Hi, welcome to Prepaid Data SIM Card Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the Slovakia page.

Please leave a message on my talk page if I can help with anything! Wolfbln (talk) 12:23, February 11, 2016 (UTC)

about Uzbekistan Edit

Hello Xavier.

Thanks for adding Uzbekistan. It was on my list for a while.

I will edit it and add the two other operators soon.

I'm going to show the article before publication (= linking it on the main page) to you again for checking it.

One thing which needs to be changed is the currency.

We don't give prices in US$ currency as long as

1.) the offer is not priced in US$ or

2.) the US$ is an official currency of this country.

The reason for this is very simple: Nowadays everybody can use a currency converter tool, exchange rates fluctuate and 95% of the world population is not living in the US.

What Uzbekistan is concerned, I think that Ucell prices their offers in som and this is the only official currency in the country. So please fix this.

Thanks and keep on improving this WIKI


Wolfbln (talk) 15:33, March 16, 2016 (UTC)(admin)

Update Edit


If Ucell quotes prices in US$, it's ok. So let it stay in US$. We might give the current exchange rate in the Basics chapter as it's confusing for many readers to have prices in soms and US$.

I have another problem. You say: "A package without a daily cost seems to exist only for elderly and war heroes."

But you quote monthly packages. So are they not for the general public? According to our guidelines we don't mention packages not generally sold to everybody (except tourist packs).

Please solve this contradiction.

Very good article so far.

Wolfbln (talk) 16:28, March 16, 2016 (UTC)

about Uzbekistan Edit

Hi Xavier.

Thanks again for your edits and all of the Uzbekistan article. I've done slight format adjustments only. I have never seen such a good draft before almost ready to be published.

Only Beeline was missing. As 2nd provider in the country, I think it should be added. I added my info about Beeline. What I'm concerned the Uzbekistan article is ready to be linked to the main page.

I have promised to send it to you again before final publication. So please check it again (and add some more information about Beeline, if you have them). Here is the link again: Uzbekistan

As soon as I get your approval, I'll link it to the main page.

Thanks again. I'm looking forward to get more contributions to out WIKI.

Cheers Wolf

Wolfbln (talk) 14:45, March 25, 2016 (UTC) (admin)

USSD codes and provider apps Edit

Hi Xavier.

Thanks for your answer. The Uzbekistan chapter is really good now. I will link it to the main page. Uzbekistan will be our 138th country on our list. Thanks again for an excellent chapter. It's really rare that I only had to do some formatting (and adding Beeline). Just a short explanation for the formats. About 50% of the users are accessing this WIKI through mobile devices. The editor for screens less than 10" is not so good for tables, especially when they are very broad or wide. So I try to get them as slim as possible for a better survey.

You are welcome to update your article or any article here. I'm browsing again this month through every article. I've worked my way to letter K now. Having edited or re-written most of them within the last year, I can focus on updates. That's why it's so important to get feedback from the users, what to add or what to do differently. This WIKI gets about 7,000 clicks per day and is a unique data base, but very few users actually suggest what to do about this or that.

About your two suggestions: USSD codes and provider apps

USSD codes are vital in managing a SIM. We don't call them USSD here, just codes and I hope that everybody knows what is meant by it. When adding them in the beginning I always wrote something like '*101# and <call>'. But I found out that confuses users more than helps. Most people know by now, that they have to send the code. So it's only given as a code.

You have suggested three codes: 1.) for balance check, 2.) for phone number 3.) for data balance check

I think from all of the three 1.) is the most important. That's why I've included them with these providers where I could find them. It's not always a USSD code, sometimes a SMS or even a number to call for a spoken reply.

Next question was where to put it in an article. As they are very provider-specific, they can't be in the Basics section, but need to be listed with every provider. Some users suggested at Technical Specifications. But actually it's not a spec. Others to create a new section with headline: Balance Check. I decided to put it at the end of the Availability segment after top-up/recharges are mentioned. Balance check directly refers to top-ups, because after all your (low) balance is why you need to top-up. Up to now it's included at that position with about 2/3 of all providers of this WIKI, I guess.

The phone no. seemed not so important for users. Those who use voice, have it handy most of the time. I'm more a data user and I often really don't know my number at all. This is not a problem, as long as I don't have to top-up online or in a store by e-top-up. I know what you mean and I'm quite open to add it. But it's very hard to find it out for many providers, and some don't offer this feature at all. And you'll always have it somewhere the card holder or flyer, where it was given to you before.

Data consumption balance is very important, but many users keep track of it by their own meter or consumption app. These are implemented nowadays in every device. So it's secondary too. The problem is that your provider sometimes has a different idea of how much data you have consumed. So I'd like to check or confirm this with the provider too. Some providers, but at max. 50% give out a code for this. Others have different codes for different packages. So I decided to mention it below the package rates when there is a code given. But with many providers you can only check your consumption on your personal account. That's probably because you can't dial USSD codes with some data devices. In short, I think they should be added, if known - but are not compulsory.

About the apps given out by providers to manage your SIM. Since they came out some years ago, I liked some of them and they've got improved since then. The problem is with many countries (not only Germany) that they are geo-restricted in the i- or Play Store. Up to today, I don't know why on earth they geo-restrict it. Luckily, most non-European providers don't enforce this and release them worldwide.

As our country chapters are often edited by locals, and their knowledge is essential, they were not aware of it at all and kept on adding apps as a great way to manage your plan. I had to take off many of them, because users from out-of-the country can't get them. I know there are ways to bypass the geo-restriction and I used these ways too, but for regular users I can't recommend it. As they are tricky, it's more for experts. So I had to draw a line here. Apps that are available worldwide in the i or Play Stores will be mentioned (or recommended), apps that are geo-restricted don't. I think this makes sense. This leaves us with the problem, where to mention it in the sections. Good apps can be used for almost everything in managing your plan. One Japanese provider was so proud of their new app some weeks ago that he actually wanted to have a special section about it. I think this is a bit exaggerated for most apps. You have mentioned it at the end of each provider section. I think it's OK and I don't have a better proposal.

So please keep Uzbekistan updated and feel free to add more countries. We still have some gaps left :-)

Greetings, Wolf  Wolfbln (talk) 01:12, March 30, 2016 (UTC) (admin)

about Angola Edit

Hi Xavier.

Thanks for the Angola article. It's really good. you are right: some basics are missing:

Frequencies: 2G 900, 1800, 3G 2100 and 4G 1800 MHZ on both providers: GSM arena is a good database for it.

Generally it's worth checking Telegeography's articles about the country: here. They are quite reliable.

You will learn that Movicel is shutting down its CDMA network, LTE has been switched on with them too on 1800 MHz and where. Both should be be added.

APN for Unitel is missing. Google is your friend: see  here

The numbers of the networks are out-of-date. Here on this Brazilian site, they are given for 2015. With 11 Mio. or 80% Unitel can be seen as a "dominant provider". May be you should tell the difference in network size. They should be the 1st choice as many locals seem to prefer them.

What is still missing: How much is a SIM card? I found 900 Kz. in an old article, but i don'T know if its still valid. And what are the requirements? passport, ID or not? According to this (at registro de datos persoais), you need to provide your personal data at purchase.

Tell me when you are finished. I'll might add some final touches and link it to the main page.

Thanks again, as this forum keeps my busy with updates and issues about lost credit (@Euro1) or the problem of illegal SIM cards (@Peru). This is really tricky. I don't want to support anything illegal in a country, but it's silly when you can buy an anonymous SIM at every street corner. I re-added Peru in a shortened version after a user protested. But I think, the legal aspect has to be at least considered. Also in Uzbekistan, it's not totally clear, but (unlike Peru) not seen as a problem. I added Peru again to the main page to get more feedback and opinions of other users about this issue. I'm planning to visit this country by myself in May to check the situation there. I think I should change it from Blacklist to Greylist.

As you are the only author who is adding countries right now, please go ahead. I have three major requirements for a country to be added:

1.) the basic facts must be publicly available  (they are for almost all countries, but are sometimes hard to find).

2.) there must be reports of travelers who have bought a SIM there (in guide books, traveler forums, expat sites etc.) The perspective of a visitor is often different to a local. We need local knowledge, but make this site for visitors.

3.) they offers of the (major) providers must be publicly available, on their website. It can also be on Facebook or whereever.

I have identified three major regions where there are still big gaps:

- Africa. But many countries are not clear for requirments, basics, rates etc...

- Caribbean: These countries are so small. But Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Haiti, Barbados etc. should be added. Often there are only one or two providers.

- small islands: somebody has already started with the Comoros and Guam. It's still a stub. But there are more...

I'd be hesitant about countries, where the legal situation is unlear like Tajikistan, that is on our greylist and many people wrote on the net, that they couldn't get a SIM there, others did it the "informal way." So the Peru problem again?

So keep on with your good work, thanks again and tell me when you have finished Angola.


about geo-restriction of apps Edit

Hi Xavier

Thanks for your comments about the Mexican apps. Generally, you are right. As the geo-restriction of the iTunes and Google Play store is very hard to change, only worldwide available apps should be mentioned. The restricted apps are hard to install if you don't have access to the stores. The geo-restriction seems to be connected to the billing address you give Google or Apple. Even if apps are very handy now, we shouldn't mention them if they are restricted.

Android users always have the chance to get it from a different store. But these are often connected to malware and you need to allow installation from unknown sources on your device. That's why I have extracted the Mi Orange app in Spain (for Euro1) and put the apk file to a filehoster. I hope Orange is not going to kill me.

It's even harder for Apple users. They actually have to jailbreak their device. I don't know why some providers geo-restrict their apps like German operators. It doesn't makes sense.

I recently became a bit more open about this issue. I'm right now in Spain using Android devices registered on a German Google email address. I used to be staying in the German Google Play store all the time. But this time I'm for no obvious reason in the Spanish Play Store suddenly. I didn't change my billing address. So Google finally may have changed the system of their geo-restriction. It used to be the senseless billing address and it seems to have shifted now to IP address or another locator (Google/Apple always knows where you really are). This would give access to the local stores of the operator of the SIM when you stay in the country. I couldn't confirm this independently and I don't know about Apple, but if that's proved to be true we can be more open about mentioning apps.

BTW. What about Zambia? Do you need help for that country? 

Please keep on improving this WIKI. Looking forward to your edits.

Wolfbln (talk) 16:33, April 26, 2016 (UTC) (admin) 

about Denmark order Edit

About Denmark.

We have a format problem when you insert another headline above the regular headline.

About 50% of our users access the pages through a mobile device with the mobile browser.

This creates a mess as the network information will be on bottom of the previous provider. Check it out. So I don't encourage this order right now.

Thanks for your help. I have the same problem with Germany and Switzerland where the order is according to networks.

Wolfbln (talk) 22:26, June 5, 2016 (UTC)(admin)

update about denmark Edit

Sure add Vectone Mobile.

But you have created a mess with the Denmark chapter in the mobile version. Take your smartphone and check it out. It needs to be compatible with it too. 50% of our user click this site on the mobile browser. Right now it's a mess, that you have created. So please change headlines again or I need to undo this.

Thanks for your help.

Wolfbln (talk) 22:39, June 5, 2016 (UTC) (admin)

Hi. I fixed the format issues of Denmark for the mobile site, hopefully.

Please add Vectone Mobile in Denmark as they give good data rates. Probably only on 3G? Or do they have 4G? We have already Vectone in the UK and Sweden, but I was not aware that they are sold in shops in Denmark.

The problem with sorting according to network is that the format here doesn't allow any headline above the regular headline. As we give every provider a regular headline, there can't be anything above. This is a problem in Germany and Switzerland too. It's not so important in the desktop editor, but looks strange in the mobile version as you can check.

Thanks for your understanding

Wolfbln (talk) 03:24, June 6, 2016 (UTC) (admin)

Zambia Edit

Hi Xavier.

Thanks for the Zambia chapter. it's great, has been a lot of work to type all the lists (I know for sure) and collect the information. I'm very pleased with it and will shortly link it to the main page as "last" country on the list.

As it's your baby, Xavier, I would like you to sort out the problems that I still have with the article:

@MTN: On their Facebook site, there is a discussion about rate hikes some weeks ago. And as far as I see your numbers in the article and those on their website for packages don't match: May be you can add their night and weekly bundles too. This is more important than Blackberrys bundles, as it only refers to old Blackberrys (see here).

@MTN: They seem to have in fact 4G/LTE on 1800 MHz. At least this article suggests it: It's not very heavily marketed though.

@ Basics: Can you add LTE for Zamtel and MTN on 1800 MHz and 2600 MHz. With the frequencies I'm not sure of, but taken from here.

@ Basics: May be you can add that VODAFONE aquired a 4G license in the country and is about to start with a 4G/LTE network soon:

@ Airtel: Can you mention that they were called not only Celtel, but also Zain previously. We keep mention the old names, as users often find it associated with the network carrier no. in their phones. And the network is then still called like it was some years ago.

@ Airtel: APN seems not right with 5.... That's not a vaild APN. A ramdom Google search for Airtel Zambia APN gives only few results but suggest: 'internet',

@ Zamtel: There are lots of complaints about poor speeds and coverage of this provider on the net. May be you should point out some words of slight discouragement not to use this provider as first choice.

@ Basics: Improperly registered SIM cards are about to be shut off:

@ Zamtel: Their 4G seems to be only in their shop in one town: I don't think they have employed it any further.

@ Zamtel: It is still Government-owned, not state-owned. May be you can add a few words:

Again, thanks for your great service you are doing to this WIKI here. You don't need to obey all my suggestions. As I've said it's your baby. Try to keep it updated. I will read your article once again and link it to the main page.

Wolfbln (talk) 16:16, June 7, 2016 (UTC) (admin)

Update Edit

Hi Xavier.

Thanks again for your add-ons to the article. I think the number Airtel gives for APN is in fact the number to call to get their APN specifications. Really stupid way of writing it on their website. Most people will be fine with just the word 'internet' to enter.

I added one clearification that just was issued:  Obviously, Vodafone has a license only for data, not voice. I wounder, if they are going to start a network there based on this.

I added your great work to the countries list.

Thanks too for your updates on the Blacklist and roaming in or rather outside of Belgium. What EU roaming offers are concerned, I'd suggest the following policy as EU rules are changing again next year: If the provider has a good offer below the EU cap/rules like special packages or a lower default roaming rate, it should be mentioned. This is true to BASE and Scarlet. But when the operator stays at the allowed EU cap or max. surcharges of 5-6ct/MB, we should skip it like Jim mobile or Orange. This is a rate that they are required by law to offer.

Thanks. From next week there will be more changes from my side again as I'm returning home from my trips to enjoy the summer in Europe. Thanks for your patience and keep on with your great work.

Vecton Mobile DK Edit

Vectone Mobile DK.

Hi Xavier. I thought you wanted to add Vectone in Denmark. They give good rates for data. Just do it. I was not aware that they sell it in shops too. But you've told me you purchased a SIM in the country. So it's much easier for you to add this section.

Or I'll prepare the article and you add your knowledge to it? With the discontinuation of Telenor SIM card, new options are needed for Denmark.

Thanks for your cooperation

Wolfbln (talk) 23:47, June 14, 2016 (UTC) (admin)

about Poland edit Edit

Hi Xavier.

You are right that I edited the Poland section recently. Only Heyah and perhaps Virgin is not yet uptodate. With the new regulations of mandatory registration coming into effect 25th of July there is a lot of uncertainty how starter packs can be obtained in the future. But we'll have to see, how the new system works at the end of the month.

About your two points:

1.) Their app. Almost every provider has an app now to check allowances and book packages. Should we mention every single one? The issue in Poland is language. For English speakers, it's not easy to use an app in Polish only. So is this app available in Polish only? I don't know, but I guess so. An app simply can't be put into an translator. So for many users, it'll only have a limited effect. I have nothing against mentioning their app, but you added this app twice to the article. I think this is a double. It's now mentioned in the "availabilty" section of RedBullMobile for its feature that you can use the PLAY24 app for RedBullMobile too. And in the Play section this app is mentioned in the "availability" part too: "You can download the Play24 app for iOS and Android to manage your account and check balances." I generally think that this is enough quotation for their PLAY24 app, as for English speakers it may not very easy to handle.

2.) RedBull's EU Roaming packages: There are some issues with this offer: At first: it's not official. I can't find it on the RedBullMobile website. There only the old 5 MB offer is mentioned, even if they have a special site about Roaming: They only mention this for prepaid: -and this is not a good deal at all.

The problem is with "inofficial" offers on this WIKI is that they are banned, as they simply can't be 'patroulled', e.g. checked if they are still on etc. I believe your info, simply because the RedBullMobile is a close clone to original Play prepaid - but I'd need an "official" confirmation somehow for this offer on their website.

So I guess, it simply works on RedBullMobile too. With all the roaming offers, we should have in mind that roaming surchages will be banned altogether from July 2017. So all these add-ons will be outdated then and roaming will be sold at a fraction of this price today for the same price as domestic data. It's going to be very hard to find all the add-ons to delete them again next summer. So I think we should only add one or two - simply the best offers in each EU country (if there are some at all). BTW It's also tricky to just display the packs and don't tell users the fallback of their default rate for EU roaming.

But to add the original PLAY roaming offer (link here) is tricky too. Officially they work only for Abonenty and Mix plans, not for prepaid as you can read in their pdf. They may work for prepaid or not on Play, I don't know. So the base for this info is just to thin: I works for you -> fine. They don't publish it -> not so good. It's a copy of their MNO for subscribers only -> that's why they are off. Finally, we have already published and confirmed Orange's PL EU roaming packs: 300 MB for 15Zl and these are confirmed for prepaid. I actually don't see Play/RedBullMobile beating this. So please understand why I took it off. I will take it on again, if you show me the offer on the RedBullMobile site :-)

But believe me, I'm generally very reluctant to take off info that is not outdated. Thanks for your understanding. Please keep on giving your info to this site.

Wolfbln (talk) 12:44, July 12, 2016 (UTC) (admin)

About Algeria Edit

Hi Xavier.

Thanks for starting with Algeria. I was planning to add this country for a long time now.

The only reason I didn't do it was that it's not clear if foreign visitors can get prepaid SIM cards in the country. Have you been there or know somebody visiting (not citizen) who has bought a SIM.

Because of visa restrictions, there are few visitors to this country and even fewer user reports online.

- one visitor said they refused to sell him a SIM at the airport

- another report says SIMs are sold at the airport, but restricted at other places.

- some reports in French only say that tourists need a certified copy of their passport. This certification can only made at "mairies" (town halls, municipalities) during regular working hours. 

As there are so different version, I didn't rate this country yet into a blacklist, greylist or without. 

Do you have more personal experience and can you show me some testimonials on the internet.

We should sort this out, as it's essential if a regular visitor to this country on a with or without a tourist visa can get a SIM.

Cheers, WOLF 

Wolfbln (talk) 16:53, November 14, 2016 (UTC) (admin)

Hi Wolf

What I read in terms and conditions of Mobilis is indeed you need a notarised copy of a piece of ID. This is however for subscribtions. So it means you need to visit a notariat office or townhall, make xerox and pay for notarisation. This is maybe complex but I guess less complex than turkey (greylisted) that sends you from one office to the other. Blacklist means totally impossible to me, but definitely greylist. Let me check further and even contact the operators to see what they say

Updates Algeria Edit

Hi Xavier.

I did some research about the situation in Algeria some time ago and it ended quite inconclusive. As you may speak French better that I do (judging from your name), I might give you some hints.

The local phone regulator there is: ARPT: the latest decision about the distribution of SIM cards is from 2015 and published here:

Probably you can  read a French law better than I do, but on p.4 it says: 

Considérant le deuxième alinéa de l’article 23.3 du cahier des charges relatif à l’établissement et l’exploitation d’un réseau public de télécommunications cellulaires de norme GSM et à la fourniture des services de télécommunications au public qui dispose que : « Tout client, abonné ou détenteur d’une carte prépayée, doit faire l’objet d’une identification précise comportant notamment les éléments suivants:  Prénoms et nom ;  Adresse ;  Photocopie d’une pièce d’identité officielle. Cette identification doit être faite au moment de la souscription de l’abonnement ou de la délivrance de la carte prépayée » ;

and on p.5: Une photocopie certifiée conforme à l’original d’une pièce d’identité officielle doit accompagner le dossier d’identification.

That means that you need a certified copy even for a prepaid SIM. But in the final law (pp. 6-9) the certified copy is not further mentioned. Has this decision replaced the former requirement?

Unfortunately, there are very few user testimonials about Algeria as this country is rarely travelled. Here is one forum thread from 2014 about this subject: It also indicates that a certified copy of your passport is needed. 

May be you can find out more. Right now, I would list Algeria in the Greylist because of these testimonials. I also don't know if there is a secondary (illegal) market. As we don't make this WIKI for Algerians only, we should have more information of how to get a prepaid SIM, before we include it in the countries list. I hope you understand. But I would like to add many more countries in Africa, only information about them is so unreliable.

Hope to hear from you soon,

Wolf Wolfbln (talk) 12:07, November 15, 2016 (UTC) (admin)

Belgian registration Edit

Hi Xavier.

Thanks for breaking this news. I was sceptical how Belgian online registration should work with thousands of IDs from all over Europe. But they just exclude them.

I think you are safe with Jim Mobile. They say on their website go to a Base shop and show your passport.

I'm quite critical about this move as Belgium belongs to the EU and has passed laws not to discriminate against other EU citizens.

I only hope that Germany will not make the same mistake when they will tighten the rules next summer. They said to maintain online registration, but not for whom.

I mean there are very split opinions about SIM card registration and whether it makes sense. But the Belgian way ist not the way to go obviously.

Thanks for your add-ons. Let's keep an eye on the situation there.

Wolfbln (talk) 15:39, January 25, 2017 (UTC) (admin) 

Lycamobile BE Edit

Hi Xavier.

The first user has put a comment about Lycamobile BE now that you need an eID for their activation too.

Lyca was on my watchlist as it's the only MVNO in Belgium still listed that is not confirmed to accept any other way.

The problem is: Is the eID really the only way? It's hard for me to believe that Lyca targeting foreigners really wants to loose a big portion of their customers by not registering them.

I sent them an email about the situation in French, but Lyca's support is very unreliable. 

Do you have any idea how to handle them? Shall we take them off the list? That's the first Lycamobile network we'd need to take off.

Thanks for your edits

Wolfbln (talk) 04:31, February 7, 2017 (UTC) (admin)

Algeria Edit

Hello Xavier.

Finally, you've made it. The Algeria chapter is great. I only streamlined some ways or writing and converted one chart. But its contents is so good, there is nothing to add.

I'm really glad that Algeria has been finished now. Phcoder and other are pushing hard to add new countries. But I'm only willing to do it when it has a certain standard like your article.

Anyway, if you want to add some more French-speaking countries of Africa, I'd be very willing to help you with infos and advice. I think Africa can be much better on our Wiki that it's right now. And we get more and more reliable informations even from countries like Benin.

Just check my edits of Algeria (but these are only formats and writings) and I will link it to the main page tomorrow.

Thanks again for the great work.

WOLF Wolfbln (talk) 13:21, March 13, 2017 (UTC) (admin)

Djibouti Edit

Hi Xavier.

Wow. After spending 1/2 year on Algeria, Djibouti was real fast. You have gathered most of the information. It's really hard to find more.

Generally, when we talking about Africa some words about coverage and speeds are good for this or that country. I mostly use the OpenSignal map to take a look. As these are logged speeds and coverages. But it gives only a very rough picture.

For Djibouti I'd say something like "Mobile phone coverage is pretty good across Djibouti." That's what Lonely Planet says. " 

And something like:  "for data you can expect some Mbps when 3G is available."

It was very hard to find their APN which is astonishing. I think it is "dtinternet". Take a look on the 4th post in this forum page. I looks trustworthy and this is a hacker and tech-savy forum:

I'm adding Algeria now to the general list.

Thanks again, Wolf

Djibouti and Mauritania Edit

Hi Xavier.

Mauritania will be added soon.  

About Djibouti. One good thing about a state telco is, that the president orders a law with rates. In this decree, it's very clear, that it's 1000 F for standard and 2000 F micro and nano:

On a different area as you are a French-speaker:

Any idea what to do with the French overseas departments La Réunion and La Mayotte. I wanted to do an article for a while now, as they are EU territories. I'm only waiting for Iliad to rebrand Only Télecom there into Free mobile soon. 

But how should we call it? Réunion only? Because 'La Réunion' I can still order it manually at R in the main list. Nobody will look at L for La Réunion. But the automatic order in continents category will take it to L when I call it 'La Réunion' which is the right name and no way to change this. Same for La Mayotte. Any idea how to deal with it?

Thanks again for your good work. May be will get world coverage with a few exceptions soon as this summer we will probably focus on EU here.

Wolfbln (talk) 22:25, March 13, 2017 (UTC) (admin)

Hi Wolf I would use Réunion and Mayotte

Burkina Faso Edit

Thanks for starting Burkina Faso.

Airtel there was bought by France Télécom and will be soon rebranded into Orange:

Burkina Faso and Roaming Edit

Hi Xavier.

Thanks for your article about Burkina Faso. But things are moving so fast in Africa ... you have to change it :-)

As we expected Orange has rebranded Airtel:

They made a nice presentation:

They actually have a new website, even Google is not aware of: The forfaits have changed slightly.

Another problem I have with this Westafrican roaming. I think it's nothing like here in the EU. Togo has joined there too:

But what irritates me is the sentence: ‘The free roaming will enter into force on 31 March 2017, [which] will enable those travelling within six Protocol countries … to receive and make calls as if they were in their own country.’

So what about data? According to this source:   "la taxe de réception d'appels dans un pays étranger sera supprimée."  Only incoming voice roaming will be scrapped. Here it's confirmed: "Il faut noter que cette mesure concerne pour le moment seulement les appels."

Or here:

So it will be misleading to mention it on a site that focus on data. You can mention it only with the restriction to voice. I hope we will do better in Europe this summer.

Happy weekend, WOLF

Wolfbln (talk) 21:02, March 17, 2017 (UTC)

Lycamobile Belgium Edit

Hi Xavier.

What should we do about Lycamobile in Belgium?

1.) There are press reports in Belgium that they haven't complied with the rules:

in English:

in Dutch:

2.) A user is reporting that Lyca now sells SIM cards with registration. See comments in Belgium.

3.) Lycamobile finally has a website with details, FAQ and locator of stores to register. In French:

So should we re-add Lycamobile in Belgium?

Scarlet and Mobile Vikings still require a Belgian bank card, AldiTalk is for Belgians only. That still disqualifies them from being listed  Vectone mobile and Carrefour mobile have still only an online registration which seems to me to be against the rules. So I wouldn't list them.

So I'd like to hear your opinion about re-adding Lycamobile at least. It's the biggest MVNO in Belgium after all.

Thanks Wolf Wolfbln (talk) 22:38, March 21, 2017 (UTC)

Belgium on blacklist? Edit

Hi again Xavier.

To blacklist Belgium? No way. I mean they disobey European law with accepting only Belgian IDs (meaning only Belgian residents), but this is not confirmed yet. Base says that "non-Europeans" should bring their passports instead of the ID card: I mean there are EU countries where citizens don't have ID cards (like in the UK). But there still seems to be a way to register for foreigners.

I will re-add Lycamobile with a reference that new users shall check that they are properly registered to avoid being shut off. But I'm not so sure how they can do this.

What Carrefour and Vectone mobile are concerned, their websites still have an anonymous menu with data to enter which seems not be verified. This is clearly against the Belgian law. But it would be easy to allow registration in Carrefour markets as they do in Spain, France and Italy.

I'm really curious how they going to do it in Germany from this summer. It's so without sense right now. There are many users saying you need to be a German resident to register, which is not true. Probably, because you have to give an address. They are now talking about a video ID for SIM cards bought in supermarkets and petrol stations.....

Whether it makes sense or not, we need need to monitor the situation.

Thanks again and tell me when another country is ready to be linked

Wolfbln (talk) 09:07, March 22, 2017 (UTC) (admin)

Burkina Faso and Belgium Edit

Hi Xavier.

Thanks for Burkina Faso. I will add it in the next days to the list. Sorry for the delay, but I'm travelling and other users keep me busy here :-)  

You may notice that I downgraded Telecel to 2G-only. Do you have any link that proves that they actually started 3G? I only found announcements:

for 2015: 

for 2016:

But I couldn't find any source, that they have 3G now. Your Open Signal stats of Telecel I couldn't reproduce too. So I downgraded them to 2G. Anyway, they are clear the worst network and this can be made more visible.

What Belgium is concerned I'm thinking of re-adding Vectone Mobile and Carrefour. They both have now online forms for foreigners to register. I'm still not convinced that this is fully according the law, but this is not our problem. When they register foreigners, there is no reason to ban them. Can you check them both and what do you think?

BTW. If you want to work on more countries in Africa, I have some links to "easy" countries in French. Just tell me, when you like to add some more, I can give you the links for the article. I only don't have time right now to write them.

Hope to hear from you

WOLF Wolfbln (talk) 23:41, April 30, 2017 (UTC) (admin)

Denmark Edit

Hi Xavier.

Denmark and EU roaming

Hi Wolf, I made some updates myself and will be visiting Denmark this weekend. I read about maybe 2 possible new entrants here: Nettalk from the Netto Supermarket chain and OK.

Denmark can really need a boost:-)

Nettalk looks interesting. Starter will be probably sold in Netto discounter supermarkets. That's a big chain there. May be you can check them. They really still include roaming. I changed the wording about roaming in the Basics about Denmark as most provider not only opt out, but stop offering internatl. roaming.

Problems I see with Nettalk. It's called subscription (Abonnement). So is it prepaid? You can buy a 1-month- subscription. But you need to link a credit card. Do they accept foreign cards??? What about the "registration" they state on the website. May be you can check this out in Denmark. there I'm afraid it's a rather inaccessible offer for foreigner like Coop Mobile.

I don't know yet how to treat Lycamobile as their policy not releasing the packages for roaming is clearly against the regulation in all EU countries. I guess this has to be reversed. But we may add a warning in the meantime.

OK mobil I guess you have to look for at OK gas stations, that are marked on Google Maps. For your old home country I added Carrefour and Vectone again. I think they have sorted out their registration problems now.

I will be personally travel in Europe a lot this summer and check out interesting offers. Portugal, Romania, Netherlands, Austria, Slovakia, Poland and Italy will be on my agenda. When you can read German, please check this thread on Telefon-Treff:

Thanks for your great work. I appreciate this a lot. Don't worry about Africa. I push this back in time for winter. We really need to figure out these new EU rules and how to take advantage of them.

Wolfbln (talk) 12:09, June 9, 2017 (UTC) (admin)

Belgian edit Edit

Hi Xavier.

As you care so much for Belgium. There are sometimes edits, I don't know what to do with them. Because I really don't understand them.

Like this:

What is a "badder" coverage? Does he mean better or more bad = worse coverage. May be you have a clue and can fix it. Thanks again.


Registration in Germany Edit

Seems like Germany is making registration and activation even more complex than Algeria if Telekom and others ask for a Meldebestätigung or you need to find a Wifi to get activated. greylist germany ?

Hi Xavier. I did some research on this topic last week. The new rules have just been implemented and are not quite working like planned. The operators often did some last minute efforts, even if the new law has been on the table for 18 months now.

At least, ALDI is not stopping its offer like in Belgium and all brands will stay in Germany for prepaid. There are contradicting reports from the operators. I walked a shopping street in Berlin last week and dropped in each store to ask around and everybody told me something different.

Telekom can be very picky about the address. They even demanded this Meldebestätigung for a German passport (that doesn't have an address) from me while Vodafone next door said, any passport will do without. O2 seems to be most relaxed about the new rules and also does no restrictions which was confirmed by a company rep. to me this morning in a chat.

On top of that Lebara still sells pre-activated SIM and Lyca probably too (remember Belgium earlier this year?). I mean it's hard to figure out any sense in these new laws, but that the brands most preferred by Syrian immigrants simply don't comply, makes it even more ridiculous.

I see two issues right now. 1.) It can take a while until this double verification is processed. But I hope things will speed up a bit, when the new system is running smoothly. 2.) The Video ID companies don't accept all passports from overseas yet, but only from Europe and the most important countries like China, Japan, USA etc...

This can lead to the following situation: You buy a Lidl Connect starter in a Lidl store without any reference to certain countries, tear the package open to enter phone no. and SIM ID online to be referred to Video ID of WebID. But they are only able to confirm about 50 countries/passports so far. No other way offered yet and no way to return the package as it has been opened already. This is really a scam!

I don't think that finding an "open" WiFi is such a big issue nowadays for the Video ID as the Störerhaftung (liability of the WiFi owner for illegal downloads) has been scrapped and many WLANs are opening up in the country. Hotels, restaurants, airports, shopping malls, in Berlin even every metro station has it now. 

I hope that the registration situation will improve and these are starter problems. Most visitors will get a prepaid starter registered somehow, but choice may be limited for them if they come from an "unusual" country from overseas and it can take a while. I will add some provider-specific details later to the German chapter. I don't think it's Greylist yet. We need to wait for some feedback of users being really unable to get any available option. On the other hand we should warn them about the possible problems they are going to face ....

I'm glad that EU's 'roam like at home' is working at least - so that many visitors coming from other EU countries can keep on using their (mostly unregistered) SIMs. This is really not nice for a country that has a pride in being open to the world and critical about surveillance. But similar to Belgium, events in recent months have made authorities do such nonsense and the public doesn't resist.

Thanks for your updates so far. We need to keep an eye on Germany. For me as a national, it's sometimes not so easy to see things from the perspective of a foreigner. Please help me with that.

WOLF Wolfbln (talk) 10:10, July 7, 2017 (UTC) (admin)

Deutsche Telekom Edit

Hi Xavier.

I'm watching prepaid registration closely in Germany. And I decided to (temporarily) greylist the country. But the picture is very diverse (similar to the country):

  • Vodafone and O2 are registering all nations in their stores by passport and ID card. They take any given address as "address" like hotel addresses, B&B or wherever.
  • The Video/Online/Web ID companies can only register certain major countries. In the lists they give out, most EU countries are listed and major other countries. Problems are those operators, that rely solely on them.
  • Lycamobile and Lebara are building up own registration points and I guess they take anyone with any ID.

The situation with Telekom is really very tricky. I'm a German citizen and they refused twice to register a SIM card on my passport, once in a T-Punkt store, the other time on their own video ID. The sticky point is the address, that every German has, but is not written in a passport. They want to see an additional Meldebestätigung (certification of residency). The old telecom law required to collect name, address and a few other data. But this was not verified at that time. The new law requires the operator to verify the data. A request at the regulator Bundesnetzagentur (BNetzA) made clear, that an operator is only required to verfiy the data which is in the ID document. When there is no address, there is no verification of it. However, Telekom still insists on this address. This means that users from the EU can normally pass with their national ID document  (if they have an address). A passport plus anything official with name and address can do as well. But for many users from overseas, it becomes very very tricky and subject to the good will of the agent.

When I take off Telekom, users will complain: why? Some people can still be registered, others not. Now, I clearly recommend other providers or even Lebara on the Telekom network as being more accessible. As a German national, I'm not a good example to act as a foreigner, but when I can't make it, they will never do :-) That's why I decided to GREYLIST Germany. I think this category is right for the moment, as most other providers wont pose much of a problem for most foreigners. They still want to make money and some charge extra for the service of registration. A huge "secondary" market, or "black market" pops up on eBay and it seems to be legal. The re-sale of previously registered SIM cards is not an offence. And there are still ways to get anonymous SIM cards which I better don't specify.

If you can read German, you can follow my trials and discussions about this on the Telefon-Treff forum:

Wolfbln (talk) 23:03, August 8, 2017 (UTC) (admin)

Hallo Xavier.

Das Problem beschränkt sich leider nicht nur auf Telekom und Congstar. Bei den beiden Providern macht die Adresse Probleme. Für manche EU-Ausländer ist das aber trotzdem möglich. Ich habe bei Telekom, Constar, ja/Penny und Lebara jetzt Abschnitte mit dem Titel "SIM card registration" dazu geschrieben. Ich denke, solche Abschnitte sollten spezifisch für alle Anbieter in die Artikel.

Das 2. Problem besteht im online/video/web ID. Erstens ist es überlastet und dauert. Dann können die Agents auch nur bestimmte Länder registrieren. Wenn es noch einen anderen Weg gibt (wie Lebara, Lyca, Aldi, O2, Vodafone......) mag das klappen. Aber einige Provider bieten das als einzigen Weg: LidlConnect, AyYildiz, Ortel, Blau usw.... Dann müsste man die auch rausnehmen..... Aber für Bürger von 50+ Ländern ist das wieder kein Problem. Allerdings sagt nicht jeder die Listen so klar wie Lebara.

Ich denke, es ist besser die User zu sensibilisieren, statt zu zensieren. Wenn wir Telekom rausnehmen, fragen die User warum. Und es wird immer User geben, die es schaffen wie der Brite mit seinem Führerschein. Du kannst ja mal aus Belgien mit dem eID testen, denn der hat ja keine Adresse drauf :-) Aus Übersee mit Pass ohne Adresse und aus bestimmten Ländern -> dann kann es Probleme geben im Laden oder auch online. Darum ist jetzt ein langer Teil in Basics Kapitel über diese Registrierung. Und jeder Provider bekommt nochmal einen eigenen Abschnitt über die Wege und Probleme, die uns bekannt sind. Eine dänische oder schwedische Personnummer bekomme ich als Ausländer grundsätzlich nicht - Telekom kann klappen oder auch nicht.

Ich habe versucht, erstmal abzuwarten, aber neutral zu sein. Das "Greylist"-Ranking ist auch vorübergehend. Vielleicht ändert sich Telekom ja noch und das System wird besser - Österreich will es ja kopieren! Aber ein Kriterium für Greylist ist etwa: "major operators can't be activated by visitors or travellers" und das trifft z.B. auf Telekom teilweise zu.

Gruß Wolf

Wolfbln (talk) 00:33, August 9, 2017 (UTC)

Togo, Benin, Ivory Coast, Germany Edit

Salut Xavier.

Thanks for your great work.

@ Togo: I may add some comments from third sources next week, but it looks great

@ Ivory Coast: We should check out if it should be called Ivory Coast or Coute d'Ivore. I had no problems to find MTN's data packages here:   If you check their Conditions, it will show an USSD command and it only makes sense, if thats prepaid:

I think the term "forfaits" is used in Africa for prepaid packs too, not only for contracts like in France as >95% use prepaid in Africa. 

@ Benin: It should be possible to check the national regulator which is called ARCEP like in France  Under Publications you can download a few reports about coverage, subscriber numbers aso...

Please also check Telegeography for the latest news about these yountries:

or Benin /benin/  or Ivory Coast like this: /cote-divoire/

@ Germany: I used Vodafone's and O2 webID two days ago. Vodafone uses WebID, O2 PostID. Both online video verifications worked out quite well. Not all countries can be registered, but at least they publish lists and don't ask for an verified address. As Telekom has arguably the best network (in 4G) in Germany and their registration for forerigners seems to be a hit and miss, I would keep them listed with this warning. I mean there is often a Vodafone or O2 store next door. And O2 actually accepts "Ausweise" I have never heard of before: elektronischer Aufenthaltstitel, even: Fiktionsbescheinigung.... Problem with Vodafone is now confirmed for Berlin. Some stores are franchise and at thier POS registration they want to earn something extra. A €10 CallYA starter suddenly costs €20 incl. registration and a minimum top-up of € ##. Then, it's better to get your registration online. PostID for O2's brands actually offer 5 languages for the video chat already. I will gather my info for Telefon-Treff and will add some info later about Vodafone and O2 for each operator.

@ Austria: I'm currently, in Austria. I bought a SIM in a store. The employee scanned it ---- beep --- and it was activated. I really remembered the good old days....

Thanks for your great work. I will try to complete Zimbabwe soon, but these chapters are read by few people. So I put my priorities to EU roaming and SIM card registration in Germany as this is really hard to work out for locals too and it gets much more interest by reader. Later this autumn I'd like to collect "recommended" roaming SIM cards, as users keep on asking for them. So Africa needs to wait a while from my side.....

So I'm very grateful that you go ahead with it 13:32, August 11, 2017 (UTC) (admin) 

Edits for the Ivory Coast Edit

Hi Xavier.

I have severe problems with some edits user Timbo82za from South Africa made in the Ivory Coast article. As you wrote this article and speak better French than me, please check this.

1.) ORANGE data bundles. The guy has added the double or triple volumes. They are not on their homepage

But on Facebook and Twitter they mention these bundles in the last days:

But clearly the monthly bundles are double not triple in size and I'm not so sure about this promotion. Is it from 5/6 Oct or is it only on 5th or 6th October for bundles activated on this very day??? I'm generally reluctant to add promotions, as nobody takes them off when they are finished. But we can't take a special promotion for one day as a listed price. I'd mention the regular price and may add that there are promotions (see Facebook or Twitter).

2.) MOOV data bundles: 

The new 3G/4G bundles can be found here: at Promotions Moov 4G.

I totally disagree with the 3G/4G numbers. The different volumes are given out according to day of activation: 

  • 100% Bonus  = Tous les Lundis, Mercredis, Jeudis, Vendredis et Samedis
  • 200% Bonus = Tous les  Mardis

He might have added this promotion: we can't add regional offers. That's how he get the different 3G and 4G numbers I guess. I suggest to only list the non-promotional volumes and may be add that they give on Mondays etc.... double and Tuesdays activation triple data as well as for some interior regions.

Again, a throttled rate is called unlimited in the table. This is banned according to the rules of this Wiki. Either put in the FUP quota 100GB or put unlimited in "unlimited". 

When we leave the numbers like this, Orange and Moov look like the cheapest offers. But these are promotions and some strings are attached. When we mention promotions at all, these conditions must be mentioned as well.

In the South Africa article his edits were mostly OK, but shall we call a 1-day bundle that auto-renews "1-Day bundle" or rather "daily bundle"? I think it's confusing to call weekly or monthly (recurring) bundles "week" or "month" bundles. He also writes Day like you like to do in capital letter. Is there any reason for this?

Can you fix the Ivory Coast tables again? I might protect the article for a while, because these changes cause more confusion than guidance.

I'm returning from my US trip soon and will spend more time in autumn for this Wiki. It might needs a facelift and I hope that you will support me with the rest of African nations to add this winter.

Tschüss WOLF und vielen Dank, merci, dank u wel

Wolfbln (talk) 03:23, October 7, 2017 (UTC) (admin)

Hi Wolf
+ On the belgium page an anonympus contributor is claiming that activation by visiting a shop can take up to a week. The contributor however does not mention at what shop he had this experience. I cannot believe that in a proximus shop they would send your registration to hq. If this would be new practice with all providers we better greylist as it means you cannot get a sim working on the go  

Salut Xavier.

I think this is rubbish. It's OK that you have revised this edit.

I personnally bought a prepaid SIM from Orange in Brussels in June. I didn't take days to register. It took some hours though. There is no need to Greylist Belgium. Prepaid SIMs are really easy to get. Maybe the dealer was to lazy to send data back to HQ. In my case he sent it rightaway and it took 2-3 hours to be activated.

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