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Availability Edit

Three main mobile operators of Thailand ("big three") - AIS, DTAC and True Move. There is a number of smaller providers or MVNOs that lease government bandwidth mostly on the CAT network (such as LINE, Penguin or My).

Purchase of a new SIM card/number is easy, and can be done at operators' shops or at any 7-Eleven and many airport kiosks. Thailand has started mandatory SIM card registration and now you need to provide your ID or passport at the points of purchase.

Arriving at BKK (Suvarnabhumi) airport in Bangkok, you have the best choice. The 3 major players have their flagship stores in the big arrivals hall just past the customs check almost side by side. There you can compare prices and promotions. In Suvarnabhumi, there are several 3rd party phone shops near the train entry point at the lower level. Note that the provider stores only sell the tourist SIMs; if you are arriving late at night these are the only stores open and selling SIMs so if you don't want a tourist plan, you have to go into town to buy the SIM you want.

The situation at DMK (Don Mueang) Bangkok's budget airport has been changed. You can now find the stores of the three major providers located next to each other facing exit gate 6. At Phuket's internatl. terminal and Chiang Mai's airport you find stalls of the providers giving out tourist SIM cards too.

Concerns for all providers Edit

The big three operators have SIM cards for all sizes - normal, micro and nano SIMs. Normally micro SIM cards can be popped out from a normal SIM card, but nano SIMs are sometimes sold separately. It's recommended to specify which SIM card size you need when buying.

All major operators allow tethering and they treat all data going through their network equally. If you are using an iPhone, you may need to perform a network reset or a carrier update for the mobile tethering option to appear. Tethering provides, most of the time, excellent quality It is sufficiant for VoiP and supports PPTP/SSL/IPsec VPNs. If you work remote and are a heavy user, you will have a trouble free experience.

For voice calling overseas heavily reduced rates even below VoIP providers are offered by the three major operators using special IDD prefix codes. Let them give you the cheapest option for your destination which has to be dialed before the country code (see below).

Topping up Edit

Adding credit or airtime is quite easy in Thailand. Loading airtime gives you ability to make calls or subscribe to data packages and also extends SIM card lifetime. A few physical places where you can top-up: 7-Eleven, Family Mart, BigC, Tesco, phone kiosks and the outlets of the operators. Note that 7-Eleven can only sell top ups for cash. You have to go to the operator's store to top up with a card.

Adding credit online is also possible and there are some options:  

  • For no fee, DTAC allows top-ups on its mobile app with certain foreign Visa or MasterCard credit or debit cards as long as you are accessing it from a Thai IP address (which is also possible outside Thailand, for example, by roaming with your DTAC SIM or a VPN). If DTAC does not "like" your issuer or you are not accessing the site from a Thai IP, you will get a generic "error" telling you to check your card details again. This has so far only been tested to be successful with overseas cards issued by banks that are also present in Thailand, like Citibank, and the TransferWise card.  
  • accepts Alipay, Cryptocurrency international and local Visa and MasterCards with small fee, and PromptPay with no fee.  
  • If you have Bitcoin you can top-up at or  
  • If you use Webmoney you can do it through Most of these options add face value surcharges, and conversion fees may be added in the process. They remain mostly limited to the 3 major providers.  
  • For developers, there is also a API service.  

There are a lot more resellers found on the internet, all using the same API and provider. If one of them does not work with your number and payment option, trying another one will most likely give you the same error.

Expiration policy Edit

You have to top-up a Thai SIM card every 45 days or pay more to add validity in order to keep it alive as well as make at least one call or outgoing SMS activity every 6 months. Many Thai SIM cards expire in 45 days after the last top-up, unless you are able to add extra validity. The bare minimum to maintain validity is 10 Baht every month. DTAC's policy is that every top-up extends SIM validity by 30 days, so multiple small top-ups will keep your SIM active for longer than one large top-up (example: 5 x 20 THB top-up extends your SIM validity by 150 days compared to a single 100 THB top-up). Additionally, True and DTAC allow you to extend validity for a price, check this site on how to extend.

Network compatibilityEdit

Before you purchase any SIM card, make sure that the network you are choosing is compatible with your devices (see below). The big three providers have different networks operating on more than one set of frequencies that are combined through domestic roaming. So you should better enable roaming on your device, even for domestic use. Most old networks mainly on 2G are about to decommissioned soon. These frequencies are used for 3G and 4G/LTE:

  • AIS has 3G/DC-HSPA on 900 and 2100 MHz (and roaming on TOT 2100 MHz) and started in 2016 with 4G/LTE Advanced called "4.5G" on 1800 and 2100 MHz (bands 1 and 3)
  • dtac has the largest 3G spectrum: 3G/DC-HSPA on 850 and 2100 MHz and 4G/LTE on 1800 and 2100 MHz (bands 1 and 3)
  • TrueMove H has 3G/DC-HSPA on 850 and 2100 MHz 3G/DC-HSPA and the largest 4G/LTE spectrum on 850, 900, 1800 and 2100 MHz (bands 1, 3, 5 and 8)
  • CAT: is on 3G/HSPA only on 850 MHz (with national 4G roaming for its My brand on True's 4G/LTE network on 1800 and 2100 MHz).
  • TOT: is on 3G/HSPA on 2100 MHz in Bangkok only (nationwide through 3G roaming on AIS) and plans 4G/LTE on 1800 MHz 4G/LTE (B1) and 2300 MHz TDD-LTE (B40).

For 4G/LTE in 2016: True has the best coverage at 90% of population, followed by dtac that now covers all 77 provinces today but lacks coverage, while AIS has only started to roll out 4G, partly as "4.5G" with carrier aggregation and is about to cover 80% by the end of 2016.

Note that all old 2G/GSM networks are about to be shut down within the next years as the providers need more spectrum for LTE. AIS has sealed a roaming agreement with dtac for 2G on their 1800 MHz band, which dtac is going to use until 2018. True has leased back bandwidth from CAT on 1800 MHz for 2G until the end of 2016 while TOT has never had any 2G. So be prepared that 2G is coming to an end soon in Thailand and better bring a 3G or 4G/LTE device even for voice calls.

Coverage and speed Edit

The crowdsourced Open Signal report from Nov. 2017 on Thailand showed that the leading trio is very much on par. 4G/LTE availability was generally high with >90% on all three networks throughout the country, while average 4G speeds ranged from 8 Mbps on dtac, 9 Mbps on AIS to 11 Mbps on TrueMove.

IDD Calling Prefixes Edit

Thailand is one of the few countries where some international calls are charged lower than domestic or even VoIP calls. For this you have to use certain IDD prefixes. So the correct order to dial abroad is:

<IDD prefix> <country code> <area code> <local number>

The prefixes differ between operators and are added at the end of each section. The major providers give out special discounted prefixes on which major landlines in Europe, America, Asia and Australia can be called for as low as 1 THB per min. On all operators you can use CAT's prefix 009 (price list) or TOT's 008.

New biometric registration (effective 15/Dec/2017) Edit

Under the law all SIM cards have to be registered from 2015. You will need to show an ID at the point of purchase. This is now enforced in all providers stores and outlets very strictly and from the end of 2017 a new biometric system is introduced. You will now additionally have your face scanned or fingerprints taken.

The new system is mandatory from 15 Dec. 2017 to the registration of both new prepaid and postpaid SIM cards, but not to existing SIM card holders. It's to be used across Thailand in all 55,000 customer service shops and outlets. Operators can choose to use either the face or fingerprint recognition verification system.

The number of new SIM cards sold by all three major mobile phone operators that are ordered to introduce this new biometric registration system is around 4.2 million units monthly. Under the previous method, the registration locations copied only the ID cards of the SIM card buyer together with a barcode of the purchased SIM card.

Under this new method, new SIM card subscribers will have to insert their ID cards into the fingerprint reader or the face recognition card reader at the registration locations. The card readers are connected to the mobile phones or PC of the registration locations. In the case of the face recognition system, the locations will take the SIM card users’ face with the mobile phones embedded with an NBTC registration application. Then the app will see, if the captured face matches with the face stored in the ID card database. Foreigners buying SIM cards in Thailand will have their faces scanned and matched against their passport photographs.

In 2018 new restrictions on the number of SIM cards have been implemented. Users can from now on only buy up to 5 SIM cards from one mobile provider, which then must be registered via the country’s biometric verification system (a face recognition or a fingerprint verification).

WiFi Edit

Thailand has a very strong network of public WiFi hotspots all over the country. Some of them e.g. in airports are free and publicly available. Others in hotels and restaurants are for customers only. There are many hotspots of AIS, True and dtac throughout the country. If you purchase a SIM, also check for the accompanying wifi plan. In general monthly plans over 500 Baht per month will include free wifi package. Wifi plans can be purchased separately as well, and paid from your phone balance. While True has the largest WiFi presence, AIS has the largest roll out of the latest 802.11n WiFi points, and generally has better speeds and reliability.

Most prices below are without taxes. Add 7% tax for the final price.

AIS (1-2-Call, you! Mobile) Edit

AIS has the largest 2G/3G network with a 50% customer share. It's part of the SingTel Corp. that also owns e.g. Optus in Australia and SingTel in Singapore.

Surprisingly, AIS was the last major provider to start 4G/LTE in 2016 on the 1800 and 2100 MHz band, partly marketed as "4.5G" or LTE Advanced. It now covers 80% of the population in 2017: 3G/4G coverage map and is competitive to True and dtac. AIS' prepaid brand is often dubbed 1-2-Call.


You can get their SIM cards online (only for old 3G SIMs) to be sent to a Thai address and at airports, major shopping malls, telecom stands, in AIS and Telewiz branded stores (shop locator in Thai with map). Change language of their messages to English by pressing *700# <call> and choose option 5.  

Top-up, balance check and validity Edit

Top-ups can be done in many ways, but ATMs and internet banking require Thai bank accounts. So topping up by an electronic top-up or cash card is recommended. They are sold at some convenience stores such as Family Mart, Tesco/Lotus, Big C or online. 7/11 stores do not sell AIS Top-ups any more, but usually you can find a stand alone vending machine which will allow you to use cash to top up. A small fee will be deducted.  

Every AIS store has a "payment kiosk" that is an automated top-up machine as well. These green/white machines are also found at malls and MRT/BTS stations, and are the fastest option to Top-up. There is no markup, 500 THB in gives you 500 THB credit.  

Top-ups can also be made by credit card on the AIS service page in increments of 50 THB. International credit cards are a mixed bag, most of them do not work.  

Top-ups up to THB 150 are valid for 30 days and of more than THB 150 are valid for 60 days. In case there is no usage or no recharge for 90 days, with no remaining validity, the number will be automatically terminated. 

To maximize validity extension, top up in small increments e.g. For THB 500 credit, top up THB 100 5 times and the validity will be extended 5 times instead of once with a single THB 500 top-up. 

To top-up by code, type *120*<16 digit voucher PIN>#. To check account balance and validity, type *121#. Check data balances by *121*3#.  

1-2-Call Edit

1-2-Call SIM cards are their regular prepaid voice and data cards. All new SIM cards include 4G/LTE are sold for around THB 50 with a THB 15 call credit and some bonuses. They offer a huge array of SIM cards:

  • The One SIM: This SIM was introduced in February 2018 as often a specific SIM can't be found. You can simply make this SIM either a Super Play, Super Social, Easy Free Net or 4G Net SIM (all see below). When you top-up at least THB 150 you get 1 GB 3G/4G data and 1 GB 4G-only data for 7 days, 3 GB WiFi and 1 GB for social apps for 30 days as a bonus.
  • Super Play: This is one of their most common prepaid cards available when or where no other SIM is sold. When you top-up at least THB 150 you get 1 GB for 7 days and 3 GB WiFi for 30 days as bonus.
  • Super Social: This SIM is geared to social media. For a top-up of at least THB 150 you get unlimited use of Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Line, Twitter, WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat, BeeTalk at 1 Mbps for 30 days, 1 GB 3G/4G data and 1 GB 4G-only data for 7 days and 3 GB WiFi for 30 days as bonus.
  • Easy Free Net: This SIM is for "internet beginners". You get unlimited slow internet at 64 kbps, 150 MB high speed data and a THB 15 call credit.
  • Net SIM: This is their best SIM for data-use. It's sold for THB 88. After activation you get unlimited internet at 1 Mbps and WiFi valid for 7 days. The weekly fee is THB 88 automatically charged every 7 days. If the account balance is insufficient for weekly fee, speed will be throttled to 64 kbps for 7 days after the period Internet usage will be stopped until account balance is sufficient for weekly fee. Regular and special Net SIM packages (see below) can be added. It is available at FamilyMart stores.
  • Zeed: This SIM is targeted to teens and has been one of their best plans, but seems to be faded out. On activation, it includes 500 MB of data, and 2 GB of YouTube data for 1 month. It also includes AIS Super WiFi. These data allowances renew for future months if you top up at least THB 100 per month. However, this SIM is very difficult to find, and may be sold by shops at a mark-up over face value (e.g. 99 THB rather than 50 THB).
  • Net Marathon: These are preset SIM cards with unlimited data for 6 or 12 months at defined speeds:
    • for 6 months @ 1 Mbps: THB 600, @ 4 Mbps: THB 1400
    • for 12 months @ 1 Mbps: THB 1200, @ 4 Mbps THB 2500
  • Zodiac SIM: This SIM comes in 12 different zodiacs. It's sold for THB 99 and contains 500 MB data and WiFi for 7 days and another 1 GB data as bonus if you top-up at least THB 150.
  • Others: AIS has some other SIM cards, but most are probably not of interest to visitors like one with your zodiac. Their tourist SIM called Traveller SIM and their roaming SIM called One2Fly are featured further below in the article.

High speed data packages Edit

AIS has a rather large and confusing range of data add-on packages (in addition to their many SIM card types, some of which already come with data). These data packages on up to 4G/LTE can be activated on all their SIM cards from above (add 7% taxes).

This table shows data add-ons called MaoMao packs and their activation codes all open to 4G/LTE giving max. speed:

Ais chart

For higher resolution click on the table. Beware using monthly (auto-renewing) packages marked in blue that you will lose the original benefits of the SIM. For all prices add 7% tax.

They have also introduced an unlimited package with 4G at 300 Mbps and 3G at 4 Mbps for 30 days at 1500 THB. Activation is

Low speed data packages Edit

Furthermore, some throttled packages are sold with "unlimited data" in different speeds:

  • @ max. 384 Kbps for 24 hours 15 THB, *777*7095#, for a week 80 THB, *777*7070#
  • @ max. 512 Kbps for 24 hours 19 THB, *777*7318#, for a week 90 THB, *777*7007#
  • @ max. 1 Mbps for 3 days 49 THB,*777*7069#, for 7 days 100 THB, *777*7003# and for 30 days 300 THB, *777*7153#
  • @ max. 4 Mbps for 24 hours 29 THB, *777*7149#, for 7 days 150 THB, *777*7154# and for 30 days 500 THB, *777*7159#
  • @ max. 6 Mbps for 24 hours 34 THB, *777*7209#, for 7 days 189 THB, *777*7210# and for 30 days 550 THB, *777*7211#

Social media packages Edit

Social media users can add these packs with auto-renew:

  • unlimited Facebook for a week: 29 THB, *777*91#
  • unlimited LINE for a week: 19 THB, *777*97#
  • unlimited WhatsApp (no VoIP) for a week: 19 THB, *777*93#
  • unlimited Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, LINE: for 24 hours + 300 MB data 17 THB, *777*766#, for 7 days + 100 MB data, *777*7013#

Tourist SIM: AIS Traveller SIMEdit

Alternatively, AIS offers their Traveller SIM to visitors in three starter packs:

  • for 49 THB: no data pre-loaded, 15 THB call credit at AIS shops and retailers. You need to add a package which will be throttled to 384 Kbps
  • for 299 THB: 3 GB data for 8 days and free AIS WiFi, 100 THB credit for 30 days validity at major airport stores, other AIS stores and Family Mart nationwide.
  • for 599 THB: 6 GB data for 15 days, 100 THB call credit for 30 days at AIS stores nationwide.

All data beyond the quota is throttled to 64 kbps. On all Traveller SIMs the cheap IDD prefix 00300 enables calls to some destinations like Germany or China at 1 THB per min. For more countries use 003 prefix for reduced call rates.

The default data rate outside packages is 2 THB per MB. These add-ons are advertised for the Traveller SIM (tax incl.), but in fact you can add any regular package shown above too:

Price Data Validity Activation
50 THB 160 MB 1 day *777*7081#
270 THB 1.5 GB 10 days *777*7082#
690 THB 3 GB 15 days *777*7083#
9.63 THB unltd. WiFi 1 hour *777*380#

When used up, max. speed will be throttled from 42 Mbps to 64 kbps. For WiFi an 1 hour usage period is counted from log-in and log-out time. The username and password received via SMS is valid for 24 hours.

AIS WiFi passes Edit

AIS has many WiFi hotspots, especially in shopping malls and airports. WiFi packages are available as follows:

AIS Price Volume Period Activation
WiFi 9 THB Unlimited 1 hour *777*380#
WiFi 19 THB Unlimited 5 hours *777*381#
WiFi 29 THB Unlimited 1 day *777*382#
WiFi 69 THB Unlimited 30 days *777*383#
Super WiFi 99 THB 20 GB 30 days *777*384#

You will need to purchase any AIS SIM card (for 50 THB) in order to buy a WiFi pass. The 99 THB package enables additional access to AIS Super WiFi, which has superior speeds (tested up to 150/150 Mbps in real world use) compared to the normal WiFi (capped at 10/1 Mbps).

Some SIMs and packages come with WiFi; to obtain the password dial *388*1# or get it online.


Roaming SIM: SIM2Fly Edit

The AIS SIM2Fly was originally meant for outbound Thai tourists, but is now being distributed throughout the region, because it offers quite good roaming rates. The SIM2Fly SIM card comes in 2 types:

  • 399 THB: SIM card for certain countries in Asia and Australia
  • 899 THB: SIM card for certain countries in Europe and the Americas

The Asian version comes with 6 GB roaming data at 3G and 4G/LTE speeds and is valid for 8 days in China, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Laos, India (in certain states only), Taiwan, Macao, the Philippines, Cambodia, Myanmar, Australia, Nepal, Indonesia, Qatar and Sri Lanka and now in Vietnam and Brunei too.

After the main package has expired, you can add a new data package. For more data in the same countries you can use following codes to extend your data package:

  • 1 GB valid for 2 days: 119 THB, activation by *111*356#
  • 4 GB valid for 8 days: 299 THB, activation by *111*354#

For the 4 border countries of Thailand (Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia), they now offer a new add-on pack:

  • 2 GB valid for 7 days: 99 THB, activation by *111*407# - this package is not available as a starter

As the data package is 100 THB less then the price of a new SIM card, it may be worthwhile to keep your SIM active. You can extent the validity by various methods listed here.  AIS SIM2Fly can be found for sale all over SE Asia. Some online shops are selling SIM2fly SIM cards to foreign countries for a surcharge and delivery fees. To top-up from abroad you can use (5% fees apply for credit card payments and amounts start at 20 THB) or other agencies that can charge up to 30% fees.

Be aware of the strict Thai SIM cards validity rules: prepaid SIMs can expire in as little as 45 days after last use. Any top-up (regardless of the value) extends validity for another 30 days. To maintain a validity of one year then, you can top-up 12 times, getting 30 days with each top-up. Minimum top-up value is 10 THB, but most international agencies start at 20 THB only. As long as the SIM is active, your credit balance remains for next use. There is one online service that will automate this process to add 360 days to your prepaid SIM for a fee. Generally, these top-up requirements can make the deal much less attractive for occasional users, but remain a good option, if you buy and load it in Thailand for an onward journey through SE Asia.

As of February, 2019 the AIS SIM2Fly is now available as an eSIM, and initially supported by the iPhone Xr and Xs. The eSim has the same data plans of the conventional SIM, but no physical SIM is needed. The eSIM should work on any device with an embedded SIM that can scan a QR code to load the SIM profile. For now eSIMs can be purchased at AIS shops, on the AIS website, and various online resellers. Keep in mind eSIMs need to be reissued if you wish to switch phones or deactivate the plan.

You can switch the SMS language of the phone to English with code: *119*2#

you! Mobile Edit

you! Mobile was a sub-label of AIS launched in 2014 and by 2018 can be considered to be a failed effort that is no longer promoted.

More informationEdit

  • IDD prefix: 003 (quality) or 00300 (budget on some plans like Traveller SIM, from THB 1 per min)
  • APN: internet


dtac for Total Access Communication is Thailand's 3rd largest network by the number of users. It's partly owned by Telenor group from Norway and is the network that owns the biggest wireless bandwidth in the country. Its prepaid brand is called Happy.

4G/LTE started in 2014 on 2100 MHz (B1) in Bangkok only and has been expanded in 2015 to Phuket and Pattaya and another 40 cities nationwide: 4G coverage map. In 2015 4G/LTE was started in the metro Bangkok area mostly on the additional 1800 MHz (B3) frequency which is much more common internationally. In June, 2018 DTAC started offering 4G+ on the 2300 MHz frequency through a deal with TOT.


You can get their SIM cards from almost any shop including at the airports, but if you prefer, you can obtain it directly from their stores. All new SIM cards are 4G SIM cards now and are sold for 49 THB.

  • Go Plearn SIM: comes with free basic internet at slow 64 kbps for lifetime (from other SIMs change by *103*55*9# for 30 THB)-
  • Super 4G SIM: comes with free YouTube streaming at night (midnight-8am), zero-rated music streaming through the Music Infinite app and 1GB per month for 7 days up to 12 months when top-up at least 150 THB per month (press *103*333*9#).
  • Social Hero SIM: is for social media users. It comes with free use of Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, Line, WeChat, BeeTalk, Pantip and Kakao for 30 days being extended to a year when you top-up at least 100 THB per month. 1 GB data for 7 days @ 42 Mbps being extended to a year when top-up at least 150 THB per month (press *103*333*9#).
  • Other SIMs: Some other SIMs are sold too without or different benefits and promotions.

High speed data packages Edit

Default rate for data is on all prepaid SIM cards 1.99 THB per MB. dtac offers two main categories of packages: those with a certain high-speed volume that is throttled when used up and those that are reduced in speed from the start and are called 3G or light packages.

For the first category, you get connection at full 4G/LTE speed up to 100 Mbps for a certain amount of data, then your speed will be capped at the stated fair use policy (FUP) maximum speed which is varied respective to the plan you choose (but you can use them as much as you like, they are unlimited after all).

Validity Price Data Overuse Extras Activation
24 hours 9 THB 100 MB cut off free Facebook *104*851*9#
19 THB 500 MB 64 kbps *104*881*9#
29 THB 500 MB 128 kbps free dtac calls *104*911*9#
29 THB 1 GB 64 kbps *104*882*9#
5 days 99 THB 500 MB 128 kbps free dtac calls *104*912*9#
7 days 59 THB 400 MB cut off free Facebook *104*852*9#
79 THB 600 MB 128 kbps free music streaming *104*883*9#
99 THB 2 GB 64 kbps *104*342*9#
99 THB 4 GB cut off online only
129 THB 1.5 GB 128 kbps free dtac calls *104*913*9#
149 THB 5 GB 64 kbps *104*315*9#
30 days 199 THB 500 MB 64 kbps 80 all-net mins *104*491*9#
199 THB 1 GB 128 kbps *104*349*9#
199 THB 1.5 GB cut off free Facebook *104*853*9#
299 THB 750 MB* 64 kbps 100 all-net mins *104*492*9#
299 THB 5 GB 64 kbps *104*325*9#
399 THB 3 GB * 64 kbps 150 all-net mins *104*493*9#
399 THB 3.5 GB 128 kbps free dtac calls *104*914*9#
499 THB 4 GB * 64 kbps 200 all-net mins *104*494*9#
499 THB 5 GB 128 kbps free dtac calls *104*915*9#
499 THB 10 GB 64 kbps *104*320*9#
699 THB 8 GB * 64 kbps 300 all-net mins *104*495*9#
799 THB 10 GB 128 kbps free dtac calls *104*916*9#
1999 THB 20 GB 128 kbps free dtac calls *104*917*9#

(*) = these packages have unlimited dtac WiFi included

The 4 GB for 99 THB option only appears online. You need to find it on the mydtac website or app.

Low speed data packages Edit

For light data users, dtac has Lite or 3G Packages that are reduced in speed from the beginning:

max. Speed Data Time Price Activation Extras
@ 256 kbps unlimited 24 hours 15 THB *104*65*9# free dtac calls
unlimited 7 days 69 THB *104*75*9# free dtac calls
unlimited 30 days 249 THB *104*95*9# free dtac calls
@ 384 kbps 400 MB 24 hours 15 THB *184*871*9#
unlimited 24 hours 19 THB *104*384*9#
unlimited* 7 days 144 THB *104*484*9# free dtac calls
@ 512 kbps 300 MB 24 hours 15 THB *104*872*9#
unlimited 24 hours 22 THB *104*347*9#
1.5 GB 7 days 79 THB *104*857*9#
unlimited 7 days 89 THB *104*348*9#
unlimited 30 days 269 THB *104*350*9#
@ 1 Mbps unlimited 24 hours 25 THB *104*377*9#
unlimited 7 days 100 THB *104*378*9#
unlimited 30 days 300 THB *104*379*9#
@ 4 Mbps unlimited 24 hours 29 THB *104*387*9#
unlimited 7 days 150 THB *104*388*9#
unlimited 30 days 500 THB *104*389*9#
@ 10 Mbps unlimited 24 hours 39 THB *104*69*9#
unlimited 7 days 199 THB *104*79*9#

(*) = includes unlimited dtac WiFi. Check balance in packages by *101*1*9#.

Social media packages Edit

These add-ons can be used for unlimited social media and music streaming:

  • unlimited entertainment (YouTube, Tidal, Deezer, Apple Music, etc..): for 1 hour: 10 THB, *104*522*9#, for 24 hours: 19 THB, *104*523*9#, for 7 days: 79 THB, *104*524*9#
  • YouTube for 1 hour: 9 THB, *104*867*9#
  • unlimited music streaming (Tidal, Deezer, Apple Music, etc.): for 24 hous: 7 THB, *104*573*9#, for 7 days: 19 THB, *104*574*9#, for 30 days: 49 THB, *104*575*9#
  • Facebook for a day: 5 THB, *104*405*9#
  • Viber for a day: 5 THB, *104*600*9#; for a week: 19 THB, *104*601*9#, for a month: 49 THB, *104*602*9#
  • WhatsApp for a week: 19 THB, *104*88*9#
  • Line for a week: 19 THB, *104*421*9#

WiFi passes Edit

For dtac WiFi, when not included in your data pack, special passes are sold. You must obtain your username and password by dial *4000# and then you can connect any of your device (can be your laptop or a tablet) to all dtac WiFi hotspots. The WiFi usage is unlimited. dtac WiFi can be found mostly in shopping centres and airports.

  • 19 THB: 1 hour, activation: *104*619*9#
  • 39 THB: 24 hours, activation: *104*639*9#
  • 69 THB: 30 days, activation: *104*669*9#
  • 99 THB: 30 days including 3BB WiFis, activation: *104*699*9#

Data is unlimited on the WiFi. For your password dial *400*9#.

Roaming Add-Ons Edit

For cheap data roaming dtac offers new add-ons, called Go Travel:

  • Neighboring Countries: 99 THB for 2 GB for 7 days
  • Asia/Australia/USA: 399 THB for 6 GB for 10 days
  • "Worldwide": 899 THB for 6 GB for 15 days

These packages can be added online and start immediately. Data is throttled to 128kbps for the remainder of the active period after the high-speed allowance is used up.

Tourist SIM: Happy Tourist SIM Edit

dtac also sells SIM cards with short validity and "unlimited" data for tourists. The SIM card is called Happy Tourist SIM. It comes in 4 varieties of starter packs and is on 2G/3G/4G:

  • Happy Tourist SIM 49: 49 THB, with 15 THB credit included valid for 35 days
  • Happy Tourist SIM 199: 199 THB, "unlimited" internet (FUP: 500 MB) for 7 days
  • Happy Tourist SIM 299: 299 THB, 100 THB credit included valid for 35 days and "unlimited" internet (FUP: 3 GB) for 8 days
  • Happy Tourist SIM 599: 599 THB, 100 THB credit included valid for 35 days and "unlimited" internet (FUP: 6 GB) for 15 days

Excess data is charged at 2 THB per MB. You can actually buy their Tourist SIM online here and get it shipped overseas for a whopping THB 350 surcharge worldwide. You can also find the Amazon to be sent abroad. These add-on packages are sold for the tourist SIM:

  • 229 THB: 1 GB, 30 minutes for 3 days, activation: *104*581*9#
  • 299 THB: 2.5 GB for 10 days, activation: *104*553*9#
  • 699 THB: 6 GB for 20 days, activation: *104*344*9#
  • 799 THB: 9 GB for 30 days, activation: *104*343*9#

validity extensions:

  • 50 THB for 180 days
  • 100 THB for one year

Roaming SIM: SIM GO! inter Edit

After the success of SIM2Fly by AIS dtac has revamped their roaming SIM called SIM GO! inter. This SIM is available in their airport shops in Bangkok, Phuket and Samui and in many dtac stores. Starter packs are sold in three varieties:

  • for 22 Asian countries. AUS and US with 6 GB for 10 days: THB 399
  • like above plus 30 mins of domestic calls: THB 499
  • worldwide in Asia, AUS, US and Europe added with 6 GB for 15 days: THB 899

These starters can be added by these add-on packages (not available to regular dtac SIM cards):

  • for Asia, AUS, US:
    • 1 GB for 3 days: THB 199, activation: *104*732*9#
    • 5 GB for 10 days: THB 349, activation: *104*732*9#
  • for neighboring countries (Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia): 2 GB for 7 days, activation: *504*799*#

Be aware that his SIM card follows Thai top-up rules with a validity of only 30 days for any top-up.

Also note that while not officially advertised, the Asia/AUS/US SIM does work in certain countries in Europe, supporting Switzerland (Swisscom), Austria (Drei), Italy (Vodafone), Hungary, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Serbia, Sweden, and Norway (all Telenor). Use in other European countries requires the "worldwide" SIM.

More informationEdit

  • IDD prefixes: 004 (quality) or 00400 (budget only on the Tourist SIM, starting at 1 THB per min for many countries)
  • APN:
  • Website: dtac smartphone SIM , dtac data packs

TrueMove HEdit

True move
TrueMove H is Thailand's 2nd largest network and the most heavily advertised. TrueMove is part of the larger True Corp. conglomerates, owned by CP Group which is the biggest retailer owning all 7-Eleven and Tesco stores in Thailand.

They were the first provider in to bring 4G/LTE on the rare 2100 MHz to Thailand. Its 4G/LTE coverage is the best so far in the country and comprises 80% rising to 96% by the end of 2016: 4G coverage map in Thai and list in English. In 2015 the much more usual 1800 MHz band was added for 4G/LTE as well as 850 and 900 MHz in 2016.

Availability Edit

You can get their SIM cards from almost everywhere, but you should obtain it directly from any of the True Corp. stores (including True Online and True Visions stores) or 7-Eleven kiosks. Electronic top-ups are sold at all 7-Eleven stores or Family Mart. There, you have to know and enter your number. Most of their SIM cards are 4G/LTE enabled now, but there are some old 3G SIMs still around.

When you arrive at BKK airport, you should check their promotions at their store in the arrivals hall at concourse A, 2nd floor, opposite Gate 5. They offer often promotions that are not available otherwise and are mostly for starting-up and the first package only. You may also see their free SIM stand at the airports in Chiang Mai or Phuket.

Low speed data packages ('3G packs')Edit

You can simply get one of their prepaid SIM cards and add from their big variety of data packs. For the "unlimited" internet plans below, you get connection at full speed for a certain amount of data, then your speed will be capped at the stated fair use policy (FUP) maximum speed which is varied respective to the plan you choose.

For the plans that include WiFi, you must connect to the @TRUEWIFI hotspots (not the .@TRUEWIFI) and then log-in using your phone number. They have the biggest WIFI network with more than 100,000 hotspots: Hotspot Locator must also log out after you finish. These packages are offered on 2G, 3G and WiFi for prepaid (add 7% taxes):

Price Time Data Overuse WiFi Activation
9 THB 24 hours 100 MB 1.5 THB/MB n/a *900*3301#
15 THB 200 MB *900*3306#
49 THB 320 MB @128 kbps *900*3302#
39 THB 750 MB 1.5 THB/MB *900*1920#
49 THB 320 MB @128 kbps *900*3302#
59 THB 7 days 200 MB *900*8811#
59 THB 400 MB 1.5 THB/MB *900*3307#
79 THB 500 MB @128 kbps *900*8825#
99 THB 750 MB *900*8826#
159 THB 1.5 GB *900*8827#
199 THB 30 days 1 GB unltd. *900*1801#
199 THB 1.5 GB 1.5 THB/MB n/a *900*8982#
250 THB 2 GB *900*3325#
299 THB 1.5 GB @128 kbps unltd. *900*1329#
399 THB 3 GB *900*1339#
699 THB 6 GB *900*1369#

Speed is up to 42 Mbit/s on 3G. Most packages auto-renew. As they can't be canceled easily, better add extra packs for more data:

  • 59 THB: 500 MB for 7 days, *900*8923#
  • 79 THB: 1 GB for 7 days, *900*8924#
  • 99 THB: 1 GB for 15 days, *990*8925#
  • 150 THB: 1 GB for 30 days, *990*8903#
  • 199 THB, 5 GB for 30 days with auto-renewal, *990*8813#
  • 299 THB: 10 GB for 30 days with auto-renewal, *990*8814#

High speed data packages ('4G packs') Edit

All of their SIM cards are now 4G/LTE enabled and are sold for THB 0-49 with very little credit. Speed is up to 100 Mbps on 4G/LTE. Default rate outside package is 1.50 THB per MB. These 4G/LTE packages can be booked on all 4G SIM cards. For all prices add 7% taxes:

Price Data Validity Overuse Activation
9 THB 200 MB 1 day default rate @

1.50 THB / MB

15 THB 400 MB *900*1923#
39 THB 1.5 GB *900*1924#
59 THB 800 MB 7 days *900*1925#
99 THB 2 GB *900*1926#
199 THB 1.5 GB 30 days @128 kbps *900*8816#
299 THB 2.5 GB *900*8817#
399 THB 4 GB *900*8818#
699 THB 8 GB @384 kbps *900*8819#
799 THB 12 GB *900*8820#

Daily and weekly plans are once off and can be activated new anytime. All monthly plans auto-renew after 30 days. For more data on monthly plans, add one of these add-ons:

  • 179 THB: 1 GB, 30 days, *900*8936#
  • 279 THB: 2 GB, 30 days, *900*8937#
  • 379 THB: 3 GB, 30 days. *900*8938#

Tourist SIM: 4G Tourist SIM Edit

TrueMove H sells special SIM cards for tourists too. The tourist SIM card is now called 4G Tourist SIM. In 2016 True's 4G/LTE has been opened for the tourist SIM. They come in 3 different starter packs:

  • 49 THB: with free True WiFi for 24 hours (access see below), 15 THB call credit for 30 days
  • 299 THB: with 3 GB data, unlimited True WiFi and 100 THB call credit for 8 days
  • 599 THB: with 8 GB data, unlmited True WIFi and 50 THB call credit for 15 days

To activate, type *123#. After the included bundle has expired or used up, you can add these combo top-up bundles that include True WiFi: 

Price Data Airtime Validity Activatio
150 THB 1 GB 50 THB 3 days *900*8984#
250 THB 3 GB 100 THB 8 days *900*1756#
550 THB 6 GB 50 THB 30 days *900*1720#
550 THB 8 GB 50 THB 15 days *900*1719#
800 THB 10 GB 50 THB 30 days *900*1721#

Default data outside packs or for overuse is 1.5 THB per MB. These bundles above are officially advertised for the Tourist SIM. Unofficially, their regular 3G and 4G packs have sometimes worked in the past, so you might give them a try. However, effective 2018, this seems to be discontinued and all attempts to activate a regular bundle on a Tourist SIM seems to usually be denied.  

WiFi packages Edit

True has like dtac and AIS many WiFi hotspots throughout the country. They have the biggest WIFI network with more than 100,000 hotspots: Hotspot Locator. When not included in your plan, they offer these packages for a max. speed of 200 Mbps (add 7% taxes):

  • for 1 day: 39 THB, activation: *900*82#
  • for 1 week: 59 THB, activation: *900*84#
  • for 1 month: 100 THB, activation: *900*83#

To acquire your WiFi password dial *871*4# for free. The weekly and monthly packages auto-renew. More info about their WiFi.

Asia roaming options Edit

For roaming in other Asian countries, True has introduced new roaming packages with unlimited data on 3G networks for 18 Asian countries in Brunei, Cambodia, China (China Mobile), Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Laos, Macau, Malaysia, Myanmar, Oman, Philippines, Qatar, Singapore, S. Korea, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Vietnam:

  • 1 day: 350 THB, *115*401#;
  • 3 days: 986 THB, *115*402#;
  • 5 days: 1400 THB, *115*403#
  • 7 days; 1960 THB, *115*404#

Roaming SIM: Travel SIM Edit

Similar to AIS and dtac they sell a SIM for roaming in Asia or worldwide. The following starters are available:

  • for SE Asia with 6 GB for 8 days: THB 399
  • worldwide with 6 GB for 15 days: THB 899

Their Travel SIM Asia includes 20 countries and can be added:

  • for 3 more days: 1 GB (hard cap) for 150 THB by *115*150#,
  • for 8 more days: 4 GB (throttled to 128 kbps after) for 299 THB by *115*299#.

The SIM is activated as soon as it connects to a roaming network. Roaming in China is on China Mobile network, so check our China article for details on phone compatibility. However, like other roaming SIMs in China, data is not censored. The APN may need to be set manually to 'internet' and username/password 'true'.

More informationEdit

  • IDD prefixes: 006 for quality or 00600 for budget (on the tourist SIM starting from 1 THB per min to major countries)
  • APN: internet - username and password: true
  • Website partly in English:
  • To change SMS notifications to English: Press *700 <call>, then 1 (For English), 5 (Change Language), 2 (SMS), 2 (English), 1 (Confirm)
  • or press 9304 <call>, then follow voice prompts to switch language between Thai and English.
  • check your remaining balance by 9302 <call> (voice response) or *123# <call> (SMS response).

My (by CAT) Edit


My is a MVNO operated by CAT Telecom Public Company Ltd., the state-owned company that runs Thailand’s international telecommunications infrastructure, including its international gateways, satellite, and submarine cable network connections. 

It's the 4th largest mobile network operator in Thailand and owns spectrum on the 850 Mhz frequency, rents it out to True Move. In return it can use 20% of the bandwidth for their own My by CAT operation and other MVNOs (see below). Towers and network are operated by True Move for their own 3G 850 Mhz. In 2016 they started national roaming with True for 4G/LTE. To all prices below add 7% taxes.

Frequencies and coverage Edit

My has only 3G/HSPA+ on 850 Mhz (= B5) without fall-back to 2G. As My uses the same 850 MHz network as True Move, their 3G coverage is the same. By 2014 it had a coverage of approximately 97% of population and consisted of around 14,000 BTS. But as there are way less users on CAT's 20% share as they have roughly a market share including MVNOs of 1-2% so far.

Starting in 2016 they opened up 4G/LTE access by national roaming on the 4G/LTE 1800 MHz and 2100 MHz network of True Move. Summing up, for the CAT offers below you need 3G on 850 MHz and 4G/LTE on 1800 and 2100 MHz.

Availability Edit

My by CAT shops and CAT service centers are now showing up in some shopping malls (locator in Thai-English).  

Top-up vouchers can be found at various locations like CAT stores, AJ Sabaidee top-up kiosks, U Top-up at Big C and postal offices, Tesco Lotus and 7-Eleven (only for THB 100 and 300). To top-up by code type *901*<voucher code>#. To check balance type *902#.

Default rate Edit

For cheap data by MB you can change to MY Net plan by *905*03# for free. It has the lowest default rate of 0.50 THB per MB. Check your base plan by *905*00#.

High speed data packages Edit

For short-time these packages in full 3G74G speeds are given out:

  • for 24 hours: 500 MB THB 19 - *906*146#, 1 GB THB 29 - *906*147#, 2 GB THB 39 - *906*150#, 3 GB THB 49 - *906*153#,
  • for 7 days: 1 GB THB 39 - *906*148#, 2 GB THB 49 - *906*151#, 3 GB THB 59 - *906*154#, 4 GB THB 69 - *906*156#
  • for 15 days: 1 GB THB 59 - *906*149#, 2 GB THB 69 - *906*152#, 3 GB THB 79 - *906*155#, 4 GB THB 89 - *906*157#

These monthly plans on 3G and 4G/LTE roaming on True with full speed are offered:

  • 1 GB: THB 199 - activation: *906*132#
  • 2 GB: THB 299 - activation: *906*133#
  • 5 GB: THB 399 - activation: *906*134#
  • 10 GB: THB 499 - activation: *906*135#
  • 15 GB: THB 599 - activation: *906*136#
  • unlimited 4G, 20 GB 3G: THB 899 - activation: *906*137#
  • unlimited 4G, 25 GB 3G: THB 1099 - activation: *906*138#

All packages are for 31 days, overuse is throttled to 384 kbps. To all prices add 7% taxes.

Low speed data packages Edit

Similar to major providers CAT also offers capped packages with unlimited data at max. 1 Mbps on 3G and 4G:

  • for 7 days: THB 79 - activation: *906*129#
  • for 30 days: THB 279 - activation: *906*130#

To all prices above add 7% VAT.

More information Edit

  • IDD prefix for cheap foreign calls: 009 starting at THB 1.50 to some European, Asian countries and USA (list)
  • APN: internet
  • Website partly in English:

Penguin SIM (on CAT) Edit


In 2016 some new MVNOs started mainly on the CAT network. The most visible so far is Penguin SIM by White Space. It's aimed at the Thai youth, but accessible to everyone and heavily marketed at small street vendors and other places. It has certain pros and cons, you should be aware of. It's on the 3G-only CAT network (see above). While it has a good coverage identical to True's 3G footprint, it doesn't offer a 2G fallback or 4G/LTE and you need to have a device capable of 850 MHz in 3G.

Penguin SIM has very low prices, but most of their rates are severely throttled. That means that they can be good for messaging like LINE (preferred messenger in Thailand) or basic internet, but inconvenient for browsing websites. All of their publications are in Thai only. To all the given prices below (except on the Tourist SIM) add 7% taxes.

Availability Edit

All their SIM cards are sold for THB 49 with THB 20 credit when you top-up THB 50-100 only at street vendors and major kiosks chains. They are rarely offered at airports or tourist hotspots etc. On the street you will be told that you don't need registration. As it's required by law, you'll risk disconnection, but you might be fine for a short time. In a kiosk chain store let them register it for you.

Top-ups are available at the usual stores like FamilyMart and 7-Eleven. Check balance by *502#, check your number by *504#.

SIM plans Edit

They offer different plans that can't be changed except from a classic or SIM Rider SIM to a Sud Soi SIM. As it's only written in Thai on the package, it might be hard to find out as they differ:

  • Classic Pinguin SIM is sold in some Family Mart stores for THB 49 with THB 15 credit valid for 30 days. Internet is included at THB 20 per day, but severely throttled at 128 kbps. You can add Non-Stop packages for full speed:
    • 500 MB for 24 hours: THB 19 - *555*501#,
    • 1 GB for 24 hours: THB 29 - *555*502#,
    • 2 GB for 7 days: THB 79 - *555*503#,
    • 4 GB for 15 days: THB 150 - *555*504#
    • 9 GB for 31 days: THB 279 - *555*505#
    • For overuse data will be throttled to 128 kbps.
  • SIM Rider is sold in some 7-Eleven and Jiffy stores. It has unlimited data capped at 1 or 4 Mbps.
    • @ max. 1 Mbps: THB 20 for 24 hours - *555*81#; THB 55 for 3 days - *555*82*1#; THB 99 for 7 days - *555*83*1#; THB 279 for 30 days - *555*87*1#
    • @ max. 4 Mbps: THB 24 for 24 hours - *555*84#; THB 63 for 3 days - *555*85*1#; THB 119 for 7 days - *555*86*1#; THB 450 for 30 days - *555*88*1#
  • Sud Soi SIM is Penguin's newest starter pack and comes with the widest variety of add-ons. It has a default rate of 1 THB per MB. If you can not find a Sud Soi SIM, you can purchase another starter pack and call their customer service center to convert your SIM to a Sud Soi SIM. The following set offer unlimited use at a given speed:
Price Speed Validity Activation code
7 THB 384 kbps 24 hours *906*27#
9 THB 512 kbps 24 hours *906*28#
19 THB 1 Mbps 24 hours *906*170#
25 THB 4 Mbps 24 hours *906*167#
25 THB 384 kbps 7 days *906*07#
29 THB 6 Mbps 24 hours *906*168#
35 THB 8 Mbps 24 hours *906*169#
55 THB 512 kbps 7 days *906*08#
79 THB 1 Mbps 7 days *906*129#
99 THB 384 kbps 31 days *906*02#
149 THB 4 Mbps 7 days *906*164#
179 THB 6 Mbps 7 days *906*165#
195 THB 8 Mbps 7 days *906*166#
215 THB 512 kbps 31 days *906*03#
279 THB 1 Mbps 31 days *906*130#
379 THB 4 Mbps 31 days *906*160#
479 THB 6 Mbps 31 days *906*161#
679 THB 8 Mbps 31 days *906*162#
  • Tourist SIM is available in certain locations (mainly SuperRich currency exchange booths in Bangkok), comes with unlimited data at 1 Mbps for 24 hours and unlimited calls to other Penguin Tourist SIM users, and the following top-up packages, added through the Visit Thailand Card app, available for iOS or Android (not geo-blocked):
    • Unlimited @ 1 Mbps : 99 THB for 7 days
    • Unlimited @ 4 Mbps : 179 THB for 7 days
    • 4 GB full speed : 99 THB for 7 days, 120 THB for 15 days

Note that unlike with the other packages (and all other providers), VAT is included in Tourist SIM packages.

More infomation Edit

  • IDD prefix for cheap foreign calls: 009 starting at THB 1.50 to some European, Asian countries and the US
  • APN: internet
  • Website in Thai only:
  • Tourist SIM info page in English: here

Line Mobile (on dtac) Edit

Line Mobile

LINE is the most popular social messenger in Thailand. In 2017 they have teamed up with dtac and launched LINE Mobile powered by DTN on dtac's 3G and 4G network as a MVNO. LINE Mobile offers unlimited use of free Line services including Line Messenger, Line Calls, Line Video, and Line TV not debited from your data allowance.

Availability Edit

This SIM card is only available online through their website delivered by courier all over Thailand selecting one of their plans from below. For activation foreigners need to send a selfie with the SIM card and another pic with the photo of your passport. So it might not be so useful for travellers as it might take a while (they say 2-3 days) and you need a postal address in Thailand.

All management of the SIM card is made through their app available for iOS and Android. For payment it need to be linked to a VISA, MasterCard or a Rabbit LINE Pay.

Data feature packages Edit

All LINE applications are free and basic data at low speed of max. 256 Kbps are for free as well as SMS. Fast data up to 100 Mbps are taken from one of these monthly combo plans which can be changed each month:

Pack Data Voice Price Promotion
XS 1.5 GB 100 mins 299 THB
S 5 GB 150 mins 399 THB 179 THB
M 10 GB 200 mins 499 THB 249 THB
L 20 GB 300 mins 699 THB 279 THB
XL 30 GB 400 mins 899 THB
XXL 40 GB 500 mins 1099 THB 329 THB
UL unlim. unlim 1999 THB 999 THB

For the packages marked with (#) a 50-70% discount shown as promotion in the table is given every month for max. 12 months.

For extra data you can add 1 GB at 60 THB.

More info Edit

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