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Uzbekistan with the highest country code of +998, has 4 national GSM-based network operators:

  • Mobiuz (formerly UMS)
  • Beeline
  • Ucell
  • Uztelecom (Uzmobile)

This is added by Perfectum on CDMA-only (not compatible to GSM networks) and the Korean-backed wireless broadband provider EVO that operates on WiMAX (not compatible to GSM networks) and shifts to TD-LTE now covering mostly Tashkent only. EVO only markets home plans with Mifis or other routers up to now. That's why they are not listed.

2G/GSM is on 900 and 1800 MHz, 3G on 2100 MHz. 4G/LTE has started on 2600 MHz (B7) on Ucell and Beeline on 850 MHz (B5, B18) with additional 700 MHz (B28) on Ucell, 800 MHz (B20) on, 1800 MHz (B1) on Uztelecom and with EVO using TDD-LTE on 2300 MHz (B40) dubbed as "Super iMAX". 5G is being rolled out by Ucell and Uzmobile on 3500 MHz (B78).


For many years Uzbekistan has been struggling to bring its telecommunications system up to the standard found in developed countries. Over the last two decades the situation has been gradually transforming, but coverage and speeds are still quite low outside the major population centers. 


Visitors and travelers to the country can buy a SIM card. Officially, they need to show their passport and a confirmation of their registration at a hotel. Some providers only deal with foreigners through specific outlets. There are vendors around trying to sell you a SIM card already registered to somebody else.

In 2018 giving out SIM cards to tourists has become an officially endorsed policy now. It might not be possible at every branch of the operator, but a list is going to be compiled of locations and you need to show your passport for registration. In order to become a subscriber of any cellular company in Uzbekistan, a foreign citizen must provide two documents:

  1. international passport;
  2. a document confirming the right of temporary residence in the territory of Uzbekistan (temporary residence permit or hotel check-in), though sometimes the address of the shop is used in the registration.

IMEI registration (effective 2019)[]

As of September 2019, all importers and manufacturers of mobile phone devices (including those imported for personal use) must register them by their internal IMEI numbers in the special database. This applies to all SIM-enabled tablets, smartphones, mobile / functional phones, portable devices (including PDAs), adapters, WLAN routers, IoT devices, vehicles, e-books, communication modules, computers, modems and wearable devices.

All non-resident individuals using the SIM card of a local mobile operator for more than 30 calendar days need to register their device for free to avoid being blocked. Non-residents are given permission to use mobile services for 30 calendar days from the moment of the first network registration. If a non-resident uses the SIM card of a local mobile operator for more than 30 calendar days, s/he must register the IMEI codes of his devices manually themselves. The operators may help you in doing the registration for you, but you have to pay for the registration yourself in the Paynet terminals you find in front of many shops. In case you do not have the exact change, the difference will be add to your mobile number balance the next day.

You can check the status of your registration and if you need to register your device where to do it on this website: To register via your phone, you need to have the uzbek sim card active, dial *1170#, select the language and follow the instructions. You need the IMEI number and your passport number to perform the registration. Upon registration you will receive the payment reference number to use when performing the payment via the Paynet terminal.


Uzbek providers used to quote their charges in US$, whereas transactions were done in so'm, their national currency. In 2017 the US$ was un-linked and the so'm started to float. As a result the exchange rate to the US dollar increased from 4,210 Uzbek soʻm to 8,100 Uzbek soʻm. From now on the rates are displayed in so'm, also written as sum or UZS.


The Uzbek market is dominated by the three major players Mobiuz (UMS), Beeline and Ucell. Uztelecom is the main landline provider and is rapidly expanding. The three major providers all have a tourist plan, that can be added by data packages. (formerly: UMS)[]

Logo mobiuz

new logo and brand

UMS for Universal Mobile Systems used to be a joint venture between the Russian operator MTS and the state radio and television broadcaster. In 2016 MTS exited the country and sold its majority stake to the government and UMS/ can be considered as state-owned now.

UMS will start phased rebranding from 2019. It's now considered as one of the best providers in the country. In 2014 they have made a relaunch and gained many subscribers since then with an expanding coverage (coverage map).


old logo

In June 2016 they launched 4G/LTE services in Tashkent. Their LTE network uses the 800 MHz, 1800 MHz and 2600 MHz (Bands 3, 7, 20) and is up to 70 Mbps. In 2017 Samarkand was added to be further expanded. 4G services are available at no extra cost for existing 3G subscribers with compatible devices and SIMs. For 4G you may need a 4G SIM and enter *222*1# to activate.

Tourist Plan[]

For incoming tourists to Uzbekistan they offer two different base plans:

  • Tourist SIM Lite: 200 domestic minutes, 200 domestic SMS and 3 GB data: 21,000 sum
  • Tourist SIM: 400 domestic minutes, 400 domestic SMS and 8 GB data: 42,000 sum

Overuse is 421.04 sum per MB, but you can add data packages.

You can't switch to other base plans. The Tourist SIM is active for 30 days from the moment of activation. After 30 days from the date of activation of the SIM card, the subscriber number is forcibly blocked. Up to three numbers can be connected to one foreign passport. Connections to this tariff plan are carried out on the basis of the original passport of a foreign citizen (incoming tourist) and the presence of a stamp in the passport on crossing the border of Uzbekistan valid at the time of connecting the number. Connection is available only within 30 days from the date indicated in the stamp. Connection to this tariff is not availbable for foreign citizens and stateless persons with permanent residence in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

To check general balance: *100#, to check data balance, enter *102#. For LTE access you may need to enter *222*1# to activate.

Data feature packs[]

Mobiuz offers different types of internet packages:

Data Time Price Activation
50 MB 24 hours 2,500 sum *102*50#
100 MB 4,000 sum *102*100#
200 MB 6,000 sum *121*1*200#
300 MB 7,000 sum *121*1*300#
500 MB 7,500 sum *121*1*500#
1 GB 10,000 sum *121*1*1000#
2 GB 14,000 sum *121*1*2000#
3 GB 19,000 sum *121*1*3000#
5 GB 24,000 sum *121*1*5000#
10 GB 35,000 sum *121*1*10000#
300 MB 30 days 12,000 sum *102*300#
500 MB 16,500 sum *102*500#
1 GB 22,000 sum *102*1000#
2 GB 33,000 sum *102*2000#
3 GB 45,000 sum *102*3000#
5 GB 56,000 sum *102*5000#
10 GB 84,000 sum *102*10000#
20 GB 150,000 sum *102*20000#
30 GB 164,000 sum *102*30000#
50 GB 252,000 sum *102*50000#

After the volume is exhausted or the 30 days have lapsed, the default rate is charged until a new plan is subscribed.

For night owls there is a an unlimited data package that also auto-renews until deactivated. These packs are for use between midnight and 8am for 30 nights:

Data Price Activation
1 GB 6,000 sum *203*1000#
2 GB 11,000 sum *203*2000#
3 GB 15,000 sum *203*3000#
5 GB 20,000 sum *203*5000#
10 GB 30,000 sum *203*10000#
20 GB 45,000 sum *203*20000#
50 GB 60,000 sum *203*50000#

First the volume of the talk tariff is used before the internet plan MB's are consumed. In case of night packages booked on top of normal internet packs, the night allowance is used at nighttime before the normal allowance will be consumed. Changing the talk tariff will not have effect on the allowances of the data plans. To keep using the internet services you have to ensure that at least some sum is still in your account.

More info[]



Beeline logo in English

Beeline is the second provider in the country. It's controlled by Russian-backed Veon (formely VimpelCom). In 2016 it covers 88% of the population by 2G, 52% with 3G and also started 4G/LTE in Tashkent in 2015 expanding to other towns.

In 2020 the 4G network is available for subscribers of the cities of Tashkent, Angren, Gazalkent, Chirchik, Bekabad, Yangibazar, Zhumabazar, Gulistan, Samarkand, Jizzakh, Zhuma, Bulungur, Urgut, Paishanba, Namangan, Andijan, Ferghana, Margilsha, Shakhabis, Kokand , Termez, Kitaba, Kasan, Mubarak, Chirocci, Charagan, Angora, Bukhara, Gijduvan, Kagan, Navoi, Zarafshan, Pockets, Nukus, Urgench, Khiva. You need a 4G SIM card and device for LTE 850 (band 18 and band 5), LTE 1800 (band 3) and LTE 2600 (band 7). You may need to activate 4G by *110*889#. Coverage map as well as the points of sales can be checked here.


Beeline logo with Russian

Tourist Plan[]

Their Tourist Plan is called Hello and available in 2 sizes and lasts for 30 days. Sim card is included when signing up, and an eSIM QR-code voucher can be provided as well.

Name Domestic Calls Data Texts Price
Hello 1 1000 mins 20 GB 1000 50,000 sum
Hello 2 2000 mins 50 GB 1000 100,000 sum

Data overuse is at 100 sum per MB. You can check balances by *103#, 106# and 109#.

Connection to this tariff is available only for foreign inbound tourists who have arrived in Uzbekistan. It's not available for foreign citizens and stateless persons with a permanent residence in the Republic of Uzbekistan. A package of included minutes, SMS and MB is provided for a period of 30 days. The package can be extended up to 90 days after activation of the Sim Card. After 90 days it will be possible to switch to another tariff line to keep the SIM card alive. If after 14 days no new package has been selected, the SIM reservation charge of 421 sum per day is charged.

Data feature packs[]

Beeline offers 'Mini-Packs' for short-time or monthly packages for data.

Data Time Price Activation
30 MB 1 day 1,900 sum *110*0*16#
150 MB 4,900 sum *110*0*17#
100 MB 7 days 6,900 sum *110*0*18#
400 MB 11,900 sum *110*0*19#
260 MB 30 days 13,472 sum *110*0*03#
800 MB 23,155 sum *110*0*04#
1.5 GB 31,575 sum *110*0*05#
2.1 GB 42,100 sum *110*0*06#
4 GB 54,730 sum *110*0*07#
6 GB 84,200 sum *110*0*08#
8.5 GB 113,670 sum *110*0*09#
13 GB 138,930 sum *110*0*15#
20 GB 168,400 sum *110*0*27#
35 GB 210,500 sum *110*0*28#
70 GB 252,600sum *110*0*29#

You can check data consumption within the packages by dialing code *103#. On all monthly packages you get 30% extra for social media on Facebook, OK.RU, Telegram, Viber and WhatsApp. Check your data balance, by dialing *103#.


While you are roaming or need to recharge remotely without visiting any retail shop, you can use online portal such as which allows to recharge prepaid number of Beeline or any other operators. All type of bank cards are accepted including crypto currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum or USDT.

More information[]

  • Website in Uzbek and Russian only:
  • APN:
  • Check voice/text balance: *102#, check internet MB balance: *103#
  • Apps: Beeline offers an app for Android, iOS and Windows Phones as well as a java-based applet, allowing the user to check the balance and to manage the tariffs. Unlike with Ucell, the interface is only available in Russian. Look for Beeline Start in the respective app-markets or click on one of the links provided on their website, which offers the app for Android as an APK file as well.

Ucell []


Ucell is the largest company in number of subscribers and used to be owned by Telia. In 2018 it was sold to State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan for Assistance to Privatized Enterprises and Development of Competition.

Ucell is available as 2G on 900 and 1800 MHz, as 3G UMTS on 2100 MHz band for 3G with coverage in main cities and has launched 4G in 700 MHz (Band 28), 1800 MHz (Band 3) and 2600 MHz (band 7 adn 38) with coverage across a good part of Uzbekistan. 5G Services have started in Tashkent and Samarkand on 3500 MHz (Band 78): Ucell coverage map

Availability and recharge[]

Because registration is mandatory, bring your passport. In Tashkent Airport, Ucell has its own desk at the luggage claim area and sells the Doimiy tariffs at the normal listed price. Payment on the spot can be done with a foreign visa and mastercard debit cards there as well. Typically the address of the outlet is used as your address on registration. Otherwise the sim cards are available in Ucell shops, but you may need to show a proof of address of where you stay. eSims are available as well and no fee is charged for new subscribers, existing subscribers can convert to eSim for 10,000 sum.

You can top-up online through the website or use local top-up providers, self-service cash machines and PayMobile outlets or via the app. Because only local bank cards are accepted, topping up from abroad will only work via top-up providers like and

To check your balance dial *100#, *102# or *103#. You can also use the Ucell App to manage your account, packages and check the balance. The app works in Uzbek, Russian and in English.

Smartphone Plans (Doimiy)[]

When purchasing a SIM card, a monthly base plan needs to be selected. When migrating from an existing plan to a different plan, a migration fee may be charged which can be consulted here. Basically you pay a migration fee on top of the subscription when you migrate from an expensive plan to a cheaper plan. All plans offer free domestic calls and left-over data will move to the next month. Overusage is charged at 50 sum/MB for Doimiy 40, and 25 sum/MB in the other tariffs. Depending on the tariff selected, unlimited data to Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, WhatsApp, and other social media is included. To check remaining balances dial *100#. Switching tariffs is done via *120#. At the 31st day the price will be deducted again from the balance. With *222# it is possible to restart a new bundle earlier. If the plan renewal has failed due to insufficient balance, the line will be in blocked status for maximum 150 days. After 150 days after last succesfull recharge, the line will be terminated.

Name Data Texts Price
Doimiy 40 12 GB 1000 40,000 sum
Doimiy 55 22 GB 1500 55,000 sum
Doimiy 70 40 GB 2000 70,000 sum
Doimiy 100 100 GB 2500 100,000 sum
Doimiy 150 200 GB 3000 150,000 sum

Data Only[]

The data only plan is Internet 60, providing 30 GB of data for 60,000 sum. The plan can be selected via *120# or via the Ucell App.

Tourist Plan[]

Ucell has revamped their offer for tourists and now offers the Tourist plan for 80,000 Sum per month. This offer is, however, not actively promoted at the airport desk anymore, instead the Doimiy tariffs are offered to tourists as well

  • 50 GB Data
  • 45000 minutes of domestic calls
  • 1500 SMS messages to Uzbek numbers
  • Unused data, calls and messages are availble in the next month.
  • If data is used up, the internet connection is closed, unless the user purchases a data bundle or activates the pay per MB option via USSD *727#

Overuse fees are 25 sum per MB. International SMS messages cost 1000 Sum.

The tariff plan is available for connection only when a subscriber provides a passport of a foreign citizen. After the initial month it is possible to swap to other tariff plans via USSD *120# or the Ucell App.

Data feature packs[]

Ucell has daily, weekly and monthly data packages that can be add on top of the existing plan: The cost is deducted from the balance. All packages auto-renew as long as there is balance, unless a deactivation code has been sent (or selected via the Ucell App). To change packages, the old package has to be deactivated first and you will receive a text message confirming the activation of the package. Check the status of your package by dialing the code *107#

These packages can be loaded on all voice packages and auto-renew each day until a deactivation code is sent.

Data Time Price Activation
5 MB 24 hours 390 sum *555*1*1*1#
10 MB 550 sum *555*1*2*1#
20 MB 790 sum *555*1*3*1#
35 MB 1,190 sum *555*1*4*1#
55 MB 1,890 sum *555*1*5*1#
100 MB 2,790 sum *555*1*9*1#
130 MB 3,790 sum *555*1*7*1#
160 MB 4,490 sum *555*1*8*1#
200 MB 4,990 sum *555*1*9*1#

Daily packages auto-renew and can be deactivated with code *555*1*10*2*1#.

Data Time Price Activation
80 MB 7 days 8,420 sum *555*2*1*1#
160 MB 12,630 sum *555*2*2*1#
320 MB 16,840 sum *555*2*3*1#

Weekly packages auto-renew and deactivation is done by keying *555*2*10*2*1#

Data Time Price Activation
100 MB 31 days 8,900 sum *555*3*1*1*1#
300 MB 13,900 sum *555*3*2*1*1#
600 MB 19,900 sum *555*3*3*1*1#
1.5 GB 29,900 sum *555*3*4*1*1#
3.5 GB 55,900 sum *555*3*5*1*1#
5 GB 70,900 sum *555*3*6*1*1#
8.5 GB 109,900 sum *555*3*7*1*1#
12 GB 119,900 sum *555*3*8*1*1#
16 GB 136,900 sum *555*3*9*1*1#
32 GB 188,900 sum *555*3*11*1*1#
64 GB 230,900 sum *555*3*12*1*1#
128 GB 293,900 sum *555*3*13*1*1#

Deactivation of monthly packages goes with USSD code *555*3*10*1#, Home packages with *555*5*10*2#.

Data Roaming[]

Due to the odd shape of the country on the map, and to avoid sudden high costs, roaming with neighbouring countries (Kazachstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan and Kyrgyzstan is switched off. This can be activated with *155# or via the Ucell App. Data while roaming with partner networks will set you back 1894,50 per MB when using the partner networks (Azercell, Silknet, Kcell, Moldcell, Megafon Russia and Tcell). A full overview of roaming charges can be consulted here.

Number freeze service[]

In order to keep your line for future visits to Uzbekistan, it is possible to freeze your number.

This can be activated by dialling *145*1# or by selecting the option in the Ucell app. To freeze the number for 6 months, the cost is 30,000 sum, for 12 months, the cost is 50,000 sum. Deactivating the service can be done via *145*2# or in the Ucell app, however the USSD code can only be dialled when in Uzbekistan (unless you activate roaming in the app). Status can be checked via *145*3#. Any balance, including data balance, will be saved for that period.

More information[]

  • Website in English:
  • APN: internet
  • Their "My Ucell" app is available for Android, iOS and Windows Phones and allows to manage tariffs and packages. It also has an interface in English as well and is convenient when you do not have all these USSD codes handy.
  • To change system messages language to English, dial *220*2*2#

Uztelecom (Uzmobile)[]


Uzmobile by state-owned Uztelecom used to be a CDMA-only provider on 450 MHz (CDMA 2000 1x). In 2015 they started with GSM in 2G and 3G in Tashkent. They are the smallest GSM-provider in the country with a limited GSM coverage so far and only 5% of the country's users. Nationwide service extension is under way and 4G/LTE has started in 2017 on 1800 MHz (band 3): Uzmobile 2G/3G/4G coverage. It's still the smallest, but fastest growing provider in the country with 2.9 million users on GSM.


It is possible to swap your existing SIM to an eSim online. Uztelekom sim cards are available at the desk at baggage claim area of Tashkent international Airport and in Uztelecom shops

UNIT Plans[]

The Unit plans basically give the subscriber a number of units to spend, in which 1 unit is 1 SMS, 1 minute or 1 MB for 30 days. When selecting the lowest unit, a one time set up fee of 8,000 sum is charged,

Units Set up fee Subscription fee Activation
8,000 8,000 sum 39,000 sum *777*4#
11,000 none 50,000 sum *777*5#
14,000 none 61,000 sum *777*6#
18,000 none 72,000 sum *777*7#
22,000 none 83,000 sum *777*8#

Tourist Plans[]

There are 2 plans available. These can be extended for one additional month. Further extention is not available, neither is roaming. Also migration to another plan is not available either.

Plan Data Overuse Dom. Voice Price
Travel 5 6 GB 84 sum/MB 500 mins 55,000 sum
Travel 10 12 GB 84 sum /MB 1000 mins 110,000 sum

Data feature packs[]

On top of the tariffs (UNIT, Milliy and Barakali) selected these data packages are available as well. These data packs are not available on the Travel lines.

Data Time Price Activation
100 MB 24 hours 3,000 sum *121*2*3*1#
300 MB 6,000 sum *121*2*3*2#
600 MB 9,000 sum *121*2*3*3#
2GB Weekly 12,000 sum *129*1*1#
5 GB 20,000 sum *129*2*1#
10 GB 30,000 sum *129*3*1#
1 GB 30 days 10,000 sum *111*2*9*1#
1.5 GB 15,000 sum *111*2*9*2#
3 GB 20,000 sum *111*2*9*3#
5 GB 30,000 sum *111*2*9*4#
8 GB 40,000 sum *111*2*9*5#
12 GB 55,000 sum *111*2*9*6#
16 GB 60,000 sum *111*2*9*11#
20 GB 65,000 sum *111*2*9*7#
30 GB 75,000 sum *111*2*9*8#
50 GB 90,000 sum *111*2*9*9#
75 GB 120,000 sum *111*2*9*10#

Internet packages don't auto-renew. To check data balance, text 1002 to 9999 or dial *100*2#

More information[]