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Basics Edit

Uzbekistan has 4 national GSM network operators:

  • Ucell
  • Beeline
  • Mobiuz rebranding from UMS
  • Uzmobile

This is added by Perfectum on CDMA-only (not compatible to GSM networks) and the Korean-backed wireless broadband provider EVO that operates on WiMAX (not compatible to GSM networks) and shifts to TD-LTE now covering mostly Tashkent only. EVO only markets home plans with Mifis or other routers up to now. That's why they are not listed.

2G/GSM is on 900 and 1800 MHz, 3G on 2100 MHz. 4G/LTE has started on 2600 MHz (band 7) on Ucell and Beeline on 850 MHz (bands 5,18) with additional 700 MHz on Ucell, 800 MHz (B20) on UMS, 1800 MHz (B1) on Uzmobile and with EVO using TDD-LTE on 2300 MHz (Band 40) dubbed as "Super iMAX".

Regulations Edit

Visitors and travellers to the country can buy a SIM card. Officially, they need to show their passport and a confirmation of their registration at a hotel. Some providers only deal with foreigners through specific outlets. There are vendors around trying to sell you a SIM card already registered to somebody else.

In 2018 giving out SIM cards to tourists has become an officially endorsed policy now. It might not be possible at every branch of the operator, but a list is going to be compiled of locations and you need to show your passport for registration.

Uzbek providers used to quote their charges in US$, whereas transactions were done in so'm, their national currency. In 2017 the US$ was un-linked and the so'm started to float. As a result the exchange rate to the US dollar increased from 4,210 Uzbek soʻm to 8,100 Uzbek soʻm. From now on the rates are displayed in so'm, also written as sum or UZD.

Ucell Edit


Ucell logo

Ucell is the largest company in number of subscribers and owned by COSCOM, which on itself is majority owned by Swedish Telia Group. It uses the 900 and 1800 MHz bands for 2G services, 2100 MHz band for 3G with coverage in main cities and has launched 4G in 2600 MHz (band 7) and announced 700 MHz bands with coverage in 6 cities in 2017 so far: Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara, Navoi, Zarafshan and Jizzakh.

Ucell has generally the best coverage in the country at the highest rates: Ucell coverage map

Availability Edit

The SIM card without any balance costs 3000 summ (<$1), whereas also kits are sold for 4500 summ (with 1500 sum balance) and 6000 sum (with 3000 sum balance).

In general you need to be a citizen or a permanent resident of Uzbekistan to subscribe. In case of Ucell, some outlets are authorized to sell the cards to tourists and visitors as well, check the list here. Don't forget to bring your passport and a registration slip from the hotel where you are staying.

In Uzbekistan most providers use daily plan. You can recharge your account and select necessary additional packages by dialing *120#. A one time set-up fee for selecting a package is 2105 sum.

Among the myriad of tariffs for those the best base plan for data users is called 'Affordable Internet' ('Qulay Internet' in Uzbek). Additional internet beyond the allowance is charged at 104.04 sum per MB in daytime and 40 sum per MB at night (between 1am and 9am)

Recharging, account management and expiration policy Edit

You can top-up online through the website or use local top-up providers, self-service cash machines and PayMobile outlets.

To check your balance dial *100#. You can also use their mobile application to manage your account, packages and check the balance. Application has English language. Loaded credits stay valid for 90 days.

If you want to save your card and allowance for the next visit to Uzbekistan, you can "freeze" your subscription by dialing *145*1# before leaving Uzbekistan. This way the daily base charge will be stopped, but your remaining internet allowance will be saved.

When you are back in Uzbekistan you should dial *145*2# to re-activate the line. This will allow you to keep the number for 6 or 12 months. The charge for this service is 16,419 sum for 6 months and 29,049 sum for a year. To check line status dial *145*3#.

Data feature packsEdit

Ucell has daily, weekly and monthly data packages that can be selected: The cost is deducted from the balance. All packages auto-renew as long as there is balance, unless a deactivation code has been sent (or selected via the Ucell App). To change packages, the old package has to be deactivated first and you will receive a text message confirming the activation of the package. 

Check the status of your package by dialing the code *107#.

These daily packages can be loaded on all voice packages and auto-renew each day until a deactivation code is sent.

Price Data Activation Code
336.8 sum 4 MB *555*1*1*1#
589.4 sum 8 MB *555*1*2*1#
842 sum 15 MB *555*1*3*1#
1473.5 sum 35 MB *555*1*4*1#
1894.5 sum 55 MB *555*1*5*1#
2947 sum 85 MB *555*1*9*1#
3578.5 sum 110 MB *555*1*7*1#
4210 sum 130 MB *555*1*8*1#

Daily packages auto-renew and can be deactivated with code *555*1*10*2*1#.

Weekly data packages available are following:

Price Dat Activation Code
8,420 sum 80 MB *555*2*1*1#
12,630 sum 160 MB *555*2*2*1#
16,840 sum 320 MB *555*2*3*1#

Weekly packages auto-renew and deactivation is done by keying *555*2*10*2*1#

The monthly packages (for 30 or 60 days) are offered as well:

Price Volume Time Activation Code
5262.5 sum 50 MB 30 days *555*3*1*1#
12,630 sum 150 MB 30 days *555*3*2*1#
18,945 sum 300 MB 30 days *555*3*3*1#
25,260 sum 500 MB* 30 days *555*3*4*1#
42,100 sum 1 GB* 30 days *555*3*5*1#
50,520 sum 1.5 GB* 30 days *555*3*6*1#
63,150 sum 2 GB* 30 days *555*3*7*1#
105,250 sum 4 GB* 30 days *555*3*8*1#
147,350 sum 8 GB* 60 days *555*3*9*1#
189,450 sum 16 GB* 60 days *555*3*11*1#
231,550 sum 32 GB* 60 days *555*3*12*1#
294,700 sum 64 GB* 60 days *555*3*13*1#

(*) = Data volume is doubled for usage at night time (1am-9am) when subscribed to "Affordable internet" voice tariff. Deactivation of monthly packages goes with USSD code *555*3*10*1#, Home packages with *555*5*10*2#.

For where 4G is available the following new 4G packages are available and go at maximum reachable speed inside the 4G and 3G coverage area of 10 Mbps and then fall back to 64 kbps speed, when the data volume has been consumed, vaild for 30 days:

Package Price Data Activation
Try 4G 42.1 sum 5 GB *500# - only once
Modem Home 63,150 sum 5 GB *555*5#
WiFi Home 105,250 sum 10 GB *555*5#

Home plans auto-renew and deactivation goes with USSD code *555*5*10*1#

Data Roaming Edit

For those intending to visit countries where own or partner networks exist, data packages can be activated. The full list of countries can be found here.

By default roaming is enabled only for neighboring countries. To activate worldwide roaming dial *155*1#. To check current roaming status dial *155*4#

The following packages can be activated valid for 14 days:

  • 20 MB for 33,680 sum, for activation dial *550*1#,
  • 50 MB for 51,570 sum, for activation *550*2#,
  • 100 MB for 126,300 sum, for activation *550*3#.

To check remaining allowance dial *550*10#. Other roaming tariffs including data can be found here

The roaming charges are still steep, but may be an alternative when visiting Tajikistan and Azerbaijan too, where local prepaid SIM cards are sometimes hard to get for tourists.

More information Edit

  • Website in English:
  • APN: internet
  • Their "My Ucell" app is available for Android, iOS and Windows Phones and allows to manage tariffs and packages. It also has an interface in English as well and is convenient when you do not have all these USSD codes handy.
  • To change system messages language to English, dial *220*2*2#

Beeline Edit


Beeline logo in English

Beeline is the second provider in the country. It's controlled by Russian-backed VimpelCom. In 2016 it covers 88% of the population by 2G, 52% with 3G and also started 4G/LTE in Tashkent in 2015 expanding to other towns. Beeline uses rare 850 MHz on bands 5 and 18 for 4G/LTE.

In 2017 Beeline announced that its 4G/LTE network has become available for subscribers using smartphones from Apple too.


Beeline logo with Russian

Availability Edit

Like on Ucell you have to chose a base plan first to be topped up by data packages for more data. This plan is the most suitable for data users:

  • Click: 280 sum per week. Nothing included, but data costs only 168.4 sum per MB 9am-1am and 40.1 sum per MB 1am-9am. Activation: *110*000#.

For 4G/LTE you need a 4G-enabled SIM and dial *110*444 # to start

Data feature packs Edit

Beeline offers 'Mini-Packs' for short-time or monthly packages for data.

Validity Price Data Activation
1 day 1389.30 sum 30 MB *110*0*16#
1 day 4210 sum 150 MB *110*0*17#
7 days 5052 sum 50 MB *110*0*18#
7 days 9262 sum 200 MB *110*0*19#

For activation, you need to have a few cents more than the package price on your account. These monthly packages are sold valid for 30 days:

Price Data Activation
7,157 sum 60 MB *110*0*01#
13,472 sum 260 MB *110*0*02#
23,155 sum 800 MB *110*0*04#
31,575 sum 1.5 GB *110*0*05#
42,100 sum 2.1 GB *110*0*06#
54,730 sum 4 GB *110*0*07#
84,200 sum 6 GB *110*0*08#
113,670 sum 8.5 GB *110*0*09#
138,930 sum 13 GB *110*0*15#

You can check data consumption within the packages by dialing code *103#. On all monthly packages you get 30% extra for social media on Facebook, OK.RU, Telegram, Viber and WhatsApp. Check your data balance, by dialing *103#.

For their 4G internet, they started special big packs valid for 30 days that work on 2G and 3G too:

  • 15 GB: 168,400 sum - activation: *110*0*27#
  • 30 GB: 210,500 sum - activation: *110*0*28#
  • 60 GB: 252,600 sum - activation: *110*0*29#

Tourist offer Edit

Beeline has introduced its new Welcom tariff, aimed at tourists arriving in the country from June 2018. The monthly subscription rate totals 30,000 sum, with the deal including 100 minutes of monthly calls to all Uzbekistan networks, a 3 GB mobile data traffic bundle, and a 1 GB data package for the use of the Telegram, WhatsApp and Viber messengers. Excess data are at 630 sum per MB. To check balance type *103#.

Connection to this tariff is available only for foreign entry tourists who have arrived in Uzbekistan. It's not possible to connect to this tariff for foreign citizens and stateless persons who have a permanent residence permit in Uzbekistan. For one foreign passport, you can connect up to three subscriber numbers. The SIM runs for a fixed period of 32 days. To extend the plan, it's necessary to go to a Beeline store.

Data roaming Edit

Data roaming in Beeline networks in Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Georgia and in Tajikistan costs 6315 sum per MB. There are no roaming packages for data available. No roaming on the tourist Welcom tariff.

More information Edit

  • Website in Uzbek and Russian only:
  • APN:
  • Tethering: allowed
  • Check voice/text balance: *102#, check internet MB balance: *103#
  • Apps: Beeline offers an app for Android, iOS and Windows Phones as well as a java-based applet, allowing the user to check the balance and to manage the tariffs. Unlike with Ucell, the interface is only available in Russian. Look for Beeline Start in the respective app-markets or click on one of the links provided on their website, which offers the app for Android as an APK file as well.

Mobiuz (rebranding from UMS) Edit


UMS for Universal Mobile Systems used to be a joint venture between the Russian operator MTS and the state radio and television broadcaster. In 2016 MTS exited the country and sold its majority stake to the government and UMS can be considered as state-owned now.

UMS will start phased rebranding from 2019. With the new year, the company provides mobile services under the brand Mobiuz. The rebranding began in December 2018 with development of the name, color identification and other parameters of the brand. Further rebranding will be carried out in stages.

In number of subscribers it's the 3rd operator in the country. In 2014 they have made a relaunch and gained many subscribers since then, but its coverage is still rather limited: Coverage Maps, but expanding.

In June 2016 it launched 4G/LTE services in Tashkent. Their LTE network uses the 800 MHz (band 20) and is available throughout the capital. In 2017 Samarkand was added. 4G services are available at no extra cost for existing 3G subscribers with compatible devices and SIMs. For 4G you may dial *222*1# to activate.

Availability Edit

A starter pack costs 5000 sum and this will also be the start credit of the account. Just like other operators a base plan needs to be selected:

  • Besh: daily fee 210.52 sum, data 210.52 sum per MB Activation code: *111*110#
  • Ajoyib: daily fee 168.41 sum, data 210.52 sum per MB. Activation code: *111*040#
  • Optima: 333 minutes and 333 MB for a month for 25262.1 sum and 421 sum per MB beyond. Activation code: *111*333#

There are more plans with minutes and MB's included, to be checked here. It's possible to switch between tariff plans, but unconsumed allowances will be lost. Data is activated by default.

Check general balance: *100#. For LTE access in Tashkent you may need to enter *222*1# to activate.

Data feature packs Edit

UMS offers different types of internet packages: internet packages valid for 30 days without auto-renewal, packages that do auto-renew with a reduced rate for the subsequent month, special packages valid for 30 days for use at night time (between 0-8am) and unlimited packages for 1 day, 1 week or 30 days for use at night times ("DRIVE packs").

These mini packages are offered for one day:

  • Internet 50: 50 MB for 4210.35 sum, activation: *102*50#
  • Internet 100: 100 MB for 6315.525 sum, activation: *102*100#

These packages don't auto-renew at the end. Default rate will be charged instead. Check data balance by *102#.

These weekly packages are offered:

  • Weekly 100: 100 MB for 8420.70 sum, activation: *105*100#
  • Weekly 200: 200 MB for 12,631.05 sum, activation: *105*200#
  • Weekly 300: 300 MB for 16,841.40 sum, activation: *105*300#

Internet packages for 30 days without auto-renewal are available as following:

Data Price Activation Code
300 MB 18,946.58 sum *102*300#
500 MB 25,262.1 sum *102*500#
1 GB 33,382.8 sum *102*1000#
2 GB 50,524.2 sum *102*2000#
3 GB 67,365.6 sum *102*3000#
5 GB 84,207 sum *102*5000#
10 GB 12,6310.5 sum *102*10000#
20 GB 22,7358.9 sum *102*20000#

After the volume is exhausted or the 30 days have lapsed, the default rate is charged until a new plan is subscribed. Similar packs are available with auto-renewal called "OnNet". In the first month the rate is same as with the non-auto-renewable packages. In the subsequent months a 5% discount is applied. This option is interesting for those, who plan to stay around longer. To activate recurrent packages just change *102*.... in the USSD code of once-off packages to *202*.... To deactivate use code *202*0#

For night owls there is a an unlimited data package that also auto-renews until deactivated. These packs are for use between midnight and 8am.

Package Nights Price Activation Deactivation
Drive 1 1 12,631.05 sum *200*1*1# *200*0#
Drive 7 7 63,155.25 sum *200*7*1#
Drive 30 30 168,414 sum *200*30*1#

First the volume of the talk tariff is used before the internet plan MB's are consumed. In case of night packages booked on top of normal internet packs, the night allowance is used at nighttime before the normal allowance will be consumed. Changing the talk tariff will not have effect on the allowances of the data plans. To keep using the internet services you have to ensure that at least some sum is still in your account.

Uzbekistan pass - Tourist SIM Edit

In 2018 UMS has launched a new tariff line aimed at foreign tourists arriving in Uzbekistan in cooperation with online travel service Uzbekistan Pass.

  • Uzbekistan Pass 2000: 2 GB mobile data and 50 minutes of calls to all Uzbekistan networks for UZD 21,000 or US$ 5
  • Uzbekistan Pass 5000: 5 GB mobile data and 100 minutes of calls to all Uzbekistan networks for UZD 42,000 or US$ 10

Uzbekistan Pass service has its own website and mobile application, which can be downloaded from Play or App store depending on the mobile device platform and will accompany the tourist from the airport. For arriving guests, the company has prepared multilingual guidebooks in pocket format, which connected to the system users will be able to get for free. It contains detailed information about each region of Uzbekistan, attractions, historical sites, cuisine, holidays and other useful information for tourists. In addition, you can purchase a tour package or book a guide through the app.

More info Edit

UzMobile Edit

UzMobile by state-owned Uztelecom used to be a CDMA-only provider on 450 MHz. In 2015 they started with GSM in 2G and 3G in Tashkent. They are the smallest GSM-provider in the country with a limited GSM coverage so far and only 5% of the country's users. Nationwide service extension is under way and 4G/LTE has started in 2017 on 1800 MHz (band 3): Uzmobile 2G/3G/4G coverage

Availability Edit

Like with Ucell, a true zero rate pre-paid tariff is not available. Instead one of the many base plans need to be selected, for which the fee is deducted from the balance:

  • Just 10: 10 sum per month giving 10 MB of internet access and 10 mins of national calls. Additional MB is charged at 10 sum per MB.
  • Business: 99,000 sum per month for 20 GB
  • Traffic: 3360 sum per month 40 MB of internet access. Additional MB is charged at 200 sum per MB.
  • Salom Plus: 33,600 sum per month, good for 600 minutes of calls, 1200 on-net minutes and 2 GB of data. Additional MB is charged at 160 sum per MB.

Data feature packs Edit

On top of the tariffs selected these data packages are available as well:

Data Price Validity Activation
50 MB 2,940 sum 24 hours *121*2*1*4*1#
150 MB 6,310 sum 24 hours *121*2*1*4*2#
300 MB 11,360 sim 24 hours *121*2*1*4*3#
500 MB 10,000 sum 30 days *111*2*9*1#
1.50 GB 15,000 sum 30 days *111*2*9*2#
3 GB 24,000 sum 30 days *111*2*9*3#
5 GB 32,000 sum 30 days *111*2*9*4#
8 GB 41,000 sum 30 days *111*2*9*5#
12 GB 50,000 sum 30 days *111*2*9*6#
20 GB 65,000 sum 30 days *111*2*9*7#
30 GB 75,000 sum 30 days *111*2*9*8#
50 GB 85,000 sum 30 days *111*2*9*9#
75 GB 110,000 sum 30 days *111*2*9*10#

Internet packages don't auto-renew. To check data balance, text 1002 to 9999 or dial *100*2#

More information Edit

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