn't share. It also operates its own 4G and 5G networks.

Another provider sold under the brand of Net1/Teracom Mobil run by Teracom AB offers mobile broadband based on LTE on 450 MHz (band 31) with a pretty large footprint all over the country. But it's on an unusual frequency, has never offered any prepaid services and since 2021-23 has completely shifted its target market to the B2B and B2G sectors and therefore has ended all B2C sales and services. In addition, 3 has ended prepaid service, and their sub-brand Hallon can not be activated without a Swedish BankID. So they are not mentioned any further.

Coverage, speeds and market share[]

In 2021 Telia is market leader with the best coverage and 36% of customers, followed by Tele2 with 27%, Telenor with 19% and 3 with 15% in last position.

2G is on 900 and 1800 MHz like everywhere in Europe, 3G is on 900 and 2100 MHz. Tre does not have a 2G network.

All 4 major Swedish operators support 4G/LTE. Tele2 and Telenor have a joint LTE network called Net4Mobility claiming 99.5% coverage. LTE is used by all operators on 2600 MHz (Band 7) in the cities and 800 MHz (Band 20) in rural areas, 900 MHz (Band 8, only on Net4Mobility) and 1800 MHz (Band 3) frequencies are additionally used. Tre also offers TDD-LTE on 2600 MHz (Band 38) and FDD-LTE on 2100 MHz (Band 1) in some locations. Since 2019, 700 MHz (Band 28) is also used by Telia and Net4Mobility.

In Stockholm, southern Sweden and areas close to main roads and cities all operators have decent coverage, however if you are going to spend a lot of time in northern Sweden or in the countryside, Telia (or its sub-brand Halebop and virtual network operators using their network such as Lyca Mobile) has the best coverage and speeds, followed by the shared 2G/4G/5G Net4Mobility network used by Tele2 (Comviq) and Telenor. Tre (3) and its sub-brand Hallon is more limited to main roads and population centres and should never be used for going north or to rural areas. In OpenSignal's test in June 2022 Telenor and Tre were tied with highest 4G availability at >=99%, while Telia and Tre had the highest 4G speeds.

5G started to be available in Sweden during 2020 on some premium postpaid subscriptions of the four big operators and since 07/SEP/2021 on some premium Comviq postpaid plans. Physically, 3 different 5G networks are being built: Telia and Tre will build their own networks, while Tele2 and Telenor continue with their joint network Net4Mobility. Frequencies on 700 MHz (n28), 2300 MHz (n40) and 3500 MHz (n78) were auctioned to 4 providers in 2018 and 2021. Currently, only Comviq offers 5G for prepaid customers.

2G and 3G shutdown[]

Both 2G and 3G are being phased out and are planned to terminated by 2025. Telia has announced that it will shutdown its 2G network by 2025, but has started with its phase out. Telia has also said that its own 3G network will shut down at the latest 2025, but it will dismantle individual sites as time goes. Tele2 has said that its shared 3G network (SUNAB; that has been built with Telia) is being gradually phased out since 2021 and will be completed at the latest 2025. So for data you need to have a device that at least supports 4G/LTE on the frequencies mentioned above, while a basic service will be maintained on 2G and 3G up to 2025 for voice and SMS services. (information unconfirmed, but Telia has started disabling 3G in many regions) Tele2 and Telia has switched off 3G in a lot of Sweden as of May 2022.

SIM card registration (effective August 2022)[]

In summer 2022, an anonymous user blacklisted Sweden on this wiki and crossed out all information of this chapter falsely stating: "As of 1st of August 2022, foreigners are banned from buying and using prepaid SIM cards. Swedish citizens living abroad are also banned from getting Swedish SIM cards. This has been decided by the Swedish socialist party, as a non-evidence-based social engineering tactic with an unclear goal, as roaming is still allowed, and Swedish phone numbers can be procured from VOIP providers. See page is kept for historic reference as it now violates the wiki's guidelines." Again, this information is partly wrong and very biased and there is no reason to blacklist Sweden for the moment. It's unclear if this contribution tries to discredit Sweden for NATO membership, but it clearly tries to distort facts.

What Sweden actually did is introduce a real name registration scheme for prepaid SIM cards in a very similar way many other EU countries like Germany, Spain, France or Italy have already done. From August 2022 you will no longer be able to register a prepaid SIM card without giving your name and showing an ID document. Existing unregistered SIM cards will work without registration until February 2023.

Local citizens and residents are registered by their personnummer, a special social security ID number that every Swedish citizen has by birth, or using BankID, where you are identified through your local online banking. There are many discussions in favour or against real name registration in Europe, but most countries opted for some kind of registration scheme. The official reasons are fighting crime and/or terrorism, identity theft or hate speech on the internet. Foreigners without a local ID document or number may face some obstacles in registering in Sweden. For example, many Telia stores can not or will not sell new prepaid service but will register prepaid SIMs purchased elsewhere so long as you have a valid foreign passport, meaning you have to go to a third party store to buy the SIM, then bring it to a Telia store for registration, and then wait for the registration to be processed before you can top up. Halebop SIMs can also be registered at Telia stores in the same manner (and probably wait time). If you want to get set up quickly, look to the other providers. According to the Q&A on Comviq's website, their SIMs can be registered by the store that sells you the SIM. Telenor and Lyca Mobile can be registered on their websites respectively with a foreign passport (by uploading a photo). This means that you can be set up and ready to go within minutes. Unfortunately, Hallon has not made similar commitments (they require BankID for registration), so their prepaid SIMs are no longer an option for foreign visitors.

Older prepaid SIMs need to be registered by 01/FEB/2023 in order to avoid the risk that their number is deactivated or deleted. This suggests that you might be able to continue to use your card after said date, but that it could be cancelled at any point after that. The new rules should theoretically not bar new arrivals in Sweden from getting a prepaid SIM, if they are tourists or refugees. It's still unclear how the rules will treat people who have come to live in Sweden for reasons other than tourism or refuge and so lack a work permit or study certificate (in practice, you won't be asked what your reason for being in Sweden is, so expected to be treated the same as a tourist or refugee).

More info about registration (in English):


Buy the SIM cards in shops, as online you'll need a Swedish ID number called Personnummer or access to a local digital ID system called BankID. A prepaid SIM card is generally called Kontantkort (Kontant is the Swedish word for cash) in Sweden. All prices in the article are given in Swedish Krona (SEK).

Unfortunately, since the registration law has come into effect, operators have generally stopped distributing SIMs for free in places like airports and train stations. Expect to have to pay for a SIM if you go to a chain convenience store like 7-Eleven or Pressbyrån. However, you can still ask at various small independent stores, where they may give away SIM cards if you buy a top up at their place. Be aware of the new registration rules effective August 2022 and ask for registration at the shops (for Comviq) if possible, or do it yourself online via ID and selfie through "veriff" or directly (Comviq, Telenor, Lyca Mobile), otherwise be prepared to have to go to the provider's branded store to register after purchase (Telia, Halebop).

As of September 2023, only Comviq and Lyca Mobile SE offer eSIM for prepaid customers.


Topping-up (påfylla/fylla på or ladda på) credit is fairly easy as long as you are in the country, as you can buy top-up cards at many locations for cash or with any foreign credit/debit card. But it can become a problem when you are outside the country trying to maintain a SIM card or use it for roaming because with some providers, only Swedish-issued credit cards with a Swedish personnummer are accepted and credit cards from other countries are blocked.

When attempting to top-up using a non-Swedish credit card, or when attempting to load credit outside Sweden, you will sometimes see error messages somewhat differing by operator such as:

  • "Betalningen kunde inte genomföras. Nekad av Defender. Försök igen eller välj annan betalningsmetod." (lit. "Payment could not be made. Denied by Defender. Please try again or select another payment method."; for operators which use DIBS Payment Services as their online processing merchant such as Comviq);
  • "Medges Ej. Betalningen kunde inte genomföras. Försök igen eller välj annan betalningsmetod." (lit. "Not allowed. Payment could not be made. Please try again or select another payment method."; as seen on a Hallon forum thread from 2019).

It's not the card currency that matters, but the country where the credit/debit card was issued. This applies to some Swedish providers as well as the online top-up site

As of October 2022, this situation has improved somewhat. Telia and Telenor have started allowing the use of foreign cards to pay for online top-ups from anywhere (tested with a Visa credit card from Canada and a MasterCard debit card from the US while in Sweden and while in the US), meaning that it is no issue to keep these SIMs alive from abroad anymore. Somewhat less convenient is Comviq, which allows the entry of some foreign credit cards as long as you are in Sweden or using the Comviq SIM with a VPN routed to a Swedish IP address. This is very tricky, because there's no way to know if your card works (without getting the above-mentioned "Nekad av Defender" message), and you will only know when you try it. It's reported that European debit/credit cards work better (like Transferwise, N26 and others). Lyca Mobile accepts foreign payment cards too, but gives a rather short validity of 90 days. Additionally, other users who had issues with their other cards were able to reload using a Revolut MasterCard from the UK. You may still need to put some effort in to keep your SIM card alive, but it is not as difficult as it was in the past. If the above still fails, some users have also reported that 3rd party sites like may do the top-up for a surcharge.

Usage and price comparison with other countries[]

UK internet comparison site has ranked Sweden as 170th out of 237 countries/territories and 25th in the OECD (36 countries) in terms of mobile data affordability with data costing on average 25.93 kr (approximately US$2.33) per GB (July 2023). This is US$0.68 per GB higher than the global median. This also makes Sweden the second most expensive Nordic country for mobile data, next to Norway. (source)

The average data usage of Swedish SIM cards was 24.4 GB per capita and month in 2022, the second-lowest amongst Nordic and Baltic Countries, though still over twice as much as neighbouring Norway (source).

If you have a mobile phone plan from another EU/EEA country or have an international SIM card that covers Europe (e.g. Airalo, Holafly, GoMoWorld), you may consider using that to roam instead (see European Union article). Otherwise, check the International eSIMs for Sweden section below for more cost-effective plans for those who live outside the EU.   

EU roaming[]

EU flag
Sweden is part of the EU, where from 2017 new international roaming rules are enforced. In most European countries you can now 'roam like at home' at domestic rates rather than excessive roaming rates. Note that some plans are restricted for roaming and others like unlimited data packages are capped by a Fair Use Policy. For specifics about the new regulation check the European Union chapter and every provider below.

Since August 2022, due to the registration requirement for all users, Telia now allows all prepaid SIMs to roam in the EU (in theory the same should be true for Halebop, but not tested yet). However, Telenor is still the best choice in terms of pricing/roaming allowance ratio.

Due to Brexit, Telenor has removed the UK from its EU/EEA roaming zone for prepaid users since 01/MAY/2021, instead placing the UK on a separate "extrasaldo" top-up as with some other non-EU countries (see "Telenor#EU roaming" section for more details). Telia and Halebop have also removed the UK from its EU/EEA roaming zone for all users since 18/SEP/2021. Since 30/JUN/2022, Comviq has also removed the UK from their EU/EEA roaming zone. Hence the only option is to use the rather unreliable service of Lyca Mobile, if you plan to use a Swedish SIM card in the UK (albeit at approximately half the EU/EEA cap).

For more information on Swedish prepaid SIM cards refer to which gives a superb summary of the available options.



Telia, previously a government agency but now partly privately owned, is market leader in Sweden with the largest coverage nationwide in 2G, 3G and 4G (on 800, 1800 and 2600 MHz): Telia 2G 3G 4G coverage map. 4G/LTE is available for all prepaid products with up to 100 Mbit/s speed, no 5G or eSIM for prepaid yet.

If you are going to northern Sweden and intend to stay out of cities, then Telia or its sub-brand Halebop will probably be the only network that has coverage.

Note that due to registration being mandatory for all customers, EU roaming is now enabled for all prepaid customers. This means that if you need to sign up with Telia for their coverage, you won't lose out on EU roaming if you plan on continuing your journey elsewhere. Compare with halebop on the same network.

Availability []

Their prepaid starter pack called "Telia Kontantkort Startpaket" is sold for free online and in Telia branded stores (locator) and for SEK 59 in many convenience stores like Coop, ATG, 7-Eleven, Circle K, Hemköp and Pressbyrån (store locator). All three sizes are available. Due to the new registration law, you can no longer top up at purchase, so you will have to buy the card, then take it to a Telia store to register.

As a foreigner you can still register a Telia prepaid SIM card without a local social security number (personnummer) by showing your passport in a Telia shop (locator). However, not all stores have staff that know it is possible to register someone without a personnummer, so you may have to show them the section on the Telia website that says that foreigners can register without a personnummer, and the procedure requires store staff to call in to a central office and a paper form that has to be submitted to the same office, so prepare to spend at least half an hour in the store and an unknown amount of time for the form to be processed (generally within a few hours). Note that if you want to get set up quickly, the store staff do have access to a method to activate and load your SIM without registering, but you will need to return to the store to register before February 2023 if you wish to retain your number past that date.

NOTE: Sometimes, the store will encounter issues registering a card purchased elsewhere and will provide you with a new card and number. If they do so, make sure to ask for the phone number before you leave, as you will need this to top up online and this is NOT the same number as the one associated with the "problem" card that you purchased. If you don't, there is no quick way to look up your number so you will have to top-up at a store, then find someone to call and look at their caller ID to find out your phone number

As long as you are in the country you can buy reload vouchers (laddingscheck) that are found in many places. Redeem the voucher by dialling *125*<VOUCHER_CODE># or use this webpage online. If you have a Swedish bank account or a credit card (Swedish or foreign), you can use the official top-up page ("ladda") as well.

In order to use the official website to top up, you will need to create a top-up PIN for your phone number. Click "Logga In" at the top of the page, then "Skapa laddkonto" to create an account. Type in your phone number, click the purple button, then a one-time code will be sent to your phone. In the following dialog boxes, type the code, then your new permanent top-up code (4 digits), type it again to confirm, and your top-up account is created. You can then log in to top up your account online.

From August 2022 Telia enforces the prepaid registration by checking top-ups. From 01/AUG/2022, you who activate your SIM card need to register before you can load it. As soon as your registration is complete, you can load your prepaid card. If you became a prepaid card customer before 01/AUG/2022, then you need to register your card before 01/FEB/2023 to be able to load it again.

Dial *120# and press the "call" button to check the current account balance. Top-ups are sold for SEK 50, 100, 200 and 300.

Telia prepaid SIM cards will expire after 12 months without use. Recharge your card at least once a year with a plan or a credit top-up and it will stay active.

Data feature packages[]

Default rate outside packages is a daily charge of SEK 10 per MB with a max. of SEK 19 per day, with usage hard-capped at 100MB per day. Max. speed is 100 Mbit/s in 3G and 4G, no 5G so far. To use the default rate, you need to top-up with credit value, called "Enkel". This is available in SEK 50, 100, 200, and 300 online (SEK 50 top-ups are not available in stores, only online). If possible, try to top up in smaller rather than larger amounts when using this rate, as there is an inactivity fee of SEK 15 per month that is charged against Enkel credit balances after 30 days from last top-up.

Their data-only packages are called "Surf" and are available in these volumes:

  • for 30 days:
    • 500 MB: SEK 49
    • 2 GB: SEK 149
    • 30 GB: SEK 499 as a promotion
  • for 6 months (or 183 days):
    • 3 GB per month: SEK 299
    • 10 GB: SEK 329
    • 20 GB: SEK 429

Alternatively, they sell combo packages called "Fastpris" with domestic voice, SMS and data:

Time Voice SMS & MMS Data Price
7 days unlimited unlimited 1 GB SEK 59
30 days 70 calls 1 GB SEK 109
30 days unlimited 3 GB SEK 199
30 days 5 GB SEK 249
30 days 10 GB SEK 329
3 months 70/month 1 GB* SEK 299
6 months 1 GB* SEK 499
6 months unlimited 3 GB* SEK 999

(*) = data per month

EU roaming []

"Roam like at home" in the EU/EEA as well as weekly semestervecka packages for non-EU/EEA countries (including the UK since 18/SEP/2021) require registration. Since registration has become mandatory for all users with or without a personnummer, all Telia prepaid customers can now roam in the EU with full use of their allowances. This includes the out-of-package 19 SEK daily rate for 100 MB data.

More info[]

halebop (by Telia)[]


new logo

halebop is a brand of Telia, and not a subsidiary, using their network in 2G, 3G and 4G/LTE at speeds up to 100 Mbit/s for prepaid. No 5G access or eSIM support for prepaid yet.


You can get the Halebop Kontantkort for SEK 100 and top-up at Telia stores (see Telia above). You can also buy it at outlets like The Phone House, Elgiganten, Media Markt, 7-Eleven, Coop, Pressbyrån and other places for less (rather SEK 50). Finally, if you have a local address and BankID or personnummer, you can also order one online for free. Halebop has the most satisfied customers in Sweden, but their plans are rather pricey.

For new SIM cards from August 2022 and for existing SIM cards from February 2023 you will need to register your Halebop SIM. Local citizens can do this online by BankID or personnummer, but foreigners will need to go to a Telia store showing their passports. Telia stores (locator) will also register Helebop SIMs, but as with their own prepaid SIMs, expect some confusion and expect this procedure to take a long time.

Top-up with vouchers are sold there as international credit cards are not accepted (see Basics above). Vouchers of SEK 50, 100, 200 or 300 are available. Halebop balances and SIM cards expire one year after their last use.

Data feature packages[]


old logo

You can either get a Fastpris bundle with voice & text messages included, or just pay-as-you-go with Go and get data on the side.

The following Fastpris bundles are available for 30 days with unlimited domestic voice and SMS:

  • SEK 129: 2 GB
  • SEK 209: 6 GB
  • SEK 319: 20 GB
  • SEK 369: 50 GB
  • SEK 429: 100 GB

Bundles are valid for 30 days. Unused data is carried forward to the next month, but you can never have more data available than your monthly allotment.

Alternatively, you can stay on a different prepaid plan called Go that has no data as long as you don't add it by data plans with unlimited (obregränsad) data:

  • for 1 day: SEK 69
  • for 3 days: SEK 129
  • for 7 days: SEK 199
  • for 30 days: SEK 499

Instead of the unlimited packs, you can add limited data packages called Extra Surf valid for 90 days each:

  • SEK 39 : 500 MB
  • SEK 59 : 1 GB
  • SEK 199 : 5 GB
  • SEK 349 : 15 GB

EU roaming (for Swedish Residents only, needs updating post-August 2022)[]

Halebop has implemented "roam like at home" rules for the EU/EEA (excluding the UK since 18/SEP/2021) to all their plans and data add-ons up to a limit of 50 GB per month for the larger and unlimited packages, while for the UK, you have to purchase separate 200 MB packets costing SEK 99. To use data in the EU/EEA and UK, you first need to register your SIM card to your name. Unfortunately, you can't do so online, unless you live in Sweden and have a Swedish BankID and/or personnummer. There is no international roaming on this SIM for foreigners, it will only work in Sweden.

More info[]

Comviq (by Tele2)[]


Comviq (on TELE2) logo

Comviq is a brand of Tele2 in Sweden, and not a subsidiary. That's why it uses the Net4Mobility (= Tele2 and Telenor) network on 2G (which may show up on some devices as Sweden Mobile; this is however not a "fifth network operator" as some earlier edits claimed), SUNAB (= Tele2 and Telia) on 3G and Net4Mobility (= Tele2 and Telenor) on 4G with up to 80 Mbit/s speed. In 2021, 5G on Net4Mobility was opened up for some premium, high-data (>= 30 GB) Comviq postpaid plans with up to 100 Mbit/s speed, and is now open for some high-data prepaid packages.

Tele2 doesn't sell own prepaid SIMs anymore since 2014-15; they are geared to contract customers and channel all prepaid products through their Comviq brand. They have a 99+% coverage on 2G, 3G and 4G/LTE: Comviq Coverage Map or Tele2 Coverage Maps.

Comviq gives out eSIM to compatible devices. This way you may order your SIM online and get the eSIM profile by email. It's also one of the few providers that offer EU roaming on prepaid SIM cards and may be your best choice when you want to visit other countries in Europe.


You can get their prepaid SIM called Comviq Kontantkort from a Comviq reseller, as they don't have any stores themselves. Any Pressbyrån, 7-Eleven or other convenience stores and some ICA, COOP or many other food chains too for SEK 45 or in many cases for free if you buy a top-up. If you have a Swedish post address, you can also order one online for free.

SIM cards are normally free of charge if bought online and together with a plan or a package. But for that you have to have a Swedish personal number and a Swedish postal address. No need to register your SIM card though. SIM cards in all three current sizes are available.

Form August 2022 if you don’t have a local personal number or Bank ID, you can register online with a passport, ID card, or driving license (the process is automated and takes a few minutes) or you may still be able register your prepaid card in person, either at a mobile phone provider’s shop, or at a retailer such as Pressbyrån or 7-Eleven. According to the Q&A on Comviq’s website, all you need is to take your phone and valid Swedish or foreign ID to a retailer selling Comviq cards, such as Pressbyrån, 7-Eleven, or even your local  independent corner shop. They will then be able to register you.  

According to Comviq’s website people with older prepaid SIMs need to register by 01/FEB/2023 “in order to avoid the risk that their number is deleted”. This suggests that you might be able to continue to use your card after said date, but that it could be cancelled at any point after that.  

According to some users it's now possible to select a data package on their website and pay with local or foreign credit cards. For some foreign credit cards it seems to be essential, that you access the site using a Swedish IP address. This can be done in Sweden, using the Comviq SIM anywhere or using a Swedish VPN from abroad for top-ups. The SIM needs to be topped up once every 12 months to keep it active.

Check your balance by *111#.

Data feature packages[]

The following plans are offered for prepaid and domestic data only. All of the below are valid for 30 days, except SEK 45 (week) that is only valid for 7 days. After that period the plan changes to standard, that includes no data and is pretty expensive. Additionally, all packages allow one month of rollover data (max. 300 GB domestic data and 36 GB EU roaming data). Renew the same package and data unused in the previous month carries over to the next.

  • Fastpris: domestic calls, domestic SMS and MMS are free of charge[1], data can be used for roaming in the EU/EEA too:
    • SEK 45 (per week): 500 MB
    • SEK 145: 5 GB
    • SEK 195: 10 GB
    • SEK 245: 20 GB (EU: max. 12 GB)
    • SEK 295: 40 GB (EU max. 12 GB) + 500 foreign minutes
    • SEK 345: 100 GB (EU max. 18 GB) + 1000 foreign minutes
  • Fastpris mini: SEK 95; 3 GB domestic only, 200 min free calls to Swedish numbers, then SEK 0.45/min, free domestic SMS and MMS, plan can't be used for roaming in the EU/EEA
  • Amigos: cheap international calls and texts, default data rate at SEK 0.35/MB. May be combined with Fastpris, Fastpris mini or Surf by recharging Amigos on the same SIM that you have other plan [2]Beware that after you do this your other plan will not renew automatically anymore. The data allowances can be used for roaming in the EU/EEA:
    • SEK 50: 500 MB
    • SEK 100: 2 GB
    • SEK 200: 5 GB
  • Standard: valid for 365 days for low use
    • SEK 100: 200 MB
    • SEK 250: 1 GB
  • Surf: no calls or SMS/MMS possible, only domestic data in Sweden, can't be used for roaming abroad
    • SEK 55: 1 GB
    • SEK 115: 3 GB
    • SEK 175: 6 GB
    • SEK 295: 20 GB
  • Boost: Allows unlimited surf for a specific period of time
    • SEK 55: unlimited data for 24 hours (100 GB domestic FUP applies in some situations, max. 2 GB roaming in EU)
    • SEK 119: unlimited data for 72 hours (300 GB domestic FUP applies in some situations, max. 5 GB roaming in EU)
    • SEK 199: unlimited for 7 days (1000 GB domestic FUP applies in some situations, max. 10 GB roaming in EU)
    • SEK 399: unlimited for 30 days (4000 GB domestic FUP applies in some situations, max. 30 GB roaming in EU; T&C officially limits its use to a mobile device)
  • Mobilt Bredband: Allows truly unlimited data only for 30 days, as a FWB plan
    • SEK 399: unlimited domestic data for 30 days. There's also an offer for an optional Huawei SoyeaLink B535 4G router for SEK 1290 for use with the plan, found in the operator's website.

EU roaming []

Data allowances in Fastpris, Boost (up to the stated FUP for larger data allowances and unlimited data plans) and Amigos packs can be used for roaming in the EU/EEA, but not Fastpris Mini, Surf and Mobilt Bredband plans which don't offer any roaming and can be used in Sweden only. From 30/JUN/2022, the UK is no longer included in Comviq's EU/EEA roaming zone and data roaming in the UK is now surcharged at SEK 0.25 per MB or you can purchase a daily "Resesurf Storbrittanien" package which costs SEK 79 for 1 GB of data per day.

More info[]



Telenor logo

Telenor has a good 2G, 3G and 4G/LTE network (see Basics above for networks) with up to 450 Mbit/s maximum speed for prepaid. 5G has been enabled on prepaid on the 1st of March 2024[1]. No eSIM for prepaid users, but roaming seems to be enabled according to EU rules on all prepaid plans. However, roaming on all mobile telco networks in Cambodia and Malaysia and possibly other countries is blocked currently. Roaming in Vietnam and Thailand works. Users intending to roam globally should check if Telenor meets their requirements beforehand.


The starter packs for Telenor Kontant are available in two different plans at their stores (locator) and lot of outlets for SEK 49 start-up price. Both plans can't be switched. All three current SIM sizes are available, and there is a 1 GB bonus for completing registration on the Telenor Ladda app.

They also have a special starter pack in Elgiganten stores with one month of the 5 GB Fastpris plan loaded for 250 SEK. This is more expensive than buying a SIM and topping it up with the 5 GB plan, so only do this if other options are not available. Top-ups are available in the usual stores by voucher add *120*<voucher PIN>#. Check balance by *121#. An user has reported to be able to top up Telenor by using which is a 3rd party website for a €1 surcharge. It is also possible to top up using the Telenor Ladda app with a foreign credit card from both within and outside of Sweden.

Every top-up extends the validity of your SIM to 365 days from the previous top-up, so you need to top up once a year to keep your SIM active. Topping up in kiosk stores in Sweden and the Telenor Ladda app from inside or outside Sweden works with all credit cards, so it's now a good choice if you need something you can easily keep alive from abroad and you can access the Telenor Ladda app.

All new SIM cards from August 2022 and existing cards by February 2023 need to be registered. Choose photo ID and use your passport on or use the Telenor Ladda app (not geo-restricted on iOS, but geo-restricted on Android). [DO NOT DOWNLOAD "Mitt Telenor" APP WHICH IS ONLY FOR POSTPAID CUSTOMERS!] Note that you will need to provide your postal address in your home country during the registration process. Your card will be ready to use as soon as the system has accepted your documentation and address provided (self-service registration can typically be done within minutes).

Data feature packages[]

Default and overuse data rate is SEK 1 per 1 MB on all plans. These packages with data are valid in Sweden and the EU/EEA:

  • Rörligt: base plan with data at SEK 1 per MB. This balance is now combined with "extrasaldo" international calling and out-of-EU roaming balances. Top-ups are available in 50 SEK, 100 SEK, and 300 SEK (= 400 SEK credit).
  • Surf: This has been changed to a direct data top-up system instead of the previous credit system. You can add these data packages for 31 days:
    • 5 GB: SEK 125
    • 10 GB: SEK 175
    • 20 GB: SEK 275
    • 40 GB: SEK 299
    • 100 GB: SEK 325
    • 150 GB: SEK 425
    • 5 GB: SEK 275, valid for 12 months
    • 10 GB: SEK 325, valid for 12 months
    • 20 GB: SEK 375, valid for 12 months
    • 40 GB: SEK 425, valid for 12 months
    • 100 GB: SEK 475, valid for 12 months
    • 150 GB: SEK 575, valid for 12 months
    • 5 GB: SEK 425, valid for 24 months
    • 10 GB: SEK 475, valid for 24 months
    • 20 GB: SEK 525, valid for 24 months
    • 40 GB: SEK 575, valid for 24 months
    • 100 GB: SEK 625, valid for 24 months
    • 150 GB: SEK 725, valid for 24 months
  • Fastpris: for data and unlimited calls and texts, you need to add one of these bundles valid for 31 days:
    • 0.5 GB for 7 days: SEK 49
    • 2 GB: SEK 99
    • 5 GB: SEK 149
    • 10 GB: SEK 199
    • 20 GB: SEK 249
    • 40 GB and 500 IDD mins: SEK 299
    • 100 GB and 1000 IDD mins: SEK 349
    • 150 GB and 1500 IDD mins:: SEK 449
  • Hello: Comes in two varieties, including data, unlimited local calls and SMS, and differing amounts of IDD mins:
    • 1 GB and 100 or 20 international minutes (varies by country called) for SEK 100
    • 10 GB and 500 or 100 international minutes for SEK 250

IDD minutes in Fastpris and Hello are for calls to the EU, EEA, UK and USA.

EU roaming[]

Telenor is the other major provider (after Telia) that has implemented 'Roam like at home' with EU/EEA roaming at domestic Swedish rates to all prepaid offers. As with Telia and Tele2, the UK and Gibraltar are excluded. Because Telenor allows your full allowance to be used abroad, this remains your best choice when you want to visit other EU countries too and intend to use a Swedish SIM card. Top-ups from abroad are no longer a problem unlike before (see above).

Previous roaming pricing has been replaced by a new Surfpass that costs SEK 99 for 1 GB of data in most non-EU countries. Some particularly remote countries or territories will cost 149 SEK for 100 MB instead. In order to use this, you will need to make a Rörligt top-up, available in SEK 50, 100, and 300 (300 SEK top-up includes a SEK 100 bonus to make 400 SEK credit, the bonus credit can be used in roaming).

More info[]

  • Tethering: no restrictions
  • APN: /or/
  • Website (in Swedish):

Lyca Mobile (on Telia)[]

Lycamobile new

new logo

The British Lyca Mobile Group opened its Swedish branch in 2009. Until the start of 2022 it operated as MVNO on the Telenor network, now it operates on the Telia network in 2G, 3G and 4G/LTE, no 5G so far. Like Halebop, Lyca Mobile gives relatively good rates on data on the Telia network compared to the main Telia brand.

Since September 2023, Lyca Mobile SE supports eSIM for compatible devices. Otherwise, their physical SIMs can be purchased for ca. SEK 15 in their outlets (see store locator, although it's terribly outdated) and you can usually top-up right away. Doing so on the internet gives 10% bonus for first top-up and a possible data bonus for national plans. Bear in mind that unused credit validity is limited to 90 days only, after inactivity that long the SIM card is switched off. Note that roaming is included up to the designated EU cap.

Registration can be made online using a passport on

Check remaining credit check by *102# and data balance by *137#.


old logo

Data feature packs[]

Default data rate is SEK 0.99 per MB. The following monthly data bundles on up to 4G/LTE are offered for Sweden and now with EU/EEA/UK/CH roaming included:

SE Data EU/EEA Cap UK/CH cap Price Activation
>>>1 GB<<< 0.5 GB SEK 39 *139*9500#
>>>3 GB<<< 1.5 GB SEK 69 *139*9000#
10 GB 8.5 GB 4.25 GB SEK 99 *139*94000#
40 GB 17.05 GB 8.53 GB SEK 199 *139*91200#

Furthermore these combo packages called Smart with unlimited domestic voice and SMSes (except Smart XS) and various data allowances are offered:

Pack SE Data EU/EEA cap UK/CH cap IDD mins Price Activation
Smart XS (&) >>>2 GB<<< 1 GB (#) SEK 49 (*) *139*46049#
Smart M >>>5 GB<<< 2.5 GB (#) SEK 85 (*) *139*46149#
Smart L >>>8 GB<<< 4 GB 100 mins (#) SEK 99 (*) *139*46199#
Smart Super 20 GB 13.45 GB 6.73 GB 300 mins (#) SEK 149 *139*46499#
Smart XXL 30 GB 17.95 GB 8.96 GB 500 mins (#) SEK 199 (*) *139*46399#
Smart Starter 50 GB 20.35 GB 10.18 GB 500 mins SEK 238 (*) *139*461238#
Smart Standard 100 GB 29.05 GB 14.13 GB 1000 mins SEK 340 (*) *139*461340#
Smart Pro 200 GB 34.05 GB 17.03 GB 1000 mins SEK 398 (*) *139*461398#

(&) = 300 domestic mins and 300 domestic SMS

(*) = 50-80% discount for the first 3-6 months

(#) = 100 mins to Lycamobile Ukraine & Kyivstar + 25 mins to other Ukraine networks

All packages auto-renew after one month (auto-renew can be disabled when buying). To stop, type *190#. If you buy it for 3, 6 or 12 months, Lyca gives high discounts.

For more data you can Surf bolt-ons:

  • 500 MB: SEK 29, activation: *139*601#
  • 1 GB: SEK 39, activation: *139*602#
  • 3 GB: SEK 69, activation: *139*603#

These add-ons are vaild for the rest period of the base package in Sweden and the EU.

EU roaming[]

Prepaid bundles now include Roam like at home in EU/EEA countries up to the specified limit, with UK and Switzerland roaming also included at approximately half the EU/EEA cap since July 2023. Beyond the included volumes same SEK 0.99 per MB default rate applies.

More info[]

International eSIMs for Sweden[]

Given the relatively high costs of local Swedish data relative to the rest of the world and the complications that foreigners face in even getting a Swedish SIM card, international eSIMs can be a popular, more cost-effective alternative for those who do not live in the European Union. However, you need to ensure your device is eSIM compatible. Please see the article eSIM for more info on the eSIM in general. This section focuses on the popular international eSIM providers that offer national plans for Sweden - these plans cannot be used elsewhere in the EU/EEA. They do not require real-name registration in the way that obtaining SIM cards from national carriers do and can be set-up before arrival in Sweden.

However, double check the pricing to make sure these fit your needs; as 1 USD is around 10 SEK as of January 2024, for higher usage, plans from carriers mentioned above are probably more cost-effective (as an example, you could get a Telenor SIM and 40GB for the price of the Airalo 20GB plan with the only drawback being no 5G).


Price(in US$) Data(in GB) Duration(in days) Network 5G? Calls SMS Effective cost(in US$ per GB*)
4.50 1 7 Telenor, Tele2 Tele2 only 4.50
6.50 2 15 Tele2 only 3.25
8.00 3 30 Tele2 only 2.67
12.00 5 Tele2 only 2.40
18.00 10 Tele2 only 1.80
32.00 20 Tele2 only 1.60


Price(in US$) Data(in GB) Duration(in days) Network 5G? Calls SMS Effective cost(in US$ per GB*)
7.00 3 15 Telia 2.33
15.00 10 30 1.50


Holafly offers unlimited internet for Sweden, although local networks may impose a fair use policy data of 3 GB per day, after which data will be throttled until the next day in the plan.

Price(in US$) Duration(in days) 5G? Calls(in minutes) SMS Effective cost(in US$ per GB*)
19 5 60 1.27
27 7 1.29
34 10 1.13
47 15 1.04
54 20 0.90
64 30 0.71
84 60 0.47
99 90 0.37

*based on a 3GB per day expected fair use policy

3 (Tre), Hallon, Fello, Wifog, Vectone Mobile, Vimla![]

3 (called "Tre") in Sweden has good speeds in 3G (on 900 and 2100 MHz) and 4G/LTE on (800, 2100 and 2600 MHz, partly as TD-LTE on band 38) in Stockholm and southern Sweden: Tre 3G and 4G coverage. Have in mind that Tre doesn't operate a 2G network and has no 2G roaming. You'll need to have a 3G or 4G device for using the Tre network. The 3 network in the northern parts of Sweden is much weaker than its competitors.

Like Tele2, 3 stopped the sale of all prepaid SIM cards (Kontantkort) on 01/SEP/2021 for its own brand. From 31/DEC/2021 it can't be topped up anymore and all prepaid service will be discontinued by 31/MAR/2022. From then on, the only option for using the 3 network is to roam with a foreign SIM card from abroad.

Hallon, created in 2013 as the lower-cost sub-brand of 3, started selling SIM kits in Coop stores in 2021, but because they require BankID to register online and provide no means of registering in person, they need to be removed after August 2022 once again. This means that there is no way for a visitor to obtain a local prepaid SIM on the 3 network.

Fello and Wifog can't be listed here. They are online-only which makes it difficult for travellers without a local address. You will need to have a Swedish ID number (personnummer) or BankID for ordering and using. That's why Fello and Wifog products are hardly accessible to foreigners and are banned according to the rules of our wiki.

Vectone Mobile was taken over by Lyca Mobile Sweden and all its customers have been migrated to the Lyca Mobile brand in 2018. Hopefully, the service issues with Vectone will come to an end.

Vimla!, created in 2014 as an online-only, lower-cost sub-brand of Telenor, began selling SIM cards and packages online to foreigners in 2021 (with some restrictions), but stopped offering SIM cards to foreigners after the above-mentioned registration requirements were introduced in August 2022. A personnummer and Mobile BankID is now required to buy SIM cards and to top them up. All SIM cards not registered on a Swedish citizen living in Sweden were deactivated without notice.