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Wallis and Futuna is a special collectivity of France located in the Southern Pacific. It's not considered part of the EU and hence EU roaming regulations don't apply and international providers charge high rates when roaming in Wallis and Futuna. This includes French providers from the mainland who will also consider Wallis and Futuna as an overseas destination like some other French overseas territories.

Wallis and Futuna was the last French overseas territory to start mobile services in 2015. One operator is catering for about 15,000 inhabitants on the two major islands. A 3G network on 900 MHz was built for voice and text and a 4G/LTE network for data on an undisclosed frequency. As French regulator Arcep oversees the deployment, it's most likely on European frequencies. Data is only through their 4G and not 3G network and some phones don't work for data.

Manuia (by SPT)[]


SPT for Service des Postes et des Télécommunications is the only provider on the islands. The brand for mobile network is called Manuia.


A prepaid SIM card can only be purchased from one Mata-Utu SPT shop in Wallis island (open till 2.30pm Mon-Fri), located near the police station. The SIM card is XPF 5000 and comes with XPF 3000 credit and 10 domestic SMS included valid for 90 days. 

To recharge your account just buy a scratch voucher and send the code to 444, if success you will get message "compte rechargé". A top-up gives 1-6 months of validity according to value. They sell diffent top-ups for voice & SMS, SMS-only and data.

To check your balances, text 'solde' to 444 for free.

Data rates[]

Default rate is XPF 10 per MB.

For data they sell special vouchers called Recharges 4G:  

  • XPF 1000: 300 MB for 3 weeks 
  • XPF 3000: 800 MB for 4 weeks 
  • XPF 5000: 2 GB for 6 weeks 

More Info[]

  • If data doesn't work on your 4G phone, use a VPN
  • APN: manuia