Territory Edit

The United Kingdom consists of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. This article covers only the UK and doesn't cover the Crown dependencies of Guernsey and Jersey (known as the Channel Islands) and the Isle of Man, all of which are part of the UK's +44 numbering plan despite being outside the UK, or any British overseas territories.

Operators Edit

The UK has 4 network operators:

  • EE (for Everything Everywhere, by British Telecom)
  • Vodafone
  • O2 (by Telefónica)
  • 3 (= Three by Hutchison)

About 50 MVNOs operate on all four networks.

EU roaming regulations Edit

EU flag
The UK is still part of the EU, where from 2017 new international roaming rules have been enforced. In most European countries you can now 'roam like at home' at domestic rates rather than excessive roaming rates.

UK providers have implemented the new rules and will enforce them as long the UK remains part of the EU. But some policies may be reversed after a departure by the UK from the EU.

Following a referendum in favour of leaving the EU held in 2016, the UK gave two years' notice to leave the EU in March 2019. This date was postponed thrice until 31st January 2020 with an option to leave sooner if the withdrawal agreement is approved by the UK's parliament. Different scenarios are possible:

  • If the withdrawal agreement is approved by Parliament, then there will be a transition period of probably some years to come when both sides will continue to be bound by the common regulation.
  • If Brexit is further postponed or even cancelled by the UK unilaterally revoking Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, then the situation will remain unchanged with the EU regulation enforced.
  • If the UK leaves the EU without a deal ('no-deal Brexit'), either by Parliament not agreeing to one of the options above or breaching the EU's extension conditions, then all UK operators have voluntarily pledged to continue to adhere to EU regulations. For UK-based subscribers who want to roam in the EU, the picture is not so clear: some operators from the EU27 have announced that they will exclude the UK from their EU/EEA list of countries leading to high surcharges, while others, e.g. from Ireland, intend to voluntarily follow the existing rules. This may mean that prospects for free roaming for UK SIM users will be on an individual country-by-country and operator-by-operator basis in the EU.

If you roam within the EU on a UK SIM, you will also notice that content normally restricted to those on UK internet connections will be available for as long as you do not connect your phone or tablet to a local WIFI network. This means you may be able to watch programmes on BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub and other similar services for as long as you still have sufficient data to stream them. On the flip side, if want to watch livestreams of Spanish, French, or German public TV, you won't be able to do so on your phone when it is in roaming mode unless you employ a VPN service of this country.

Frequencies Edit

2G/GSM is on 900 and 1800 MHz (except Three which has only 3G and 4G), 3G/UMTS is on 900 and 2100 MHz.

4G/LTE has started in 2013 on all networks. Frequencies on 800, 1800, 2100, 2300 and 2600 MHz (bands 1, 3, 7, 20, 40) are used. 4G is offered by all networks on prepaid, but not all MVNOs so far.

All 4 national network providers are in the process of starting 5G on 3600 MHz in major city centers during 2019. This will be added by 5G networks of Sky Mobile and BT.

Coverage and speed Edit

Coverage is quite good on 2G and more than 90% of population on 3G, but there are still blackspots without any mobile coverage. So if you go to a remote area in the countryside, it's wise to check coverage beforehand.

On 4G/LTE, EE has the best nationwide coverage and speed, followed by O2 and Vodafone, slightly trailed by Three. In London and other big cities both O2 and Three have lacked spectrum leading to slow speeds at places. From 2018 O2 has added more capacity on its newly acquired band 40 (TDD-LTE on 2300 MHz) that not every device is capable to handle yet.

Prepaid SIM cards are anonymous in the UK and at default unregistered, though some providers may encourage you to register with them. But this is only to link your SIM card to your online account. You don't have to specify any personal details, but your email address and set a password.

Prepaid is usually called "pay as you go" (in short "PAYG") in the UK, although there is usually a distinction between true PAYG incremental charges and prepaid monthly charges such as giffgaff's goodybags. This guide starts with all 4 physical network providers followed by their most significant resellers or MVNOs in the market.

London Underground Edit

There is no mobile coverage in the train tunnels of the London Underground ("the Tube"). But just before the London 2012 Olympics, Virgin Media started to build up WiFi coverage in Tube stations. By 2017, 250 Tube stations are covered including their ticket halls, escalators, corridors and platforms. However, depending on the capabilities of your device, don't expect immediate coverage on the train as it calls at a station that you are not alighting at as by the time it connects to the WiFi network, the train's doors will have closed and the train would be moving again. Coverage is yet to be provided in several stations and coverage is not planned in four stations, most notably Heathrow T5. Further coverage information is available from Transport for London and Virgin Media.

Customers, including prepaid, of all 4 UK network providers and Virgin Mobile can use this WiFi for free. EE customers need to have topped up at least £5 in the last 30 days, for Vodafone you need to have bought a Big Bundle; O2 customers need to have topped up their phone at least once in the last 90 days; and Three customers need to have done any activity within the last 30 days. MVNOs other than Virgin Mobile are mostly unsupported. Giffgaff recently announced a beta launch, but it's not yet reliable. Virgin Media sells standalone passes for its WiFi too, but it's generally cheaper to meet the minimum requirements of network providers. After logging in for the first time, the system indefinitely remembers your device's MAC address for future usage and you will not need to log in again. Then at the beginning of your journey, you need to load any web page in your web browser, which redirects to a splash page, and you should not need to do so again during the rest of your journey. Sometimes you might have to reload the splash page on longer journeys, and some Tube stations, e.g. Waterloo, randomly suffer authentication problems whereby you have to log in all over again, but waiting until the next station can avoid having to do so.

Channel Tunnel Edit

In the Channel Tunnel between UK and France there is no WiFi, but mobile coverage 100 metres below sea level in 2G, 3G and 4G/LTE. Coming from France to the UK, coverage is provided by all French networks Orange, SFR, Bouygues and Free. In the opposite direction of travel, coverage is provided by the UK networks EE, Vodafone, O2, but not Three.

Content Lock Edit

Prepaid SIM cards in the UK are delivered with a so-called "Content Lock" in place. This is to protect children from accessing adult content. The problem is that a white-listing approach is used for this, meaning that everything that has not been actively approved as non-adult will be treated as "adult".

This can seriously interfere with your internet accessibility, e.g. some users could not use their instant messaging services. Even emails and all "unguided" forums like Facebook or Twitter can be affected. However this can be bypassed using a VPN or proxy app/software to conceal your identity

The usual way to disable the content lock is to enter credit card data to prove your age; but this only works with UK-issued credit cards, and as a tourist you probably won't have one of those. Therefore when you buy a new SIM card in store insist that the lock will be removed right away (what takes one minute). For this you may need to provide some form of ID (or passport) to prove your age, if you look young.

Availability Edit

Starter packs are available online through the website of the provider to be delivered for free. For this you need to have an UK postal address. In many UK stores like supermarkets (Tesco, Asda, etc..), newsagents or independent phone shops starters of major brands are sold for 99p. They don't include any credit and need to be topped up for use. All PAYG SIM cards are anonymous in the UK and don't require registration. That's why they are sent all over the world by vendors through eBay and other sales channels.

Recharges Edit


Topping-up your UK SIM can be done in three different ways, but only one of them remains accessible to most visitors.

To top-up via an ATM (often known generically in the UK by Lloyds Bank's "Cashpoint" trademark) is widely accepted, but you need to have an UK-issued credit or debit card for that. Foreign cards are usually not accepted. This applies to Three UK in particular and O2, less to EE, Vodafone and many resellers that have begun to accept foreign credit cards.

Unfortunately, the same is true to online top-ups on the websites of the providers. Only debit and credit cards issued in the UK are allowed for recharges, but there are sporadic exceptions. This very restrictive policy is supposedly to avoid fraud, but shuts out many customers. As long as you are in the country you can always buy scratch cards or top-up vouchers from vendors that are widely available in shops throughout the UK. These shops are marked by a green top-up sign and normally sell credit for all providers. Minimum top-up amount is usually £5, with a few providers £10.

This leaves visitors with the tricky task, how to refill from abroad while not having this domestic option or a UK-based bank card to keep a SIM card alive or just to add some credit abroad. There are few private online service providers like,, , or with Bitcoins Bitrefill that accept international cards and do it for a 10-15% surcharge. As all these procedures are troublesome, think them over before you leave the UK. For Three UK we have listed some known bypasses below in the article.

SIM card validity Edit

The four network operators (Vodafone, EE, O2 and 3) and most MVNOs have an expiry policy of 6 months (or 180 days) since the last balance increase or decrease. It's usually sufficient to receive a call every 6 months, because this generates revenue, albeit small, for the network, but you can't rely on this as it's not official policy with most networks. Most networks also operate a grace period after expiry, during which they will reinstate an expired SIM card including credit if you contact them; Vodafone openly states that its grace period is 3 months.

The expiry policy is shorter with some MVNOs, but similarly any balance increase or decrease suffices. For example, Lycamobile is 90 days; Lebara is 84 days; Vectone and Delight are 120 days, Anywhere depending on top-up for 30-360 days.

If you want to keep your SIM alive for a future visit, remember that you may face problems topping up from abroad; compare validity periods in this guide. Also, for visitors from outside the EEA, note that due to EU roaming FUPs, your SIM may be surcharged for EEA roaming on a future visit if you used it in other EU/EEA countries more than the UK on your last visit.

EE (formerly Orange and T-Mobile)Edit


EE (originally called Everything Everywhere) was created in 2010 after the merger of Orange UK and T-Mobile UK to become the largest operator in the UK under the joint ownership of Orange and Telekom. BT Group plc (formerly British Telecom) acquired EE in 2015/6. Some old devices show their network still as T-Mobile.

EE's 2G is on 1800 MHz, 3G/UMTS on 2100 MHz with the best coverage in the UK at 98%. They were the first to start 4G/LTE on 1800 Mhz to be follwed by 800 and 2600 MHz too: EE coverage map. In 2017 they started to refarm 2100 MHz from 3G to 4G/LTE. In 2018 EE has 99% population coverage across the UK. This includes 98% coverage on 3G and 97% coverage on 4G. This is the widest 4G coverage of any UK network.

Most reviews agree that EE has the best network with the widest coverage and highet speeds in the country. In benchmark tests EE is frequently the top scorer in the UK. This comes at the highest prices on the market.

Availability Edit

EE sells triple-size SIM cards with 4G/LTE included. They call them pack and they are sold for 99p in EE stores and outlets: (Store locator) or online to be sent to an UK postal address for free. They don't have any credit, but you can get starters with a first pack included for the price of the pack.

You may need an UK-issued credit card to top-up online. Alternative approaches for non-UK credit cards include:

  • Buy a top-up voucher in-person, available all over the country. You'll get a receipt with a voucher code. To add the credit to your account, send a text to 150 containing the letters VO, followed by a space, and then the voucher PIN code.
  • Top-up using the automated phone system (dial 150), which accepts some non-UK cards (verified with a US-issued Visa card as of 9/2019).

To check your balance, dial 150 or text BA or AL to 150.

If you don’t call, text or top-up for 180 days, you will be disconnected and you’ll lose any credit on your account.

Combo feature packsEdit

Their packs for voice, text and data SIMs all come with a combo of data, voice and text included:

  • for a 7 days: £1 Data Pack: 100 MB, 10 mins, 10 SMS for £1, activation: DP1
  • for a 30 days with data roll-over:
Package Data Voice Text Price Activation
£5 Everything Pack 150 MB 50 mins 250 SMS £5 EP5
£10 Everything Pack 1 GB 250 mins unlimited £10 EP10
£10 Data Pack 2 GB 100 mins unlimited £10 DP10
£15 Everything Pack 2 GB 1000 mins unlimited £15 EP15
£15 Data Pack 5 GB 500 mins unlimited £15 DP15
£20 Everything Pack 4 GB 1500 mins unlimited £20 EP20
£20 Data Pack 10 GB 750 mins unlimited £20 DP20
£25 Everything Pack 8 GB 2000 mins unlimited £25 EP25
£30 Everything Pack 20 GB 3000 mins unlimited £30 EP30

In promotion, if you order your SIM card online, you can select Data Packs with doubled data.  To activate text code to 150, to stop or change packs, go online on your EE account. All packs auto-renew after 30 days, the £1 Data Pack after 7 days. Text 'STOP PACK' and 'YES' to 150 to disable auto-renew.

All monthly packs in the table include data rollover. Unusued data rolls over to the next month, if you buy a new pack. This doesn't need to be the same pack, but any monthly pack. 

Packages below £15 have limited speed to 60 Mbps. Packages above have maximal speed. 

If you have used up any of your allowances, you can start a new pack early. Check if you have enough credit and then text 'NOW' to 150. They'll remove your current pack and replace it with a new one.

Still it might be a better idea to add extra data online as an add-on:

Data Time Price
100 MB 7 days £1.50
500 MB 7 days £3
500 MB 30 days £5
1 GB 30 days £7.50
3 GB 30 days £15
5 GB 30 days £20

Activation is online. These add-ons won't expire when the base package runs out, but can be used for the given period. For activation text code to 150. Other add-ons apply to old customers who have joined before September 2014.

Data-only SIM Edit

For data use only and SMS EE sells their '4GEE WiFi SIMs' as prepaid or PAYG offer too. It's a mobile broadband SIM without voice that can be used for tethering, hence the name 'WiFi SIM', not a WiFi pass. These starters are sold online or in their stores with preloaded data:

Price Validity Data
200 MB 30 days £1
2 GB £7
6 GB 90 days £30
10 GB £40
20 GB £60

The total price for all of the validity must be paid in advance. For more data or months, one of these data add-ons can be activated online:

Data Price Price  
for 30 days for 90 days
200 MB £2 n./a.
2 GB £7 n./a.
6 GB £15 £17
10 GB £19 £22
20 GB £25 £35
30 GB n./a. £44

EU roaming Edit

EE adopts "roam like at home" rules to all their pay-as-you-go allowances for EU roaming at domestic rates without restrictions. The Channel Islands, Isle of Man and Switzerland belong to their roaming zone without surcharges. EE still states a Fair Use cap of 15 GB per month for EU roaming.

More info Edit

  • Tethering and VoIP are allowed; peer-to-peer is not
  • APN: everywhere
  • Website:


Vodafone in the UK has a good coverage on 2G (900 and 1800 MHz) and 3G (900 and 2100 MHz) nationwide and is rolling out 4G/LTE on 800, 2100 and 2600 MHz now: Vodafone coverage map. In 2018 Vodafone offers 98% population coverage across the UK. This includes 96% coverage on 3G and 4G each. Vodafone also starts with 5G, available with selected plans. 

Their 4G/LTE network is now accessible for prepaid customers on all plans.


Purchase a SIM card online to be sent to an UK postal address or from any Vodafone store for free. Otherwise, they are sold for 99p in many supermarkets and news agents.

Recharge starting at £5 in their stores or many other kiosks or convenience stores throughout the country.

Vodafone accepts PayPal for online top-ups. That's how you can bypass the UK bank card scheme, but a bad conversion rate is given by PayPal. Some international credit cards also work for top-ups making Vodafone the most accessible operator to be funded by a payment system from out of the UK right now.

To check balance, enter *#1345# or dial 2345.

Vodafone has the longest validity of all network operators. They give you 180 days to show any activity plus an additional grace period of 90 days, before they'll shut you off.

This SIM needs to be activated by going online or calling 4354. Then you have to choose one of their Big Value Bundle schemes all valid for 30 days, which can be added by Data Freebees for more data.

Data default rate Edit

Default rate is £2 per day for 50 MB and 10p per MB thereafter. You can add a package of 500 MB for £5 or buy a Big Bundle (see below).

Big Value BundlesEdit

These combo plans are offered for 30 days:

Price Data Calls SMS Renewal code
£5 100 MB 100 mins 250 BVB5
£10 3 GB 200 mins unlimited BVB10
£20 10 GB 1000 mins unlimited BVB20
£30 20 GB 2000 mins unlimited BVB30

Allowances are valid in the UK and all over the EU/EEA plus some extra countries (see below) for roaming. For purchase or renewal of bundles you can use your app, online account or text the code to 49501. £30 plan includes also access to 5G network. 

Internet overuse in the UK is charged with £1 per day for 25 MB, up to a maximum of 125 MB per day, then charged at 4p per MB thereafter. Unused data rolls-over to the next month (except £30 plan), when it needs to be consumed.

If you need extra data, two add-on packages can be added to the Big Value Bundles:

  • 500 MB extra for £5 by calling 34441
  • 2 GB extra for £10 by calling 46205

Freebie DataEdit

Vodafone gives you extra UK data for 30 days when you top up at least £10. These bonus data can't be used for roaming. Opt in by calling 4358 free from your Vodafone mobile before top-up.

  • £10 top-up: 500 MB reward + £10 credit
  • £20 top-up: 1 GB reward + £20 credit

Freebie Data can't be obtained nor used when having subscribed to a Big Value Bundle.

Pay as you go £1 plan Edit

Vodafone started a new £1 plan for occasional users. Under this plan you are charged 20p for 5 MB (and per text and min) up to a daily cap of £1. Having reached £1 on the day you get unlimited calls and SMS and up to 500 MB data. A day is valid from midnight to midnight of UK time. The same allowances are given out in EU/EEA roaming too, based on the time zone associated to capital city of the roaming country. For extra data you can add once 500 MB per day for £1 by 2345. So the maximum data consumption is 1 GB per day on this plan.

New starters are sold on this plan already pre-activated or move from another plan by calling 41146, through your online account or app. You can migrate to and from this plan once per day for free. Thus you will lose all allowances like Big Bundles or any rewards. There is no base charge on days without consumption.

EU roaming Edit

In 2017 Vodafone adopted Roam like at home and all allowances can be used without surcharges for roaming in the EU/EEA. Vodafone offers the most international 4G/LTE roaming partners in the UK so far. Some additional countries have been included to their surcharge-free "Europe Zone", including the Faroe Islands, the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man, Switzerland and Turkey. Albania and Bosnia & Herzegovina were previously included, but are now charged on a pay as you go basis.

A list of roaming countries is available at and a map here.

Voxi Edit


Vodafone started in 2017 with an own youth oriented brand. Aimed at customers who are under 30 years of age, the network offers 30-day rolling plans with "endless" social data. Since 2019 age is not verified anymore and anyone can use Voxi.

These plans are offered:

  • 8 GB + unlimited mins and texts: £10
  • 20 GB + unlimited mins and texts: £15
  • 45 GB + unlimited mins and texts: £20
  • unlimited data (on 5G), mins and texts: £30

Unlimited use of social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and Pinterest) and chat apps (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Viber) is included for free. Data volumes are valid in the EU/EEA too. You can add these two streaming passes:

  • Video Pass for unlimited video streaming (on Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Go Video, DisneyLife, My5, TVPlayer, Vevo and UKTV Play): £7
  • Music Pass for unlimited audio streaming (on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer, Soundcloud, Amazon Prime Music and Napster): £5

To join Voxi you can buy a discounted starter pack at 99p with a £10 voucher or at £9.99 with a £20 in shops. Otherwise you can migrate any usual Vodafone PAYG SIM card to Voxi through the Voxi website. An age restriction which was loosely enforced but not controlled, has been scrapped in April 2019 and you don't need to specify your age anymore.

Voxi is hybrid prepaid. This means that the monthly plan is charged on a credit card (some out-of UK cards accepted) or PayPal account, but can be stopped anytime through your personal profile. For all additional consumption you need to top up. If you run out of data, you can restart any plan anytime.

More infoEdit


O2 logo

O2 UK by Spanish Telefónica has good coverage nationwide using 2G on 900 and 1800 MHz, 3G on 900 and 2100 MHz and has started 4G/LTE on 800 MHz only: O2 coverage map..

In 2018 O2 offers 99% population coverage (including 98% coverage on 3G and 97% coverage on 4G). As it only used to employ the 800 MHz band, it has focused rather on wide coverage than on high speeds. So it gives a rather mixed picture, its 2G for voice and 3G is rather good, while its 4G is known to be slow. In 2018 it acquired new spectrum on band 40 (2300 MHz in TD-LTE) that it began to use in 2018 to boost coverage and speed in metro areas.


The SIM cards are for free ordered online to be sent to an UK postal address or bought at their stores and outlets all over the UK for 99p or the package price. Standard, micro SIMs and nano SIMs are all available online via the O2 website. However, if a nano SIM is needed then you can use online live-chat function to specify the required SIM type to the agent.

Cashcards for top-ups can be found all over the country in any O2 shop or anywhere where you see the green top-up logo. Then call 4444 free from your mobile, enter the number on your receipt and follow the instructions. Top-ups are between £10 and £50. To check balance press *#10#.

A top-up voucher expires after 12 months. Validity of the SIM is 180 days from date of last activity.

They offer two prepaid product lines with voice, text and data: Classic Pay as you go, Big Bundles and International. Take care that plans come with an horrendous default rate of £3 per MB, but shut-off having reached £1 (or 330 KB) per day. You can't switch between these lines. Better buy bundles or bolt-ons from the start. Their Classic Pay as you go line was withdrawn for new activations in November 2019.

  • Big Bundles: You need to top-up and choose one of the combo bundles (shown below) for 30 days as base plan. This can be added by Bolt-ons for extra data.
Price Calls Texts Data
£10* 500 mins 5000 SMS 2 GB
£15 1000 mins 5000 SMS 5 GB
£20* 2000 mins 5000 SMS 8 GB
£25 3000 mins 5000 SMS 10 GB
£30* 5000 mins 5000 SMS 20 GB

(*) - Doubled allowcances for first 12 months.

Activation is online on your account or by calling 2202. All packages now include data roll-over to the next month. 

Take care that you surf outside of these bundles at an excessive default rate of £1 per 50 MB.

  • International

This plan features low IDD call rates. You will get free bonuses for top-ups of £10 or more and can add Bolt ons (for both see below):

Price Calls Texts Data
£10 250 mins 5000 SMS 1 GB
£15 500 mins 5000 SMS 3 GB
£20 1000 mins 5000 SMS 8 GB

To select or change plans go online or call 2202. For more data see bolt-ons. Also all packages includes data roll-over

Bolt-ons Edit

These data add-ons for extra data can be added to all prepaid plans with voice and are valid for one month:

  • 500 MB: £4.99
  • 2 GB: £10.99
  • 4 GB: £16.99
  • 8 GB: £22.99 
  • 12 GB: £30.50 

Bolt-ons don't auto-renew. Activation is online on your account or by calling 2202.

Data-only SIM (called Tablet plans, iPad plans)Edit

O2 sells prepaid data-only SIMs with no voice that are called Tablet plans or iPad plans. They come in all three sizes and in 3 different starter packs:

  • 1 GB for 30 days: £10
  • 3 GB for 90 days: £16
  • 5 GB for 90 days: £25
  • 12 GB for 90 days: £40

For topping up these data SIMs the following top-ups are offered:

Data Time Price
300 MB 24 hours £3
300 MB 30 days £5
1 GB 30 days £10
3 GB 30 days £16
5 GB 30 days £20
10 GB 30 days £25
5 GB 90 days £25
12 GB 12 months £60
20 GB 12 months £75

You are allowed to change plans as often as you like. Data lasts for the period and renews automatically thereafter. On O2's mobile data plans all European roaming is blocked. 


Possible on Android phones, but no official profile is available for the iPhone.

EEA roaming Edit

O2 has adopted 'roam like at home' to all voice and data prepay plans with EEA roaming at domestic rates. Some destinations like the Isle of Man, the Channel Islands, Monaco or Switzerland have been excluded from their Europe zone for pay-as-you-go and are now only available on Travel Pay As You Go. For £1.99 a day, you'll get 100 MB data there. To activate this pass text 'TRAVELON' to 21300. In 2018 roaming on 4G/LTE networks in many European countries has started. Roaming is generally blocked on Mobile Broadband plans like the Tablet or iPhone Plans.

More informationEdit

  • APN :
  • User Name: payandgo
  • Password : password
  • Website: (Note: an UK IP address may be required at times to access website)

3 (= Three) UKEdit


3 (Three) is the runner-up or challenger of the UK providers. While it has the smallest market share, it gained many customers by the most aggressive pricing. 3 is a 3G and 4G network-only with very limited voice/text fallback to EE 2G (at former Orange sites) in some low coverage areas.

3 coverage map. You need to have a 3G phone on 2100 MHz and for 4G a device that can carry 800 and 1800 MHz bands. 2G-only phones simply don't work on Three. Coverage can be worse in the countryside compared to the three other UK networks, unless you have a handset that supports Three's VoLTE. Coverage in urban areas can be better than prepaid with the other networks, because Three supports wifi calling on prepaid with many handsets (including iPhones), meaning that you get coverage in London Underground (Tube) stations for example.

Three launched 4G/LTE services in 2013. In 2018 Three has about 65% population coverage on 4G/LTE. This compares to about 99% 4G coverage on EE, 96% 4G coverage on Vodafone and 78% 4G coverage on O2. Where you can find 3, it offers good speeds at quite low rates. In network tests, it frequently gets higher scores than O2 in spite of lacking 2G.

Three offers one of the most extensive coverage for roaming at domestic rates, not only in the EU/EEA but some other countries too, called 'Go Roam' (previously "Feel at home", see below).

Their SIM card is given out for free, either online or in their stores. It stays valid for 6 months without any activity. Take care, that they have different products which shouldn't be mixed:

  • Pay-as-you-go SIMs for phones
  • Mobile Broadband plans for tablets and modems


Purchase for 99p in a store (supermarket, news agent etc.), also available online to be sent to an UK postal address.

Extra credit can be bought from anywhere displaying the green 'top up' logo. Vouchers are available for £10, £15, £20, £25, £30 and £50 and must be activated within 90 days of purchase online or by calling 444. Credit never expires on Three SIMs, but your SIM plan can be terminated, when there is no activity for more than 180 days.


It has proven very hard to top-up Three UK SIM cards for foreigners outside the country. In the UK you can still be vouchers in shops, but outside of the country you are confined to credit or debit cards. The problem is that Three UK limits acceptance to credit/debit cards issued in the UK only. This is checked by the registered UK address of this credit card. So all cards not registered on an UK address are declined what makes it very hard to topup. There have been some workarounds in the past:

  • some non-UK American Express credit cards can't be checked properly for their address and might work anyway
  • Curve, a debit card wallet can be registered on a (fake) UK address and a different delivery address on the continent. Combined with a debit card without currency conversion fees like Revolut, this remains one of the least expensive options
  • the Kwikpay service accepts non-UK credit and debit cards and does the recharge on their online page (not through the app) for a £1 fee
  • you can buy a prepaid debit card in the UK while you are there and use it to pay for Three top-up services
  • as a last resort there are some 3rd party agencies like and that will do the top-up for a high surcharge of 10%-20% and should only be used as a last resort

Pay as you go on ThreeEdit

This product is intended for smartphones only. For tablets and modems, it's better to choose the Mobile Broadband offer instead.

Default rateEdit

Very low 1p per MB (that's £10 per GB), also valid in the EU/EEA and 'Go Roam' countries (see below).

Data feature packsEdit

These daily or monthly add-ons are offered to the smartphone PAYG plans:

  • internet daily pass: 120 MB for 24 hours: £0.50 (in practice until the end of the next day)
  • mobile internet pass: 500 MB for 30 days: £5
  • all-in-one-10: 4 GB for 30 days at £10 (with unlimited domnestic calls & texts)
  • all-in-one-15: 10 GB for 30 days at £15 (with unlimited domnestic calls & texts)
  • all-in-one-20: 12 GB for 30 days at £20 (with unlimited domnestic calls & texts)
  • all-in-one-25: 36 GB (up to 15 GB in EU roaming and a surcharge of 0.5p/MB applies beyond) for 30 days at £25 (with unlimited domnestic calls & texts)
  • all-in-one-35: unlimited data (1 TB FUP applies in the UK only, 15 GB in EU roaming and a surcharge of 0.5p/MB applies beyond) for 30 days at £35 (with unlimited domnestic calls & texts)
  • all-in-one-90: unlimited data (1 TB FUP applies in the UK only, 15 GB in EU roaming per 30 days and a surcharge of 0.5p/MB applies beyond) for 90 days at £90 (with unlimited domnestic calls & texts)

When data is used up, you are free to buy another pack without waiting until the end of the previously bought add-on pack. After data add-on is used up, charges revert to the £0.01 per MB default rate, if another add on isn't bought.

Mobile BroadbandEdit

Their Mobile Broadband prepaid SIM is a data-only SIM with text but no voice calls for tablets, modems or routers. You can use it in smartphones too. They are often sold as ready-to-go kits with data volume pre-loaded:

  • SIM card with 1 GB data valid for 1 months: £10
  • SIM card with 3 GB data valid for 3 months: £16
  • SIM card with 12 GB data valid for 12 months: £40
  • SIM card with 24 GB data valid for 24 months: £60

You can top-up online on your My3account with these data packages:

  • pay-per-day: 500 MB for up to midnight on the next night: £2.99
  • 1 GB for a month: £10
  • 3 GB for a month: £15
  • 7 GB for a month: £25

Data Reward SIM Edit

In 2016 Three introduced their new "Data Reward SIM" to match the offer of FreedomPop (see below). It's aimed at tablet and modems, but contains voice and texts too. So there seem to be no restrictions where to use it whatsoever.

  • SIM card in stores and on eBay for 99p without credit (labeled as 'internet with legs')

When registered, the "Data Reward SIM" gives 200 MB high-speed data every month for free. To start this 200 MB per month free data, you need to top-up at least £1. Data volume doesn't roll over, but can be used on their "Go Roam" (see below) roaming option too. The cycle depends on the day of activation. The "Data Reward SIM" can be added with these (more expensive) monthly bundles activated online:

  • 2 GB: £15
  • 5 GB: £20
  • 10 GB: £25

All usage outside of these packages is at very low 1p per MB in the UK and 3.6-4.3p per MB in 'Go Roam countries'. You can register a maximum of 5 Data Reward SIM cards on your name.

Roaming: 'Go Roam' featureEdit

Their roaming feature dubbed 'Go Roam' (formerly 'Feel at Home') is available to all pay-as-you-go and Mobile Broadband SIMs of Three UK and is valid in about 60 countries and territories, including all of the EU/EEA, Australia, Brazil, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Israel, Macau, New Zealand, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, USA (on both AT&T and T-Mobile networks), Channel Islands (Jersey & Guernsey) and the Isle of Man. From 2017 Vietnam and these Latin American countries are added: Costa Rica, Colombia, Chile, Guatemala, El Salvador, Panama, Peru, Guatemala, Uruguay.

Three misleadingly advertises that Go Roam applies in "71 destinations" because it double-counts parts of Finland, France, Portugal and Spain as separate "destinations". Despite this double-counting, Three offers 3G roaming at domestic prices in more countries and territories than any other UK network.

Go Roam applies when roaming in any of these countries or territories with a Three UK SIM card and means that data is charged exactly the same as domestic data in the UK without roaming surcharges. Three now offers 4G/LTE roaming in 45 destinations, see here  for the full list of partners and destinations, but some are outside their free roaming zone. The 4G roaming rollout is expected to be done in 2019 and so far only Three networks in Europe and AT&T in the US are within the Go roam zone. Tethering aka mobile hotspot use is blocked on their PAYG SIM cards (not Mobile Broadband plans) outside the UK.

Furthermore, you can't use it for more than 4 months (rather 2 months is used outside Europe) of continuous roaming and only up to 15 GB per month or will be charged at 0.5p per MB otherwise. Using their PAYG rate of 1p/MB instead of a bundled rate, the same 1p/MB is charged in the EU/EEA up to a limit of £42 (or 4.2 GB) when roaming will be cut off to avoid excessive bills.


Mobile hotspot use was a frequent annoyance of Three plans, as they used to ban and block it. After the intervention of UK regulator (Ofcom) Three has changed the rules for tethering on their PAYG plans. Starting from 2018 mobile hotspot use is now available in the UK and roaming all over the EU/EEA. The only exception remain the Go Roam countries overseas like USA or Australia where you still need to buy an add-on to use your device as an hotspot.

Smarty Edit

Similar to giffgaff from O2 or Vodafone's youth brand Voxi Three started in 2017 an own budget brand called Smarty. It offers monthly plans and a unique feature called “unused data discount”. This gives you a cash discount on your following month’s plan based on data that remains unused at the end of your monthly plan. Note that it doesn't have Three's extended roaming area abroad, but only EU/EEA roaming.

However, for two reasons we can't feature Smarty here on our list:

  • it's online only. That means that you need to order it to an UK postal address for delivery. This is quite inconvenient for travellers as starter packs are not sold in stores or online platforms.
  • for online order you need an UK-issued payment card to get the starter pack and pay the monthly charges, which most non-residents don't have.

For more information about Smarty check their website.

More info Edit



Giffgaff is a wholly owned subsidiary of O2 UK, and operates as MVNO on O2 UK (for technical info check O2 above). 4G/LTE is provided at no additional cost.


In some UK stores like Tesco or Poundland they are sold at the checkout register for 99p. Giffgaff SIM cards can be ordered by mail in different ways. You can officially order the SIM to an UK address with delivery by 1st class mail usually within 2 to 3 days on this site: Order. Giffgaff announced official delivery to non-UK addresses in November 2016. According to giffgaff, "your SIM will arrive within in 3-5 business days in Europe or from 5 business days for the rest of the world" through this site Order.

You will receive £5 free credit upon activation, if you are introduced by an existing giffgaff member, and in some cases the introducing member also receives some free credit.


To activate your SIM on their website, you ideally need a credit or debit card, otherwise you can credit your account with a top-up voucher from convenience stores, supermarkets and petrol stations. Since December 2016, giffgaff have officially supported non-UK credit and debit cards. Giffgaff or original O2 reload cards both work. As a last resort you can also buy top-up vouchers online at private facilitators like for a surcharge.

Check your balance by dialling *100#.

Your SIM card stays valid for 6 months after any of these activities: an outgoing call (including to free 0800 numbers), SMS or MMS, at least 4 incoming calls (of >10 secs), a data connection, a top-up or receiving "payback" in early June or early December for introducing new members or posting in giffgaff's forums.

Data feature packsEdit

Default rate is 5p per MB. All these following bundles called "goodybags" come with included calls, texts and a data volume, valid for one month:

Price Calls* Texts Data
£5 150 min 500 500 MB
£7.50 250 min unlimited 2 GB
£10 500 min unlimited 3 GB
£12 750 min unlimited 4 GB
£15 1000 min unlimited 8 GB
£20 unlimited unlimited 40 GB
£25 unlimited unlimited unlimited ^

(*) = all calls amongst giffgaff numbers are free.

(^) = first 40 GB each month at high 4G speeds, then throttled to 384 kbps from 8am to midnight.

Check balance in packages by *100*7#. Packages must be activated online through your account.

EU roaming Edit

All plans include data, minutes and texts to all the countries in the EU/EEA without any extra cost. Take care thar roaming on the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man is now charged at £0.20 per MB. In 2018 roaming was extended to 4G/LTE in many countries. For roaming out of the goodypacks you need to have activated your SIM card in their UK network first and have used it within the last 60 days in the UK. Otherwise, roaming will be charged at the standard UK rate of 5p/MB.

More infomationEdit

  • APN: 
  • Tethering is allowed
  • Username: giffgaff

Virgin MobileEdit


Virgin Mobile is a MVNO that operates on the EE network on 2G and 3G, no 4G/LTE for prepaid so far, only for their postpaid plans.

In 2019 the Virgin Group has sealed a new deal with Vodafone. So it's expected that all costumers will be transferred from EE to Vodafone in 2021.


Virgin mobile SIMs cards can be ordered online for free or in shops e.g. the Virgin Megastores (store locator) for 99p. SIMs are also sent to hotel adresses in all three sizes. They stay valid for 180 days without any activity.

Default data rateEdit

The starter tariff has a default data rate of £2 per 200 MB.

Data feature packsEdit

You can add these packages, called "JAM pack", all valid for 30 days:

Price Data Voice Texts Activation
£5 250 MB 250 mins 250 SMS JAM 5
£10 2 GB 500 mins 500 SMS JAM 10
£15 6 GB 1000 mins 1000 SMS JAM 15
£20 10 GB 2000 mins 2000 SMS JAM 20

To activate, send SMS to 789789, text Buy <code> for example: Buy JAM 15. It will auto-renew after 30 days. To change plans , send SMS to 789789, text Change <code>. To deactivate a plan, send SMS to 789789, text Cancel <code>. 


Tethering (at least on Android phones) and VoIP is possible and allowed.

EU roaming Edit

With Roam Like Home, you can use your mobile wherever you go in the EU and pay no more for your texts, data and minutes than you would in the UK, subject to their fair usage policy. This FUP states that a monthly data cap is in place. If you use more data than the monthly cap allows they may apply a surcharge. It is not made clear what this cap is for each plan. This applies to all data above the amount that can be purchased at the current EU data wholesale capped rate with the credit you have on your account at the point of roaming.

More information Edit

Tesco MobileEdit

Tesco Mobile is the MVNO of Britains leading retail chain operating on the O2 network. From 2014 Tesco Mobile has allowed all customers on the O2 4G/LTE network. From 2016 they now offer two different plans:
  • Triple Credit and
  • the new Rocket Packs.

Both tariff lines can't be mixed, but switched online or by calling customer support at 282. You will loose all credited allowances when changing plans.

Availability Edit

Their SIMs can be ordered online for free or can be bought in Tesco Megastores: Tesco store locator for 99p.

You can top-up with e top-up cards or by voucher from any Tesco store available from £10 to £50. To top-up by voucher, call 4444 for free. Check balance by calling 282.

You need to use your SIM every 180 days to keep it alive.

Triple Credit planEdit

On the Triple Credit tariff you get free credit when you top-up. For a £10 top-up you get £30 credit, for £15 £45 and for £20 £60 worth of credit. Furthermore, you can book data-only packages from your main credit.

Default rate is £ 0.10 per MB. They offer these monthly packs for Triple Credit plans valid for 30 days:

Data Price Activation
500 MB £5 500MB
1 GB £7.50 1GB
2 GB £10 2GB
3 GB £12.50 3GB
4 GB £15 4GB
6 GB £17.50 6GB
8 GB £20 8GB

For activation, text code to 28948. Overuse is charged at the default rate (see above), all packages auto-renew after 30 days, to stop them from doing so, text STOPDATA to 28948. To check balance in packages, text BALANCE to 2112.

There are restrictions for the bonus credit given out for Triple Credit you should be aware of: Only the 1st top-up per month will be awarded triple credit. You can't activate data bundles for this credit. It's only valid for 1 month, while general credit stays valid for 6 months. If you top-up £15 or more in one go, you can choose a free 500 MB bonus pack.

Rocket Packs Edit

Their new combo package plan has been introduced in 2016. This is a different plan or tariff line that can't be mixed with Triple Credit. You can only book these combo packages for 30 days:

Price Calls Texts Data Activation
£10 500 mins 5000 SMS 4 GB ROCKET10
£15 1000 mins 5000 SMS 8 GB ROCKET15
£20 2000 mins 5000 SMS 16 GB ROCKET20

All call and text allowances are domestic except for the EU roaming promotion (see below). For activation go online or text code to 28948. All packs can be renewed ahead of time. Overuse fee is £0.10 per MB, but no data-only pack can be added. To check balance in packages, text BALANCE to 2112.

EU roaming Edit

Data and calls and texts while roaming within the EU/EEA will come out of your UK monthly allowances, free credit or bundles without extra cost. Triple Credit bonus doesn't qualify for data packages. Note that Jersey, Monaco, Guernsey, Switzerland and the Isle of Man have been excluded from the zone. Tesco mentions a FUP of using it predominantly at home during a 120 days period.

More informationEdit

  • Tethering is allowed
  • T&Cs don't allow P2P, VoIP, continous streaming.
  • APN:  
  • Username: tescowap  
  • Password: password
  • Website:

ASDA Mobile Edit

ASDA mobile

ASDA Mobile is the MVNO of Tesco's biggest rival as retailer called ASDA. It used to operate on the Vodafone network. In 2014 they migrated to the EE network and from 2017 4G/LTE access has been granted for ASDA mobile due to a new wholesale agreement with EE.  Maximal 4G/LTE speed is 60 Mbps for download and 30 Mbps for upload. 

Availability Edit

ASDA Mobile SIM cards can be bought online on their website or in many ASDA supermarkets and grocery stores throughout the UK: store locator for 50p. They stock hybrid mini/micro and nano sizes. All new SIMs come with free 10 minutes, 10 SMS and 10 MB data.

You can top up at any ASDA store or anywhere you see their logo with a top-up voucher. To check your balance, text 'BAL' to 2732.

ASDA Mobile has the longest validity period of any MVNO in Britain. You will need to use it within 270 days, but it can be revived by a top-up for up to a year.

Combo and Data BundlesEdit

Default data rate ouside of bundles is 5p per MB. These bundles can be added:

Price Calls Texts Data Activation
£5 125 mins 2000 SMS 500 MB 5 to 2732
£7 300 mins unlimited 2 GB 7 to 2732
£10 600 mins unlimited 4 GB 10 to 2732
£12 800 mins unlimited 5 GB 12 to 2732
£15 1000 mins unlimited 8 GB 15 to 2732
£20 unlimited unlimited 12 GB 20 to 2732
£25 unlimited unlimited 15 GB 25 to 2732
£5 ----------- ----------- 1 GB Data 5 to 2732
£7.5 ----------- ----------- 2 GB Data 7.50 to 2732
£12.5 ----------- ----------- 5 GB Data 12.50 to 2732
£15 ----------- ----------- 8 GB Data 15 to 2732

All packages are valid for one month and don't auto-renew. To make auto-renew, add AUTO before number of package (for example: AUTO 10). To stop, text "STOP AUTO" to 2732. Overuse and out of bundle fee is at the default rate (see above).

EU roaming Edit

If you have a bundle, you can use it as you would do at home, as long as you're in one of the EU/EEA countries including the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man, Switzerland, Monaco and Andorra.

More informationEdit

Lebara Edit

Lebara new

new logo

Lebara (previously called Lebara mobile) is one of UK's leading ethno market providers operating on the Vodafone network (see above) on 2G, 3G and 4G/LTE.

Availability Edit

The SIM card can be bought online to be send to an UK postal address, from or other suppliers delivered worldwide or offline in the UK at stores for free or 99p.

They give 50% free credit with your first top-up. Online you may use PayPal for top-ups starting at £5. Offline you can buy scratch cards. To top-up by voucher, enter *#1345*<voucher code>#. To check your balance, type *#1345#.

Lebara has very rigid deactivation rules. Without having used it for 84 days, it will be switched off and your credit and number will be lost.

Default Data RateEdit

15p per MB is charged, if no data bundle is booked or all data are used up.

Data feature packsEdit

Their data packages are valid for 30 days and include 100 internatl. mins to about 50 countries. For activation text code to 38885:

  • 500 MB (no EU cap): £5, activation: 'WEB500'
  • 1 GB (no EU cap): £7.50, activation: 'WEB1GB'
  • 2 GB: £10, activation: 'WEB2GB'

You may only have one data pass active at any time. If you consume all of your data allowance, you will be charged the default rate or can buy an add-on. Data passes auto-renew on expiry. If you don’t have sufficient credit, Lebara will try to auto-renew for seven days or until you cancel auto-renewal. To cancel auto-renew text WEB<size>*STOP to 38885 or opt out via your MyLebara account.

Lebara offers a so-called "bolt on" for extra data when the original package is used up:

  • 1 GB: £5, activation: '1GB'

For activation text code to 38885. Be aware, that a bolt-on is only valid for the rest of running time of the original package. 

Combo packagesEdit

These "all in one" packages contain an UK allowance, capped EU data, voice and IDD minutes and 1000 SMS:

Price Data dom. Voice IDD Voice Activation
£10 1 GB 500 mins 500 mins ALL1
£10 3 GB unlimited 100 mins ALL3
£15 5 GB unlimited 1000 mins ALL4
£20 10 GB unlimited unlimited ALL6

For activation text code to 38885. If overuse, you can buy data bolt-on. To stop renewal, send SMS with STOP and activation code to 38885. 

EU roaming Edit

You can use your mobile in the EU as if you were in the UK at no extra cost.

More infomation Edit

  • Tethering is banned    
  • APN:   
  • Username and password: wap   
  • Website:


Lycamobile is the main competitor of Lebara on the ethno market. In the UK it's a MVNO on the O2 UK network in 2G, 3G and 4G/LTE.

Availability Edit

The SIM is sold online to be sent to an UK postal address or offline at their stores and outlets for free or 99p.

There and in many other stores, you'll find their top-up vouchers. To top-up by voucher, enter *131*<voucher PIN>#. Check balance by *131#. Credit expires after 90 days and your SIM card will be suspended after 120 days only without a recharge.

Default Data RateEdit

9p per MB charged, if no data bundle is booked or used up

Data feature packs Edit

These data packages are all valid for 30 days in the UK and EU/EEA:

  • 500 MB: £5, activation:*139*5001#
  • 1 GB: £7.50, activation: *139*7001#
  • 2 GB: £10, activation:  *139*1001#
  • 3 GB: £12.50, activation: *139*1201#

There are these combo packages with data, voice, SMS and IDD mins valid for 30 days:

UK Offline Online Voice SMS IDD Price Activation
Plan Data Data mins mins code
S 500 MB 500 MB 150 150 - £7.50 *139*10744#
National Plus 3 GB 4 GB unlim. unlim. 100 £10 *139*11544#
Super 6 GB 16 GB unlim. unlim. 100 £15* *139*1544#
Mega 11 GB 40 GB unlim. unlim. 100 £20* *139*2044#
Ultra 20 GB 25 GB unlim. unlim. 100 £25* *139*12644#
Giga 25 GB 30 GB unlim. unlim. - £35* *139*3044#
Tera 50 GB 50 GB unlim. unlim. - £50 *139*5044#
Forever Data unlimited# unlimited# unlim. unlim. - £20 *139*2544#

Lycamobile gives out different data volumes, depending whether you have bought the plan online or not. 

(*) -  These packages are discounted by 50% when you purchase them for the first time with a new SIM card. 

(#) - First 9 GB at 4G speeds, after speed throtted to 128 kbps. 

Lycamobile will automatically renew your bundle once it expires. Charge for the bundle will be deducted from your main balance at the time of auto-renewal of the bundle. To cancel the auto renewal dial *190# before the expiry date and follow the instructions or call customer service for free on 353 before the expiry date.

EU roaming Edit

Lycamobile in UK applies "roam like at home" to data and combo plans without surcharges. The same default rate of 9p per MB applies in the EU.

More info Edit

  • Tethering / mobile hotspot use is banned and blocked
  • APN:
  • Username: lmuk (that's lowcase L, not capital I)
  • Password: plus
  • Website:

Vectone MobileEdit


Vectone Mobile is a MVNO using the EE network on 2G and 3G and now on 4G/LTE too (see above).

Their SIM can be purchased online or in many supermarkets, petrol stations and kiosks throughout the UK. Mini and micro SIMs are free or 99p, but nano SIMs need to be ordered online for £1.

Top-ups are in shops like Tesco and Sainsbury's, petrol stations like Esso and BP, post offices, Payzone and Epay using multifunction voucher. Topping up online, you can use Paysafecards that are sold in many countries. Only online you get data bonuses for recharges: top-up £5 - 1 GB for 7 days, top-up £10 - 3 GB for 15 days and top-up £20 - 10 GB for 30 days.

Check balance by *102#. Credit stays valid for 90 days and the SIM card will be suspended after not having used it for 120 days.

Default data rateEdit

  • 9p per MB. A minimum balance of 50p is required to use data.

Data feature packsEdit

Vectone Mobile also offers these data and combo packages:

UK Plans:

Price Data Calls Texts IDD calls Tethering Activation
£5 3 GB 150 mins 150 SMS n/a - *1006#
£7.50* 5 GB 350 mins 350 SMS n/a 500 MB *1208#
£10 5 GB unlimited unlimited 100 mins 3 GB *1337#
£15* 20 GB unlimited unlimited 100 mins - *1001#
£20* 30 GB unlimited unlimited 200 mins 5 GB *2288#
£25* 50 GB unlimited unlimited 250 mins 6 GB *1098#

(*) - These packages are discounted when you purchase them for the first time with a new SIM card ordered online.  

All-in-one bundles: 

Price Data Texts Calls IDD calls Activation
£5 1 GB 150 SMS 150 mins (national & IDD) *1044#
£10 5 GB unlimited unlimited 500 *1028#
£15 10 GB unlimited unlimited unlimited *1043#
£20 15 GB unlimited unlimited unlimited *1401#

Data plans

  • 5 GB: £5, activation: *500#
  • 10 GB: £7.50, activation: *750#
  • 20 GB: £10, activation:*1371#
  • unlimited (FUP = 30 GB, after 128 kbps): £20, activation: *2353#

All plans are valid 30 days. Data pack will be auto-renewed once the validity expires. To opt out, call customer service enter *1122#. Overuse is charged by the default rate. Check allowances in packages by *1252#. Only one package can be activated. Thethering aka mobile hotspot use is not allowed. All these packages are auto-renewable. To stop renewal, dial *1160#. To check data remaining, dial *1260#. 

EU roaming (excluding bundles) Edit

Vectone Mobile don't allow to use packages in EU/EEA zone for prepaid users. There are valid domestic only. You can stay on default rate 9p per MB or buy 2 GB for £10 (activation: *2348#) valid 30 days and auto-renew. 

More infomationEdit

  • Tethering is included in all plan, but is limited to 10 GB generally (in some plans is lower). 
  • APN:
  • data can't be used on BlackBerry phones.
  • there are lot of complaints on the internet about Vectone's poor customer service
  • Website:

iD Mobile Edit

Id mobile

iD Mobile is a MVNO using the Three network in 3G and 4G/LTE (for specifics see Three above). It's owned by Carphone Warehouse and was launched in 2015. First, they only sold contracts, but in 2016 PAYG was added and their SIM cards finally offered in Carphone Warehouse branches. Their rates are very similar to Three's.

Availability Edit

An iD Mobile PAYG SIM can be bought through their website or over the phone using a UK-issued debit or credit card or you can go to any Carphone Warehouse store in the UK (locator). Their SIM is free for the price of the first included package. If you don't select a bundle, you'll need to top-up at least £5 for a start.

Top-ups can be made online on your account using a UK credit/debit card. If you don't have one, you need to top-up at any Carphone Warehouse branch starting from £5. This seems to be a major disadvantage to Three which has many more top-up locations in the country. Furthermore, iD mobile's top-ups are only valid for 90 days and the SIM card will be discountinued after 365 days of inactivity.

Default rate Edit

Their data PAYG rate outside of packages is a low 1p per MB. A rate that is currently matched only by Three.

Combo plans Edit

For bundles iD mobile only offers 3 combo plans with data, minutes and SMS for a month:

  • £5: 100 MB, 125 mins, 500 SMS
  • £10: 1 GB, 500 mins, unlimited SMS
  • £15: 4 GB, 1000 mins, unlimited SMS

For overuse, their default rate applies. You can make the bundles once-off or recurring in your account.

EU roaming Edit

The minutes, texts and data you use for roaming in the EU/EEA come out of your monthly allowances mentioned above at domestic rates. The Channel Islands and the Isle of Man are included, but no 4G/LTE roaming is offered so far.

More info Edit

Anywhere Edit

Anywhere SIM Lgo-768x270
Anywhere is one of UK's multi-network operator. It operates on the networks of Three, O2, EE and Vodafone (depending on the plan). 

You will pay much more for having the combined coverage of three UK networks at a very limited validity of your credit. 

Availability Edit

The SIM card can be bought online to be send to an UK postal address, from, from Sainsbury's and some other shops. Two different tariff lines are offered that can't be changed: Pure and Plus+.

The starter pack includes the sales price as credit. Pure SIM cards range from £10 for one month to £60 for a year. Plus+ SIM cards from £10 for 30 days to £180 for 180 days. You will need to enter an UK address for activation.

Top-ups can be made online via credit card or by calling 333. Better check before, if your non-UK credit card is accepted. You wont find any option to buy reload vouchers locally. Be also aware of their limited validity. There are top-ups from £10 credit for one month to £60 for one year. To check balance, dial 222.


This plan operates on EE, O2 and Vodafone's 2G and 3G network, no 4G/LTE so far. It hasn't any data plans, but charges at a flat 10p rate per MB (equal to 1 GB = £102).


This plan operates on EE's, O2's and Three's 2G, 3G and 4G/LTE networks. It includes unlimited calls, SMS and 4 GB data for 30 days at £30. This bundle auto-renews. 

EU roamingEdit

Data, calls and texts while roaming within the EU/EEA will come out of your UK monthly allowances, credit or bundles without extra cost. 

More informationEdit

  • Tethering is allowed
  • APN for Pure plan: mobiledata
  • APN for Plus+ plan: Anywhere
  • MMS doesn't work! 
  • Website:

CTExcel Edit


CTExcel is the brand name used by China Telecom for its MVNOs operating outside China. Unlike Chinese SIM cards, there is no censorship on this SIM. While they target Chinese in particular, anyone can sign up for a CTExcel SIM. In the UK, they use the EE network.

As a rarity among EE MVNOs, they allow to use the 4G/LTE network too for a one-time surcharge.

Availability Edit

Their primary way of distributing SIMs is by mail; they can be ordered online to be sent to any UK postal address with an initial top-up required. If you choose to purchase a SIM in this manner, you will receive an e-mailed activation code that you must type into the CTExcel website to activate the SIM once it has arrived.

They also have a network of sales partners that sell their SIMs (list of outlets). They are primarily Chinese supermarkets and travel agencies, with the exception of SIMLocal at Heathrow Terminal 3 Arrivals. Currently they offer two different cards:

  • 英伦酷玩系列 - British Cool Play SIM card
  • 中英畅行套餐 - Chinese and UK Dual SIM card

The Chinese-UK dual SIM card comes with two numbers, but higher rates and is only better for users who expect calls from China.

Top-ups can be done at any PayPoint or Payzone-supporting merchant while in the UK, as well as online with any international (not only UK-issued) Visa/Mastercard or PayPal from inside or outside of the UK.

CTExcel operates a 90-day expiry policy. If you don't use your SIM (topping up the SIM doesn't count) for 90 days, it will expire. As it roams in most countries, a roaming SMS at least every 90 days is recommended to keep it active. Alternatively, they offer a keep alive service at £1 per month

They will charge a one-time £2 fee for an LTE-capable SIM, or to upgrade a previous 3G SIM to an LTE SIM. All bundles ordered on that SIM will have LTE as long as the SIM remains valid. The free SIM option does not include LTE.

Data feature packages Edit

Default data rate is 5p per MB. All stand-alone bundles are valid for 30 days, while add-ons are valid until the end of the base bundle.

  • for the UK Cool Play SIM card:
    • £5: 600 MB data, text DA5 to 888 to activate
    • £7.50: 200 minutes, unlimited text, 800 MB data, text UN75 to 888 to activate
    • £9.90: 250 minutes, unlimited text, 3 GB data, text UN99 to 888 to activate
    • £11.90: 1000 minutes, unlimited text, 4 GB data, text UN119 to 888 to activate
    • £14.90: 1000 minutes, unlimited text, 6 GB data, text UN149 to 888 to activate
    • £19.90: unlimited talk/text and 8 GB data, text UN199 to 888 to activate
  • for the Chinese/UK Dual SIM card:
    • £9.60: 300 minutes, 300 mins to China/HK/Macao, unlimited text, 1 GB data,
    • £14.60: 600 minutes, 600 mins to China/HK/Macao unlimited text, 4 GB data
    • £18.60: 1000 minutes, 1000 mins to China/HK/Macao, unlimited text, 6 GB data

These add-ons can be applied to an existing bundle for extra data; they can't be purchased on their own:

  • £5: 500 MB data, text AO5 to 888 to activate (only letter O)
  • £8: 1024 MB data text AO10 to 888 to activate (first letter O, then number 0)

EU Roaming Edit

CTExcel allows "roam like home" in Switzerland, Monaco, the Channel Islands, and the Isle of Man as well as the EU/EEA, debiting all usage from domestic allowances including packages.

More infomation Edit

Discontinued offers Edit

Mobile by Sainsbury's Edit

The supermarket chain Sainsbury's suspended the Mobile by Sainsbury's service in January 2016.

Post Office Mobile Edit

The UK Post Office closed down a shortlived attempt to build a UK mobile phone network service as its offering was unable to compete in the crowded British mobile telecoms market.

Talkmobile Edit

This Vodafone MVNO closed down at the end of August 2017.

Delight Mobile Edit

Parent company Mundio closed its brand Delight Mobile in 2018 and moved all its customers to its sister brand Vectone Mobile.

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