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User talk:Wolfbln Edit

Hi Andluc.

Thanks for all the advice you are giving to all the readers. I checked the site: Good news and bad news about this site and it may interest more than one.

1.) For Orange (Spain) now all amounts starting from 5 € are without additional fees. So it seems to be without surcharges to top-up phone numbers (at least for now). I was able to top up Orange for 5 € without fees:

€5 EUR 5.00 ORTP5ac6763f241aa +34#########

2.) I also tried to top up my Simyo line on the same site. The Simyo number was recognized as an Orange number which is not true. In Spain you can't use Orange to top up Simyo. Later after payment the top-up was declined and money sent back to the credit card:

"We are sorry to inform you that your order ref ORTP5ac67292ad3e1 has been canceled. Your credit card will not be charged and the phone number 34 ########## will not be credited."

So it seems not possible to top up Simyo through the site. From your comments a reader would think that this is confirmed by your personal experience. I'd appreciate next time that you may indicate that you assume this, but you haven't verified it yet.

Generally, I agree with you that Simyo is the better offer for Spain, but the SIM is hard to find and still harder to top-up (from abroad), Orange seems to be much easier.

Thanks again and keep on making this wiki great.

Wolfbln (talk) 19:26, April 5, 2018 (UTC) (admin)

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