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In Togo two operators are active:

  • Togocel (by Togo Telecom)
  • Moov (by Maroc Telecom)

Both networks broadcast on 900 MHz for 2G and 2100 MHz for 3G. In summer 2017 4G/LTE licenses were issued to the two operators and Togocel and Moov both launched their 4G/LTE network in Lomé in June 2018.

When buying a SIM card, bring a valid ID (such as passport) to the operator's store, because registration of users has been mandatory in Togo since 2011.

Country code for Togo is +228. Landline numbers start with 2, mobile numbers with 9. The prices given in this article are in CFA Francs (XOF).



Togocel is the mobile branch of state-owned Togo Telecom and the market leader ("Le Leader") in Togo with more than 2/3 of all subscribers.

It has the best coverage in the country, quite dense and includes 3G in most towns: coverage map. 4G/LTE has been launched in June 2018 in the capital of Lomé with the obligation to cover 40% of population by 2022.

Their prepaid offers are branded as Libertis and are sold in various base plans. None of these include data, though. So it doesn't make a difference for data as the same packages can be added.


SIM cards are available at Togocel Shops. The starting package costs 2500 CFA and recharge cards come in different values between 200 CFA and 45 000 CFA. To top-up use *222*<voucher code>#. You can check your balance with *444#.

Data feature packages[]

As there is no base rate, you will need to activate a package to get data access:

Volume Validity Price
12 MB 1 day 50 CFA
20 MB* 1 day 100 CFA
60 MB* 1 day 200 CFA
130 MB 1 day 350 CFA
300 MB 3 days 600 CFA
450 MB 4 days 1 000 CFA
600 MB 7 days 1 500 CFA
2 GB 7 days 3 000 CFA
4 GB 7 days 4 500 CFA
2 GB 1 month 5 000 CFA
4 GB 1 month 10 000 CFA
6 GB 1 month 15 000 CFA
12 GB 1 month 30 000 CFA

Data packages can be activated by *104#. To receive settings, send a text message with "CONFIG" to 1500 or via USSD code by *104*1#.

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Moov is the brand of Atlantique Telecom group, that changed ownership from the Emirati Etisalat to Maroc Telecom in 2017.

Due to bureaucratic slow-down they have only been able to start to roll-out 3G from August 2016. Moov has less subscribers and a lower coverage than Togocell. 4G/LTE has been launched in June 2018 in the capital of Lomé


The starter pack called Moov Kit will set you back 500 CFA and includes 300 CFA of credit 50 domestic text messages and 15 MB of data.

Electronic recharges are sold from 200 CFA, recharge vouchers start at 500 CFA. Moov often runs top-up promotions with extra bonus.

Data feature packages[]

There is no base rate for data. You need to choose one of their packages.

Their data-only bundles are called Forfaits iZi' and come in following sizes:

Volume Validity Price
20 MB 1 day 100 CFA
60 MB 1 day 200 CFA
300 MB 2 days 500 CFA
500 MB 7 days 1 300 CFA
1.5 GB 1 month 4 500 CFA
3.5 GB 1 month 10 000 CFA
6 GB 1 month 15 000 CFA
12 GB 2 months 30 000 CFA

Packages can be activated by using *400# code.

For access to only social media like Facebook and WhatsApp the Social iZi' pack is available for 50 CFA per day. Activation by *400#.

As a promotion Pass Sahel are sold. These are combo packages that include free calls to the countries of the Sahel region and domestic data. To activate use *228#:

  • Pass Sahel 1: 5 minutes of calls and 100 MB of data for 1 day: 900 CFA
  • Pass Sahel 2: 10 minutes of calls and 300 MB of data for 7 days: 2 500 CFA

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