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The Republic of Vanuatu is a small island nation in the South Pacific. Much of the populated archipelago is covered by 2 mobile networks: the red Digicel or Vodafone signs are the most ubiquitous form of advertising you’ll see around the islands:

  • Digicel Vanuatu
  • Vodafone (formally TVL)

A 3rd provider called WanTok Network Ltd. launched the first 4G/LTE network in Vanuatu in 2014. It provides wireless 4G-only internet on 2300 MHz TDD-LTE (B40) in Port Vila and surrounding areas for home use. It doesn't offer prepaid and you need to buy own hardware. That's why it isn't mentioned any further in this article.

In 2020 some mobile infrastructure was severely damaged by a cyclone. A new fibre optic cable connects the islands with Fiji making expensive satellite connections redundant. 4G/LTE started in 2014 on WanTok, 2016 on Digicel and 2017 on Vodafone. 2G/GSM and 3G/UMTS is on 900 MHz and 4G/LTE started on 700 MHz (B28) on both operators.

Digicel Vanuatu[]

Digicel vanuatu

Digicel Vanuatu is the dominant provider on the island. They launched 2G in 2008, 3G in 2011 and 4G/LTE started in 2015 in Port Vila and has spread to Santo since (coverage map). They had almost 90% of all subscribers on their network and were clearly the better choice, but this may have changed with the new TVL network.


The SIM card is available at the Digicel kiosk in Bauerfield International Airport or in their stores (locator). When you buy the SIM card, make sure you get a 4G/LTE SIM with LTE enabled and not an old one with 3G only. A Digicel SIM card is VUV 1000 with 1000 as credit.

Top-up by vouchers sold locally or by credit card on the international Digicel top-up site. To check money balance dial *120#.

Data feature packages[]

Out of bundle rate is VUV 12 per MB. These packages can be added for data in 2G, 3G and 4G/LTE:

Data Validity Price
350 MB 3 hours VUV 50
500 MB 3 hours VUV 65
500 MB 24 hours VUV 125
1.2 GB 3 days VUV 300
2.2 GB 7 days VUV 500
5 GB 30 days VUV 1000
17 GB 30 days VUV 3000

To activate data bundle dial *555#. To check data balance dial *130#

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Vodafone (formally TVL)[]


Vodafone Vanuatu is the incumbent telco of the archipelago and has recently rebranded from TVL. It still has the monopoly for landlines and ADSL Internet.

In the mobile sector it had previously lost to Digicel. Their market share went down to about 10% only a few years after Digicel entered the market. A few years ago its 2G/GSM coverage reached 75% of the population (list of islands) with only some 3G. Internet on TVL was quite unstable and slow.

This situation has now changed, with the operator launching its 4G+/ LTE-A network in 2017. 4G/LTE is present in the capital, Efate island, Luganville Santo, Malo island, Lakatoro in Malekula, Lenakel and the eastern Tanna and Melsisi in Pentecost.


SIM cards are available at the Vodafone kiosk in Bauerfield International Airport or in their stores. A Vodafone SIM card is VUV 250 , including VUV 400 of credit. Dial 171 and press CALL to activate your account and follow the instructions.

To top-up purchase a 'RIFIL' card from any Vodafone reseller, over the counter at a Vodafone retail shop or as 'ISI Rifil' Etopup through Vodafone resellers. Dial *184*<voucher code># to top-up. Check your balance by dialing *183#.

Data feature packages[]

For data these packages can be added:

Data Validity Price Activation
300 MB 3 hours VUV 50 BUY WAO50
400 MB 3 hours VUV 60 BUY WAO60
500 MB 24 hours VUV 125 BUY WAO125
1.5 GB 3 days VUV 400 BUY WAO400
4.5 GB 7 nights VUV 400 BUY WAONIG400
2.5 GB 7 days VUV 600 BUY WAO600
5.5 GB 25 days VUV 1000 BUY WAO1000
18 GB 25 days VUV 3000 BUY WAO3000
65 GB 90 days VUV 10,000 BUY WAO10000

Night data package can be used between 11pm and 6am.

To buy a data bundle text activation code to 183 or dial *183#. Excess data outside your package is charged at VUV 10 per MB.

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