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There are three mobile network operators in Tunisia:

  • Tunisie Télécom (TT)
  • ooredoo (formerly: Tunisiana)
  • orange

All 2G is on 900 and 1800 MHz, 3G in the populated areas on 2100 MHz up to HSDPA speed like in Europe, 4G/LTE has started in 2016 in major towns on all three providers in 800 and 1800 MHz (B3, B20) and gives theoretical speeds of up to 150 Mbps. Generally, Tunesian 4G coverages and speeds are pretty good for an African country at average 18 Mbps and 61% covered of the time according to OpenSignal in 2018, but can't match those of Europe or Asia.

Tunisie Télécom and Ooredoo are both on par and have the best network. Orange has a slightly smaller network, but still reaches 87% of the population with 3G and is heavily investing into 4G/LTE deployment.

According to market figures in 2019 TT is slightly ahead of Ooredoo with Orange in third place. But when it comes to 3G and 4G data Ooredoo leads the table with Orange in second and the incumbent TT in 3rd place. Lycamobile launched as first MVNO in the country on Tunisie Télécom in 2015.


When buying a SIM card, you need to show your passport at the point of purchase for registration. Starters are sometimes as low as free in airports or only 1 DT or can be up to 10 DT with some credit or allowances pre-loaded. You can top-up at kiosks starting from 1 DT, but it's common that you will be charged about 10% of the face value for getting this service.

Tunisie Télécom[]


new logo

The incumbent (and partly state-owned) operator in the country has re-gained its leadersih in the country, what number of subscribers is concerned with a 48% share in 2019. But it has the smallest number of data users.

4G/LTE is available at the same rates as 3G in the areas of Greater Tunis (Tunis, Ariana, Ben Arous, Mannouba), Bizerte, Sousse and Sfax in 2016 spreading to the rest of the country. TT is more or less on par with Ooredeoo.


Tunesie Telecom

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Their prepaid SIM cards are sold at their sales points (list). They only differ in their bonus scheme attached.

You can top-up with e-tickets sold in many stores from 1 to 20 DT. A service charge of 10% is added. A recharge of 5 DT is valid for 3 months, of 10 DT for 6 months to top-up type *123*<voucher code>#.

If you plan to keep your SIM card alive from outside of Tunisia with recharge vouchers don't forget to turn on roaming during your stay in Tunisia. *117*1# to turn on roaming. Check balance by *122# and number by *146#.

Data feature packages[]

Out of package charge is 0.001 DT per 10 KB. Better buy one of their regular data packs on 2G/3G and 4G (dial *140# for the list):

Validity Data Price
2 hours 50 MB 0.2 DT
24 hours 200 MB 0.9 DT
7 days 750 MB 3.5 DT
30 days 1.1 GB 4.5 DT
30 days 2.2 GB 8 DT
30 days 6 GB 15 DT
30 days 25 GB 25 DT
30 days 55 GB 50 DT

Activate by *140#, check data balance by *122*2#. Plans auto-renew.  

For Facebook only, they offer 2 options, activated by *182#:  

  • 500 MB for 7 days: 2.5 DT  
  • 700 MB for 30 days: 3.5 DT  

More info[]

  • APN:

ooredoo (formerly: Tunisiana)[]


Ooredoo has rebranded the Tunisiana label a few years ago. Their network is generally on par with Tunesie Télécom what coverage and speed is concerned: 2G 3G 4G coverage map.

They are no.2 with a 43% user share in 2019 and a 99% coverage on 3G. 4G/LTE started in 2016 and seems to be the fastest network in the country. Ooredoo is the data leader with the most 3G and 4G customers.


Their SIM card is sold at their sales points (locator) in different plans that don't make a big difference for data, but only for the bonus system. Here are some examples:

  • 3jeja: gives out a bonus of 250 MB for every 1 DT top-up. Base rate is 4 millimes per MB, activation: *4444#
  • 1000: gives a bonus of 1000% for every top-up of 5 DT or more and 400 % for every top-up of lees than 5 DT, activation: *140#
  • Tedallel: is a new fully customizable plan with data, local and internatl. minutes and SMS. It's a good option, if you know ahead, how much you are going to use. But data is more or less at the same price as in the usual packages shown below.

Data feature packages[]

Default data rate is 0.4 DT per 100 KB. They offer the following data packages:

Validity Data Price
1 day 100 MB 0.5 DT
1 day 220 MB 1 DT
2 days 440 MB 2 DT
7 days 1.25 GB 5 DT
14 days 2 GB 8 DT
30 days 3.5 GB 10.5 DT
30 days 5 GB 15 DT
30 days 25 GB 30 DT
30 days 35 GB 40 DT
30 days 55 GB 50 DT

To activate use code *124# choose the package and "activer l'offre" or on your online account. Packages don't auto-renew, they have to be booked again, except the 0.5 DT bundle. (*) = these offers are marked as promotion.

For Facebook only, they offer 2 options, activated by *124#:

  • 200 MB for 4 days: 0.9 DT  
  • 330 MB for 30 days: 1.5 DT  

Holiday SIM[]

Ooredoo offers a Holiday SIM for tourists that is valid for 90 days. Top-ups are available for 5 DT (plus 100 % bonus), 10 DT (plus 200 % bonus) and 25 DT (plus 400 % bonus). The Holiday SIM is sold for 10 DT with 10 DT airtime credit, but has no internet included. Note that this offer is not so good for data, compared to their local portfolio, it's good for calls to European countries, but can be added with internet passes.

Data-only SIM[]

For data-only they offer different SIMs. One bundle called Clé 4G prépayée with a 4G USB dongle (Huawei E3372) at 40 DT including 5 GB for 2 months and 3 GB night use (10pm-1am). All regular data packages mentioned above can be added. Their Clé 3G prépayée consists of a 3G USB dongle (Huawei 3531) at 15 DT with 3 GB for 30 days.

Alternatively, they also offer a Data SIM without the dongle which can be added by the same packages.

More info[]

orange Tunisie[]


Orange Tunisie is the smallest network operator in the country, but it's strong on data. Though it has only a customer share of 5.6% in 2019, it produces about 1/3 of all mobile data traffic in the country. 4G/LTE has started in at least 20 cities in 2016. It's particularly popular among data users, as it normally gives good speeds as long as you have coverage.


Their SIM card is available at their shops (locator) for 5 DT. Loading the card can be done in chunks of 5 DT (1 DT on some plans). Load at least 5 DT and get a bonus as described in the SMS. Check your balance with *101#.

At the international airport of Tunis SIM cards are sometimes given out for free as you enter baggage claim. You can top them up at the Orange kiosk outside in the arrivals hall.

Plans called Zen, Tehabbel, Edawa5, 3ajab, 3alami, Boouj or Connecti don't have a base rate. On the Zen and 3alami plans you get 1 GB for 1 month after having consumed at least 10 DT on Tehabbel and 3ajab 700 MB as bonus on Boouj even 2 GB for a 7 DT consumption. On Connecti you will get 5 DT for calls as bonus after having used 5 DT for data (1.25 GB).

On their data-focused Connecti 0.4 DT per MB is their default rate which is the lowest. You can switch to this plan for 2 DT by *111# -> 1 -> 4 and choose Connecti.

Data feature.packages[]

By *400# you enable data on the default rate valid on all plans. 90 MB per day until midnight at 0.4 DT. This option auto-renews every day. To stop, type *400*3#.

Their data packs work with every prepaid SIM plan. Activation by typing *120*3# for the data packa and *120*4# for the data and voice packs:

Validity Data Voice Price
1 day 125 MB 0.5 DT
2 days 100 MB 10 mins 0.8 DT
2 days 200 MB 0.9 DT
7 days 350 MB 10 mins 1.9 DT
7 days 750 MB 3.5 DT
15 days 500 MB 20 mins 2.9 DT
30 days 1 GB 30 mins 5.5 DT
30 days 2.2 GB 8 DT
30 days 4 GB 12 DT
30 days 6 GB 15 DT
30 days 25 GB 25 DT
30 days 55 GB 50 DT

One day means until midnight of that day. These options can be activated through *124#, they auto-renew, to stop dial *124*10#, to check balances *124*9#.

Data-only SIM[]

Like their competitors, they offer a 3G or 4G dongle together with a data-only SIM card called Pack Clé 3G/4G. You can also buy a 3G USB dongle at 20 DT and a 4G device at 40 DT. Both come with 5 GB per month for 2 months.

These data packages called Pass Clé 3G/4G passes can be added:

Validity Data Price Extras
2 days 200 MB 0.9 DT
2 days 500 MB 2.25 DT
7 days 1 GB 4.5 DT
30 days 3.33 GB 10 DT
30 days 5 GB 20 DT + 3 GB (2pm-5pm)
30 days 7.5 GB 30 DT + 17.5 GB (11pm-8am)
30 days 25 GB 25 DT
30 days 55 GB 50 DT

More info[]

Lycamobile Tunisie[]


Lycamobile is the first MVNO in the country that started in 2015. It uses the network of Tunisie Télécom on 2G, 3G and now on 4G/LTE too. 


Their SIM card is sold in about 68,000 outlets, where you can top-up too. Lycamobile has signed a strategic partnership with La Poste in 2020, which will see the postal service sell their products via its retail branches.

As usual, the SIM card is free, but you are expected to make a recharge rightaway.

You can top-up online too by international credit card. They offer big bonuses for top-us, but this bonus credit can't be used for data passes, only for local calls. Check balance by *137#.

Data feature packages[]

There seems to be no data without packages. These packages for data are offered:

Validity Data Voice Price Activation
1 day 150 MB 10 mins 1 DT *139*1505#
1 day 200 MB 0.9 DT *139*1001#
7 days 240 MB 30 mins 2.75 DT *139*1510#
7 days 800 MB 3.6 DT *139*1002#
30 days 700 Mb 60 mins 5 DT *139*1515#
30 days 1 GB 5 DT *139*1015#
30 days 2 GB 90 mins 11 DT *139*1525#
30 days 2.5 GB 10 DT *139*1010#
30 days 5 GB 20 DT *139*1025#
30 days 6 GB 150 mins 20 DT *139*1550#

Voice is domestic to all numbers. When you have used up all data, you can buy a new package anytime (which is unusual with Lycamobile).

More info[]

  • APN:
  • Username: lmtn
  • Password: plus
  • as usual with Lycamobile tethering seems to be blocked
  • Website in English: