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Flag of Tajikistan


There are 4 GSM network operators in the country:

  • Tcell
  • Babilon Mobile
  • MegaFon
  • ZET-Mobile (formerly Beeline)

2G is on 900 MHz and 1800 MHz, 3G on 2100 MHz. 4G/LTE started in 2014 on 800 MHz on Tcell and MLT and on 1800 and 2100 MHz with Babilon and later on MegaFon and Zet-Mobile too. A 5th provider TK-Mobile is not mentioned any further as they use CDMA that is incompartible to GSM devices.

Lonely Planet found the widest coverage for mobile networks to be on T-Cell (best for Murgab and the only choice for the Eastern Wakhan) and MegaFon (only carrier in parts of the Zerafshan Valley and Alichur), though Beeline and Babilon also have a few places where they too seem to be the only carrier. As buying a SIM card rarely costs more than TJS 5 (including the same credit), consider buying a SIM for each carrier.


For a long time SIM cards were available to foreigners only on the shadow market. That's why we had to greylist this country. This has changed now as more vistors report of having bought a SIM card the legal way.

Up to 2016 it was estimated that 70% of active SIM cards had been sold out without producing proper identification. Authorities are worried that unregistered SIM cards are making their way into the hands of terrorists. A campaign to confiscate ‘illegally-sold’ SIM cards was conducted in 2016 and the ban of illegally sold SIM cards is now much stricter enforced.

The government has started a second registration or re-registration of all SIM cards in 2016. From November SIM card owners must bring their passport or other official ID documentation and their SIM to one of the cellco’s service centres to register their identity in compliance with the order. All new SIM cards are now legally only given out at the provider stores after having shown your passport and visa. This applies to visitors and tourists as well.

Control over the internet has tightened in 2016 when laws for blocking of internet and telephone services during so-called 'counterterrorism operations' were introduced. Tajikistan adopted a law prohibiting the use of unidentified SIM cards.

From 2017 Tajikistan citizens are only allowed to buy up to two SIM cards from one operator. Any additional SIMs per person will be blocked. Parents buying SIMs for their children will need to present a birth certificate. In summer 2017 around 20% of all SIM cards in Tajikistan were disconnected, after the users failed to register their personal details.

In 2019 Tajik authorities have introduced new requirements for selling SIM cards. If earlier, Tajikistan citizens had been allowed to buy up to two SIM cards in each of four cellular companies operating in the country, now they are allowed to buy only up two SIM cards in all. All new SIM cards are now legally only given out at the provider stores. This applies to visitors and tourists as well.

IMEI Registration[]

As of 1st february 2023, to combat theft and smuggling of mobile devices, Tajikistan is maintaining a white list of devices using local SIM cards. Devices on roaming in Tajikistan are exempted to be included in the list. Devices already using a Tajik SIM card before 1st May 2023 were already whitelisted. The device can use Tajik SIM-cards without registration for up to 30 days, until it will be blocked. It is possible to register the device online for free, provided the device was declared upon arrival in the T6 Form, and its value is not exceeding the duty-free amount of US$ 2000. In case of a Dual-Sim device, both IMEI codes need to be mentioned. To check registration status dial *3366# with the Tajik SIM card.

VoIP call ban[]

In 2018 Tajikistan's national telecommunications watchdog has annulled licences for IP telephony services. As a result, mobile operators and ISPs have been forced to disconnect their voice applications. State institutions also plan to forbid voice or video calls over foreign messengers and VoIP applications.

It was confirmed that all mobile providers Babilon-M, Tcell and Beeline Tajikistan were among those forced to disconnect their IP voice services, whilst in Babilon-M’s case the company’s headquarters were reportedly raided by law enforcement agents to ensure compliance under threat of a total operational shutdown. The government’s decision to close Tajik operators’ VoIP services was in response to reduced tax income from voice calls. The state tax authority also notes that foreign-based, over-the-top (OTT) VoIP/messaging applications such as Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, WeChat and others also contribute to decreasing tax income from the voice segment, although the ban does not yet cover these third-party services.



Tcell is the dominant mobile provider in the country. It has more than 2/3 of the national subscribers. It was owned by Swedish Sonera group, who decided to exit their Asian markets and divested it to the Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development (AKFED) in 2016.

It has the best coverage in 2G and 3G. 4G/LTE started in 2014 on 800 MHz (B20) in Dushanbe, Khujand, Tursunzade, Chkalovsk, Qairoqqum, Gafurov, Kurgan-Tyube plus several other towns by the end of 2017. In 2018 Tcell expanded the LTE network to three other cities Dangara (also in the southern/southwestern Khatlon province), Rogun (in the central Regions of Republican Subordination [RRS] province) and Khorog (in the eastern/south-central Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region), and says that it seeks to continue developing the network in hard-to-reach regions: 4G coverage areas.

Tourist SIM[]

Since June 2019 foreign tourists arriving in Tajikistan are able to receive Tcell SIM cards valid for 10 days free of charge without registration. The SIM cards are given to adult tourists at the tourist police department at Dushanbe International Airport and at all border crossing points (BCPs).

The free SIM card comes with 100 local minutes and 100 MB of internet which can be used for 10 days. Also, the recipients of tourist SIM cards can contact the Tourist Police free of charge. Call center operators will provide the necessary information to tourists in several foreign languages, including Russian, English and Chinese.

The tourist SIM cards will automatically notify the holder of all major cultural events and natural disasters in the country. In order to get a tourist SIM card, a foreign citizen will need to present a passport and his e-visa (if the SIM card is requested in advance). It's not known, if this is extended through 2020, but you should ask at the border at arrival whether they have a free SIM available.


Their regular SIM card is sold in many shops for TJS 5 to 20. Because of the new regulations you should buy SIM cards at their shops (service point locator) showing your passport, visa, and hotel registration. Their prepaid SIM cards have different monthly base rates, but the same packages can be activated on them.

You can top-up at pay terminals, located everywhere. Check balance by *100#. To get notifications in english, dial *257*3#

Base plans (Salom)

Upon activation a Salom plan needs to be selected, each good for 30 days and containing data for general internet use as well as data for social media (Viber, Whatsapp, Vkontakte, Facebook, Youtube, OK, etc.) as well as unlimited calls to other Tcell number and calls to other Tajik numbers. Overuse is charged at 0.02 TJS per MB. Switching between the plans will incur a fee of 2,50 TJS

Salom Base Plans
Package Fee Data Social Media Domestic calls USSD
Salom 40 40 TJS 4 GB 5 GB 20 mins *207*2#
Salom 80 80 TJS 10 GB 20 GB 40 mins *207*3#
Salom 120 120 TJS 15 GB 40 GB 60 mins *207*4#
Salom 180 180 TJS 25 GB 60 GB 100 mins *207*5#
Salom 300 300 TJS 50 GB 100 GB 300 mins *207*6#

LTE activation[]

For 4G/LTE you need a 4G-enabled SIM card. To check type *871#. If you receive "Hizmatrasonii LTE ba sim-korti shumo dastras ast, fa'olkuni" your SIM card supports LTE. If you get "Hizmatrasonii LTE ba sim-korti shumo dastras nest. Mufassal www.tcell.ti" you'll need to change your SIM card for LTE.

If your SIM card supports LTE call *871*1# and LTE will be activated in next 12 hours. You will get "Hizmatrasonii LTE bo muvaffakiyat paivast karda shud" when activation is done.

Data feature package (G)[]

Default rate differs between tariffs. Internet packages called G can be activated on any plan and work on 4G/LTE too, all valid for 30 days:

Data Price Activation
500 MB TJS 10 *870*500#
1000 MB TJS 20 *870*1000#
3000 MB TJS 40 *870*3000#
5000 MB TJS 50 *870*5000#
10 000 MB TJS 80 *870*10000#
20 000 MB TJS 120 *870*20000#
50 000 MB TJS 250 *870*50000#

All packages auto-renew. To stop them from recurring dial *870*0#. To check status of the packages, type *870#. Overuse fee is TJS 0.10 per MB

You can buy additional packages with:

  • 1000 MB for TJS 17 by code *870*1*1000#
  • 2000 MB for TJS 30 by code *870*1*2000#
  • 3000 MB for TJS 35 by code *870*1*3000#

More info[]

  • APN: tcell
  • USSD for all services is *105#
  • Tethering: allowed
  • Website in English:

Babilon Mobile[]

Babilon Mobile

Tajikistan-based mobile operator Babilon-M is the 2nd provider in the country. It was the first to launch 4G/LTE in 2012 using 1800 and 2100 MHz in Dushanbe. Recently it has expanded the coverage of its LTE network for the first time. New cities covered by the expansion include Khujand, Qurghonteppa (formerly known as Kurgan-Tyube) and Kulob: 2G 3G and 4G coverage maps.


Babilon Mobile sells many different tariff packs for starters in their stores. The voice and data packs all have a monthly base rate and most include a data quota and domestic voice and SMS too. If you mainly need data it's better to choose a low base rate and add data packages instead.

All starters are for TJS 5. The "Mufit" tariff is the only voice plan that doesn't have an allowance. It costs TJS 0.50 per day and data 0.30 per MB. The data-only 'Mobinet 3G' has a default rate of TJS 0.25 per MB.

To top-up you can add voucher cards with *2002*<voucher code>#. To change default language to English press * 2022#3#.

Data feature packages[]

Babilon calls their data packs Mobipackets. They used to have a very flexible system of topping up any amount of data resulting in an descending per MB price. This scheme seems now to be faded out for regular data packs with a fixed quota and price. All these packs below are valid for 90 days:

Data Price Activation
250 MB TJS 10 *323*250#
500 MB TJS 20 *323*500#
1 GB TJS 35 *323*1000#
3 GB TJS 65 *323*3000#
6 GB TJS 99 *323*6000#
10 GB TJS 160 *323*10000#
20 GB TJS 300 *323*20000#
30 GB TJS 400 *323*30000#
60 GB TJS 600 *323*60000#

All packages are for 90 days. Packages can be booked on all tarriffs. These packages don't renew. To check data balance type *122*3#.

MegaFon (formerly MLT)[]

Megafon TJ

Russian-owned MegaFon operates 2G and 3G networks in Tajikistan. As of 2014 it was the country’s 3rd largest mobile service provider in terms of subscribers with a 20% market share. In 2014 MegaFon’s 4G LTE pilot network covering the cities of Dushanbe and Khujand was started available over its 800 MHz LTE test network. The 4G network is now available in the cities of Dushanbe, Khujand and Kurgan-Tube: 2G/3G/4G coverage map


Their SIM card can be bought in one of their shops and outlets (locator) for TJS 5. Most of their tariff lines include a monthly base plan with minutes, SMS and data. Only two Реальный безлимит (= Real Unlimited) and Istiqbol Samimi come without a base rate. Data is by default at TJS 0.5097 per MB. Even their "Warm Welcome" plan from Russia based in Moscow and payable in RUB is marketed in Tajikistan.

Top-ups are by vouchers. Check credit by *100#. Take care that like in Russia Megafon enables some payable services that are hard to get rid of.

Data feature packages[]

Megafon sells different monthly packages for their 4G and 3G coverage areas:

4G/LTE data packages:
Data Price Activation Deactivation
2 GB TJS 55 *140*1# *140*11#
3 GB TJS 80 *140*2# *140*21#
5 GB TJS 115 *140*3# *140*31#
10 GB TJS 200 *140*4# *140*41#
3G data packages:
Data Price Activation Deactivation
300 MB TJS 13 *170*6# *170*61#
1 GB TJS 33.60 *170*1# *170*11#
2 GB TJS 56 *170*2# *170*21#
3 GB TJS 71.36 *170*3# *170*31#
5 GB TJS 101.94 *170*4# *170*41#
10 GB TJS 180 *170*5# *170*51#

As add-on packages Megafon sells:

  • on 4G/LTE packages 1 GB for TJS 20 by *140*5#
  • on 3G packs of 1 GB and more 1 GB for TJS 20.39 by *170*0#.

More info[]

ZET-Mobile (formerly: Beeline)[]

Zet mobile

new brand

ZET-Mobile (registered as Tacom) previously operated under the Beeline brand, but adopted its current identity in 2019 following the sale of the company by VEON to local venture ZET Mobile reportedly owned by Hasan Asadullozoda, the brother of President Emomali Rahmon’s wife a year earlier.

It's the smallest operator in Tajikistan on 2G and 3G and started 4G/LTE on 1800 MHz (B3) and 2100 MHz (B1) in 20 regions. In 2019 it switched on new LTE sites in Tursun-Zade, Vahdat, Gissar, Buston, Guliston, Bohtar, Kushonien, Kulyab, Kabadiyan, Balkhi, Rudaki, Khujand, Dangara, Istaravshan, Yavan, Devashtich, Spitamen, J Balkhi, Shakhrituz and Khuroson.


You can get their SIM card in one of their shops (locator) for TJS 20. They have different tariff lines, but the same data packages can be added.


old logo

Data feature packages[]

These monthly data packs called Чаққон (= active) are offered:

Data Price Activation
600 MB TJS 14 *110*422#
800 MB TJS 17 *110*423#
1.4 GB TJS 28 *110*424#
3 GB TJS 36 *110*414#
4 GB TJS 58 *110*415#
8 GB TJS 85 *110*416#
12 GB TJS 100 *110*417#
16 GB TJS 130 *110*418#
24 GB TJS 165 *110*419#

Check data balance by *114#. All packages auto-renew. To stop type *110*420#.

More info[]