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Syria is a war-torn country in the eastern Mediterranean.

The currency is the Syrian pound (SYP).

There were previously two networks in Syria - Syriatel and South African owned MTN. In early 2020, Syrian tycoon Rami Makhlouf, a cousin and long-time ally of President Bashar al-Assad, publicly criticised the régime's behaviour, which led to the collapse of Syriatel later in 2020, leaving MTN as the only mobile network in the country. The Syrian state placed MTN under judicial guardianship in early 2021, and consequently MTN is selling its 75% stake in its Syrian network to the existing 25% shareholder TeleInvest.


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New SIM cards can be obtained at MTN's customer service centres for a fee of SYP 250. Personal identification is required.

MTN offers the following LTE (4G) monthly bundles:

Price Data
SYP 4,000 1 GB
SYP 6,750 2 GB
SYP 9,500 3 GB
SYP 11,500 4 GB
SYP 13,000 5 GB

More info[]

  • Check the balance on your line by dialing *100# for free.
  • LTE prepaid line validity is unlimited as long as you perform any type of consumption from the balance once every 90 days, or recharge your balance.
  • Website in Arabic and English: (click on the language selector at the top left)


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Syriatel collapsed in 2020 and its web site is no longer operational.