Operators Edit

There are three network operators in Turkey:

  • Turkcell
  • Vodafone
  • Türk Telekom (formerly called Avea)

Turkey can be a complicated country to buy a local SIM, because there are some legal restrictions. Turkey is not an EU country, so roaming fees from many operators can be priced quite high. Generally, you can buy a local SIM card by showing your passport in a store.


Registration for foreign mobile phonesEdit

All mobile devices purchased outside Turkey which use a Turkish SIM must be registered with the government after a period of grace. In 2015, this grace period was extended to 120 days. After this period, the phone will be blocked for the Turkish SIM.

A few days after you start using your SIM on a (new) device, you'll get a SMS in Turkish with the exact grace period. It reads like this: "<14-digit IMEI number> IMEI no'lu cihaz kayit disi listesinde oldugu icin <day month="" year=""></day> da kullanim disi birakilacaktir. Hattiniz acik kalacaktir. Bilgi icin <phone no.=""> yi arayabilisiniz</phone>". In English: "<14-digit IMEI number> will be shut off on <day month="" year="">. Your line will remain open. Information at <phone no.=""></phone></day>".

If you are staying for more than 120 days, then this registration can be done at the same time as purchasing a SIM card from a network operator's store. They will register the IMEI (the unique number that identifies your device) and the SIM. You can check the IMEI of most handsets by dialing *#06#. Once listed and connected to a Turkish SIM, it won't be possible to link the same device (or IMEI) to another Turkish SIM in the future.

Tax for foreign mobile phonesEdit

Before an operator will register your phone, they require a special document from the local Tax Office that you have paid TL 1500.00 (Turkish Liras) tax (around € 240). So you have to go to the Tax Office first and pay TL 1500.00 to have your phone registered for another TL 50 later to finally use a local SIM card. More info about this procedure from this website in English. There are exceptions made for temporary residents.


Turkey adopts this registration system to prevent theft and fraud, though some suspect other reasons too. As the grace period has now been extended to 120 days, workarounds are now not that relevant for the one-time visitor.

  • If you plan to stay longer, you can buy a cheap Turkish phone or modem. You will need to provide paperwork showing who you are, but you don't have to pay the tax for registering a new device.
  • North Cyprus (KKTC) prepaid SIMs can work in Turkey without roaming surcharges on Telsim/Vodafone network or on discounted packages with Turkcell
  • You can bring more than one device (or a Dual-SIM phone) and change them every 120 days, adding up time to block them all.
  • You can use a roaming SIM card of a foreign provider instead. Some good offers are mentioned at the end of this article like Vodafone SIM cards from some countries.
  • On your next visit to Turkey, better take a different phone with you, if your Turkish SIM is still valid and 120 days have been elapsed.
  • Technically, the vulnerability of a whitelist approach based on an IMEI is that there are mobile devices on the market on which their IMEI number can easily be altered (changed, re-flashed).
  • Many WiFi access points are available all over the country and offer a valid alternative.

Prices and availability Edit

Prices for new SIM cards vary widely in Turkey. Every 3rd shop in Turkey is a mobile store now. Shop around and negotiate and you will find lots of offers for starter packs. Most will have credit or data already included and will cost around TL 40-60. If you don't speak Turkish, you will need to add at least TL 50 to package prices mentioned below for starting up with the SIM card in downtown stores. Shop around for the best deal. At the airports this fee is inflated and up to 5 times higher. So better buy in town instead.

On the other hand package prices for data are very low and are set by the operators. Every branded store can sell you a data package or add-on at a similar price, if you already have a Turkish SIM card.

Expiry Edit

For the returning visitor who registers their own handset, the expiry rules are pretty complex. Given the relatively high start-up costs, you may think of keeping your SIM. In general, your credit and line will stay active for 6 months, before a top-up of at least TL 20 is required. This can be done online or from abroad by 3rd party top-up sites (with a fee). Failure to obey the registration and top-up rules will result in your device being blocked from future use in Turkey. The easiest workaround is to bring a different phone (or IMEI) for your next visit.

Frequencies and coverage Edit

Like in Europe, 2G GSM is on 900 and 1800 MHz, 3G on 2100 MHz. Nationwide Turkcell has the best coverage, followed by Vodafone and Avea. If you stick mainly to the cities, it does not make any difference which of the three providers to choose.

4G/LTE Edit

In 2015 the regulator auctioned off licenses on 800, 900, 1800, 2100 and 2600 MHz bands for 4G/LTE. All three providers launched 4G/LTE in April 2016. It has been marketed from the start as "4.5G", otherwise known as LTE+ or LTE Advanced, accelerated by carrier aggregation where available in major cities in all 81 provinces from the start.

Censorship Edit

All Turkish providers have censored access to the internet in the past. As usual this censorship is not enforced on roaming SIM cards. Sites which are considered as offensive are simply blacked out. Their selection is somewhat erratic: e.g. one dating app is blocked, while its clone is open to be used. The governement has also blocked social media sites for days in the past like Facebook and Twitter in times of a major crisis.

These black-outs have severed in 2016/7 with the blackout of major sites like Wikipedia. They have also started to clamp down against VPN services used to bypass these blocks like the Tor network that is officially blocked since Dec. 2016. To have free access and ensure anonymity, better install a working VPN on your device, before entering the country or use a roaming SIM.

EU roaming Edit

No roaming

Be aware that Turkey is not part of the EU, nor the EEA, where from 2017 new international roaming rules are enforced. So roaming rates on most European SIM cards are not capped or regulated in Turkey and can be much higher. Better buy a local SIM in the country. But some Vodafone cards works in Turkey same as roam like at home like another EU country.


Turkcell is the biggest operator in the country with the best coverage nationwide. 2G is on 900 MHz, 3G on 2100 MHz. At the end of 2015 Turkcell’s population coverage is at 99.8% in 2G and 95% in 3G. Turkcell launched their "4.5G" LTE in April 2016 using tri-band aggregation of 800, 1800 and 2600 MHz frequency bands. 4G/LTE is free to prepaid.


A Turkcell prepaid SIM card costs around 130 TL. This includes variable amounts of call credit, SMS or data. You can check your balance by dialling *123#.

Recharges Edit

Additional credit can be be bought from 20 TL in Turkcell stores and many other outlets. For balance check enter *123#.

Data feature packs:Edit

Default rate outside of packages is 1 TL per 100 KB. These bundles in up to 4.5G are offered:

Time Volume Price Activation
7 days 1 GB 12 TL HAFTALIK 1GB
30 days 1 GB 22 TL YENI 1GB

For activation text code to 2222. You have to confirm the subscription by sending the word 'EVET'. When you want to cancel the service send an SMS to 2222 containing the word 'IPTAL' followed by the name of the package. The message you receive later must be confirmed with the word 'EVET'. To find out how much data remains on your package, send an SMS to 2222 with the word 'KALAN' or enter *100#.. You will get back a message showing what remains and the last date of usage.

If you need to set up a dial-up connection manually on your computer (phone as modem), dial *99**1*1# In some cases you may need to add an extra initialization key. In device manager->modem->advanced->extra initialization key, type: at+cgdcont=1,"ip","internet"

More info Edit

  • Tethering and VoIP are allowed

Vodafone Edit


Vodafone is the 2nd operator in terms of coverage. 2G on 900 MHz, 3G on 2100 MHz, 4G/LTE was launched in April 2016.


Vodafone SIM cards are available in all Vodafone stores (locator). The retail price often depends on your bargaining skills and origin and should be around 100TL plus some allowances. Most shops want to push you to their pricey Holiday Line (see below).

Required documents for purchase are a passport with a valid expiry date. For passports in Arabic or any non Latin letters a notarized translation by a sworn translator is required.

To top-up visit the nearest Vodafone shop to buy a top-up voucher. Many of our stores have automated Top-Up make topping up your phone even faster. Call 7500 and enter 12-digit number on your top-up voucher press #, enter 5-digit number on your top-up voucher press #

For balance check enter *123#.

Data feature packsEdit

Default data outside of packages is 0.12 TL for 10 KB for their new 4.5G 'SüperNet'. These bundles are offered without auto-renew:

Time Volume Price Activation
24 hours 150 MB 2 TL pkkokijij
7 days 250 MB 5 TL ABONE H250MB
500 MB 7 TL HAFTALIK 500
30 days 250 MB 12 TL ABONE DEVAM 250 MB

All bundles mentioned above are once-off and need to be renewed. For data balance check text SORGU (instead of ABONE) <activation code> to 3636.

Vodafone Passes Edit

Turkey is one of the few countries where Vodafone has released its passes for unlimited social media and streaming to prepaid plans. They all come in a weekly and monthly version:

  • Social Pass for Twitter, Instagram and Facebook: 7 TL weekly, 8 TL monthly, activation: sosyal
  • Video Pass for YouTube: 10 TL weekly, activation: video
  • Chat Pass for Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp: 3 TL weekly, 9 TL monthly, activation: iletisim
  • Music Pass for Spotify: 9 TL monthly, activation: muzik

To activate text 'HAFTALIK' for weekly passes and 'PASS' for monthly and the code to 7000.

Tourist SIM Edit

For visitors they have revamped their 'Vodafone Holiday line', now also rather inconveniently called "Tourist's beginners pack". It's for 105 TL sales price and comes with 10 GB data, 300 local minutes and 30 international minutes, all valid for 90 days. It can be a good option, if you need so much. You can add more data in two packages:

  • 6 GB for 1 month: 50 TL - for activation text: 'ABONE 1AY6GB' to 3636
  • 12 GB for 3 months: 80 TL - for activation text 'ABONE 3AY12GB' to 3636

Customers, who buy a Holiday Line, can not change their price plan or add Passes. Only foreigners with a valid non-Turkish passport can buy this Holiday line. In maximum, 3 prepaid lines can be activated for a foreigner.

More information Edit

Türk Telekom (formerly called Avea)Edit

Türk Telecom

NEW Türk Telecom logo

In 2016 Türk Telekom rebranded its mobile network from Avea, but you see their old sign still sometimes. It's the smallest provider in Turkey in terms of coverage, but they have still good speeds in the cities and a fair coverage in the countryside.

2G is on 900 and 1800 MHz, 3G on 2100 MHz, 4G/LTE was launched in April 2016.

Availability Edit


OLD Avea logo

Their SIM card is 90 TL with 5GB internet for first 3 month.

Data feature packsEdit

Default data rate is: 0.2 TL for 10 kB, overuse charge: 0.5 TL per 100 KB. They offer the biggest variety of packages up to 4.5G at the lowest prices in Turkey right now:

Validity Volume Price Activation to 5555
1 day 100 MB 1.90 TL GUN
1 day 1 GB 6 TL GUN1
7 days 100 MB 5 TL HAFTA
7 days 1 GB 9 TL HAFTA1
7 days 10 GB 25 TL HAFTA10GB
30 days 100 MB 9 TL AYLIK 100MB
30 days 250 MB 12 TL AYLIK 250MB
30 days 500 MB 19 TL AYLIK 500MB
30 days 1 GB 19 TL AYLIK 1GB
30 days 2 GB 39 TL AYLIK 2GB
30 days 3 GB 45 TL AYLIK 3GB
30 days 4 GB 49 TL 4GB
30 days 5 GB 55 TL AYLIK 5GB
30 days 6 GB 59 TL AYLIK 6GB
90 days 10 GB 35 TL 3AY10GB

For subscription send an SMS with the keyword to 5555. You get a response from number 2438. You have to respond to that with another SMS and the word 'EVET' (for yes). If 3G with HSPA speed is not working, you need to send another SMS to number 3334 with text '3G' and reconnect to network.

Check data credit via SMS to 5555 with the word KALAN <activation code="">. To stop auto-renewal, text IPTAL <activation code=""> to 5555.</activation></activation>

For additional data volume you can add these packages:

  • for 3 days:
    • 1 GB: 3 TL, 3GUN 1GB
    • 2 GB: 5 TL, 3GUN 2GB
  • for 7 days:
    • 1 GB: 5 TL, HAFTA 1GB
    • 2 GB: 8 TL, HAFTA 2GB
  • for 14 days:
    • 1 GB: 8 TL, 2HAFTA 1GB
    • 2 GB: 12 TL, 2HAFTA 2GB
    • 4 GB: 15 TL, 2HAFTA 4GB

For activation, text code to 5555.

More information Edit

Rent 'n Connect Edit


Rent 'n Connect rents out mobile WiFi routers (Mifis). You can book their device on their website to be delivered for a fee of 5 EUR on the same day in Istanbul, if you order before noon or up to 24 hours in the rest of Turkey. They have offices at SAW airport and close to Taksim Sq. in Istanbul too. Drop off can be arranged there or by mail in a prepaid envelope.

The router is a Huawei 4G hotspot capable of connecting up to 10 devices in up to 5.5 operating hours. The bundle consists of the router, SIM card, sleeve, charger and free 2200 mAH powerbank during rental period. They give "unlimited" data on an undisclosed network. Their FUP limits "unlimited" to 15 GB per week at full speed and beyond throttled.

The rental rates are 5.99 EUR per day (always counted from 10am) and a discount of 30% off all rentals of 7 days or more. You can pay by Visa, MasterCard, AmEx or PayPal. For the router no deposit is withheld, but anyway, you are held responsible, if you lose or break the device.

alldaywifi Edit


Instead of buying a SIM card you can rent a mobile Wifi router (MiFi) with a data SIM card from one of the local companies to avoid the legal hassles.

Alldaywifi rents out routers to establish a 3G/4G internet connection and connect by WiFi with up to 10 devices. You can only book online and pay by credit card. The device will be delivered within Istanbul city center in 2 hours and to other parts of Turkey within 24 hours. Delivery charge is free in Istanbul and $ 10 (one-way) elsewhere in Turkey. Their office is near Taksim Sq. on Istiklal Street, so you might pick it up there.

They deliver an extra battery ("power bank") in the package to extend its mobile capacity. It gives "unlimited" mobile internet in Turkey. The network is not disclosed. Alldaywifi has the right to apply a FUP to prevent "abusing" of "unlimited" data.

The rental rates depend on duration:

  • 3 days: $ 26
  • 4 days: $ 29
  • 5 days: $ 32
  • 6 days: $ 36
  • 7 days: $ 42
  • more than 7 days: $ 6 per day

The device seems to be insured and no deposit withheld, but their T&Cs put all responsibility to the lendor.

Foreign SIM cards roaming in Turkey Edit

Because of the complex start-up procedures like registration, possible taxes for your device, short validity or censorship of local SIM cards, Turkey is grey-listed and you may think of using a foreign SIM card on roaming in Turkey instead. This is especially suitable, when you only stay for a short time, use little data, are a recurring visitor with the same device or want to keep your SIM card alive for a longer period. Here are the best offers from other European countries bypassing Turkish censorship.

Kyivstar and Lifecell Ukraine Edit

Turkey is included in their roaming packages for each 100 MB at UAH 35 (5 TL) per day with Kyivstar and UAH 30 with Lifecell. For Lifecell other options exist too. For more info see our Ukraine chapter.

Lifecell Europe Edit

Lifecell Europe is a German-issued SIM card from Turkcell/Lifecell. It's sold in Germany and via or to other countries as well. The starter price of € 10 is credited as balance. German online registration is required.

For roaming on the Turkish Turkcell network, they offer a data package: Türkei Pass: 1.5 GB, 200 mins per 28 days: € 19.99 - activation: text 'Türkei Pass' to 77733

Overuse is € 0.02 per 50 KB plus € 0.49 per day. Package doesn't auto-renew. Speed on Turkcell network is up to 7.2 Mbps. Turkish censorship doesn't apply. For more info check Lifecell in our Germany chapter.

Ay Yildiz Germany Edit

Ay Yildiz is another German-issued SIM card similar to Lifecell Europe (see above) given out by Telefónica Germany. They offer two data packages for roaming in Turkey valid for 30 days:

  • 500 MB: € 4.99
  • 2.5 GB: € 9.99

This package is once-off and can be booked multiple times. Outside rate is € 0.29 per MB. Turkish censorship doesn't apply. For more info see Ay Yildiz in Germany chapter.

Vodafone UK, ESP, HU, DE Edit

Vodafone SIM cards issued in local Vodafone networks of the UK, Spain, Hungary or Germany also give data in Turkey either for the domestic rate of the originating country of the SIM card or a heavily reduced rate on their Turkish Vodafone network in up to 4G/LTE:

  • Vodafone UK has included its Turkish Vodafone network to the EU/EEA zone for roam like at home. This means that you can use any PAYG SIM from Vodafone UK, load a bundle and use it in Turkey at the domestic UK rate. Vodafone UK SIM cards are easily available through online sellers on eBay and other platforms and can be activated and topped up from outside the UK. For more info see Vodafone in the UK chapter.
  • Vodafone Espana (Spain) has also included its Turkish network to their EU roaming zone from 2018 giving data at domestic Spanish rates in Turkey. Spanish SIM cards must be bought and registered on location in Spain. For more info check Vodafone in the Spain chapter.
  • Vodafone Magyar (Hungary) has included Turkey to their domestic EU roaming zone as well. Hungarian SIM cards need some paperwork to be activated and are only available in Hungary for registration. Check Vodafone in our Hungary chapter.
  • Vodafone Deutschland (Germany) follows a different approach. They have released a special tariff line called CallYa International which can also be used in Turkey for data and calls. For this you need to have a special starter or change a regular CallYa prepaid SIM to their International tariff. Vodafone SIM cards from Germany are available unregistered by online vendors like on, but require a tricky only registration which can be done from abroad. The starter package for 14.99 € contains 2 GB data and 200 mins/SMS roaming in Turkey valid for 28 days. More info in our Vodafone Germany section.
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